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Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

[photo] incredible face★Won Bin★at the Studio

[Exclusive self-portraits] Private life of 2Yoon Part 1

“I’m so into reading. I’ve never imagined studying English would be this fun. Let us share the private lives of Ga Yoon and Ji Woon, off-stage.”
Every week, TV Report searches for some unveiled self-portraits of “idol” stars, obtain some candid, funny shots and reveal them to you. There will be no secret, and you can look forward to seeing even their deepest secret. Here it goes!
Our ninth target is 2Yoon. They are the first unit group of 4Minute and attracted attention of the media of the United States as soon as they debuted in January, 2013. As a result, they are very busy these days. However, the two same-aged singers do not lose their smile without showing a hint of fatigue.
When they were done with shooting a live music show, we asked them to share some photos in their phone. Their phones recently received tremendous traffic because the girls revealed their phone number to public. Ga Yoon and Ji Yoon were glad to share the virtual folders full of their photos. Are you ready to fall in love with 2Yoon and experience their charms which were never revealed before?

Ga Yoon “I’m reading. The book is titled, ‘Turning Thirty a Day After Tomorrow; and No Drama.’ It’s written by a reporter I like. Hehe.”

Ji Yoon “I’m so into studying English these days. You can expect a world star Jun Ji Yoon, soon. Hahaha.”

Ga Yoon “Ready for the stage! I look very pretty these days… Hohoho.”

“Hey Ga Yoon, let’s take a picture instead of sleeping. vs. Hey Ji Yoon, I really like leaning on your shoulders.”
 “The meeting of a cow and a monkey! Which feet are Ga Yoon’s and Ji Yoon’s?”

“Hey Ji Yoon, are you going to take a picture for yourself? vs. Hey Ga Yoon, let me make a cute pose~”

Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls jets off to the Maldives for honeymoon

On January 26, Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls, who is 23, tied the knot with a Christian missionary named James Park, 28. After the wedding ceremony, held at held at the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul, the pair appeared at the Incheon National Airport to jet off to the Maldives, their honeymoon destination.
Sun Ye, in blue outfits with black fur coat and sneakers, showed off a comfortable look..
After the honeymoon, the Wonder Girls member will reportedly devote herself to her married life in Canada for a time being while other bandmates set out individual projects.

Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls cries at her wedding

Some pictures of Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls at her wedding were recently released.
The episode of KBS 2TV’s Weekly Entertainment that aired on January 26 covered the wedding of Sun Ye and her fiance James Park, a Korean-Canadian who is five years older than her. The wedding ceremony was held at Lotte Hotel at 12:30 p.m.
Sun Ye’s wedding planner says, “In the second part of the wedding, the parents of the bride and the bridegroom read letters they wrote for the newly married couple, and Sun Ye’s friend also read a letter she wrote for the couple. At the moment, Sun Ye cried a little bit.”
On the episode, some of the pictures taken at the wedding, which wasn’t open to the press, were also released. In the pictures, Sun Ye is having a bright smile on her face, showing off a beautiful look in a wedding gown.
A member of the staff of the wedding hall says, “The first part of the wedding was held in a reverent, sacred mood, but the second part was held in a fun mood with a lot of cheer and blessing.”

Moon Geun Young explains why she has cheated Park Si Hoo on Cheongdamdong Alice

Will Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young) be able to make Seung Jo (played by Park Si Hoo) come back to her?
In the episode of SBS TV’s Cheongdamdong Alice that aired on January 26, Se Kyung explains to Seung Jo why she has cheated him.
Se Kyung takes Seung Jo to the place where she broke up with her ex-boyfriend In Chan, saying that her ex-boyfriend In Chan didn’t want her anymore and she wasn’t also welcomed to her work at the time. She says she started dreaming of becoming a wife of a rich man living in Cheongdamdong because she felt that she was useless even after all the hard work she had done. She says she thought Seung Jo would be able to save her life.
Se Kyung tells Seung Jo, “But I’m the one who is to save you. You asked me to project you. You said I’m like a house to you and I’m your everything . You said you mean nothing without me,” saying that she felt loved and welcomed by Seung Jo.
She says, “I gave up on everything, but you gave me hope. You mean so much to me,” implying that she has sincerely fallen in love with him although she approached him on purpose at first. At Se Kyung’s honest confession, Seung Jo gets confused.
Will Se Kyung and Seung Jo be able to keep their love?

Lee Jong Suk says, “I think I’ll be running a cafe ten years later”

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently talked about how he would change after ten years.
On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Weekly Entertainment, Lee gave an interview. Regarding the question about what he wants to do after ten years,” Lee said, “I think I’ll be running a cafe in an isolated place after ten years.”
However, he soon showed off a confident look by saying, “Or I’ll be still working as a famous actor.” He also wrote a letter to himself after ten years, “I feel like I’m starting all over again as an actor. I hope you do your best all the time.”
Lee also said he wants to shoot a melodrama series with actress Lee Na Young.

