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Kamis, 22 November 2012

Gentleman’s Dignity star Lee Jong Hyuk reveals that he was also offered a role in KBS’s The Equator Man

Gentleman’s Dignity star Lee Jong Hyuk recently revealed that he had been offered a role in KBS’s The Equator Man.
The episode of KBS2’s Happy Together 3 that aired on November 23 featured lead actors and actresses of musical The Man Who Could Walk through Walls.
Lee Jong Hyuk talked about his having accepted the casting offer from Gentleman’s Dignity. “When I first received the synopsis of the series, there was no detailed description of my character. It only said the character is one of the four guys, and he runs a café, so I thought that character must takes such small part, appearing in the story only when the other three main characters hit the café and only listening to their various concerns. That’s what I assumed, so I hesitated a lot before I finally chose to do that.”
The actor also revealed that he had been also offered a role in KBS2’s Equator Man while hesitating, which he didn’t choose to do.

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun is cast in the lead role in Kim Ki Duk’s new film

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun was recently cast in the lead role in the new film Actors Are Actors, produced by Kim Ki Duk.
On November 23, S Plus Entertainment, Kim’s agency, reported that Kim was recently cast in the lead role in the new film Actors Are Actors, which will be produced by director Kim Ki Duk. This is the first time for him to appear in a movie. He will work with Yang Dong Geun, Seo Young Hee, and MBLAQ’s Joon in the film.
Kim has played lead characters in such drama series as KBS Drama’s Glowing She and SBS Plus’s Late Blossom this year. He also recently released the second album, Escape, and went on a tour of Japan.
Actors Are Actors is another film produced by Kim Ki Duk after Rough Cut, directed by Jang Hoon, and Poongsan, directed by Jeon Jae Hong. It’s about a top celebrity who suddenly loses everything he has.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee joins the emcee crew for The Guru Show

As the new face for The Guru Show, ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee introduced himself, “I’m Kwang Hee, the new ambitious young man character for the show.”
On November 23, Hwang appeared at the press conference of Golden Fishery-The Guru Show at MBC Dream Center before shooting his first episode.
First, Kang Ho Dong introduced Kwang Hee to the group of reporters, saying, “Kwang Hee is a new face of the show and he has created a new, fresh character in the world of emcees.”
Then Kwang Hee added, “Hello. I’m a new ambitious young man in the world of emcees, a.k.a. Yadong Kwang Hee.” With his particular high-pitched giggle, he showed his enthusiasm and anticipation for the shooting. He concluded, “I’m very nervous.”
The singer drew particular attention as he appeared in a leopard printed tracksuit before a group of reporters and photographers. Kang Ho Dong who is known as “the guru” and Yoo Se Yoon, “the rude guru,” stood with him.
It was also the day in which Kang announced his official return to TV especially in The Guru Show after taking a long hiatus. He made appearance with Yoo Se Yoon whom he led the show with for quite a while and the new face, Kwang Hee who recently earned the title “Man of Kang Ho Dong.” He received flashlights from everywhere as he appeared in the typical “guru” look, in a colorful hanbok and makeup.
The first returning episode of The Guru Show will feature actor Jung Woo Sung as a special guest. It will broadcast on November 29.

