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Jumat, 23 November 2012

Kim Tae Hee shows off her special affection for her nieces

A video of Kim Tae Hee showing her affection for her nieces has attracted many netizens’ attention. The video was shot for a bed commercial in which Kim Tae Hee appears with her very pretty nieces. She covers them with a blanket and smiles brightly throughout.
Netizens commented: “Kim Tae Hee’s nieces are as pretty as she is.” “I thought she was just pretty, but she’s also kind.” “She is so considerate, like a mother.”

Park Bo Young makes it clear that Song Joong Ki and she will never date each other

Actress Park Bo Young (22) assured her fans that the rumor of her romance with Song Joong Ki (27) is not true, saying “It can never happen.”
On November 23, all staff and production crew of the movie A Werewolf Boy gathered at a restaurant in Gwancheol-dong, Seoul to celebrate attracting over 5 million moviegoers. Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Yoo Yeon Seok, and director Jo Seong Hee made appearance and honored the event.
Previously in October, Song created a stir as he surprised people with the remark, “Park Bo Young is mine” at the promotion of A Werewolf Boy held at the outdoor stage of BIFF Village in Busan.
Recalling the incident, a reporter asked Song, “People say that Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young would make a good couple, and you guys do look good together. Don’t some fans recommend you to date?” Park replied, “I thought many fans would hate me of what Song had said, but I was grateful because some fans really liked it.
“In a recent promotion activity I’ve attended to, one fan excitedly shouted out, ‘I hope you two guys date!’ after watching the couple Cheo Soo and Soon Yi in the movie. I feel sorry to say this, but there isn’t even a slightest chance for us to date each other. It can never happen. I think it would be great if we appear as brother and sister rather than lovers in later works.”
The movie A Werewolf is about a dangerous werewolf (played by Song Joong Ki) who should not even exist in this world but falls in love with a lonely girl (played by Park Bo Young) who has closed her heart to the rest of the world. It is the first commercial film of the director Jo Seong Hee who worked on End of Animal, Nice Short, and Don’t Step out of the House. Actors Yoo Yeon Seok and Jang Young Nam participated as cast.

Ailee beats Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and ranks at the top of Music Bank!

Singer Ailee beat Psy and ranked at the top of a music show preventing Psy from continuing his top ranking record for the eleventh week.
In the live episode of KBS 2’s Music Bank that aired on November 23, the diva Ailey appeared showing off her opposing charms. With her outstanding singing skills, she competed with the other singers and attracted attention with spectacular performance.
Her number “I’ll Show You” was nominated to compete with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” for the top ranking. Earning 9,577 votes against Psy’s 9,073 votes, she won the first place. Also, she received overwhelming score on the field of digital track.
As she received the award, Ailee said, “Thank you so much. Thank you for loving and supporting ‘I’ll Show You.’ I give thanks to my agency and staff. I miss my family. I love you all.”
As Ailee’s track ranked at the top, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” dropped to the second, and Psy had to see a stop on his consecutive winning for ten weeks on Music Bank.
The episode also covered performances by Son Dam Bi, Noel, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Sung Kyu, Hyun Ah, B1A4, NS Yoon-G, Boyfriend, C-Clown, The Seeya, Juniel, Fiestar, D-Unit, Red Training, A-Jax, Wonder Boyz, LED Apple, Spica, Offroad, E2RE, Baek Seung Hun, A Prince, and Arie band.

Lee Seung Gi performs Psy’s “Gangnam Style?”

