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Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Hee Sun reveals Soo’s true character to Young

In the episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter, The Wind Blows that aired on February 27, Hee Sun (played by Jung Eun Ji of A Pink) reveals the true character of Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) to Oh Young (played by Song Hye Kyo). Hee Sun does this because she loses her temper when she sees Soo and Young sleeping in a bed together. She has been feeling upset as Soo seems to put Young before everyone else now, and this event just sets her off. Enraged, she has a serious conversation with Young at a coffee shop. She asks, “What kind of person do you think your brother is?” Then she reveals, “Your brother is a con man. He has only come back in your life to use you for money. That scum only wants money from you.” Even though she doesn’t reveal Soo’s identity and tells Young that he is not even her brother, Young is very upset. She snaps at Soo, who has come after them to stop Hee Sun, “Have you been nice to me because of money, and not because I’m your sister?”

Yoon Si Yoon’s drunk habit: “I wake my friends up”

On February 27, SBS’s Late Night TV Entertainment News interviewed actor Yoon Si Yoon and asked him about his drinking habits. First, he was asked about how much he usually drinks. To this, he answered, “I can drink about 1-2 bottles of soju (a vodka-like alcohol).” He then added, “I become very energetic when I drink, so I wake up all my friends who are sleeping around me.”

Leeteuk names SISTAR as the most popular group among soldiers

We all remember how sad we felt when Leeteuk of Super Junior left us for his mandatory military service last year. That was roughly four months ago, and we just don’t see enough of him any more. Fortunately for us, SBS’s Late Night TV Entertainment News visited the well-missed singer as one of the six leads of the army musical The Promise.
The interview mainly consisted of questions about the musical and the entertainers’ lives in the army. When asked about the most popular girl group among his fellow soldiers, Leeteuk named SISTAR and sent a brief message to the members of the group. He said, “Hey, how are you guys doing? I had no idea how incredibly popular you were. You have my respect”

Lee Jong Suk shows off a gentle yet manly look

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently showed off a gentle look.
On February 27, Lee uploaded a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “What are you doing? I’m in Hong Kong. I’m so bored.”
In the picture, Lee is sitting on a chair and taking a rest in a relaxed mood. He’s slightly smiling with his eyes closed as if he’s thinking of something. It looks like a scene from a TV commercial for a coffee brand.
His outfit is very neat. He is dressed in a white sweater and black skinny jeans. In the natural outfit, he’s showing off a gentle yet manly look.
People who saw the picture responded: “I can hang out with you.” “I want to fly to Hong Kong immediately.” “He’s so cute.” “He looks so stylish.” “His smile is so lovely.” “I want to have you, Lee Jong Suk.”
Lee played the role of Nam Soon in KBS 2TV’s drama series School 2013, which ended on January 28.

JYJ will hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan

JYJ will hold a concert in Japan for the first time in four years.
From April 2 to 4, JYJ will hold a live concert three times at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. It’s the first time for the group to hold a concert in Japan in four years since they held the last one in June, 2010.
C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency reported, “It means a lot to JYJ because it’s the first official event for the group to hold in Japan after the lawsuit against AVEX was concluded in September, 2010.”
Selling over 170,000 copies of More, the last EP released in Japan in 2010, JYJ attracted over 200,000 people to their concerts at the Tokyo Dome and the Osaka Dome for four days.
JYJ say, “We’re very excited to see our fans in Japan. Because it’s our first concert to be held in Japan in four years, we’ll do our utmost to provide the best concert.”
A person from the performing arts industry in Japan says, “JYJ have been acknowledged as a group that shows off great singing abilities and performing skills. At the news of the group holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome, a lot of people are already inquiring about tickets for the concert.”
In January, AVEX, JYJ’s previous agency in Japan, lost a suit against JYJ. The Tokyo District Court declared that its exclusive management rights to JYJ are invalid. The court also ordered AVEX to pay damages totalling 660 million yen (about 7.8 billion won) to JYJ.
At this, AVEX appealed against the decision, but JYJ are actually free from the agency.
C-Jes Entertainment created JYJ’s official account on Naver on February 28. It’ll deliver news about JYJ to fans in thirteen countries in Asia and Europe in five different languages – Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