K-Pop Hot 100: Lee Hi, 16, Scores First No. 1 + This Week’s Must-See Videos

Young, talented and snazzy, Lee Hi, 16, clinched the No. 1 spot this week with her new boppy, retro-soul track, “1,2,3,4,” making her the first female debut act to capture Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 top spot this year. The perky performer was runner-up on the popular audition program “K-POP STAR” before signing with YG Entertainment (home of PSY, 2NE1, Epik High and BIGBANG).
Lee Hi’s debut solo music video, directed by Han Sa Min (the visionary master behind music videos for BIGBANG’s “BLUE,” “MONSTER,” and 2NE1′s “LONELY”) is fun and captivating, with eye-popping colors and punk/rock and roll outfits. The world was excited for this rookie’s debut with the high-scale video racked up more than four million views within a week of its release.
Her debut effort, released under YG Entertainment, is a modern take on 60′s soul music, inspired by Motown artists, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and The Jackson 5. She spills her deep, emotive and soulful vocal prowess in the track as she repeatedly tells her past boyfriend its “game over.” The song was mashed up by both CHOICE 37, an in-house YG producer responsible for hits like BIGBANG’s “BAD BOY” and G-Dragon’s “ONE OF A KIND” and promising power force Lydia Paek, who co-composed 2NE1′s latest chart-topper, “I Love You.”
Her astonishing range and vocal skills are no surprise to her fans. She created a buzz performing famous American tracks like Duffy’s “Mercy” and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” during her�”K-POP STAR” appearances.
Primary, the producer of prominent hip-hop label Amoeba Culture that represents Dynamic Duo (Gaeko and Choiza) and Supreme Team (Simon D. and E-Sens), released the LP, “Primary and The Messengers,” which features 25 musicians. The track”? (Question Mark)” featuring Choiza of Dynamic Duo and Zion T off Primary’s new release, takes the highest-debut this week at No. 4. The witty track has a 90s hip-hop nostalgia to it telling the story about a man’s confusion over a woman he cannot stop thinking about.
Popular girl group missA (label-mates to Wonder Girls) kicked off their comeback with new mini-album “Independent Women Pt. III.” If that title sounds like an old Destiny’s Child track, it’s because the girls are honoring the former girl group; one of their greatest inspirations. Destiny’s Child’s original “Independent Women Pt. I” went to No. 1 in 2000 and with the second part appeared on their No. 1 album, “Survivor.” The four ladies of missA continue with part three and the appropriate lead single “I Don’t Need A Man.” Watch the gorgeous gals declare their independence amongst huge-sized perfume bottles, Christian Louboutins, and lipsticks. A highlight of the video comes towards the end with member Jia showing off Ciara-like backbends. The DC tribute earns its fourth week in the Top 10 at No. 6.
Los Angeles-born NS Yoon-G earns her highest position on the chart with new single “If You Love Me” featuring Washington state-born rapper Jay Park (at No. 18). The duet jumps from singings to rapping over an electro-tinged R&B beat while the music video tells a heartbreaking love story (with a twist at the end) with flashes of NS Yoon-G’s sexy silhouette. Music program viewers have enjoyed watching the duo perform the track with Jay Park always brining something fun to the end of their performance from looking at NS Yoon-G sweetly to running off stage for another girl. American listeners should notice impressive English pronunciation from the two singers given their American up-bringing, both on the West Coast.

Song Joong Ki appeals to women with his fashion style

Song Joong Ki, who had appealed to lots of female viewers playing the role of Maru in KBS 2TV’s drama series Nice Guy, has become one of the most popular actors as his film A Werewolf Boy has attracted over five million viewers. Along with the film, his fashion style is also attracting a lot of attention.
On November 17, Song appeared in a theater in a black Kai-aakmann jacket. Pairing the jacket with a navy striped T-shirt, he showed off a trendy, casual look.
On November 18, he appeared in a theater in Busan in a two-tone cardigan and a neat V-neck T-shirt. Pairing them with a khaki Kai-aakmann reversible jacket, he created a casual yet classic look.

U-Kiss’s Soo Hyun is cast in the musical Girls’ High School Days

U-Kiss’s Soo Hyun was recently cast in the lead role in the musical Girls’ High School Days.
The musical Girls’ High School Days describes the first love of young boys and girls. Soo Hyun plays the role of Jung Hyuk Joo, who looks for his first love after coming back to Korea from the country he has studied abroad.
Because U-Kiss are very popular in many overseas countries, lots of people are excited about Soo Hyun’s appearance in the musical. He’s currently practicing hard for the musical, which will open on December 29.
U-Kiss are planning to go on a tour of Asia, South America, and Europe early next year.

