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Senin, 12 November 2012

"Nice Guy" Spoiler Photos Stir Interest Before Finale

“Nice Guy” Spoiler Photos Stir Interest before Finale
KBS’s “Nice Guy,” starring Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won, will finally come to an end this Thursday night. With only two more episodes to go, the cast and crew are busy filming the final scenes on a rather tight schedule. Meanwhile, several photos taken behind-the-scenes were leaked online, catching netizens’ interest on how the melodrama will end.
The spoiler photos were taken by Song Joong Ki’s avid fans who were at the scene on Sunday, November 11. When the photos first surfaced, many believed that Song Joong Ki was at the hospital for his own health, which has been declining since his car accident. However, it’s been revealed that lawyer Park Joon Ha (Lee Sang Yup) was the one hospitalized after getting into an accident. Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) and Seo Eun Ki (Moon Chae Woon) reunite at the hospital when both come to visit him.
Netizens who’ve seen the photo commented, “Did Lawyer Park become Lawyer Ahn’s roadkill instead of Maru?” “My goodness, the suspense! When will Eun Ki find out about Maru’s illness?” “I don’t like hospital scenes, there’s always something so ominous about them,” and more.
Meanwhile, a representative from the production team stated, “We are scheduled to continue filming until the morning of November 15, the broadcast date for our final episode.  It’s a difficult schedule that makes it seem like we’re filming it live, but everyone is putting in their best effort thanks to the good viewer responses. Almost everyone will be watching the final episode together.

Kim Soo Hyun and Won Bin show off a handsome look in a TV commercial

Kim Soo Hyun and Won Bin recently appeared together in a TV commercial.
On November 13, Tous Les Jours, a bakery brand, released some snapshots of Kim and Won, who have recently been selected as new models for the brand. In the snapshots, Kim and Won are showing off a handsome look while shooting a TV commercial for the brand.
Won is showing off his clean-cut features with a new hairstyle. He’s showing off a gentle, chic, urban look.
One of the crew on the set says, “Won Bin sounded very romantic in his low voice. The female crew were really excited.”
Kim also shows off his charm in the commercial. As a young man in his twenties, he created an energetic atmosphere on the set during the shooting.
In the commercial, Kim tries to focus on introducing the products with a variety of facial expressions. According to reports, he actually enjoyed the bread prepared for the shooting.
The new TV commercial for Tous Les Jours will be released in the mid-November. A video of the making of the commercial will be released on the official website of the brand.

Juniel is the most likely to receive the Best New Female Artist at 2012 MAMA

Will Juniel win the Best New Female Artist at the 2012 MAMA?
Juniel is currently topping the Best New Female Artist Chart on the official website of the 2012 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).
Because a lot of new artists debuted this year, competition for the Best New Artist will be very strong.
Juniel is currently topping the chart, receiving 41 percent of votes, so she is the most likely to receive the award. She’s followed by Ailee and AOA.
Juniel’s “Illa Illa” has been in the upper ranks of the charts for more than 20 weeks. She is the only one female solo singer-song writer who debuted this year.
Juniel says, “I’m so honored to be mentioned as a nominee for the Best New Female Artist. I hope many people get to know my song. I’d like to receive the award because that is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, but I want to show you that I’m just enjoying singing on stage.”
Juniel is currently working on her second EP.

JYJ’s Jae Joong Successfully Wraps Up Fan Meeting Tour in Vietnam

JYJ‘s Kim Jae Joong finished up his grand “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” in Vietnam on November 10. He first started “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” on October 20 in Nanjing, China and continued his fan meetings in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Throughout the tour, he entertained approximately 17,500 fans in person.
JYJ’s Jae Joong Successfully Wraps Up Fan Meeting Tour in Vietnam
When he got to Vietnam for the grand finale of the fan meeting tour on November 9, there were about 1,000 fans waiting to greet him at the airport. Fans and reporters gathered at the airport and press conference to see Kim Jae Joong. A local representative of the event explained, “The entire Vietnam is turned upside down. Literally, everyone in Ho Chi Minh City knows where Kim Jae Joong is because of a big crowd that’s moving with him.”
Kim Jae Joong hosted a fan meeting for 3,500 fans in Saigong Exhibition & Convention Center on November 10. When he appeared on stage singing “I Will Protect You” from “Protect the Boss,” fans couldn’t contain their excitement. They greeted the singer with loud cheers. Kim Jae Joong thanked his fans, “I’ve had so much fun and enjoyed every bit of each and every place I’ve visited as a part of this fan meeting tour. My fans never fail to cheer me up. I haven’t been back to Vietnam in a while and am very very thankful to be so welcomed. I will never forget about this.”
A representative from Kim Jae Joong’s “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” also commented, “Kim Jae Joong’s popularity overseas is amazing. He really established himself once again in Asia through his fan meeting tour this time around.”
Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong starred in film “Jackal Is Coming.”

