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Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Average Age of Guests at Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s Wedding Is…

Average Age of Guests at Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s Wedding Is…
It’s been reported that the average age of the guests at Wonder Girls’ Sunye’swedding was only 26 years old!
Earlier this morning, SBS’s “Good Morning” aired a segment on Sunye’s wedding, which took place this past Saturday, January 26. The wedding was a star-studded affair and had over 600 guests, including Yoobin, Hyelim, Soohee, Park Jin Young, YoonA, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Seohun, Jung Jin Woon, Im Seulong, Lee Changmin, HyunA, Gyuri, Park Kyung Lim, Lee Hye Won, Kim Ji Hye, Vada, Tim, Baek Ah Yeon, Baek Ye Rin, Park Ji Min, and more.
One interesting fact about this wedding was the fact that the average age of the guests was only 26 years old, a relatively young age. This low number could be due to the fact that the bride herself is so young. Sunye is only 23 years old, and the first idol star to get hitched. The youngest guest at the event was 17-year-old 15&’sBaek Ye Rin, while the oldest was 42-year-old Park Jin Young.
Meanwhile, Sunye and her husband left for Maldives for their honeymoon and will be spending their newlywed years in Canada.

Sun apologizes for the covered license plate on the wedding car

Wonder Girls‘ Sun recently took the time out of her honeymoon to address the issue of breaking traffic laws.
The Wonder Girls’ leader got married on the 26th, and then left the wedding hall in a wedding car. However, the license plate of the car was completely covered by a banner that read ‘James♥Seonye Blessings & Love in Jesus‘. Although it seemed like it was no big deal, covering the license plate because of any reasons is illegal, and is punishable by up to 1 year in prison or up to 3,000,000 KRW (approximately 2,700 USD) in fines.
Hearing about the issue, she apologized as she posted, “I got in the wedding car in the dark and there was so much happening that I didn’t realize that the license plate was covered.. It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m genuinely sorry for not checking more carefully! The wedding car is only for the wedding day! Someone let us borrow it~^^“.

Sun and James’ honeymoon photos in Maldives to be revealed in ‘Elle’

Wonder Girls‘ Sun and her husband’s honeymoon photoshoot will be revealed in an upcoming issue of ‘Elle‘.
The newlyweds had left to the beautiful Maldives for their honeymoon three days ago, and it appears their wedding shoot photographer Oh Joong Suk also went to the Maldives to take their honeymoon photos.
The photographer revealed one of the photos from their honeymoon on his Twitter, writing, “This afternoon, Sun and James. I did the interview, too. The March issue of ‘Elle’.
Are you looking forward to their honeymoon photoshoot?

2NE1′s Pictorial of Complex the magazine with Designer Clothes

K-Pop Sensation 2NE1 Dresses Up
in Jeremy Scott, Givenchy, and Balmain for Complex

2NE1 will take Asiana Airlines!

2NE1 will take Asiana Airlines!
YG contracted MOU with Asiana.

Who is the real Jea of Brown Eyed Girls?

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea uploaded a picture of herself that resemble Mighty Mouse’s Shorry.
On the afternoon of January 30, Jea uploaded two pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “Can you distinguish who the real Jea is?”
One of the pictures is a self-taken picture of Jea while the other is a picture of Shorry dressed up as Jea. Shorry dressed up as a woman attracted attention since he very much resembles Jea’s appearance.
Netizens commented: “I never expected something like this.” “Are you twins by any chance?” “I look forward to your joint-stage.” “This is hilarious.”

Nine Muses reveal their peculiar stretching poses

Girl group Nine Muses revealed their peculiar stretching poses.
On January 30, the agency of Nine Muses revealed behind cuts from the shooting site of their music video for the title song, “Dolls.” In the picture, Hyun Ah and Kyung Ri is stretching before shooting for the group dance.
Just like their nickname “model idols,” they are very flexible and have long arms and legs. Their tight, black outfit revealed their sexy curves.
Currently, Nine Muses is a nine member girl group including the new member Son Sung Ah and made a comeback with their new single, Dolls after a one-year hiatus.