Miss A start promoting their new album in Taiwan and China

Miss A will start promoting their new album in Taiwan and China.
Miss A’s agency recently reported, “Miss A will hold a variety of events in Taiwan. They will attend a press interview on November 23, hold a fan meeting on 24, and attend a dance competition on 25. Starting in Taiwan, they will promote their new album in Greater China.” Holding and attending several events, Miss A are also planning to give interviews to several news sources.
On November 2, Miss A released a new album, Independent Women Pt. III Special Edition, in Greater China. The album contains a DVD of Miss A’s music videos, “Can Live Well Without Men,” and “Touch,” the lead track of the group’s fourth project.
Miss A will focus on promoting their new album in Greater China in December.

f(x)’s Victoria shows off her flexibility on the Chinese TV show, Happy Camp

The popular girlgroup f(x)’s Victoria has appeared in the Chinese leading variety show Happy Camp and appealed with her flexible body.
According to the China Photo Press, the star showed up at the shooting for Happy Camp on November 20, boasting her slim figure in a neat black outfit. First, she showed off her cooking skills.
Particularly, the production crew prepared a time where Victoria can show off her flexibility, one of her charming points. She slowly reached down towards the candles on the ground to blow them off as she splits her legs. The scene looked like the one from a circus show.
Recently, Happy Camp covered a special feature with the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong and set a new record by attracting the biggest number of viewing audience. His appearance once again confirmed the popularity of Korean Wave. As soon as Chinese netizens learned that Victoria participated in a recent shooting, they revealed their expectations as they commented: “I’m so looking forward to it.” “I’m so excited and I can’t wait.” “I hope the emcees treat Victoria well.”

Psy appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a guest

Psy will appear on NBC TV’s popular talk show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a guest.
On November 23, Psy uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the comment, “Please watch me on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.”
In the picture, Psy is posing for the camera with the host Jay Leno, actor Bradley Cooper, and actress Natasha Leggero. Psy is dressed in the stage costume of “Gangnam Style.”
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is one of the representative talk shows of NBC in the U.S. Psy was invited to the segment Music Act on the show and performed “Gangnam Style.”
The day the show airs is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.. The show usually records the highest audience rating of the year on the holiday, so the fact that Psy appears on the show on the Thanksgiving holiday attracts a lot of attention.
Psy has already performed “Gangnam Style” on ABC’s The View, hosted by Barbara Walters, and NBC’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.
The episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on which Psy appears, will air on November 23 at 1:35 (Korean time) on NBC.

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki says, “CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun had a plastic surgery”

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki will reveal that CN Blue’s Lee Jong hyun had a plastic surgery.
On the episode of MBC Music’s All the K-pop that will air on November 23, FT Island will appear as guests and will reveal the secret that one of the members of CN Blue had a plastic surgery.
In the shooting of the episode, host Park Jae Min reported that it has been proved by some of plastic surgeons that the members of FT Island have never had a plastic surgery.
Choi Jong Hoon said, “All members of FT Island and CN Blue haven’t had a plastic surgery.” At this, Lee mistakenly said, “Didn’t a member of CN Blue have? No?”
Host Boom asked Lee, “Who’s the member of CN Blue who had a plastic surgery?” and Lee said, “Lee Jong Hyun had a plastic surgery for his ears because they were too ugly.”
Song Seung Hyun also revealed that he has a girlfriend.

2NE1′s CL shows off her nice figure in a short dress

2NE1′s CL was recently spotted at the Hong Kong International Airport by China Photo Press.
On November 21, CL came to Hong Kong to attend the Christmas party held by her friend and famous fashion designer Jeremy Scott.
CL appeared in a black knit dress that exposed her pretty legs, wearing big sunglasses and earrings. There were lots of fans at the airport, but she left the airport in a relaxed mood.
One of her fans who was at the airport says, “Many people were protecting her from a crowd of people, but CL seemed very calm. She also excited her fans with her nice figure.”

