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Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

BOYFRIEND released Hitomi no Melody PV (short ver.)!

South Korean boygroup, BOYFRIEND recently released a short version PV of their new Japanese single, “Hitomi no Melody”. In the PV, the members showcased their handsome and boy-next-door image by wearing suits as they danced, wearing casual clothing and acting cute and adorable.
This will be the group’s 3rd Japanese single. The album will be released on the 27th of March and it was revealed that thing song will be the ending theme of “Detective Conan” which airs every Saturday on Yomiuri Nippon Television.

SHINee released full PV for “Fire”!

SHINee, who recently made a Korean comeback with the song, “Dream Girl” has recently revealed the full PV of their Japanese single, “Fire”. The theme of the song as based from the title is about love and how bright and warm it is like fire.
This is the group’s 7th Japanese single. The album will be available on stores starting March 13, 2013. It will have to edition. The limited version and the regular version.

Look At Us: Baba B1A4 First Jakarta Showcase Makes Hundreds of Fans Go Wild

“As you should know, B1A4 is not even two years old yet. But because of all your love, they’re much loved everywhere in the world and now, for the first time, they are here to celebrate the night with you!” opened MC Jin. was present to witness the showcase of Jinyoung, Sandeul, CNU, Baro and Gongchan with a sea of hundreds of BANAs that came to celebrate it together. Will it be just tens or hundreds, it didn’t stop the great fervor of cheers and high pitch screams that deafen the entire Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City, Jakarta (12/03). And with that, B1A4 makes a cute entrance following after a comic video that excited all the fans!
Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom heart like a rocket!” opened the boys with ‘Beautiful Target’. BANA cheered in unison that reflected their own will of how they like it very much. Other pop hits that immediately made our feet follow their moves were Bling Girl, Tried to Walk On, Baby Good Night, Chu Chu Chu and O.K.
“Apa kabar, hello! We are B1A4!” show-offed the five members with their practiced Indonesian skills that wowed the audience once again. Gongchan, being the youngest, knew best to use his charms with his Indonesian skills when he greeted. “Apa kabar, saya Gongchan, imut…? Cintaku,” (Hello, I am Gongchan, the cute one? My love). Attesting to that skill, two members CNU and Sandeul, noted for his hyperactive and fluent Indonesian since the press conference kept on piling up more Indonesian words: “Sayang, aku suka kamu… Jakarta adalah yang terbaik!” (Honey, I like you… Jakarta is the best!)
Heavily focusing on interaction with BANAs,  in the intimate venue lies a small glitch. There were front-row fans who collapse due to pushing, and it made the showcase paused a security reasons. CNU stood up and took the baton to speak for this security and welfare problem. “If everyone can shush down their voices a little so all of you can listen in this Q&A session and take care to have unwanted problems by not pushing your friends please. Thank you!” We applaud all fans and the organizer to patiently adjust the situation to let all fans sit down instead of standing up, and so everyone has a clear chance to view their favorite singers.
‘B1A4 Cinema’, was a unique way to invite their fans up on stage and re-enact the shown movie poster poses. The very intimate poses from Titanic, Twilight Saga New Moon, and Indonesian’s very own movie Saus Kacang was shown with the video graphic of a deck of cards. While the lucky four fans that has gotten a chance to hug one of the members and a polaroid to commemorate the moment, there was one fan who thought she has chosen the worst card – the BOMB card. But alas! It wasn’t just any bad bomb at all – B1A4 especially had made the lucky girl receive a twist plot and was lavishly treated with a bouquet of flowers, balloons, gave her a drink, and be brought around the stage while they sang to her!
As promised, the showcase that was over 90 minutes was full of immersing graphics and bright laser lights, followed with a rhythmic fireworks burst that totally made their intimate showcase an amazing end. Finishing with ‘You’re My Girl’, knows that all the Indonesian BANA babies had a good sleep last night to bring into their sweet dreams that the quintet has notably said to return with a bigger stage and that everyone is their girl!
We like to thank Big Daddy Entertainment for the opportunity to witness B1A4′s first Jakarta showcase that ended with all-smiles. is the official online media partner for the event. Stick around for more B1A4 inside scoop and an exclusive interview we had!

EvoL reveal teaser photos for upcoming comeback!

Stardom Entertainment recently announced that rookie girl group, EvoL will be making a comeback this month. The group will be releasing their second mini album, “Second Evolution”. On the 18th, album tracks will be released on various music websites at 12PM KST. On the 19th, the album will be released online. Physical sales will start on the 20th. The agency already revealed group teaser images (above).
EvoL debuted last August 2012 with the single, “We Are A Bit Different”. The group is comprised of 5 members: Say, Hayana, J-DA, Yull and Jucy.

F(x)’s Amber tweets a picture in advance of the 2013 SXSW

 Amber revealed a group picture on her Twitter account with the comment “Just rehearsed for SXSW! F(x) is gonna rock tonight!” In the picture, the members of F(x) are looking at the camera with a cheerful expression. They are excited to embark on what will doubtless turn out to be a great concert.
 F(x) is going to participate in the biggest North American music festival, the 2013 SXSW (South by Southwest). The Korean rock groups No Brain, Galaxy Express, and Gukkasten will also attend the festival to bring Korean music to the world. 
Those who saw the pictures cheered for the members of F(x): “Give spectaclular performances!” “F(x), go for it!”

2PM’s Taecyeon explains, “This ring is a present from my parents”

Taecyeon of 2PM has posted a picture on his Twitter account with the comment “This ring is a present from my parents. I came across it after two years, so I’m wearing it again. Do not get me wrong.” Some netizens have harbored suspicions about the ring, so Taecyeon explains the misunderstanding.
In the picture, he shows the ring on his forefinger and stares wide-eyed with his mouth open in a playful expression. Those who saw the picture said: “Please do not misunderstand.” “If you hadn’t explained, fans would  wonder about it.” “I won’t take it wrong.“ “His expression is so funny.”
Taecyeon is filming the international version of We Got Married with Taiwanese actress Wu Ying Jie as his virtual bride. The program is scheduled to air on MBC Everyone from the beginning of April.

Tickets to CNBlue’s Hong Kong concert sold out in five minutes

The rock band CNBlue (Jung Yong Wha, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Sin) achieved a new record by selling out their Hong Kong concert tickets in just five minutes. On the 12th of March, CNBlue’s agency, FNC entertainment, announced that all 7,000 tickets to the Hong Kong concert, which will be held on May 11 and is part of the group’s Asian tour, titled “Blue Moon,” sold out immediately after ticket sales began. This is regarded as a positive indicator of a successful tour. The agency also said, “We are raising our expectations for the success of the tour because we’ve already been receiving inquiries about ticket sales in Taiwan and Thailand, where we haven’t even started selling tickets yet.
The band will hold their concert in Taiwan on April 6, Singapore on April 13, Thailand on May 4, and Hong Kong on May 11, and will be back to perform for Korean fans on May 25 to 26 in Seoul.
The group will wrap up domestic activities for their new song “I’m sorry,” which they wrote themselves and which has gotten a very favorable response. They are now concentrating on the final rehearsals for the upcoming tour.