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa says, “I’m not really dating Park Shin Hye”

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa recently said he and Park Shin Hye are just friends.
On the episode of MBC TV’s Sebakwi that aired on January 26, Choi Jong Won, Song Chae Hwan, Park Seon Young, Seo Kyung Suk, Lee Yoon Suk, Sayuri, CN Blue, JEA of the Brown Eyed Girls, and Jewelry’s Yewon appeared as guests.
Regarding the experience of shooting a kissing scene in a drama series, Jung said, “I shot a kissing scene with Park Shin Hye twice.”
At this, the hosts of the show said, “That’s why there are lots of rumors that you’re dating Park Shin Hye,” and Jung said, “I’m not dating Park Shin Hye. We’re just very close friends, but people misunderstand our relationship.”
Jung also said he had the first kiss when he was a sophomore in high school, and Kang Min Hyuk got laughs by saying, “I had the first kiss when I was the most handsome.”

Ok Joo Hyun responds to the rumor of her death, “I’m still alive”

Singer and actress Ok Joo Hyun recently explained about the rumor of her death.
On January 26, Ok tweeted, “When I finished taking a shower in this morning, I saw my brother called me six times. I called him back, and he asked me if I was okay. He said his friend called him after hearing the news that I died. I was surprised by the rumor of my death. Haha. I’m still alive.”
People responded: “I was surprised by the rumor, too. Who spread it?” “She must have been really surprised.” “She’s still alive. Who spread the rumor?” “What an absurd rumor.” “Her family must have been really surprised, too.”
Such rumors of popular celebrities’ death sometimes spread on the Internet through online community boards and social networking sites, and they hurt not only the celebrities but also their friends and fans.
Ok is currently playing a lead role in the musical Rebecca. It will play at the LG Art Center until March 31.

Big Bang show off a hilarious look, pushing their tongues out

Big Bang recently released some pictures of themselves having a hilarious look on their faces.
On January 26, G-Dragon released two pictures on his Twitter account with the comment, “One, two, three, four” and “Click!”
In the pictures, Big Bang’s Daesung, Taeyang, and G-Dragon are opening their eyes wide, pushing their tongues out. Unlike the charismatic look they usually show, they’re getting laughs with a hilarious look on their faces.
People who saw the pictures responded: “They’re still cute with the hilarious look.” “G-Dragon must like opening his eyes wide.” “They’re so cute.” “I like Big Bang members being hilarious.” “I laughed a lot.”
Big Bang will hold a concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park on January 27 under the title of Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour: The Final.

2NE1′s Sandara Park transforms herself into a mannequin

On January 26, Sandara Pak tweeted a couple of photos of herself with one of them with the caption “This is a cute mannequin.” In one of the photos, she actually looks lifeless like a mannequin with her hands placed on the table.
The other photo comes with the caption: “This was taken at a Chrome Hearts factory in LA last November.” In the photo, she strikes a pose while resting her arms on the back of the couch with loads of clothes hanging in several rows in the background. The cutie looks snazzy as always.
Netizens responded: “What a lovely mannequin!” “She’s adorable.” “She looks chic with black hair.”
2NE1 along with Big Bang participate in the Nepal Hope School Construction Project. The YG bands agree with the idea that teenagers are those who can create a better society in the future, so they’ve decided to help build a school for the poor in Nepal. CDs and T-shirts with Big Bang and 2NE1’s autographs will be given to some of those who donate to this cause.

Singer and actor So Ji Sub gives a surprise gig in a club

In the wee hours of January 26, actor So Ji Sub gave a surprise performance at the concert of hip-hop group Soul Dive, held at a club in Hongdae area, Seoul.
So made a visit to support the band, which participated in his second EP, 6PM…Playground, released on January 23.
He performed 2 songs, “Eraser,” a title track of his latest EP and “Pick Up Line,” a single released in 2011.
Having released several hip-hop albums, the singer and actor showed off his rapping skill, significantly enhanced through being tutored by a member of Soul Dive.
The music video of “Eraser,” featuring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye, received a lot of attention on its release for the top stars appearance.

SHINee’s Onew has lethal, powerful fingers

TV presenter Han Suk Joon has revealed his forehead after being flicked by SHINee’s Onew.
On January 27, Han tweeted a photo of himself highlighting his swollen forehead with the caption “I got flicked by SHINee’s Onew. It’s been 3 hours but it’s still.”
Netizens responded: “You were flicked by Onew? You’re brave.” “It must have been bloody painful.” “It’s so funny.” “Onew is notoriously strong finger .”
Last March, the SHINee member came to a showdown for finger-flicking with Lee Seung Gi on SBS’s Strong Heart. After being hit on his head by Onew, Lee said, “You hit me with a hammer, didn’t you?”

Big Bang reveals their feelings about the world tour, “Fans overseas sang along in Korean!”