Actress Park Ha Sun confesses, “In truth, it’s my dream to become an action star.”

Actress Park Ha Sun revealed that her dream is to become an action star.
At the press conference of Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek that was held at Yeouido Conrad Hotel on January 30, actor Jin Goo, Park Ha Sun, Han Chae Young, Go Chang Seok, and Cho Hyun Jae appeared.
This day, Park was asked about the wire acting scene and she replied, “I usually liked climbing so I’m used to being in the air. The director asked me if I could do it and I of course said, ‘Yes, I can do it!’”
She attracted attention by also saying, “In truth, my dream is to become an action star. So I tried by best. It’s best to actually move your body outdoors when acting, and the wire scene was amazing.”
Park is playing the role of Geumsan Ad’s copy writer intern, Baek Ji Yoon on Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek. She is the queen of diligence but she later becomes deeply intertwined with Lee Tae Baek (played by Jin Goo) with many job and love related happenings.
Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek, which will air its first episode on February 4, is about a hopeless loser becoming the top in the advertisement industry. The series will depict how the main character Lee Tae Baek becomes successful as an advertiser with his outstanding talents.

After School’s Nana looks dissatisfied, “I’m hungry!”

After School’s Nana revealed her cute charms.
On the afternoon of January 30, Nana uploaded a picture on her Me2day with the caption, “Nara took a picture of me while I was eating enthusiastically. I look very disturbed. Captured with Hello Venus’ Limy.”
In the picture, Nana is eating some snack with Hello Venus’ Lime in the recording of MBC’s Idol Star Track and Archery Championships that was held on January 29. Their look of dissatisfaction evoked laughter from the viewers.
Netizens commented: “Nana looks so cute.” “You are eating in an uncomfortable way.” “Nana is gorgeous.” “You are so cute.” “Look at Lime’s face.”
The special episode for the Lunar New Year’s Day, Idol Star Track and Archery Championships will air on February 11.

After School’s Nana looks dissatisfied, “I’m hungry!”

After School’s Nana revealed her cute charms.
On the afternoon of January 30, Nana uploaded a picture on her Me2day with the caption, “Nara took a picture of me while I was eating enthusiastically. I look very disturbed. Captured with Hello Venus’ Limy.”
In the picture, Nana is eating some snack with Hello Venus’ Lime in the recording of MBC’s Idol Star Track and Archery Championships that was held on January 29. Their look of dissatisfaction evoked laughter from the viewers.
Netizens commented: “Nana looks so cute.” “You are eating in an uncomfortable way.” “Nana is gorgeous.” “You are so cute.” “Look at Lime’s face.”
The special episode for the Lunar New Year’s Day, Idol Star Track and Archery Championships will air on February 11.

World-renowned star Psy reveals his upcoming schedule in China

Singer Psy will be visiting fans in China for the Lunar New Year’s Day.
On January 30, Psy uploaded his schedule in China on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.
Psy posted, “I am going to China to see the fans. I will be arriving at Shanghai on January 30, hold SMG press conference on January 31, recording for SMG’s Choon Wan, and perform at Cube club on February 1, hold a concert at Namgyeong Gangsoo Castle on February 2 and come back on February 4.”
Psy is visiting China for the shooting of SMG’s special Lunar New Year episode, Choonjae Wan Hui(also known as Choon Wan). It has been revealed that as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” created a boom worldwide, many companies in China have been trying to reach Psy to inquire a concert for this coming Lunar New Year. Rumors of Psy’s broadcasting fee being too expensive also created a stir.
The first stage for Psy has been decided as East Satellite TV. Psy will be attending the recording of Choon Wan on February 1 and also appear at the press conference beforehand on January 30 at 4:30 p.m. Besides Psy, Taiwanese actress Lin Chi Ling, and Chinese national swimmer Sun Yang will appear on the show.