A-JAX’s Hyung Gon is cast in Iris 2

A-JAX’s Hyung Gon was recently cast in KBS 2TV’s drama series Iris 2.
On February 28, Hyung Gon’s agency reported, “Hyung Gon appeared as a NSS agent named Song Young Min for the first time in the February 27 episode of Iris 2. Song Young Min is a passionate new NSS agent and is also a partner of Yoon Si Hyuk (played by MBLAQ’s Joon).”
Song Young Min is a straightforward person, so he always squabbles with Yoon Si Hyuk. Hyung Gon is planning to appeal to viewers with his cute, attractive acting. Hyung Gon is the leader of A-JAX, and Iris 2 is the first drama series for him to appear.
He will focus on working on the series for a while.

2PM’s Taecyeon becomes a graduate student

2PM’s Taecyeon is going to a graduate school.
On February 27 at 3:00 p.m., Taecyeon attended an orientation at Korea University. Having recently decided to go to a graduate school, Taecyeon attended the orientation session of his new school.
Graduating from Dankuk University, majoring in business, Taecyeon applied to the Department of International Business in Korea University in December last year and got accepted this month.
A spokesperson for Taecyeon says, “Taecyeon has had a strong will to continue his study, so he prepared the application all by himself. Because he has a strong will to study, he will try his best in both studying and working.”
Taecyeon will just focus on his study and work as a 2PM member for a while.
2PM will hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan in April.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee shows off a cute look with Tiny-G

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee recently took a picture with the girl group Tiny-G.
On February 27, Tiny-G’s agency released a picture of the group members with Kwang Hee. The picture was taken when they met in a greenroom before appearing on SBS TV’s Inkigayo on February 24.
Kwang Hee and Tiny-G members are showing off their cute poses and smiling faces, lifting their arms.
Tiny-G are currently promoting the new dance number “Minimanimo.”

Sistar’s Hyo Lyn shows off a sexy, cute look

Sistar’s Hyo Lyn recently released some pictures of herself.
On February 27, Hyo Lyn uploaded some pictures on Sistar’s official Twitter account with the comment, “It’s been already 1,000 days since Sistar met you guys for the first time! I always feel sorry to you and thank you. Please give us your love for 10,000 and 10,000,000 more days.”
In the pictures, Hyo Lyn is making a cute face, putting air in her cheeks, and giving a wink in a sexy pose.
People who saw the pictures responded: “She’s not only sexy but also cute.” “Congratulations on your 1,000 day anniversary.” “I’ll look forward to your music.”
Hyo Lyn is currently promoting a new song as a member of Sistar 19 with Bora. Sistar 19 ranked first on the chart on the February 21 episode of M Countdown with “Here Then Gone.”

Infinite’s Woohyun shows off his white skin and bright smile

Infinite’s Woohyun recently released a picture of himself.
On February 27, Woohyun uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “I’m going to water my cactus, listening to music. I’m going to water just a little bit.”
In the picture, Woohyun is staring at the camera with a bright smile on his face. His clean skin and gentle eyes are very attractive.
His hairstyle and makeup are also very impressive. His hairstyle makes his face look smaller, and his heavy eye makeup makes him look more manly.
People who saw the picture responded: “Woohyun is so cute.” “He’s so handsome.” “The picture makes me smile.” “He’s so good-looking.” “He’s so lovely.” “He’s so attractive.”
On February 27, Woohyun released a new song, “Cactus,” in collaboration with Lucia.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off his nose piercing

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently pierced his nose.
On February 28, G-Dragon uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “G-night.”
In the picture, he’s showing off a distinctive, charismatic look, which was for the photo shoot for the March issue of the fashion magazine Vogue. He’s showing off a charismatic look with a nose piercing. It can normally be too much for other people, but it looks stylish on G-Dragon.
His hairstyle and makeup are also distinctive. His hair is in green and red, and his heavy eye makeup makes him look manly.
People responded: “G-Dragon is the best.” “I think that style only fits G-Dragon.” “He looks cool.” “The piercing looks good on him.” “It looks cool because G-Dragon did it.” “He’s so stylish.”
G-Dragon will hold concerts at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park on March 30 and 31 under the title of G-Dragon 2013 World Tour: One of a Kind as part of his first world tour.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon reveals his distress about few of his fans, “Please don’t come waiting in my house.”