Big Bang revealed about their feelings after the world tour around 12 different countries.
On January 27 at 5:00 p.m, Big Bang will wrap up their world tour with the last concert, Big Bang Galaxy Tour The Final at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.
This day, G-Dragon says, “Going around 12 different countries, we were surprised at the responses of the fans. In spite of different languages and skin color, all the fans sang after us in Korean, which moved our hearts.”
He added, “I questioned myself if Korean music had limited music genres. I don’t know exactly when, but I began to think less about making music for the public from some time.”
G-Dragon chose Malaysia and Peru as two most memorable countries. He said, “We didn’t have much chance to perform outdoors, but the concerts felt like a rock festival in these two countries. The world tour was special since we could feel and see different characteristics of different countries.
Big Bang performed in front of 800,000 people around the U.S, Europe and Asia. They proved their popularity by selling all the reservation tickets for their concerts in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, and Malaysia.
Working together with the world-renowned production agency, Live Nations, the first performance of Big Bang’s world tour, which was held in Seoul, received positive reviews.
After the world tour, each member will start their own activities. G-Dragon will go on another world tour starting from Japan and Daesung will release his first Japanese album and hold concerts there.

Jewelry celebrates their second year anniversary

Girl group Jewelry uploaded a picture of them celebrating their second year anniversary.
On the afternoon of January 27, a picture was uploaded on the official Twitter of Jewelry with the caption, “Today is the second year anniversary of Jooyeon, Eunjung, Yewon, and Semi as Jewelry. Please congratulate them!”
In the picture, Semi, Eunjung, Jooyeon, and Yewon are posing in a friendly manner. They are all smiling brightly and making V signs with their fingers.
Netizens commented: “Congratulations on your second year anniversary Jewelry!” “They became a big hit after Semi and Yewon joined them.” “You are all so pretty.” “It’s already been 2 years?” “I look forward to your upcoming activities.”
Currently, Jewelry is wrapping up their activities of “Look At Me” that they released in October of last year, and is preparing to make new songs.

Gwak Jung Wook reveals his feelings for the ending of the series, School 2013

Actor Gwak Jung Wook revealed how he feels about the ending of the series, School 2013.
Gwak uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “The second picture taken during the last shooting of School 2013. Taken with the heavenly Lee Kyung. I still can’t believe that everything is over after the shooting for the 16th and the special episode. Will everything be over for real when I listen to Kim Bo Kyung’s ending song?”
In the picture, Gwak is smiling brightly and posing in a friendly manner with Lee Lee Kyung.
Netizens commented: “I can’t believe that School 2013 has one last episode to go!” “Lee Lee Kyung is so cute.” “I will definitely watch the last episode.”
Currently, Gwak is playing the role of Oh Jung Ho on School 2013.

2PM’s Woo Young gets embarrassed for faking his height

Recently, Woo Young of 2PM has been embarrassed with extra layers of heel in his shoes.
In January 27’s airing of MBC’s Magic Concert-This is Magic, there was a spectacular magic performance by a sexy female magician Angela and the Korean representative magician, Choi Hyun Woo.
Choi needed a helper for his magic show, so he asked Woo Young to help him out. To get in the box, Woo Young had to take his shoes off.
Unintentionally, Woo Young had to reveal that he had extra layers of heel in his shoes. He got embarrassed, so he emphasized, “Just for today.”
In the meantime, Park Myung Soo and Jung Joon Ha attracted eyes with a “dirty dance.”

Lee Joon Gi comes back as a singer on January 29

On January 29, Lee Joon Gi is to release his new album both in Korean and Japan, simultaneously.
Early on January 27, IMX that manages the actor reported that Lee’s new album which is scheduled to be released on January 29 was prepared with utmost secrecy.
About the album, the agency said, “It’s made for his fans and in our hope of becoming a small present for them. He recorded the album not intending it to give performances as a singer, but more like keeping his fan meeting tours entertained which are to be held in and outside the country.”
The title for his new album is “Case by Case” which is abbreviated as “CBC.” The title track is “Lost Frame” and reveals his intention to challenge himself to and enjoy many things, not restricting to one thing and become obsessed by it.
According to his agency, Lee has included many different genres such as ballad, rock, and electronic in the album, as well as new metal and hybrid in which hip hop, rock, and lyrical are effectively combined together.
The title song which is to be released in Japan is “Tonight.” It is a sweet love song written by Lee Joon Gi in which he hops that the love-at-first-sight would come true.
For now, the star is revising thoroughly on the selecting his next work. Last year, he appeared in MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate that closed in October.

[PHOTOS] Wonder Girls and other K-artists attend Sunye’s Wedding/Presscon

Wonder Girls & JYP Nation attends Sunye’s Wedding/Presscon
Artists seen on this page are: 2AM, JJ Project, 15&, and the rest of Wonder Girls, Younha, Park KyungLim, JYP, SNSD, SES Bada and Tim, Baek Ah Yeon