Psy is invited to the birthday party of the king of Thailand

Psy was recently invited to the 85th birthday party of the king of Thailand.
On November 22, YG Entertainment, Psy’s agency, reported, “Psy will perform “Gangnam Style” at the 85th birthday part of the king of Thailand in Bangkok on November 28.”
Over forty million hits the music video of “Gangnam Style” received on YouTube were from Thailand, which is the second largest after the number of hits received from the U.S.
On November 21, Psy tweeted, “I heard the music video of ‘Gangnam Style’ received over forty million hits on YouTube from Thailand, so I’m going to visit the country next week.”
A spokesperson for Psy says many people in Thailand are very excited about Psy’s visit. Over 25,000 people are expected to come to the party to see Psy’s performance.
After attending the party and a press interview in Thailand, Psy will immediately fly to Hong Kong to attend the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Lee Seung Gi comes out with new healing songs

Lee Seung Gi recently released new emotive ballads.
On November 22 at noon, Lee released a new album, Forest. A new musical partner of Lee this time was Epitone Project. The group has produced Lee’s new album and created comforting, healing songs for him.
The lead track, “Turning Back,” is characterized by an emotive melody created by Epitone Project and Lee’s comforting voice. The repetitive melody and emotive lyrics in the chorus part are especially impressive.
The other songs are also characterized by lyrical, emotive lyrics. Along with the comforting songs, Lee’s mature voice is also attracting a lot of attention. The third track, “Forest,” is a song that comforts people who live in this complicated world.
Getting away from sweet love songs or addictive rock ballads, Lee chose slow, healing songs for this new album. They’re all relaxing and lyrical.
Releasing many emotive songs through the fifth album, Tonight, in October last year in collaboration with such singer-song writers as Rady, Lee released such songs again.
He also wrote lyrics to some of the new songs. “Words of Love” is about a man letting his lover go without saying any words of love. The medium-tempo song, “Invitation For Me,” is characterized by a variety of instruments and Lee’s lively voice.
Lee has decided not to promote his songs on TV. All tracks from his new album will be released for the first time at his concerts, Lee Seung Gi’s Hope Concert, which will be held at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park on December 1 and 2.

The mother of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says, “I know nothing about my son’s romance”

The mother of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently gave an interview.
After the picture of Eunhyuk and IU was mistakenly released online, Eunhyuk celebrated the opening of his parents’ bakery and welcomed customers.
On the next day, Styler Wives’ Life visited the bakery run by Eunhyuk’s mother and requested an interview.
The bakery was covered by pictures of Eunhyuk. The bulletin board that some of Eunhyuk’s fans made for the bakery was also eye-catching. Eunhyuk’s mother said, “When Super Junior members’ parents open stores, lots of fans help them decorate the stores. Yesung’s mother also opened a cafe and Yesung’s fans helped her decorate the cafe.”
Regarding a wreath sent from Lee Seung Gi, Eunhyuk’s mother said, “I heard Eunhyuk and Lee Seung Gi are close friends.”
Regarding the scandal between Eunhyuk and IU, she said, “Eunhyuk doens’t talk about such things to us. He’s done everything well by himself since he was young.”
A friend of Eunhyuk’s mother said, “Eunhyuk has been a good son since he was very little. Including him, his family is all nice.”
The interview can be seen in the December issue of Styler Wives’ Life in detail.

Lee Joon Gi goes to Switzerland for a photo shoot

Actor Lee Joon Gi will do a photo shoot in Switzerland.
On November 22, Lee will fly to Switzerland for a photo shoot.
Lee will travel in Zürich and Jungfrau for two weeks and introduce the nature and culture of the country.
Under the concept of A Travelling Story with Old Memories, Lee will take photos with the natural scenery of Switzerland in the background.
A spokesperson for Lee says, “This is the first photo shoot for Lee Joon Gi to be done in an overseas country since he was discharged from military service. This pictorial will show Lee Joon Gi’s life and thoughts as a man in his thirties. Lee Joon Gi has been wanting to give his fans a special gift since he finished MBC TV’s drama series Arang and the Magistrate. He showed affection for this photo shoot by participating in selecting the concept and places.”
The pictorial will be published early in 2013.
Lee recently finished recording an album, which will also be released early next year.

