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Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

[Photo]1125 Chang Min at SMT LIVE WORLD TOUR III Thailand

★Gorgeous Kim Hyun Joong★ Hangten 2012 F/W

CNBLUE jpn official updates


[HQ Photos] Prince SHINee @ 2012 MAMA Hong Kong (Red Carpet)

Lovely Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Won ‘Popularity Award’ at “33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards”

Kim Soo Hyun and Miss A’s Suzy recently crowned as ‘popular couple’ at the ceremony of “33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards”.
On November 30th, located at Sejong’s Cultural Center in Seoul, the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony was held and attended by Hallyu top actors and actresses like, Kim Ha Neul, Im Soo Jung, Kim Soo Hyun, Miss A’s Suzy, Go Ara, Yoon Jin Yi, Park Ha Sun, Moon Chae Won, Park Jin Hee, Lee Kwang Soo and many more.
In particular, KBS’ “Dream High” couple, Kim Soo Hyun and Miss A’s Suzy once again proved their popularity as a couple and brought home ‘Popular Couple Award’ trophy.
Credit: Soompi KSH Thread

B1A4 proves they’re an idol group with musical talent

One of the fairest-looking boy bands, B1A4 has proved they’re an idol group equipped with musical talent.
On the episode of KBS2′s Immortal Song 2 that aired on November 1, which was late Bae Hot themed, the five-member boy band gave a fabulous performance of “On the Street of Myungdog in the Rain.”
Before the gig, Sandeul said, “I wouldn’t make it too sad even though the song is originally emotional. This is my mother’s favorite song. I hope you reminiscence old good memories while watching the gig.”
Leader Jiyoung stared the performance with his beautiful vocals to the lively accompaniment. He belted out with powerful yet beautiful voice while the set of the gig looked liked that of a musical. Followed by Baro’s rap, the gig was going to the climax. Next, Sandeul showed off his powerful, high-pitch vocals and elicited huge reactions from the audience.
The promising band failed to win a round against Im Tae Kyung despite its fantastic performance joined by its leader Jinyoung,

IU won as the Best Female Artist @ MAMA 2012 in Hongkong

Congratulations to the nation’s sister, IU for winning the ‘Best Female Artist’ category at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hongkong that was held on November 30.
Her award last year is the ‘Best Vocal Performance – Solo.’ But this year, it this K.Will who won.
Too sad that IU didn’t get her award personally and gave a speech to thank all of her fans who voted for her.
Again. Congratulations!

WGM: Seon Hwa doesn’t want to unwrap a gift from Gwang Hee―why?

Secret’s Han Seon Hwa has revealed why she hasn’t unwrapped the gift from her onscreen hubby, ZE:A’s Gawang Hee.
On the episode of MBC’s We Got Married: Season 4 that aired on December 1, the playful, lovely hubby, Gwang Hee presented his beloved wife with a doll as a gift.
In the behind interview, the ZE:A member spoke about how disappointed he was about Seon Haw’s reactions to his present as she didn’t even unpack it. He grumbled: “I got Seon Hwa a doll as she had said she wished to have one. I hoped that she would keep it in her arms while sleeping. However, she doesn’t seem to be interested in the gift at all. Actually, she hasn’t even unpacked it.”
The Secret didn’t want to make a fuss out of the gift. “He’s given me a doll. Oh, my,” she said.
“I haven’t even unwrapped it because when you unpack a gift, it begins to wear off. I want to keep it as a brand new,” she said, so we could see how excited she was about the present rather than being uninterested.
Meanwhile, the idol singer couple had to extend themselves to look after Lee Jun’s chicks, who left for some gigs in a hallyu concert in Chile as a member of MBLAQ.

B1A4 captivates the audience with their title song “Tried to Walk” on Show! Music Center

B1A4’s performance fluttered many women’s hearts.
On the episode of MBC’s Show! Music Center that aired on the afternoon of December 1, B1A4 performed “Tried to Walk.”
They wore dark, fancy-patterned casual suits and made the performance stood out.
The title song “Tried to Walk” is a pop-dance song that was written by leader Jin Young.
In this episode of Show! Music Center, TVXQ, Yang Yo Seop, Son Dam Bi, Kim Sung Gyu, B1A4, Boyfriend, Juniel, NS Yoon Ji, A-Jax, Urban Zakapa, Fiestar, Bigstar, Spica, C-Clown, D-Unit, 24K and Vivid Girl performed on stage.

World star Psy meets with world star Jackie Chan!

Psy revealed a picture taken with Jackie Chan.
On the afternoon of November 30, Psy uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “How was the MAMA? I got big congrats from this man.”
Psy attended the live 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards that was held on November 30 at 7:00 p.m at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.
In the picture, Psy and Jackie Chan is putting their arms around each other’s shoulders and smiling brightly. Yang Hyun Seok attracts attention because he seems to be happy at how friendly they are.
Netizens commented: “A meeting with the world star.” “Psy’s performance at MAMA was amazing.” “Yang Hyun Seok seems to be very happy.”
Psy received four awards: The Song of The Year Awards, Best Music Video Awards, Best Solo Dance Performance Awards, and International Favorite Artist Awards at MAMA.

Big Bang’s T.O.P captivates the audience with his charismatic look, “Can you see the monster in me?”

Big Bang’s T.O.P overwhelmed the stage with his look.
On 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards that was broadcast live on November 30 at 7:00 p.m at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, Big Bang gave a fancy performance with the theme, ‘Monster in Me.’
This day, T.O.P surprised the audience and revealed charisma by wearing different color lenses in his eyes. His low voice and sexy gaze fluttered many women’s hearts.
Netizens commented: “My eyes were glad.” “My heart fluttered when T.O.P came up the screen.” “Big Bang was awesome!” “T.O.P is so sexy.”
Big Bang received two prizes: Best Male Group and Artist of the Year award on MAMA.

