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Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

G-Dragon reveals the rehearsal site for his solo concert

On March 19th, G-Dragon, the leader of the group Big Bang (G-dragon, Tae yang, Top, Dae seong, and Seung ri) tweeted a picture with the comment “First rehearsal for the show! I feel good!” In the picture, he felicitously matched up a hoodie and a cap with his military outfit, and it shows his fashion sense.

G-Dragon’s solo concert tour, titled One of a Kind, will open on March 30 and 31 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park. People are paying special attention to the event because he will perform his new single, “Michi Go,” for the first time there.

Those who saw the picture are excited about the concert: “Do you best!” “I’m expecting a great performance,” “I look forward to the new single!”

G-Dragon’s World Tour will run until the end of the June. A total of 550,000 fans are expected to attend. He be the first Korean singer to tour the big four Japanese domes solo.

Afterschool’s Lizzy has revealed some cute pictures of herself as a gift for fans

Lizzy, of the group Afterschool (Jung- ah, Ju-yeon, U-ee, Raina, Lizzy, E-young, and Ga-eun) has revealed some cute pictures of herself on her Twitter account with the comment “We’ve just finished our performance in Sapporo. How have you been? This is a gift.” In the pictures, Lizzy looks at the camera with smoky makeup and makes a different face in each shot.

Netizens who saw the pictures responded: “Cute Lizzy.” “Lizzy’s sense is great! Good present.” “Lizzy keeps getting younger looking.”

Lizzy appears in the MBC drama series My Sons as Yuri, and showcases romantic acting with Ryu Soo Young (who plays Yoo Min Gi in the series).

Ukiss share the stage with the American pop group Backstreet Boys

According to a March 19 announcement by their agency, NH Entertainment, Ukiss have been invited to perform at the live concert for the Fomula One Malaysia Grand Prix, a world-class motor-racing competition. The concert will be held at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. This will be the event’s third year, and the group will perform on the same stage with 2NE1 and such other well-known pop stars as the Backstreet Boys and Demi Thomas. Korea’s Wonder Girls performed in the first concert, held in 2011, and Girl’s Generation graced the stage in 2012. The group expressed their impressions, saying “we are so excited about the performance, especially sharing stage with the Backstreet Boys.”
Ukiss just released the title song, “Standing Still,” of their first studio album on March 7.

SM entertainment makes a public apology for Onew’s behavior

SM entertainment, the agency representing the boy group SHINee, made an official apology on March 19 for the group leader’s bad behavior. He was caught giving the finger to someone. The agency explained, “Onew did that unwittingly while playing around with the other group members as they waited to appear on a radio program. It was not his intention to offend others, but he is now deeply regretting his mistake and will be more careful so as not to let something like that happen again.”

Onew appeared with other members in MBC Radio’s Star Shining Night, which is broadcast over the Internet. Right after the program, people put comments on the program site saying, “Onew showed his middle finger.”