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Minggu, 18 November 2012

Kim Soo Hyun makes a donation to protect animals

On November 17, Kim Soo Hyun, who is currently working for Beyond, LG Care’s eco-beauty brand, as a model made a donation to protect animals and held an autograph session for the Jedori Project, part of the Save Us Fund campaign, on behalf of the brand.
The Jedori Project is to send a dolphin named Jedori back to nature. Jedori was once captured illegally near Jeju Island and has been trained to perform circus.
People conducting the project are also trying to send other captured dolphins back to nature safely.
Having stood against indiscreet animal testing, Beyond has recently decided to sponsor the Jedori Project in order to protect endangered animals.
Beyond’s Save Us Fund campaign is to create a world where people and animals happily live together. Part of the profits from sales of the products with the Save Us icon will be used to help endangered animals.

Han Ji Min sings at her first fan meeting in Japan

Actress Han Ji Min recently appealed to her fans with a variety of charms at her first fan meeting in Japan.
On November 18, Han held the first fan meeting in Japan at the Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo. She was invited to Japan as the drama series The Rooftop Prince has become popular in the country.
At the meeting, Han made an omelette, read a letter she wrote to the fans, and sang Baek Ji Young’s “After A Long Time,” a soundtrack of The Rooftop Prince.
A spokesperson for Han says, “Because it was the first fan meeting for Han Ji Min, she was very nervous and embarrassed throughout the meeting. However, she put a lot of effort into this meeting in order to show her appreciation for her fans.”
Han is currently taking a break before she starts the next work.

Is Super Junior’s Yesung son of Kim Jung Il from N. Korea?

The truth of some ridiculous rumors in the entertainment industry has recently been unveiled.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Good Morning that aired on November 19, some ridiculous rumors in the entertainment industry were introduced.
There was once a rumor in Switzerland that Super Junior’s Yesung is a son of Kim Jung Il, the leader of North Korea. It was because Yesung’s real name is Kim Jong Woon, which sounds very similar to the name of Kim’s real son. Regarding this, Yesung said, “I think people misunderstood because the initials of my name is the same with those of Kim Jung Il’s real son. I think the news source mistakenly put a wrong picture. My father is currently in Seoul, running an optician’s.
The truth of the relationship between Super Junior’s Heechul and Missrajin was also unveiled. There was once a rumor that they were dating. It was true the they were close friends, but the rumor came out because they didn’t seem to be able to get along. Missrajin said, “I secretly met Heechul at first. Because he looked so pretty, I hesitated seeing him publicly.” At this, Heechul said, “I prefer girls.”
Regarding the rumor of Lee Seung Gi’s romance with Ga In of the Brown Eyed Girls, Lee said, “I just laughed it off.” Ga In said, “I liked about the rumor. It’s sad that the truth has been unveiled.
Besides, the truth of the rumors that Hyun Young speaks through the nose on purpose, that Park Jin Young is doing drugs, and that Kim Dong Sung is cheating on his wife was also unveiled.

K-Pop Star 2 judge Yang Hyun Seok’s so accurate prediction―”Don’t Cross Your leg” is the top keyword search

Right after the air of K-Pop Star 2, a prediction made by judge Yang Hyun Suk, a representative of YG Entertainment, during the reality show, was proved to be correct.
On the episode of K-Pop Star 2 that aired on November 18, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun―brother and sister from Mongol who introduced themselves “naughty musicians”―performed a song they wrote for themselves titled “Don’t cross your legs.”
Impressed by the gig, Park Jin Young, a representative of JYP Entertainment, hailed them “the true singer-songwriter and true duet.” BoA, from SM Town, also praised: “There is prowess in your lyrics. Absolutely fabulous!”
Yang Hyun Seok called them “One of the best contenders in K-Pop Star history.” He also predicted: “I bet ’Don’t’ cross your legs’ will be the top keyword searches on the web.
As the K-pop business mogul said, “Don’t Cross Your Legs” topped various keyword search lists right after the air of the show, receiving a lot of attention.