Lee Min Ho meets his fans in the Philippines

Actor Lee Min Ho recently proved his high popularity in the Philippines.
On November 22, Lee’s agency reported, “Lee Min Ho arrived in Manila on November 15 and had a press interview. He held a large-scale event at the Araneta Coliseum the next day. This event was held to promote the global casual brand Bench, which Lee is working for as an advertising model.”
Thousands of fans came to the event to see Lee. There were also thousands of people who stayed outside of the event hall, not being able to enter the building. In addition, lots of people came to the place where his commercial shoot was done on November 17 and his autograph session, which was held on November 18. Because of the people, traffic around the place was held up for a while.
A Korean living in the Philippines says, “Lee Min Ho is the most popular celebrity from among all foreign celebrities who have visited this country. This is because Lee Min Ho’s drama series, including Boys Over Flower, Personal Taste, and City Hunter, have become very popular here. His latest drama series Faith will air in the Philippines next month, and I suppose he will become more popular.”
The news sources in the Philippines are covering Lee’s visit to the country under the headlines of “Manila has fallen in love with Lee Min Ho” and “The top celebrity from Korea has brought typhoon back to us.”
At the event, the host said, “Thanks to Lee Min Ho, I had the best day in my life. Lee Min Ho’s kindness and honesty have impressed many people in the Philippines. Because he’s popular all over the Philippines, people have nicknamed him Lee Min Hot.”
Having finished the drama series Faith in September, Lee visited Zhengzhou, China, before visiting the Philippines, and he will hold a large-scale fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan, next month.

Lee Seung Gi tops the charts with his new song

Lee Seung Gi recently topped the charts with his new song.
On November 22 at noon, Lee released a new album, Forest. “Turning Back,” the lead track of the album, is currently topping such major charts as Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, Naver Music, Daum Music, and Cyworld Music as of 9:00 a.m. on November 23. “Words Of Love,” another track of the album, ranked first on Monkey 3.
“Turning Back” has topped the charts for two days, proving Lee’s popularity as a singer.
The song is written by Epitone Project, an independent band popular for their relaxing songs. It’s characterized by Lee’s mature voice, poetic lyrics, and an emotive melody.
Lee Hi ranked second on the charts with her new song, “Scarecrow.”

Park Hye Mi praises Song Joong Ki, “He is a sponge-like actor.”

Actress Park Hye Mi expressed Song Joong Ki as ‘a sponge-like actor.’
 In the recent recording of KBS’s Generation Sympathy Saturday, Park Hye Mi said, “I previously recorded the series, My Lovely Prince and Princess. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I think of it now, he is like a sponge.”
 It has been revealed that Park amazed the audience by singing one verse of the musical, New Roly-Poly.
 The show will air on Saturday at 9:05 a.m.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho is receiving a lot of attention with his So Ji Seob-lookalike face

Actor Yoo Seung Ho is receiving a lot of attention with his So Ji Seob-lookalike face.
Recently, a photo of Yoo was posted on a community website with the caption “Yoo Seung Ho is the spitting image out of So Ji Seob.”
The both of the heartthrobs previously admitted that they look alike when they shot a commercial together in 2010.
So said: “I think Yoo looks like me than before.” Yoo said: “I’d love to be an actor like Ji Seob.”
Yoo is currently starring as Kang Hyun Joon in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You.

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong kiss on a bed in My PS Partner

A snapshot of Hyun Seung (played by Ji Sung) and Yoon Jung (played by Kim Ah Joong) kissing on a bed in the new film My PS Partner was recently released.
In the film, Ji plays the role of Hyun Sung, who suffers from the painful memories about his ex-girlfriend, and Kim plays the role of Yoon Jung, who craves for her boyfriend’s love.
Yoon Jung dials the wrong number and calls Hyun Seung instead of her boyfriend. After this, they meet each other and happen to kiss on a bed.
In the snapshot, Yoon Jung and Hyun Seung are passionately kissing on a bed, covering themselves with a blanket. This snapshot increases many people’s curiosity about how they happen to lie on the same bed after getting to know each other from a phone call.
There’s also another snapshot of Yoon Jung and Hyun Seung kissing outside. According to reports, they shot the scene near Hong Ik University and lots of people swarmed to see the kissing scene. In this scene, Hyun Seung and Yoon Jung realize that they love each other.
My PS Partner is a sexy romantic film about Yoon Jung, who tries to seduce her boyfriend, and Hyun Seung, who hears the news that his girlfriend has left him for another man, falling in love while giving advice to each other for their love over the phone. It was directed by Byun Sung Hyun and will be released on December 6.