Lee Seung Gi will be dancing Psy’s “Gangnam Style” that is creating a stir across the globe.
Lee Seung Gi who released his 5.5 album, Forest on November 22, will hold a 2012 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert on December 1 and 2. Lee will once again wrap up the year with a concert just like he did last year. He will provide a lot of entertainment and also dance Psy’s “Gangnam Style” just as he had said in a broadcast.
According to the agency, Lee is planning to captivate the audience with his powerful singing in the beginning of the concert. He has prepared secret events for the audience to enjoy the live concert even more.
In the first part of the concert, Lee Seung Gi will be singing ballad songs with his sweet voice. He has rearranged his hit songs and other new song and will be collaborating with a ten men band, and 35 men pop orchestra. He will also collaborate with Korea’s best guitarist Ham Choon Ho and guitar prodigy Jung Sung Ha and sing his romantic songs in a bossa nova music style.
The second part of the concert will start with a rearranged song of a musical. The two chosen songs will be rearranged according to the music color of year 2012 and perform with 12 dancers. He has extended his music capabilities to rock and acoustic teuroteu and amaze the audience.
Lee Seung Gi’s 5.5 album created a stir before its release because it is a collaboration with musician Epitone Project. The title song “Return” and his own written song “Saying I Love You” “Forest” “Invitation To Me” have swept across 8 major music charts, declaring his comeback.

Song Joong Ki feels bad for letting Park Bo Young promote their movie all by herself

Actor Song Joong Ki recently expressed how sorry he felt for his late participation in the promotion of the movie A Werewolf Boy.
On November 23, the staff and production crew of the movie gathered at a restaurant in Gwancheol-dong, Seoul, to celebrate the success of their movie, which has attracted more than five million viewers. Song said that he felt terribly sorry for not being a part of the promotion from the beginning. His belated participation was due to an overlapping shooting schedule for the KBS 2 drama series The Innocent Man, which forced him to miss the very first promotional activity for the movie. The series ended recently, so Song is now focused on the movie promotion.
He said, “Rather than pursuing my own profit by doing such work as shooting commercials, I’ve decided to work more on promoting the movie. I know how hard it is to promote a film all by yourself, so I felt terribly sorry for having let Bo Young carry the ball alone. Though I’m not in such great shape physically right now, I discipline myself and transform into a new person just before I walk on the stage.”
In a previous press conference, the cast said that they would not make any promises publically in the hope of attracting people, but Song dropped a hint that the actors are planning to throw a guerrilla event. He said, “We promised each other not to go public with any promises related to the movie. We thought it would be better to surprise our audience. We’re actually planning on something special.” This has built up expectations about the upcoming surprise event.
As of November 22, A Werewolf Boy had attracted 5,464,835 moviegoers and keeps on setting new records day after day.

Miss A’s Suzy shows off her versatile charms, “Sexy and lovely”

Miss A’s Suzy showed off her twisting charms.
Recently on an online community site, a picture titled, “Suzy’s twisting charms” have been uploaded.
The picture shows Suzy’s lively airport fashion and sexy jumper fashion.
When she was shooting a pictorial with the sexy concept, Suzy tried to change completely by curling her hair and wearing brown makeup instead of her long straight hair and baby-like face.
However, she also showed off her lively charms at Jeju airport with her lovely girl fashion.
Netizens commented: “Suzy who can turn into any style is the trend.” “She is so beautiful these days.” “She is lovely in any clothes.”

Did SNSD’s Sunny dye her hair in purple?

SNSD’s Sunny has given a change to her hair.
Recently, a posting titled “Sunkyu in purple hair” was uploaded on an online community board. Sunny was captured in an image as she was rehearsing for the performance in Singapore.
In the picture, the star maintains her short hair but it seems to have been dyed in purple. She is covering her hair in a cap, generating curiosity among viewers.
Previously on November 22, Sunny appeared at the Incheon International Airport in order to leave for the SM Town Live World Tour in Singapore. Unlike the other members of SNSD who showed up in fancy costume to appeal their particular sense of fashion, Sunny covered herself up, even her face. This made people wonder what had happened to her.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Did Sunny dye her hair?” “That’s why she covered herself up at the airport.” “Sunkyu is in the middle of trying many different things on her hair.” “Her white skin will go well with the hair.” “I’m so curious.” “Let us see your hair soon.”
The SM Town Live World Tour in Singapore will be on November 23 and it features performance by SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x), and SHINee.