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon honestly talked about his distress about ‘private fans.’
On the afternoon of February 28, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, “These days, young people come all the way to our house. I can bear it until the front door but this just isn’t right.”
He added, “My mother and my sister freak out when they come home at night. Don’t be hiding there. Don’t come to our house.”
Netizens commented: “Fans should respect the celebrity they like.” “This isn’t right.” “Please don’t go too far.”
G-Dragon will start his solo world tour from Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on March 30 and 31.

2NE1’s Min Ji attracts attention with her casual fashion

2NE1’s Gong Min Ji showed off her casual look.
On the afternoon of February 28, Gong uploaded a picture with the caption, “Outfit for today.”
In the picture, Gong showed off her black fashion with black jacket, skirt, leggings and boots. Her short purple hair and red bag stood out and completed her fashion.
Netizens commented: “She seems to be getting prettier.” “Her fashion sense is amazing.” “She seems to know her style well.” “I can’t wait until their comeback.”

SHINee ranked first place on M Countdown, “SHINee world is the best!”

SHINee ranked first place on M Countdown for the first time after their comeback.
On live episode of Mnet’s M Countdown that was held on February 28 at 6:00 at Sang Am CJ E&M Center, SHINee ranked first place for the first time after their comeback with their new song “Dream Girl.”
SHINee’s Minho who hosted the show this day said, “Thank you for this amazing award with our comeback. We will try our best to become better.”
He also yelled to his fans, “SHINee world is the best!”
In February, SHINee released their third official EP Chapter 1, Dream Girl-The Misconception of You with the title song “Dream Girl.” “Dream Girl” is an acid electro-funk song that shows the unique music colors of each member.
In this broadcast, SHINee, Sistar 19, Teen Top, Hyung Don and Dae Joon, Kim Tae Woo, Verbal Jint, Rainbow, Heo Gak, Nine Muses, Speed, Toxic, Nu’est, and Two X performed on stage.

B.A.P’s Zelo breaks down in tears reading a letter for his parents

B.A.P’s Zelo broke down in tears reading his letter to his parents.
On February 28, B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment uploaded the encore stage video of B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul concert that was held on February 23 and 24 in Seoul Olympic Hall on their official Youtube channel.
In the concert, Zelo attracted attention by shedding tears while reading his own written letter to his parents. He said, “Do you remember mom and dad? Even if it took me four hours to go and come from Mokpo and Gwangju, I was still filled with passion to learn music.” He also talked about how he tried his best to live up to his dream in the time when his mother was sick.
Zelo also revealed how good of a son he is by saying, “The childish Joon Hong fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer and now has a nickname Zelo in B.A.P. Now I stand before mom, dad, and my brother with the new name. I will become a better son to you.”
Netizens commented: “He is so considerate for his age.” “I hope B.A.P becomes more successful.” “Zelo’s letter is so touching.”
Currently, B.AP is actively performing “One Shot.”

Song Seung Hun reveals his charisma

Actor Song Seung Hun revealed how he is doing by uploading a picture.
On February 28, Song uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Hello Singapore.”
In the picture, Song looks chic in a leather jacket and sunglasses. He showed off his manly charms with his sharp chin.
Netizens commented: “Song Seung Hun is still so handsome.” “The picture looks like a pictorial.” “Handsome.” “He is so charismatic.” “I look forward to ‘When A Man Loves.’”
Song Seung Hun will appear on MBC’s When A Man Loves, which will be broadcast in April.