TVXQ are to come out with a new song, “Humanoids”

TVXQ will soon come out with a new song, “Humanoids.”
On November 19, SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s agency, reported that TVXQ will soon come out with a new song, “Humanoids.”
“Humanoids” is a hybrid electronic number, characterized by various rhythm patterns and experimental sounds. The song gives a message to the new generation to keep going forward for the better future.
TVXQ released the song for the first time at their concert held in Seoul on November 18.
TVXQ released an album titled Catch Me before this and attracted a lot of attention with their powerful, distinctive performances. They also topped the Gaon Chart with high sales of the album.
TVXQ will perform at SM Town Live World Tour III, which will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay in Singapore on November 23 and at the SCG Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 25.

A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji shares a photo of herself transformed into Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods

A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji recently shared a photo of herself transformed into Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods.
On November 18, Jung posted a photo of herself as Elle Woods on A-Pink’s official me2day account with the caption “Today you saw my version of Elle Wood for the very first time. I wonder what you think of it. I felt really nervous yet euphoric. I know I could’ve been better, but this is the begging. I hope you enjoyed the gig and thank you for your support. I really appreciate that.”
In the photo, the A-Pink beauty wears a blonde wig, staring at the camera.
The blonde is all smiles while wearing a white blouse and strong eye-makeup, which makes her look like a living Barbie doll.
Netizens responded: “Jung Eun Ji’s Legally Blode!” “She looks more fabulous with blonde than black hair.” “Looks prettier than ever.”

Song Joong Ki shows off a variety of charms in a pictorial

Song Joong Ki recently showed off a variety of charms in a pictorial.
In the film A Werewolf Boy, Song appears as a wild werewolf boy, who arouses the female audience’s maternal instinct. In the drama series Nice Guy, he appears as a nice yet bad guy named Maru, who also appeals to female viewers with his various charms. In the December issue of the fashion magazine Singles, Song also shows off a variety of charms.
During the shooting, Song impressed the female crew with a variety of facial expressions, which reminded of Cheol Soo in the film A Werewolf Boy and Maru in the series Nice Guy.

A Werewolf Boy star Park Bo Young attributes success of her movies to co-actors

A Werewolf Boy star Park Bo Young recently made a humble remark.
On the episode of KBS2’s Entertainment News that aired on November 17, actress Park Bo Young had an interview with “Guerilla Date.”
When asked about how it feels that her latest movie co-starring with Song Joong Ki is storming down the cinema, Park replied: “I didn’t expect this much. I’m on cloud nine with its success.”
Reporter Kim Tae Jin also asked her the secret of the success of her movie, as all the flicks she worked on hit it big.
“I worked with so great actors like Cha Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki, and others. I think they are the main reason for the great hit. I reckon I’ve been really lucky” the humble beauty replied, attributing all the good result of her work to co-actors.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk shows off new hairstyles in a pictorial

A pictorial of Super Junior’s Leeteuk was recently released.
Leeteuk did the photo shoot for the December issue of the fashion magazine GEEK before he started his army service on October 30.
Shaving his head during the photo shoot, Leeteuk shows off a long hairstyle, a short hairstyle, and a shaven head in the pictorial.
According to reports, Leeteuk surprised the crew with various facial expressions and poses, which changed every time he changed his hairstyle.
Leeteuk also showed off his muscular body when he was dressed in tight knitwear or sleeveless shirts.

Running Man: Actress Park Shin Hye shows actor Lee Seung Gi how cute she is

Actress Park Shin Hye recently showed actor Lee Seung Gi how cute she is in order to survive at a game.
On the episode of SBS’s I Love Sunday―Running Man that aired on November 18, Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye appeared as guests and entered 007 Water Sniper Race.
Playing brilliantly and outliving till the final stage, Park was in danger of getting eliminated by Lee Seung Gi. Finding herself in a hot water, the beauty acted cute and cuddly pleading with the actor not to eliminate..
Lee said, “I can’t help it,” which made the actress relieved. The heartthrob, however, turned out to be a cold-blooded sniper. He shoot her from behind and made her out of the game.