KARA’s Goo Hara Looks Stunning At Lacoste Live Party

KARA’s Goo Hara Looks Stunning At Lacoste Live Party
On the November 12, girl idol group Kara’s agency DSP Media showed a picture of the member Goo Ha Ra who attended the party hosted by Lacoste Live.
In the picture, various facial expressions of Goo Hara are revealed such as one where the singer looks nervous, dazed, smiling brightly, and being shy. Goo Hara looked especially cute with her mini-dress and mannequin-like bodyline.
Upon looking at the pictures, netizens commented, “She is pretty no matter what she wears,” and “She looks just like a doll.”
The singer is currently finishing up promoting Kara’s single along with her members both in Japan and in Korea. Goo Hara will be soon appearing in front of her fans with her own upcoming productions.

Boyfriend Members Enjoy Street Food Wearing their “Janus” Costumes

Boyfriend Members Enjoy Street Food Wearing their “Janus” Costumes

Boyfriend was recently spotted enjoying some street food in their stage costumes. Apparently the photo was taken after one of their music show performances over the weekend. Dressed in the “Janus” costumes, the guys are seen walking out and eating some late night snack at a pojangmacha near the broadcasting station. Many observed that the boys looked like little princes in their regal white and red costumes.
Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “They’re eating tteukbokki while wearing white? Wow,” “They look so hungry,” “It looks like a photo spread,” “I wish I could have been at the pojangmacha,” and more.
Boyfriend released their first full album “Janus” online on November 8. However, their offline release date has been pushed back to November 14 due to production issues. It’s been reported that 30,000 copies of their album had to be discarded.

Kara’s Nicole Wears a Dangerously Short Dress

Kara’s Nicole Wears a Dangerously Short Dress
Girl group Kara’s member Nicole was recently seen wearing a short dress.
Nicole was one of the VIP guests in the movie “Jackal is Coming” premier on November 8. To this event, Nicole wore all black outfits that included an extremely short one-piece mini dress to show off her long legs. She matched this dress with a pair of see-through black stockings and black high hilled ankle boots. To add a casual component, Nicole then added an oversized statement coat.
Other guests to this event included Kim Hyun Joong, Park Eun Hye, Nine Muses, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim JunSu, and Park Yoo Chun.
Meanwhile, the film “Jackal is Coming” stars Kim Jae Joong and Song Ji Hyo. It tells a romantic story between a top star and a beautiful assassin who attempts to kill him. The movie will be released in theaters on November 15.

JYJ’s Yoo Chun portrays a detective on Missing You

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is perfectly portraying a detective in the drama series Missing You.
On November 13, C-Jes Entertainment, Yoo Chun’s agency released some snapshots of Yoo Chun from the series. In the snapshots, Yoo Chun is about to hit a prisoner at a police station.
A spokesperson for Yoo Chun says, “Yoo Chun showed off a charismatic look as befitted his character, a detective. There will also be a lot of action scenes of Yoo Chun, so please don’t miss them.”
Missing You is a melodrama about a man and a woman who live with painful memories about their first love. Yoo Chun plays the role of Han Jung Woo, a man who becomes a detective to find his first love and the suspect, who is involved in the disappearance of his first love.

Lee Seung Gi is spotted shooting Running Man

Lee Seung Gi was recently spotted shooting Running Man.
A picture of Lee shooting SBS TV’s Running Man was recently uploaded on an online community board.
According to reports, Lee, in a red padded jacket, conducted a mission, teaming up with Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Gwang soo. People said, “Lee Seung Gi is shooting Running Man in my town.” “I saw Lee Seung Gi at Gangnam Station.”
At the news that Lee will appear on Running Man, reported on November 12, Lee attracted a lot of attention because the show airs at the same time with Two Days and One Night, a show that Lee had appeared on for a long time. Lee’s agency reported, “Lee Seung Gi will appear on the show as a guest to promote his new album and concert. Two Days and One Night doesn’t invite guests and didn’t even ask us to appear on the show, so it’s not that Lee Seung Gi chose Running Man instead of Two Days and One Night.
Lee will release a new album on November 22 and hold concerts at the end of this year. He will also shoot a historical drama series, Goo Ga Eui Seo, next year.