Super Junior subunit, Super Junior-K.R.Y., releases a teaser for official Japanese debut single ‘Promise You’

Super Junior subunit, Super Junior-K.R.Y., just wrapped up a three-day concert in Yokohama, Japan, and in the concert series, it was revealed that the trio would be releasing their first official Japanese single.
Titled Promise You, the song is that of a ballad and after airing the preview during the concert, the official MV teaser has been released. Their voices are very befitting of the ballad style.
Among the members of SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR KRY unit, which consists of three "Kyuhyon" "Ryouku" "イェソン" a reputation for singing ability
Family and lovers, and friends, work now medium ballad published! Releases video teaser for "Promise You" was determined heartwarming as early as January 23, 2013 as the original song in Japan for the first time even if far away I sing softly to the feelings of loved ones feel each other mutually. The coupling song, recorded covers "dogwood" is a ballad classic Yo Hitoto more! ! ! Memorial is a single that was recorded two songs and artists of the KRY singing ability that can be fully proficient in the original and cover classic ballad, either.

SNSD, Super Junior and other SM artistes heading to Singapore for SM Town

The weather may be cold, but the spirit is certainly not! Early morning, Girls Generation(SNSD), Super Junior, F(x) and other artistes from SM entertainment arrived at Incheon International Airport, departing from Korea to Singapore for SM Town concert which would be held on this Friday.
SM Town Live World Tour is a star studded concert, which gathers world famous singers – Kang Ta, Boa, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, Fx and other SM artistes at one stage, at one time. SM Town Singapore stop will be happening at the World largest floating platform and it will be a blast for fans who will be enjoying a 4 hours long performance with magnificent fireworks and visuals.
It was reported that eager fans started queuing up as early as last Friday, wishing to be the lucky few in the first row of the free standing mosh pit area! It’s now one day left to the concert and fans are buzzing with excitement on various social networks with comments such as ’1 more day to go!’, ‘cant wait to see snsd in person!’ and ‘really cant wait for tomorrow!’.

Super Junior K.R.Y attract a total audience of 15,000 in Japan

Super Junior K.R.Y recently held concerts in Japan, attracting a total audience of 15,000.
From November 19 to 21, Super Junior K.R.Y held concerts at the Exhibition Hall of Pacifico Yokohama under the title of Super Junior K.R.Y’s Special Winter Concert 2012. For three days, a total audience of 15,000 attended the concerts.
At the concerts, Super Junior K.R.Y performed 22 songs, including “Coagulation,” “From You,” “Sky,” and “Loving You.”
They also performed such Christmas carol songs as ”Silent Night,” “Last Christmas,” and a cover version of Yamashita Tatsurou’s “Christmas Eve” and such Japanese songs as EXILE’s “Believe” and Hitoto Yo’s “Hanamizuki.”
They also released some tracks from Promise You, their first single to be released in Japan on January 23 next year, and a teaser video for the single for the first time at the concerts.
Super Junior K.R.Y are the first unit group to go on a tour of Asia, making stops at such countries as Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Tickets for the latest concerts in Japan were sold out in only three seconds.
Super Junior K.R.Y will hold more concerts at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe from December 22 to 24 and at the Budokan from January 22 to 24.