World Star Jang Keun Suk borrows money from others, “Why?”

Jang Keun Suk attracted attention by revealing that he always borrows money from others because he doesn’t have cash.
On the episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News that aired on the afternoon of November 18, Jang revealed how he feels about being chosen as the model for a Japanese Financial Group.
In this broadcast, Jang says, “They said that it’s their first time to use a foreigner for the financial group commercial. I am honored.”
He added, “I usually don’t carry cash around, so I always tend to borrow 2,000 won from others because I don’t have money to pay for my parking.”
He gave a good laugh by saying, “Most of the expenses that I spend are usually on alcohol. When I get the card statement, I get surprised myself and wonder if I really had drunk this much.”

Big Bang’s T.O.P seems very reliable because of his charismatic look

Big Bang’s T.O.P was recently selected as an idol group member who seems to be able to protect his neighbors.
The survey was conducted for seven days from November 12 on the portal site Nate, and T.O.P ranked first, followed by SHINee’s Minho, Infinite’s L, and B2ST’s Ki Gwang. The reason people selected him was that T.O.P seems very reliable because of the charismatic look in his eyes.
Ki Gwang ranked second, receiving 23 percent of all votes, and Minho ranked third, receiving 15 percent of all votes. People commented that T.O.P is as attractive as Ryan in the new film House at the End of the Street.
The film House at the End of the Street is a story about unexpected events that begin to happen when Elissa, who has just moved in a new house, gets close to Ryan, the only survivor in the next door where a mysterious murder case occurred. It will be released on December 6.

2AM’s Changmin and Lim Seung Ong reveal, “We both like the same person.”

It has been revealed that 2AM’s Changmnin and Lim Seul Ong like the same celebrity.
MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News visited 2AM’s concert practice site and asked about their ideal types.
Lim Seul Ong said Shin Min Ah without the slightest hesitation and showed off his single-hearted devotion. Changmin surprised the members and the audience by shyly confession, “I once recorded a duet song without even knowing who my partner was. As it turned out, she was Min Ah. I liked her since then.”
Changmin is on a diet for his exposure performance on stage. Seul Ong teased Changmin, “I usually take good care of myself.” The youngest member Jin Woon also gave a good laugh by saying, “Do we have to work out? Doesn’t breathing make abdominal muscles?”
The acapella version of “Gee” and Jin Woon’s clown dance will be broadcast on Section TV Entertainment News on November 18 at 4:10 p.m.

Lee Seung Gi says, “I thought I would never be able to appear on Running Man”

Lee Seung Gi recently gave his thoughts on appearing on Running Man as a guest.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Running Man that aired on November 18, Running Man members struggled to become the best secret agents. Lee and Park Shin Hye appeared on the episode as guests.
Lee said, “I thought I would never be able to appear on this show, but I am here right now. I enjoy watching Running Man.”
Lee has appeared on KBS 2TV’s Two Days and One Night, which airs at the same time with Running Man, for a long time, so that was the first time for him to appear on Running Man.
Lee was named as a secret agent and was asked to capture Running Man members. Lee said, “I wanted to say hello to Yoo Jae Suk. I guess I have to do that after this mission is completed.”
Lee got lots of laughs during the mission by not knowing how to stop shooting with a water gun and chasing the crew instead of the members.

Kahi, former member of Afterschool cheers for her closest friend, Son Dam Bi

Kahi, a former member of After School cheered for Son Dam Bi.
On the afternoon of November 18, Kahi uploaded a picture on her Twitter, “Cheers for Son Dam Bi’s ‘Tears Are Falling’ that will soon air on SBS’s Inkigayo. Wow Inkigayo; it’s been a while.”
In the picture, Kahi is sitting next to Son Dam Bi and posing in a friendly manner. They both showed off their beauty with bright smiles.
Their fashion attracted attention. Kahi showed off her feminine charms in fleece jacket and white pants. Son’s colorful printed jacket catches the viewer’s eye.
Netizens commented: “You came to cheer your closest friend.” “I am definitely watching the live broadcast of Inkigayo.” “I love your new song Son Dam Bi.” “Your clothes are fashionable.” “When will Kahi make a comeback?