BoA, Big Bang’s Daesung, and Jang Keun Suk enter the Oricon Top 10

BoA, Big Bang’s Daesung, and Jang Keun Suk have proved their high popularity once again by entering the Top 10 list of the Oricon.
According to the Oricon chart in Japan on February 28, Jang released his first regular EP as a member of Team H on February 27 and ranked second on the Oricon Daily Chart.
Team H is composed of Jang and music producer Big Brother. The EP includes many electronic songs.
Daesung also released his first solo EP D’scover on the same day in Japan and ranked fourth on the Oricon Daily. He is planning to hold twenty-five concerts starting in March through June in nineteen Japanese cities.
BoA released her new Japanese single “Only One” and ranked ninth on the same chart. The single is the Japanese version of the song that she released in Korea last year.
BoA debuted in Japan in 2001 and has ranked first on the Oricon several times. Even though it has been twelve years since her debut, she showed off her power by entering the Top 10 list on the Oricon.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa takes a picture with ZE:A’s Kwang Hee

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee recently showed off his close friendship with CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa.
On February 28, Hwang tweeted a picture with the short comment, “With Yong Hwa.”
In the picture, Hwang is making the V sign with Jung and intimately posing for the camera. Jung is showing off his handsome appearance and Hwang is showing off his cute appeal.
People who saw the picture responded: “They make me feel warm.” “Jung looks more handsome.” “Hwang looks like he has milky white skin.” “They both are handsome.” “So cute.”
Hwang is currently emceeing SBS’s Inkigayo.

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun vs. B2ST’s Doo Jun: “Chic or cute”

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun and B2ST’s Yoon Doo Jun recently took a picture together.
An official for KBS’s series Iris 2 tweeted a picture of Lee and Yoon.
In the picture, Lee looks chic while closing his eyes and making the V sign. Even though he is not staring at the camera, he looks manly. He also captured the fans’ attention with his upgraded appearance.
Yoon, on the other hand, looks cute. He is also making the V sign and for the camera and it made people laugh.
People who saw the picture responded: “I’m enjoying the series.” “They are so attractive.” “Lee looks handsome and Yoon is cute.” “I should watch the series on time.”
Lee and Yoo play the role of NSS agents Yoon Si Hyuk and Seo Hyung Woo on the series.

Wonder Girls’ So Hee has superior genes

Old pictures of Wonder Girls’ So Hee were recently released.
An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Thirteen year old So Hee’s beauty showed even in childhood.”
The pictures were captured from a short film, in which thirteen year old So Hee appears and shows off her dreamlike appeal. She proved that she is born to be a beauty with her cute appearance on the film.
People who saw the pictures responded: “So Hee was a beautiful little girl.” “She’s so beautiful.” “She’s perfect.” “She hasn’t been changed a bit.” “She looks lovely.” “Amazing.”

Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung go on a snow date

Actor Jo In Sung and actress Song Hye Kyo will go on a snow date.
On the seventh episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter The Wind Blows, which will air on February 28, Jo and Song couple and Kim Beom and A pink’s Jung Eun Ji couple will go on a double date.
In the pictures, Jo and Song are laying down in the snow while taking self portraits together. Kim and Jung are also having fun riding together on a sled.

The scene was taken at a ski resort in Gangwon-do. The four actors and actresses looked excited as if they had gone on a real vacation.
Since the preview for the seventh episode aired on February 27, many people are eagerly anticipating seeing their romance on a beautiful snow field.
The series is a classic melodrama about humanity and true love. It is written by writer No Hee Kyung and produced by director Kim Kyu Tae.

After School’s Uee looks like she’s lost a lot of weight

After School’s Uee is drawing a lot of attention from a set of untouched pictures.
An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Uee has the best figure without retouching.”
In the pictures, Uee is showing off her breathtakingly beautiful legs. Even though the pictures were not photo-shopped, her height and perfectly proportioned figure received considerable attention.
Her fashion also enthralled the public. She is wearing a pink sweater and flower printed skirt. Bright colored clothes made people feel like spring has arrived.
People who saw the pictures responded: “She has lost a lot of weight.” “Even though the pictures were not retouched, she looks perfect.” “She’s slim.” “She is like a model.” “She has beautiful legs.” “I want to see her in real life.”
Uee played the role of Hong Moo Yeon on KBS’s series Jeon Woochi, which went off air on February 7.