Wonder Girls’ So Hee is getting prettier day by day

Wonder Girls’ So Hee showed off her beautiful appearance.
Recently on an online community board, a picture titled, “Beautiful appearance of So Hee in her daily life” has been revealed.
The picture was captured during the photo exhibition, Little Black Jacket that was held at Gangnam Beyond Museum on November 28. She is looking around the pictures of popular celebrities.
Her fashion stood out. She wore a tube-top dress, a leather jacket and also held a blue mini bag.
Netizens commented: “Wow you never cease to amaze me.” “So gorgeous.” “Luxurious and pretty.” “You look so elegant.” “You shine.” “Your existence stands out.”

Miss A contend with high school students to be a treadmill dancing queen

Miss A have issued a challenge to a team of contestants in Star King.
On the episode of SBS’s Star King that aired on December 1, a dance club in Bucheon High School, named FLEX gave a fantastic dance performance using treadmills. Appearing on the show as panels, miss A wanted to contend with dancing team and went on the treadmills.
In the showdown, miss A’s Suzy made a mistake, almost having her ankle sprained. Fortunately she did’t get hurt, but feeling embarrassed, the miss A beauty quipped: “That’s part of my performance.” Her spontaneous remark made everyone laugh hard.
Min wowed panels of the show, showing off her outstanding dancing ability and were flattered by Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and Kim Jong Min. “We want to be trainee if you could possibly train us,” said the trio.

Im Soo Jung wins a Blue Dragon Award for best actress―reward for her hard work!

Im Soo Jung has won a Blue Dragon Award for best actress in a movie for her performance in the movie All About My Wife.
The All About My Wife star picked up Best Actress On in the 33th Blue Dragon Awards, held at Sejong Art Hall on November 30.
“I’ve never expect to take home a trophy. You know, there appeared so many big movies this year. I’ve already been pleased with I’ve been named as a nominee, so I’ve never dreamed of preparing an accepetance speech. Director Min Gyu Dong, actor Lyu Seung Lyung and Lee Sun Gyun all wanted me rather than themselves to win an award, so they did everything to make my character successful. I’d appreciate all hard work done by the production crew and my agency,” said Im
She added: “I’ve been on cloud nine since I was named as a nominee. Getting this award, I couldn’t feel it better. I’ll try my best to be a better actress.”
Im appears in the movie as Jung In, a seemingly perfect woman who is extremely harsh on her husband. The baby-faced actress had previously talked about her woes over having to memorize painfully long lines for her extremely verbal role.
The movie is about a married couple—Doo Hyun and his wife Jung In, who is beautiful yet harsh only on her husband. Enduring years of Jung-in’s bad temper, Doo Hyun desperately seeks ways to divorce her. The timid husband is too afraid to bring up the topic of separation to his ill-tempered wife. Instead, he sets a divorce scheme: he hires a womanizer (played by Ryu Seung Ryong) to seduce his wife, hoping she will ask for a divorce once she falls in love with him.

A Japanese animation starring Kara starts airing next year

The girl group Kara (composed of Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, Jung Nicole, and Kang Jiyoung) is now to be featured as main characters of a Japanese animation and it is scheduled to be revealed soon.
On December 1, the DSP Media which manages the group said, “A traditional animation titled ‘Kara the Animation’ starring five members of Kara as its leading characters is to be broadcast at the beginning of next year. After airing in Japan first, the animation will also broadcast in Korea through major broadcasting systems and cable channels during the first half of 2013.
“Each member of Kara will feature as a main character and different kinds of stories will develop from them. Each character will reflect personality and image of its counterpart, and you can also enjoy Kara’s new look in animated images.”
It is also said that all members participated in dubbing for each of their characters and sang for the theme song.
More details about the Kara the Animation will be given at Kara’s first Tokyo Dome concert, “the Karasia 2013 Happy New Year in Tokyo Dome,” to be held on January 6 next year.

After School’s Lizzy reveals her mature charms, “I am not a child anymore.”

After School’s Lizzy showed off her pretty appearance.
On the afternoon of December 1, Lizzy uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Woot. This picture came out well.”
In the picture, Lizzy is looking at the camera with a deep loving gaze, showing off her womanly charms. Her smoky makeup revealed her sexy charms.
Netizens commented: “You look like a goddess.” “Your skin is so crystal clear.” “You have a V line.” “Gorgeous.”
Currently, Lizzy is playing the role of Yuri on MBC’s My Sons.

Moon Geun Young enjoys her date with Nam Gung Min

Actress Moon Geun Young was recently spotted enjoying her date with Nam Gung Min in the middle of the night.
A still picture of the first episode of SBS’s weekend drama series Cheongdamdong Alice (written by Kim Ji Woon, directed by Jo Soo Won) which is to air on December 1 is posted online. Moon Geun Young who plays the character Han Se Kyung is on a date with the counterpart of Nam Gung Min.
The picture shows the two actors enjoying their time together. Though it was shot in the middle of a dark night, it reflects innocent charm of the actress and her clear skin.
Cheondamdong Alice is a TV series with a bright atmosphere in which an ordinary girl Han Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young) is on the project of becoming a daughter-in-law of a wealthy, Cheondamdong family. As the story goes on, it is to remind viewers of the true meaning of marriage.
Viewers are building expectations high on Moon’s acting as she is going to cry and laugh on behalf of her character and because she has not been on a TV series for a while.