f(x)’s Victoria goes to TVXQ’s concert

Recently, f(x)’s Victoria posted a snapshot taken after attending the concert by TVXQ.
On November 18, the star posted a picture on Me2day with the comment “Go TVXQ concert! We are T.”
In the picture, Victoria is making a cute pose with Amber and Ko Ara, all of them holding sticks which are specially designed to cheer for TVXQ. Though she is at her natural state, the celebrity radiates with her beauty.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “I guess they’ve been to TVXQ’s concert to cheer for them.” “They are goddesses!” “She’s got a very small face.” “They’re such cuties.” “They really look like fans.”
On November 18, TVXQ will hold another exclusive concert titled, “TVXQ! Live World Tour ‘Catch Me’ In Seoul,” at the gymnastics gymnasium in the Olympic Park in Seoul.

SM confirms SNSD’s comeback next year

SM entertainment has confirmed that SNSD will make a comeback in Korea in January 2013, a comeback stage after a period of 15 months.
After the release of hit song ‘The Boys’ in 2011, SNSD members have released new japanese singles and had sub-group activities (TTS). Originally, they were expected to make a comeback at the end of the year, but it’s postponed, now the agency has confirmed that the girls will meet everyone again with a new look next year January.

TVXQ eats red ginseng and takes frequent nap to stay fit

In order to keep themselves fit, TVXQ try to eat red ginseng on regular basis and take a nap whenever they can.
On November 18, the group held a press conference at the gymnastics gymnasium of the Olympic Park in Seoul before they begin a concert. As a part of the TVXQ Live World Tour- Catch Me, TVXQ is to hold another concert on the 18th in addition to the previous one on the 17th.
The group said, “We’ve fiercely prepared for the concert from the very beginning because we wanted to present it with confidence. For sure, it is physically laboring and requires a lot of physical effort, so we decided to take care of our health.”
Yunho said, “I don’t really eat red ginseng, but these days I try to have it regularly and take a nap whenever I can for the sake of keeping a good health. When I first looked at the cue sheet for the concert, it gave me a good motivation to take care of myself.” Smiling, he added, “The concert is especially designed for TVXQ, and we’ve prepared it to be a place in which we can enjoy it with our fans.”
TVXQ returned to the music industry with the official album Catch Me in September and is now about to open the doors for the world tour with the exclusive concert which they have been holding for the past four years. As if to prove the group’s popularity, 250,000 tickets for the concerts on the 17th and the 18th were sold out in just three minutes.
The group also released the follow-up tracks, “Humanoids” and “Here I Stand,” building even more expectations among fans.

ZE:A’s Dong Jun says, “Secret’s Han Seon Hwa is my ideal type”

ZE:A’s Dong Jun recently showed affection for Secret’s Han Seon Hwa.
On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Go, Dream Team Season 2 that aired on November 18 at 10:35 a.m., host Lee Chang Myung asked the guests on the show to choose their ideal types from among Secret members.
Ricky Kim, Choi Sung Jo, and Kwon Tae Ho chose Jun Hyo Sung, and Dong Jun chose Han, saying, “I like Kwang Hee’s wife Han Seon Hwa.” Han is currently appearing on MBC TV’s We Got Married Season 4 as a virtual wife of ZE:A’s Kwang Hee.
On the episode, Han was humiliated by Jun and Song Ji Eun while competing against them for dance.

Goo Hye Sun shows off her baby face

Actress Goo Hye Sun recently showed off her baby face.
On November 18, goo uploaded some pictures of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “My hair is growing very fast. Haha.”
In the picture, goo is showing off her pretty face. She’s only wearing light makeup but showing off clean-cut features. Her clean face is especially eye-catching.
goo is also showing off a cute look in the picture, smiling at the camera.
People responded: “She’s so pretty.” “She looks really young.” “I like her smile.” “goo Hye Sun looks better with bobbed-hair.” “I think she’ll be pretty even after she turns thirty.” “I envy her.” “She must enjoy taking pictures of herself.”