Missing You: JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun makes the first appearance in the series

 Park Yoo Chun finally made a highly anticipated appearance in the series Missing You.
In the 5th episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You, which aired on November 21, the JYJ member makes his first appearance in the series as Han Jung Woo.
Jung Woo visits Sang Deuk at jail, who is a sex offender who raped Jung Woo’s first love, Lee Soo Hyun (played by Kim So Hyun).
The evil criminal rubs Jung Woo’s fur the wrong way by saying, “Did you get in touch with your ex-girlfriend? She was really pretty.” With a stiff look on his face, Jung Woo roars: “I will get rid of you. That’s why I become a detective. You have three days to go until you finish your jail term. After you get released, be careful that you’re not killed. You’re not allowed to be killed, because I’m going to kill you.
Netizens responded: “The evil guy is still alive. Disgusting!” “We need stricter law about sex offenders in Korea.” “Oh my, Yoo Chun’s first appearance just makes me happy.”

TVXQ’s Yunho says, “I’m not dating Go Ah Ra”

TVXQ and actress Go Ah Ra’s agency recently reported that it’s not true that TVXQ’s Yunho and Go are dating.
On November 22, SM Entertainment, TVXQ and Go’s agency, reported that the rumor of the romance between Yunho and Go is not true.
According to SM Entertainment, Yunho and Go are represented by the agency for a long time and have become friends after they appeared in MBC TV’s drama series No Limit as a lead actor and a lead actress in 2009. It guesses that the rumor has come out because some people have misunderstood their close friendship.
Some news sources recently reported that Yunho and Go have been dating for about a year. According to them, they’ve been friends for a long time but started dating early this year. However, Yunho and Go’s agency said it asked them whether or not the rumor is true and they both said it was not true.
Yunho debuted as a member of TVXQ early in 2004. TVXQ recently started going on a world tour and will hold concerts in the five biggest stadiums in Japan in April next year.
Go has become popular through the drama series Sharp 1, which aired in 2003, and is currently majoring in theater at Joong Ang University.

RaNia Headed for Singapore As Part of Asia Tour

Following their first sold-out showcase in Singapore last year, the 5-member girlgroup RaNia (라니아) is fulfilling the promise made to their fans by coming back for a one night only event, and this time rocking out in STYLE!
Produced by DR Music, RaNia consist of 5 members; Saem, Riko, Di, T-ae and Xia. Member Jooyi is currently on a hiatus. Making a hot debut with title track Dr. Feel Good‘, it was said to have recorded over 5 million views on YouTube.
Having just made their comeback, with the help of YG Entertainment, RaNia has been receiving much attention for their upgraded image and style. They will be ending promotions this week, and thereafter heading for their Asia Tour which also includes other stops like Malaysia and Thailand.
Rania started her activities with one of the best producers in the United States, Teddy Riley, and created numerous issues. She is coming back after 9months with an outside production, which is unusual for YG Entertainment .
STYLE has the trendiness of Rania, which is the result of the best combination of Feel-Kang Choi(aka PK) and Tablo, having the Electronic sound along with blunt lyrics made by Tablo.

Grab the opportunity to party with RaNia, who will be performing their famous hits including the latest comeback track ‘STYLE’. Fans can also get an opportunity to meet the girls up close for their autographs with the V.I.P pass. With a limited amount passes and tickets available, ensure you’ve secured yours! For more information, head over to Jig Asia Entertainment’s Facebook page.

Lee Hi wins triple crown on M Countdown

For three consecutive weeks, singer Lee Hi has ranked at the top of’s M Countdown with her debut song “1,2,3,4.”
On November 22, has informed the news to the singer, but the episode for M Countdown did not go on broadcast due to the special feature of MAMA. But Lee Hi shared her words through a video clip.
She said, “I received triple crown on M Countdown thanks to all of you, my fans. I can’t thank you enough. My boss is a great, awesome, amazing man,” appealing with her charm as a cute sixteen-year-old girl.
Since she is the first rookie singer to be awarded with triple crown amongst all the other new singers this year, the award adds more meaning to it. Her popularity became even more apparent as it has come to light that her song “1,2,3,4” ranked at the top on the Gaon chart as well, for three weeks in a row.
In addition to sweeping top rankings for 25 days with her number “1,2,3,4,” she is going to continue the “Lee Hi Syndrome” with another ballad “Scarecrow” written by Park Jin Young on November 22.