So Ji Sub says, “I also play games”

Actor So Ji Sub recently talked about the smartphone game Anipang.
So recently did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine High Cut and gave an interview to the magazine.
So says, “Because so many people around me are playing Anipang, I also play it sometimes. The highest score I achieved was 159,000 points, but I don’t like looking at my cell phone all the time when I’m with my family, close friends, or girlfriend.”
So also says, “People feel love when they touch each other’s skin, but today’s people do not have much conversation, and they fall in love with their smartphones, instead. I think people need more physical affection.”
In the pictorial, So is posing as if he’s hooking a woman’s underwear. He’s also showing off a manly look in a picture of himself reclining on a bed.
The pictorial can be seen in the volume 90 of High Cut, which will be published on November 15. Other unreleased photos will be released on the official website of the magazine.

Jang Keun Suk says, “I wish Korea and Japan become friends”

Jang Keun Suk recently said he hopes the diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan improve.
On November 13, Jang had a press interview for the launch of Mitsui Sumitomo Card Korea Travel Prepaid at the Crystal Ball Room at Lotte Hotel.
Launching a credit card that has his picture on, Jang said, “I’m glad that a lot of Japanese people now can see my face whenever they come to Korea. I wish the diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan improve through this card and more Japanese people feel friendly toward Korea.”
Jang also said, “Because there’s a picture of my face on the card, I tried to look trustworthy when I shot a commercial for the card.”
Shimada Hideo, the CEO of Mitsui Sumitomo Card, says, “Because Jang Keun Suk is very popular all over Asia, including Korea and Japan, he will be able to make the image of the card more friendly and convenient.”
Mitsui Sumitomo Card Korea Travel Prepaid is a prepaid card for Japanese people who travel Korea. Jang was recently selected as a model for the card.

[PHOTO] Big Bang for their upcoming CF featuring!

  The handsome boys of Big Bang are back once again to represent GMarket. The company recently released some preview photos for their upcoming commercial featuring Big Bang. From the photos, the setting is at a beach and the boys are seen enjoying themselves by running around seemingly as if they’re telling you that they’re free.
CF Preview:

JYJ’s Jae Joong says, “It’s hard to be charismatic”

JYJ’s Jae Joong recently shot the film Jackal is Coming, which will be released on November 15. It’s a story about a ruthless top celebrity and a female killer who tries to kill him.
Jae Joong says, “I’ve had a charismatic image for a long time, so I chose this film because my character was quite comical. I was worried if I could do well at first, but it was fun.”
Regarding his charismatic image, Jae Joong says, “It’s actually hard to be charismatic. Charismatic characters are harder to portray.”
Jae Joong also says he doesn’t want to look charismatic. He says, “I wish people think of a a variety of images when they look at me. When people see that my actual personality is quite different from the charismatic image seen on TV, they usually say they haven’t expected it from me. I want to change that impression. That’s why I always try to do new things. I tried to portray different characters in drama series and films.”
Jae Joong says he wants to portray an evil character next time. He says, “Such a character might not be a lead character, but I want to do if I get a chance.”

2AM’s Jo Kwon puts on a mustache and feels upbeat

Recently, Jo Kwon of 2AM has recently posted a picture of himself with a mustache.
On November 12, the star tweeted the photo with the comment “I get upbeat whenever I go to the airport because there are always fans welcoming me.”
A thick mustache appears just below his nose. He boasted his sense of fashion with a shirt and a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, and he makes a playful expression towards the camera. He manages to inspire laughter with his sense of humor highlighted with a mustache.
Netizens who saw the posting gave various reactions: “That single mustache makes Jo Kwon look like a completely different person.” “I’m glad to see how he has been doing lately.” “He looks good with the mustache.” “Jo Kwon looks cute.”

Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung will appear on a TV series in February

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter The Wind Blows will air in February, 2013.
The series, which is receiving considerable attention by casting Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Beom, and A pink’s Jung Eun Ji, will start shooting to air on SBS in February of next year.
Renowned writer No Hee Kyung and stylish director Kim Kyu Tae will work with the top stars for the series, which is already receiving many offers to sell abroad.
A spokesperson for the production company says, “We finally decided to air the series on SBS. We believe that the best production crew and cast members will make the series superb. It will be such a great melodrama in 2013.”
The series is a remake of the Japanese series I Don’t Need Love, Summer, which has already had one Korean film remake starring Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk in 2006, called I Don’t Need Love. The cast members will start shooting the series soon to air on SBS in February, 2013.

Psy appears on Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

Psy recently mentioned about the choreography of his new song.
On November 10 (local time), Psy appeared on British TV channel ITV’s Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow and talked about his “horse dance.” He also said, “The choreography of my new song will be related to sports.”
At this, the host asked, “Tennis? Boxing? Darts? Fishing?” However, Psy just answered with a smile, making viewers curious.
Regarding the success of “Gangnam Style,” Psy said, “Everyone says I’m successful, but I’m not. This is just a phenomenon. I didn’t do anything. This is what people who helped me did.”
On November 11 (local time), Psy received the Best Video at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kim Jung Hoon starts performing in Chinese-speaking countries

Singer and actor Kim Jung Hoon will start performing in Chinese-speaking countries for the first time in four years.
According to Kim’s agency, Kim released a new EP on November 11 and started performing in Chinese-speaking countries, including Hong Kong. Kim has become popular by appearing on the TV series Goong.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “Kim held a fan meeting and a signing event at Apm Department Store in Hong Kong. Over 10,000 fans gathered together to see Kim, proving his high popularity.”
Kim said, “I’m here in Hong Kong for the first time in a long time. Many things have changed so far. I will plan to say hello to my fans more often.”
Kim will hold more fan meetings in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taiwan. His Chinese TV series Love on Tiptoe will also air soon.
Kim will hold a concert on December 8 in Korea and return to a small screen as an actor.

Son Dam Bi reveals her tearful selca: “Dripping Tears”

Recently, singer Son Dam Bi has created a stir with a “tearful” selca picture.
On November 12, the star tweeted, “I’m getting nervous for my return performance this week” and attached a picture of herself which involves a new concept of tears.
In the photo, the star glued two long straps of tissue below her eyes, looking pitifully towards the camera. The straps intend to express tears running down on her cheeks.
Also, she is holding a sign that reads, “Dripping Tears. Please support me with your love.” Especially because her new song is titled “Dripping Tears,” people easily understood her intention to announce her return to the music industry.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Her ‘dripping tears’ selca is a refreshing idea.” “That’s a new concept of tearful selca.” “She has successfully announced her new track.” “She’s got a good sense.”
In the meantime, the singer released the original recording and music video of her fourth EP “Dripping Tears” on the same day, building expectations for her upcoming return performance on TV.

Son Ye Jin reveals her outstanding features in her daily life

Pictures of actress Son Ye Jin’s daily life have been revealed.
Recently on an online community board, a post titled, “Son Ye Jin’s daily life” has been uploaded.
Son did not wear makeup and wore casual clothes in most of her pictures, but her beautiful appearance stood out as if she is shooting a pictorial.
Many people are amazed at her outstanding features that stand out even in her daily life.
In one of her pictures, Son is doing her hair with full makeup. Netizens responded, “She looks like a goddess.”

f(x) members look cute even with big heads

Girl group f(x) is drawing a lot of attention with their big head pictures.
On November 11, Krystal posted pictures of her group members on her me2day account with the short comment, “Big head family.”
In the pictures, f(x) members are sitting in a waiting room. Their big heads made many people laugh. The pictures were retouched through a smartphone application.
Even though they have big heads, they look cute and beautiful.
People who saw the pictures responded: “They look lovely.” “They are such cuties.” “Even though they have big heads, they are pretty.” “They have various looks on their faces.” “They are so funny.”

Oh Yeon Seo: “MBLAQ’s Lee Jun feels jealous of Lee Jang Woo”

Actress Oh Yeon Seo recently said that her imaginary husband, MBLAQ’s Lee Jun, felt jealous.
On November 12, a press conference for MBC’s new daily series Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.
Oh said, “Lee Jun felt jealous of Lee Jang Woo, asking me when am I going to kiss him.”
Lee Jang Woo made people laugh by saying, “I appeared on the show earlier than you. You should be careful because it is a reality program. After I left the show, no one is offering me parts to appear on commercials.”
Oh said, “Lee Jang Woo and I went to the same school and he was very famous as a handsome man.”
When she was asked to choose between Lee Jun and Lee Jang Woo, she replied using her real name and character name, “Haet Nim will like Lee Jun more and Gong Ju will like Lee Jang Woo more.”
The series is about the second son-in-law (played by Lee Jang Woo) saving his wife’s family from the first son-in-law (played by Jin Tae Hyun), who tries to steal money from them. Oh and Lee Jang Woo will perform as a comic married couple on the show, which will start airing on November 19 at 7:15 p.m.