BoA attends TVXQ’s first concert

BoA recently showed off her friendship with TVXQ.
On November 17, BoA uploaded a picture of herself with TVXQ on her Twitter account with the comment, “I went to the first concert of TVXQ’s world tour, Catch Me Live World Tour. I hope they do well on the rest of the tour. You’re the best, TVXQ.”
In the picture, BoA and TVXQ are in a friendly pose. BoA is standing between two members of TVXQ and making a V-sign with her fingers. Yunho is putting his arm on BoA’s shoulder.
BoA and TVXQ are also attracting a lot of attention with their good-looking faces. BoA is not wearing makeup, but her skin is very clean. She’s showing off a distinctive look in black.
People responded: “TVXQ’s concert was awesome.” “Did BoA appear at the concert as a guest?” “It’s nice to see their friendship.” “They look really close.” “BoA is pretty even if she’s not wearing makeup.”
BoA will soon appear on SBS TV’s K-pop Star Season 2, which will start airing on November 18, as a judge.

Psy becomes friends with

Singer Psy recently released a picture of himself with The Black Eyed Peas’s
On November 18, Psy uploaded the picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Talked about music, life, career and partying with Make sure bringing ya soju tomorrow man lol.”
In the picture, Psy is giving a thumbs-up, standing next to
People responded: “Psy has lots of world-famous friends.” “It’s great that he has become friends with” “Did they perhaps talk about 2NE1?”
Psy received the Best Video at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 11, and will receive the New Media Honoree at the 2012 American Music Awards, which will be held in LA, the U.S., on November 18 at 8:00 p.m. (local time).

B.A.P’s Yong Guk used to be at the top of the whole school

B.A.P’s Yong Guk recently said he used to be at the top of the whole school.
On the episode of MBC TV’s Sebakwi that aired on November 17 at 11:10 p.m., professor Hwang Soo Kwan appeared as a special host, and Lee Man Gi, Kim Se Jin, Sim Kwon Ho, Jeon Won Joo, Shawn Lee, Yuri, Girl’s Day’s Min Ah and So Jin, and B.A.P’s Yong Guk and Dae Hyun appeared as guests.
The hosts said, “Yong Guk used to get good grades at school. His parents promised him that they will allow him to become a singer if he gets first place in his school, and he really did.”
At this, Yong Guk said, “I wanted to do music, but my parents didn’t want me to. My grades were good enough for prestigious colleges, but I gave up on going to a college to focus on music.”
Special host Hwang said his granddaughter asked him to get B.A.P’s autographs. Comedian Kim Hyun Cheol said, “B.A.P didn’t receive many gifts from their fans. I think they’re not popular yet,” but other guests booed him.
  •  Source: TV Report

Lee Min Ho is humiliated by a little girl

Actor Lee Min Ho was recently humiliated.
A video of Lee was recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “A little girl who doesn’t like Lee Min Ho.”
In the video, Lee is giving his autographs to his fans. A little girl’s turn came, and Lee welcomed her with a bright smile.
After giving her his autograph, he put a yellow band around her neck. However, the girl got irritated by it and threw it away, getting laughs from people.
People responded: “The little girl is so arrogant.” “The girl’s mother seems embarrassed.” “Lee Min Ho is laughing.” “That’s so funny.” “Hey, you little girl. You were lucky to see him.” “Why are you crying?” “You’re going to regret this later.”

Park Shin Hye in Manila for 2013!

Park Shin Hye has made a name for herself in the Philippines through her portrayal of Go Minam in“He’s Beautiful” and as Lee Gyoo-won in “Heartstrings”. Both of these dramas were a hit in the Philippines. She became even more popular when she became the face of Etude House stores in the Philippines.
Recently, it was announced by Behind The Scene International Productions, Inc that they will bring Park Shin Hye in the Philippines next year, specifically March 2013 for an intimate fanmeeting. They are going to partner up with Fangirlasia. More details about tickets and venue will be revealed soon.