Son Dam Bi reveals her sexy charms in a bikini

Singer Son Dam Bi revealed a picture of her in a bikini.
On January 30, Son uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Under the hot sun.”
Wearing a black striped bikini, Son is looking at the camera. She is making a funny expression by sticking her tongue out and wearing special looking sunglasses. Her clean skin and her V-line chin attract attention.
Netizens commented: “Is she on her vacation?” “I’m so jealous of her body.” “You’re pretty even with sunglasses on.”
Currently, Son is playing the lead on tvN’s Play Guide.

Super Junior’s Kangin receives a birthday present from Lee Jung Hyun

Hallyu star Lee Jung Hyun recently showed off her close friendship with Super Junior’s Kangin.
On January 27, Lee posted pictures on her Weibo account with the comment, “Kangin’s birthday dinner! Happy birthday to nice flower boy Kangin! I’m sorry that we had dinner together without Heechul.”
The picture seemed to be taken when Kangin had his birthday on January 17. In the pictures, Kangin is receiving a birthday present from Lee. The two stars are intimately posing for the camera while holding glasses of champagne. Kangin is also blowing out a candle on a small cake.
Chinese people who saw the pictures responded: “Happy birthday to Kangin.” “When are you coming to China?” “Lee looks younger than Kangin.”
Super Junior won a triple crown including the Main Prize, Grand Prize, and the Artist of the Year and MSN Southeast Asia Award at ‘The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur.’

CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk shows off his back muscles

CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk recently showed off his back muscles.
On the January 30 episode of KBS’s health program Vitamin, the cast members received a check up for their allergies and talked about how to prevent allergic reactions.
When Kang underwent a check up, he wore a shirt that  showed off his back muscles and captured many female fans’ hearts.
Kim Yong Man, MC for the show, asked him to guess his place on the rank, and he made people laugh by saying, “Number seven or death.”
Besides Kang, Choi Byung Seo, Jeon Soo Kyung, Kim Sung Kyung, Park Hye Kyung, Han Min Kwan, and Seo Hyo Myeong appeared on the show and talked about their experiences with allergies. The show will air on January 30 at 8:50 p.m.

Lee Chung Ah returns to the big screen with The Five

Actress Lee Chung Ah will return to the big screen in three years with the movie The Five.
On January 30, Lee’s agency King Kong Entertainment, said, “Lee will make her appearance on the movie The Five, three years after she appeared on Oh Happy Day.
The movie is about an ordinary girl, who lost her family to a serial killer, and seeks vengeance with other people. Writer Jung Yeon Sik, who wrote a cartoon under the same title, will direct the movie. Actress Kim Sun Ah will play the role of the girl.
Lee will play the role of Jung Ha, who joins with Eun Ah (played by Kim) to save her mother and discovers some decisive clues.
Lee received a lot of attention by appearing on tvN’s series Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. She will give a full 180 degree different performance on The Five.
The movie will be cranked in in mid-February.

Big Bang’s Daesung releases a jacket photo for his Japanese solo EP

Big Bang’s Daesung recently released a jacket photo for his first Japanese solo EP.
On January 30, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, released a jacket photo for Daesung’s first Japanese solo EP D’scover, which will be released at the end of February.
In the picture, Daesung is showing off his manly appeal with his attractive eyes while wearing refined black leather clothes.
Daesung also released previews for all his tracks from the new EP on Big Bang’s official Japanese fansite.
The EP includes twelve songs in total with popular songs that have been receiving love among the public for a long time in Japan. Daesung sang those songs with his unique vocals and put new colors.
He also received great help from four producers, including, Tokyo Jihen’s Seiji Kameda, music producer and songwriter Matsuo Kiyoshi, composer Masanori Sasaji, and M-Flo’s Verbal.
Daesung will release the EP on February 27 and start performing as a soloist. Then he will hold his exclusive concert ‘D-Lite D’scover Tour 2013 in Japan’ on March 23 and 24 in Kobe and on March 30 and 31 in Tokyo for over 40,000 fans.