SNSD’s Yoona shows off her pretty face in glasses

SNSD’s Yoona recently showed off her pretty face.
Some pictures of Yoona were recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “Yoona at an airport. The glasses cannot hide Yoona’s pretty face.”
The pictures were taken on February 22 when Yoona was at the Incheon International Airport to leave Korea for concerts in Japan. She’s wearing black glasses, but she’s still very pretty. The cute look of Yoona, pushing out her lips, is especially making her fans smile.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Yoona is still pretty with the glasses on.” “She’s so cute.” “Her face looks smaller.” “I think she’s the pretties girl group member.” “I love the look on her face.” “I envy the way she looks.” “She’s the goddess.”
SNSD will go on a tour of Japan under the title of 2013 SNSD Arena Tour until April 21.

2AM’s Chang Min looks so happy eating

2AM’s Lee Chang Min recently released pictures of himself eating food.
On February 27, Lee tweeted pictures with the comment, “This is the smile of an angel. I feel so happy when I eat.”
In the pictures, Lee looks so happy while eating food and holding a fork. His sharp chin drew a lot of attention from the public.
Lee previously said that he went on a diet to shoot an advertisement for a clothing brand.
People who saw the pictures responded: “You’ve lost a lot of weight.” “Eat a lot more since you’ve stopped trying to lose weight.” “I can’t wait to listen to your songs.”
2AM released a teaser video for their new song “One Spring Day” on February 27 and will return on March 5.

Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo shoot a commercial together

Actor Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo recently shot a commercial together.
An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are shooting a commercial today.”
In the pictures, Song and Han are shooting the commercial together. The pictures tell people that they are working in great harmony, and a happy atmosphere.
The two stars became a great couple. Since Song and Han are well known as stars with clear skin, they showed off their handsome and beautiful appearances. Their smiling faces also made people envious.
People who saw the pictures responded: “The popular stars have met each other.” “They look good together.” “They make a handsome and beautiful couple.” “So beautiful.” “It’s like they are competing against each other to see who has the clearest skin.”

JYJ Creates JYJ’s Official LINE Account! Add! Add~!

Many Korean artists create Twitter account or maybe KakaoTalk, but JYJ has choosen a different social media to get closer to their fans.
They have officially created LINE account today, JYJ(EN), on February 28! From the account, they will give you the latest updates in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese in 13 countries.
However, there are some instructions for fans who want to add the account, such as you can only send text, emoji, and sticker. But if the trio are accepts your message, they will reply you ^^
As an opening, they have sent their first message to fans from around the world!

They’re so cute, aren’t they? >////<
For those who have LINE account, why don’t you start to add them? It has reached more than 22,000 followers this far!
  •   source: JYJLine

Park Jin Young shows his pet

so cute :P

MBLAQ releases jacket photos for their Japanese EP

Group MBLAQ released jacket photos for their Japanese EP.
On February 27, a Japanese official channel released three jacket photos taken under the concepts of powerful black, kind white, and energetic pink for their EP Mona Lisa.
The EP is their third Japanese single, which is the Japanese version of their song “Mona Lisa.” The song received the most attention when the group toured Japan.
MBLAQ toured Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore, last year under the ‘The BLAQ% Tour.’
MBLAQ will release the third single on March 27.

