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Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Super Junior Siwon Arrives in Singapore As Chanel Front Row Guests

Super Junior Siwon had tweeted previously through his Twitter that he will be visiting Singapore prior to his other overseas trip. He arrived in the country on 8 May 2013, and made his appearance on the 9th as one of the distinguished Chanel Cruise Show held at Loewen Cluster, Dempsey Hills, Singapore.
The show marks the first ever foray of the Parisian brand to show in Singapore as their ongoing statement to showcase their collections in Asia.
He was also spotted with Hollywood A-list Dakota Fanning (above) and fellow Korean actressJung Ryeo-won  with Chanel creative director himself, Karl Lagerfeld.
  • Photo Credits Pop Kampol and L’OFFICIEL Thailand

U-KISS Loves Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng!

U-KISS successfully visited and greeted their Indonesian Kiss Me’s after obstacles for the event to happen.
Last month, they played, sung, hugged, and even piggy backed their lucky fans during the showcase.
But other than that, the six members who were present had disclosed what they found to be their new favorite dish in Indonesia: “Our favorite foods are nasi goreng and mie goreng!” (Fried rice and Fried noodles)
The showcase, despite the abrupt cancellation for Hi-5 session was ultimately engaging and warm; most U-KISS members could speak English fluently and thus, made communication with fans very easy just like friends.

Shinee appears in a special episode of Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 to compete against female high school students

 The group Shinee (Onew, Jong Hyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin) compete against female high school students in KBS 2TV’s Let’s Go! Dream Team 2. The episode, which is to air on May 12, will be not like the usual ones, which typically feature such events as obstacle races, but will be a Shinee special.
The episode was shot at Dongsan Information Industry High School on May 1. All the members of the group took part except for Jong Hyun, who was not able to appear, because of a car accident he was injured in last month. Comedian Noh Woo Jin filled in for Jong Hyun.
They had some good times with soccer players of the high school, playing games related to soccer. Minho, a member of Shinee, is the son of Choi Yoon Gyum, who was a former couch of the Daejeon Citizens of the K League, and it seems that this gives Minho a more competitive spirit.
A preview of the Shinee special was shown during the Children’s Day episode that aride last week.
Kwon Yong Taek, the director of Let’s Go! Dream Team 2, shared his thoughts on the atmosphere of the shooting of the episode: “Minho showed his passion, and he is known for being good at sports. Whenever he takes on a challenge, he takes a deep breath with his hand on the chest, showing off his ability, which is as good as that of pro athletes.”

Shinhwa to appear on Happy Together 3 with revelations about their past

 According to a May 9 announcement by a staffer of the KBS Entertainment Department, Shinhwa are to appear in the episode of Happy Together 3 that will be shot on May 11. It has been nine years since all the Shinhwa members appeared o Happy Together, Season 1 in 2004. 
In this episode, announcer Choi Hee and singer Heo Yeong Saeng, who were charter members of Shinhwa’s fan club, Shinhwa Chang Jo, will appear, too. Choi and Heo are to disclose all kinds of rumors, such as hints of scandals, that circulated among the fans. 
A staffer for the program says: “Shinhwa revealed a lot about their past themselves on the episode of MBC’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star that air on May 8. In Happy Together 3 episode, the group’s past as remembered by fans will be disclosed. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how Shinhwa members will react when their fans talk about the group’s past. Staffers are also curious about how Shinhwa regarded Choi Hee and Heo Yeong Saeng, who represent the fans. Viewers can expect to see a completely different side of Shinhwa from what they showed on Radio Star.” 
The episode of Happy Together 3 in which Shinhwa appears will air on the afternoon of May 16.

Hyun Bin talks about his feelings when he received a Paeksang Award two years ago

On May 9, Hyun Bin attended the 49th Paeksang Art Awards, held at Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University. Joo Won, Kim A Joong, and Oh Sang Jin emceed. The actor attended as a presenter and said: “It’s been a long time since I stood at this stage. I’m a bit nervous. I was in the military when I received the grand prize in 2011, so I couldn’t attend the ceremony at that time. I wanted to say thank you for giving me the award. I’ll do my best to bring you some quality acting in my next project.”
The Paeksang Art Awards are Korea’s only annual performing-arts awards for production crew members and actors, in TV series or movies. The purpose of the award is to stimulate the development of popular culture as well as to boost to the morale of artists.

Jung Ryeo Won and Super Junior Siwon Meets Karl Lagerfeld in Singapore

Beautiful Korean actress Jung Ryeo Won dropped tweet hints alongside with Super Junior Choi Siwon for their trip to Singapore this mid-week.
Chosen to be the distinguished guests from Korea for Chanel Cruise Collection Show held in Singapore, they had attended the event on 9 May 2013.
At the show, they both had a chance to meet and take a photo together with the reverent designer from Paris himself, Karl Lagerfeld, and the photo was shared from Jung Ryeo Won’s Twitter.
Netizens commented how “it’s a great shot of all you three!” and “A great chance to meet Karl Lagerfeld in the Chanel Show!”
The Chanel show ended with an elegant touch and mingling A-lister Hollywood and other Asian stars that came to watch the show.

Jang Keun Suk shows a picture of his mother, whom he resembles

 On May 9, Jang Keun Suk tweeted a picture of his mother, saying, “It’s Parents Day. I had dinner at a restaurant with my parents. My dad got drunk.”
His mother, smiling brighly, is holding a bouquet of flowers in the picture. Anyone can easily tell she is Jang’s mother, because there is a strong resemblance between them.
Netizens who saw the picture commented: “Jang’s mother is very beautiful.” “He is handsome because he takes after his mother.” “She must be very happy with his son.” “He looks like a good son.”
On May 1, Jang was a guest on Verbal Jint’s Pops Pops on KBS Radio Cool FM and talked about his recent activities and his next move.

Jay Park collaborates with Singapore’s X-Mini

All-rounder artiste Jay Park is collaborating with a Singapore-founded high-tech company, XmiPte Ltd for its latest multimedia product. The product launch for Jay Park x X-Mini Capsule Speaker will take place on May 20 in Singapore! The special edition speakers will be unveiled to the media on that very day.
Jay Park will be gracing the event as well as performing songs off his latest album at an invite-only showcase!
The organizer has also opened the event to avid fans, for the chance to score tickets to the exclusive event launch! For more details, head over to X-Mini‘s Facebook page.