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun and Oh Yeon Seo decide to leave We Got Married

On January 30, the production crew for MBC We Got Married officially announced the withdrawal of MBLAQ’s Lee Jun and actress Oh Yeon Seo from the show. Their last episode of the show will air on February 2.
The production crew said, “Lee started his acting career and his group MBLAQ has to perform and hold a concert in Japan. They will also release a new EP in Korea so it will be hard for him to appear on the show. Oh has also been discussing with us about her withdrawal from the show because of her busy schedule on MBC daily series Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming.”
They added, “We are currently discussing new cast members to play an imaginary married couple.”
Therefore, Lee and Oh, who have been appearing on the show since last September, will finally complete the show after five months. Oh created rumors about having a romantic relationship with actor Lee Jang Woo, who appears on the series with her. Even though she denied the rumors, controversy over the reality show has been an ongoing problem.

Lee Seung Gi smiles at kids like a proud father

Lee Seung Gi is making the Internet warm with his father-like smile.
An online community recently posted pictures of Lee smiling like a father. The pictures are for an advertisement, in which Lee is promoting a pizza brand that he has been working as a representative for four years.
In the pictures, Lee is shooting an advertisement with child models. He is looking at the kids with a big happy smile on his face. The kids are also smiling at Lee while eating slices of pizza with long cheesy strings stretching from it.
An official for the advertisement says, “Lee gave the child models a magic trick so that they could shoot the advertisement comfortably. The children like Lee very much and they worked in great harmony so we could complete the shooting easily.”
Lee will play opposite miss A’s Suzy on a new MBC series which will air in April.

SNSD’s Yoona is beautiful inside and out

SNSD’s Yoona proved that she loves her fans.
An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Yoona is making eye contact with every fan while holding a signing event.”
The pictures were taken when Yoona held a signing event to meet her fans on January 25. She is making the V sign and smiling for fans who are taking her picture.
People who saw the pictures responded: “I feel like she is making eye contact with me.” “She will look like this when I see her in person.” “She is a goddess.” “She’s so pretty.” “She makes me smile automatically.” “She’s beautiful.” “She looks like an angel when she smiles.”
SNSD is keeping busy with their new song “I Got A Boy.”

miss A’s Suzy looks like a goddess at an airport

miss A’s Suzy recently appeared at a Chinese airport.
An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “I think this is what Suzy will look like if I see her at an airport.”
In the picture, Suzy is going to board a plane after finishing her job in China on January 27. She is waving her hand to fans who recognized her.
Her natural beauty drew a lot of attention. Her hairstyle complemented her free and easy appeal. Black coat and sunglasses also made her look chic.
People who saw the pictures responded: “She’s so beautiful.” “I like her simple look better.” “She is so innocent.” “She shines as an actress.” “Since she has a small face, she looks good with sunglasses.” “I’m captivated by her beauty.”
Suzy will play the opposite to Lee Seung Gi on a new MBC series which will air in April.

UEE is excited about her refreshment from her fans

After School’s UEE seems really exhilarated about her refreshment.
On January 29, UEE posted a photo of herself on her me2day account with the caption “I’ve received some refreshment from and Jeonwoochi gal. I’ve really enjoyed the grub, which refreshed me. I’ll extend myself with the aim of making the work excellent.”
In the photo, she strikes a pose while holding the food from her fansite. The singer and actor, in a red padding, is all smiles with her hands full.
Netizens responded: “She’s really cute and sweet.” “I’d like to share her refreshment.” “She looks excited.” “UEE seems very positive.” is the name of UEE’s fansite. The cutie is currently starring in KBS2′s Wednesday-Thursday series Jeon Woo Chi as Hong Moo-yeon.

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon turns into a barista

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon attended an opening ceremony for Twosome Coffee in Myeongdong, Seoul on January 30 as a barista.
Choi appeared at the store in a white shirt and an apron as a clean and chic barista. He brewed some coffee by himself and captured many female customers.
He also handed out biscotti as desert made by Twosome for global fans to celebrate opening the store and having over 10,000,000 tourists in Korea.
“Let’s drink some morning coffee.”
“Be careful when you brew coffee”
“I’m doing good, right?”
“Did I really brew this coffee?”