The First Sungha Jung Press Conference in Bandung

Who will actually believe that Sungha Jung, a professional-finger style-accoustic-guitarist hailing from South Korea, received attention and popularity through Youtube, to have visited 20 countries under his countless concerts held, to be a mere fifteen-year-old? Bandung-based fans were ecstatic to learn how he has confirmed his visit for his ‘First Tour of Indonesia: Sungha Jung‘ presented byMahana Live, which is affirmed by its founder, Ridho Gumilang that “concerts must not only stop in Jakarta, but as the city of Bandung grows to be another potential music spot, we wanted to bring him here as well” at the press conference held on 17 November, 2012.
Visibly clear to have grown since the last we met him, his style has matured and is minded with the weather to have sported an over-sized black sunglasses with a casual graphic tee and jeans – “It is a pretty hot country,” he noted with the press today. The press conference, held at the lawn of Siete Cafe, Bandung, proved to be of great timing as the sun shone brightly to give a clear afternoon for the event.
He had successfully held his Jakarta concert the day before (15/11) with the over-loving 1000 fans. It was shared that there were a lot of young girls cheering in high pitch tones at whatever gesture he did, amongst parents who came to enjoy his performance with their children. How did he really feel about it?
“I absolutely love the concert yesterday, it was awesome – the crowd was just, awesome. Their screaming in the concert made me excited, and I really love that kind of reaction!” His face gloated as he spoke, his voice radiated the happy virus for he indeed, seem to enjoy the screaming so much. Why does this make him so happy, with the Indonesian crowd he has properly greeted in the capital city?
“Really, again, the sold out concert was filled with cheer and that makes me want to return here, hopefully next year to Indonesia, for the feedback was amazingly positive. Different than Japanese audience where they tend to enjoy the concert quietly, USA, Thailand and Indonesia attracts much scream and cheer!”
The musician who shot into featured popularity on his Youtube video for Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On cover announced that he has prepared 18 songs for the Bandung concert that is “a mix of K-pop, American pop, and my own original compositions.” And with that, the K-pop topic came about. The last time I met him, he admits how he is a VIP and a Blackjack and wishes to work with them. A year later, not only he did a studio collaboration with the 4 girls who are currently doing their New Evolution Tour, BIGBANG’s member G-Dragon also acknowledges him and invited him to play his track, ‘That XX’.
So what is exactly the real deal behind the priceless experience?

“The story was that YG Entertainment’s website had their YG LIVE program on their website. Apparently, CEO Yang Hyun-suk uploaded my cover of BIGBANG’s ‘Monster’ on the site. I was taken by surprise how the company recognized my cover and by then I was given a chance to collaborate with YG and Naver with 2NE1. When I was recording it in YG studio, I met G-Dragon hyung and he invited me to Inkigayo for his song.”
I’m sure by the time this comes out, fans of the boy who has magical fingers will support and promote him via SNS. But, as if he doesn’t know the members. “I use the backpack everyday; I also brought it here,” he answered with a laugh when I asked him if his ‘limited edition MCM backpack’ gifted by G-Dragon was used, showing affection as a big brother-little brother relationship, as most fans dubbed it so.
The Bandung sun shone so brightly after a rainy morning to have made Sungha suddenly feel letharge; he had to cancel his friendly visit to a local musician studio in the city. He ended with a commemorative play of Indonesia’s traditional music instrument, the angklung, and wished for the very best wish for all his Bandung fans to “look forward for our intimate concert together. Please enjoy the show!”
The limited seating at the concert venue in Horison Hotel, Bandung is planned for the show that is titled “Sungha Jung Exclusive Concert in Bandung” emphasizes on the exclusivity and intimacy. Only 500 seats are available, and everyone hopes to create memories with a live music experience created by Sungha’s guitar and ukulele.
What songs will he play? Are you guys expecting a rendition of 2NE1 and G-Dragon’s track to be in a form of a medley? What original songs will he showcase?

Catch our live tweet at the concert tomorrow and stay tune for the concert showdown in his debut performance in Indonesia’s flower city, Bandung!