Defcoon tweets a photo of himself for his future girlfriend

Defconn recently transformed himself into Pippi Longstocking for his future girlfriend.
On November 11, the hip-hop singer tweeted a photo of him lonely self with the message to his future girlfriend who hopefully might be somewhere in the universe. “I’ll be waiting. Although we’re not together this year, we’ll have met by this time next year. Next Christmas season, we’ll be together.”
In the photo, the singer strikes a pose while wearing a Pippi wig and a flower-shaped cute barrette. The singer, 35, makes himself adorable or funny with a sided V-sign and a bulging cheek.
Defconn, however, didn’t give up his strong penchant for his precious gold jewelry―a gold bracelet, a gold ring, and a gold necklace, which he picked up while being active as Hyungdon and Daejun.

Wonder World Party Tour in Jakarta A Success

Photo Courtesy of The Jakarta Post.

“Like i said earlier, Kalian yang terbaik, Jakarta!!! Muah!!! <333 #WWTJakarta2012” (You are all the best, Jakarta!!! Kisses!!!) Tweeted Wonder Girls member, Yenny, the next morning (4/11) prior to their concert success held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 3 November 2012. It is just nearly a week since their departure from their heart-thumping and energetic party at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta but the withdrawal is still felt! An Indonesian designer Billy Tjong remixed their song “Like This” for his Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 presentation (9/11). The girls can certainly make addictive tracks exciting for any occasion!
The girlgroup that made the ultimate craze back in 2008 swept the audience to their feet for their encore with that song no one cannot refuse to not sing, “Nobody”.
They left a great impact to their Indonesian WonderFuls to don the nation’s traditional outfit, Kebaya, during their performance for “Be My Baby” and “Real”, as well as reenacting a little part of a Jaipong movement whilst carrying a fruit basket, a dance from Indonesia.
True to their skills, the concert that only lasted for 1,5 hours was actually filled with a total of 34 songs, and that did not stop them from their deepest desire to “shop and drop like crazy in Indonesia after our concert” as member Yubin shared at their press conference.
This is the last stop for Wonder World Tour 2012 after shows from Seoul, Singapore, and Malaysia. We hope all Indonesian WonderFuls and ones from overseas enjoed their last Asian tour live as they are now preparing their upcoming activities in the United States.

Horse Doctor: Thanks to Dr. Kang, Gwang Hyun passes the first part of the medical school entrance exam

In the 13th episode of MBC’s Monday-Tuesday series Horse Doctor, which aired on November 12, Gwang Hyun (played by Jo Seung Woo) challenges a medical school entrance exam.
Inspired by Joo Man’s advice, Gwang Hyun is determined to be a doctor, but, he is underrated by people because he is a horse doctor―a vet.
Kang Ji Nyeong, however, believes that Gwang Hyun can be a good doctor and helps him study for the exam.
Thanks to her help, Gwang Hyun is well-prepared for the exam. What’s more, Dr. Kang gives him some practice questions that are highly likely to come up, which gives him full confidence.
After all those hard work, Gwang Hyun passes the first part of the entrance test with flying colors, and he attributes the achievement to Dr. Kang because half of the practice questions she gave him the day before came up on the exam.

Actress L:ee Yoon is a temporary emcee in place of Han Hye Jin

Former The King Two Hearts star Lee Yoon Ji recently joined Healing Camp’s emcees.
On the 70th episode of SBS’s Healing Camp, which aired on November 12, Lee Yoon Ji appeared as an emcee of the episode in place of Han Hye Jin.
Lee took the temporary role because Han’s father recently passed away. Main host Lee Kyung Gyu introduced the beauty as the day’s co-host in the opening.
Meanwhile, comedian Jo Hye Lyun appeared as a guest of the episode and opened up about what she feels about coming back to work 7 months after her divorce.

B1A4′s BTS “In The Wind MV”