Seo In Guk takes a picture with a snake

Singer Seo In Guk recently released a picture of himself with a snake.
On January 29, Seo uploaded the picture on his me2day account with the comment, “The mascot of my recording studio! I was scared at first, but I feel a bit close to him now. Let’s be friends.”
In the picture, Seo is staring at the snake with a serious look on his face. He’s even touching the tail of the snake.
People who saw the picture responded: “The mascot of your recording studio is scary.” “Are you raising the snake because this year is the Year of the Snake?” “Aren’t you scared?” “Seo In Guk is so brave.” “You’re awesome touching the snake.” “He’s so bold.”
Seo is currently playing the role of Yoo Seung Gi in MBC TV’s drama series Rascal Sons.

2NE1′s Sandara Park has a deep sleep with her pet

2NE1′s Sandara Park recently released a picture of herself sleeping with her pet.
On January 29, Park uploaded the picture on her me2day account with the comment, “Subject: When I was sleeping. I came back home after work early in the morning and immediately fell asleep, feeling exhausted. Dadoong tried to make me relaxed and also fell asleep next to me. He’s so cute. My baby. He’s so lovely. I haven’t had this hairstyle for a long time. It’s so cold for many cats nowadays. Please feed them sometimes. Go, moms of cats!”
In the picture, Park is sleeping on the bed, being exhausted. At the bottom of the bed, Park’s cat Dadoong is also sleeping. Although Park doesn’t seem to care about how she looks, she is still very pretty.
People who saw the picture responded: “She’s so cute.” “She’s like a goddess.” “Sandara Park’s profile is so pretty.” “You had a deep sleep with your pet.” “She’s so lovely.” “It’s like a photo from a pictorial”

Park Bo Young introduces classic movies on Sunday Cinema

Actress Park Bo Young will become a messenger of old memories.
On January 30, Channel CGV reported, “Park Bo Young will narrate Sunday Cinema, a program that features famous classic films.”
Sunday Cinema is a program that airs a famous classic film chosen by Channel CGV every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. Park will introduce a classic film every week through the narration. It will start airing on February 3.
In February, a total of four films will air. On February 3, Back to the Future, which tells a story about time machine, will air.
The Wizard of OZ, the best musical film of the 20th century, will air on February 10, and Pretty Woman, which stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, will air on February 17. On February 24, Babe, a story about cute animals, will air.
A spokesperson for Channel CGV says, “Channel CGV has always suggested a variety of ways to enjoy movies through many programs. Famous classic films always touch and entertain viewers. Viewers will be able to recall their old memories through Sunday Cinema. We thought the innocent image and the clear, beautiful voice of actress Park Bo Young were the best for delivering the old memories from the famous classic films.”
Sunday Cinema will also conduct an event of delivering viewers’ stories related to the films while they’re airing. You can participate in the event through the official blog of Channel CGV (

Shinhwa will hold a concert in March and release a new album in April

Shinhwa will hold a concert in March in celebration of the 15th anniversary of their debut.
On January 30, Shinhwa’s agency reported, “Shinhwa will soon come out with a new concert to be held in Seoul. We’ll announce when the ticket reservations will begin and release a teaser video for the concert, the 2013 Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert, on the group’s official website.”
Debuting with Troubleshooter in 1998, Shinhwa are attracting a lot of attention in Korea as an unusual idol group. In order to provide their fans with a concert that is better than the one they held last year in celebration of the 14th anniversary of their debut under the title of The Return, they’re currently putting a lot of efforts into the upcoming concert.
A spokesperson for Shinhwa says, “Along with the concert, Shinhwa are currently working on the eleventh album, which will be released at the end of April. In order to keep the promise with their fans, the members are currently working very hard on them.”
Shinhwa will hold a concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park on March 16 and 17.