SHINee selected as special MC for M Countdown

Group SHINee will emcee M Countdown.
SHINee will appear on the February 28 episode of Mnet’s live music program M Countdown as special MCs.
SHINee appeared on the previous episode of the show and performed for the first time after their return. Today, Onew, Jong Hyun, Min Ho, Tae Min, and Key will all emcee the show and perform their new song “Dream Girl” as well.
Besides SHINee, many singers will perform their new songs. Boy group Teen Top, who released their first regular EP, will perform the title song “Miss Right.”
Rapper Verbal Jint and Hyung Don and Dae Jun will also give new performances. SISTAR 19, Heo Gak, Rainbow, TOXIC, Speed, Nine Muses, and NU’EST will appear on the show.
The show airs every Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Park Hae Jin visits China

Actor Park Hae Jin recently visited Tianjin, China, to visit a movie theater named after him.
On February 27, Park appeared at the Lotte Cinema in Tianjin, China, in which Park Hae Jin Theater will be built. In order to see Park, who has become popular in China through the drama series Famous Princesses, lots of people from Tianjin and Beijing swarmed over to the theater. At the event, Park entertained his fans with a bubble show and a hand-print event.
In a press interview, which was given during the event, Park mentioned about his next project after KBS 2TV’s My Daughter Seo Young. He said he would appear in the new Chinese drama series Far Away Love as the lead character. The shooting will start in April. Regarding the series, Park said, “I think I’ll be passionately in love in China.” He also appeared in such Chinese drama series as Qian Duo Duo Jia Ren Ji and Another Kind of Splendid Life before.
Regarding his plan to appear in Chinese films, Park said, “If I get a chance, I want to work with a Chinese director. I also want to work with Tang Wei.”

Oh Ja Ryong (Lee Jang Woo) and Na Gong Joo (Oh Yeon Seo) fail to reunite

Oh Ja Ryong has finally broken up with Na Gong Joo. In the episode of MBC’s Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming that aired on the afternoon of February 27, Oh Ja Ryong (played by Lee Jang Woo) and Na Gong Joo (played by Oh Yeon Seo) are feeling bad about their unwanted separation. Na has heard that Oh is going to meet another girl, and she gets so angry about it that she goes to where they’re meeting and makes creates a scene. Oh asks Na, “What are you doing, Ms. Na? Why does it matter that I’m meeting another woman?” Na tries to hold him, but it is not enough to keep him back. In the end, they break up and made the viewers sad.
In this broadcast, Oh Ja Ryong’s grandmother Cheon Geum Soon (played by Kim Young Ok) and his mother Go Sung Sil (played by Kim Hye Ok) go to Na Gong Joo’s mother Jang Baek Ro (played by Jang Mi Hee) and humiliate her.

Can A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji fully express the character Moon Hee Sun?

In the episode of SBS’s That Winter The Wind Blows that aired on February 27, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, who plays the role of wild girl Moon Hee Sun, burst out in tears. Moon Hee Sun, is the younger sister of Moon Hee Joo and the first love of Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung). Jo Moo Chul (played by Kim Tae Woo) was raised with Oh Soo and Jin Sung (played by Kim Beom) after the death of her sister. Hee Sun always pressured Oh Soo for having many girls around him, saying, “How can you forget my sister?”
In the previous episode, Moon Hee Seon found out that Oh Soo spent time with his fake sister Oh Young (played by Song Hye Kyo) to forget the anniversary of her sisters’ death. Moon expresses her anger by crying aloud because she thinks that Oh Soo has forgotten her sister.

This scene gives her an opportunity to show how well she can act by expressing her feelings towards Oh Soo. Expectations are on the rise on how well she will play the role of the character.
Previously, Jung played the role of a lively Busan girl named Sung Si Won on tvN’s Answer Me 1997.

SS501’s Kim Gyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon meet up again for reunion?

SS501’s Kim Gyu Jong took a picture with Kim Hyung Joon and revealed how they are doing.
On the afternoon of February 27, Kim Gyu Jong uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “I have met my love! Hyung Joon came all the way to Jeonju to buy me fish stew. Please cheer him on because he will have his first solo concert in Korea on March 8. SS501 fighting.”
In the picture, Gyu Jong and Hyung Joon are putting their arms around each other’s shoulders and posed in a friendly manner. They showed off their handsome appearances with bright smiles.
Netizens commented: “You still are handsome.” “You two seem to be doing well.” “So heartwarming.” “SS501 forever.” “When will SS501 gather again?” “Kim Gyu Jong has gotten more handsome.”

2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung snaps a picture with Choi Jong Hwan, “Make sure to watch 7th Grade Civil Servant!”

2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung revealed a picture taken with Choi Jong Hwan.
On the afternoon of February 27, Hwang Chan Sung uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “You will watch 70 today right? Snapped a picture with handsome Choi Jong Hwan.”
In the picture, Hwang is posing with actor Choi Jong Hwan who appears on MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant. They are making V signs and smiling brightly at the camera.
Netizens commented: “I will make sure to watch 7th Grade Civil Servant.” “It’s getting more interesting.” “So handsome.” “So cute.”
Currently, Hwang is playing the role of Gong Do ha on 7th Grade Civil Servant.

Son Dam Bi transforms into a femme fatale

Singer Son Dam Bi recently turned into a femme fatale.
On February 27, the fashion magazine Marie Claire released pictures of Son showing off her elegant appeal.
In the pictures, Son is showing off a femme fatale look in a tight red dress while wearing thick smoky makeup. The pictures were taken in Bali, where she captured the entire crew with her elegant poses and attractive eyes.
Son is also drawing a lot of attention by showing off her sexy back in a blue evening dress.
Son is currently keeping herself busy in various fields. She was selected as an MC for cable channel MBC Music’s Beautiful Days.

2NE1’s Sandara Park looks as charming as ever: “Is she really in her 30s?”

Recently on an online community board, multiple pictures titled, “Sandara Park’s fresh, lively look at a recent concert” were uploaded. The pictures show the 2NE1 member on the stage of a concert titled Accompany, which was held in February 23. Her bright smile looks charming, and her youthful appearance makes it hard to believe she’s 30.
Netizens commented: “Is she really in her 30s?” “She is gorgeous.” “She is lovely.” “She is pretty even from a woman’s perspective.” “She seems to be getting younger.” “She looks good with her new hairstyle.” “She is the prettiest of all the members of her group.”
2NE1 will soon release a new album.

Se7en, who will start his military service in March, will thank his fans with a new song

Singer Se7en plans to thank his fans with a song before he starts his military service. Se7en’s agency YG Entertainment revealed on February 27, “Se7en will enter the military in March. The exact date will be released in his upcoming concert.” On March 9, Se7en will express his gratitude towards his fans at his 10th-anniversary concert, titled Thank U and scheduled to take place at the Grand Theater in the Educational Cultural Center for Students in Yangjae-dong, Seoul.
A publicist for Se7en says, “Before entering the military, Se7en wants to express how grateful he is to his fans for their support during the past 10 years.”
Se7en also held a gathering for fans in Japan, where he released a new song as a surprise. That song was written by Se7en himself to express his thanks to his fans. It will be released at March 20. Another performance is expected at the upcoming fan meeting in Korea. Se7en did the Se7en 2013 Concert In Japan on February 7 and 8 in Shibuya, Tokyo, and on February 16 and 17 in Kobe.
Celebrating his tenth anniversary as a professional singer, Se7en released the song “When I Can’t Sing” to mark a fresh turning point in his career. His collaboration with JYP’s Park Jin Young also attracted attention, but this song, which candidly showed his feelings, was greeted with great sympathy by his fans.
Last Year, Se7en received the award for Best Overseas Performer at the 2012 China Music Awards and Asia Influential Awards in Macao, China.

Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy go on a camping date

The outdoor brand Beanpole Outdoor recently released the behind the scene pictures of actor Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy.
The commercial was taken in Bangkok, Thailand under the concept ‘Urban Outdoor is Here.’ The two young stars showed off their fresh appeals while doing various activities together through the commercial.
Their sweet smiles and healthy appearances drew a lot of attention from the public. They also enjoyed the camping date, which offers all the comfort of a luxury hotel in beautiful, outdoor settings.
The spring commercial received many favorable reviews by portraying the two lovely stars and the brand’s new camping culture in great harmony.
The commercial will be released on March 1 through CATV, Beanpole website (, Cheil’s official blog (, and Beanpole SNS (