Ko So Young is friend with Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker?

Actress Ko So Young has revealed her international personal connections.
Recently, the star posted some pictures taken with foreign stars on the blog of the eponymous clothing Ko So Young.
On November 21, she posted a picture taken with Jessica Alba. It seems to be taken in the middle of a relaxing tea time.
On the next day, the 22nd, Ko posted another photo taken with Sarah Jessica Parker. They seem to have met at an event, and Ko appeals with her beauty and does not seem to be embarrassed at all next to Parker.
Netizens who saw the self-portraits of Ko with international stars reacted: “Ko So Young, she still looks beautiful next to international celebrities.” “Ko has smaller face than Jessica Alba.” “How did they come to know each other?” “She must be happy with her beautiful appearance.” “I want to be born as Ko So Young and get married to Jang Dong Gun.” “I think her clothing business will make her a fortune.”
In the meantime, Ko shares her feelings about being a creative director of the brand Ko So Young and the working process on her blog.

Superstar K4’s Roy Kim shows a firm friendship with Jung Joon Young

Superstar K4’s Roy Kim recently showed a firm friendship with Jung Joon Young, who was voted off last week, when he bid a farewell.
On the final episode of Mnet’s Superstar K4, which aired on November 23, when Jung is about to leave the dorm after packing up, Roy Kim handed him a letter.
Jung said: “Thank you. I’ll read it when I get home.” Dickpucks members, however, encouraged him to read the letter on the spot, so Jung opened the letter and read it.
The letter from Kim said: “I feel really grateful about having met you in the Superweek. Let’s not lose our passion about music as time goes by. I love you.”
When Jung leaves the dorm, he shared warm hugs with Roy Kim and Dickpunks members. The top two acts sang a song Jung performed for the live air.
Meanwhile, Roy Kim became crowned champion of this year’s Superstar K, beating the band Dickpunks.

Lee Min Ho says, “I’ve never expected such popularity in China”

Actor Lee Min Ho candidly shared about his popularity in China.
In a recent photo session and interview with the magazine @star1, Lee said, “I’ve never expected to receive such great love in China.”
Recently, the star has become popular with the TV series Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter in China, and he now becomes known as the best Hallyu star.
Lee said, “So far, only romantic and comedy Korean TV series attracted attention abroad because they could easily make a bond of sympathy with people from other countries. But I’m quite surprised that the action-based TV series, City Hunter, could gain such popularity in China.”
About his further activities abroad, he said, “I don’t have any biased conceptions about shooting Korean or other foreign works. If certain work has good quality and there is a character I want to play, I think it’s already attractive in its own way. If the work has a good quality, it doesn’t matter which country makes it.”
The December issue of @star1 was released on November 21 and the copies were immediately sold out on the next day on the internet bookstores.
A representative of the magazine said, “Only a small portion of hard copies are available on the newsstand of some subway stations in Seoul and GS25 convenient stores for now. We’re considering of printing out some more.”

Lee Soo Young says, “I have thin ankles that are perfect as a ballad singer”

Singer Lee Soo Young recently claimed that she had some physical features that are perfect for a ballad singer.
On the episode of SBS’s Go Show that aired on November 23, Lee quipped: “I’m very proud of my eyes. My eyes are so big that they look moist when I sing, which gives me perfect, emotional look for a ballad.”
Lee added: “I believe that ballad singers, particularly female ballad singers should have fragile, weak look. I have so thin ankles, which are perfect for fragile look. You need these kinds of thin ankles like mine, and you can make people think, ‘Oh, my. She looks so weak and fragile, and the song is really sad.’ That’s how you make people moved by your song.” Lee’s funny idea about singing sad ballads and moving audience made everyone laugh hard.
Lee also added: “I also have unique toe fingers. They are so long and thin that they look like fingers. It is also important to have thin, long toe fingers for a ballad singer, as that helps you express the emotion and sadness of a song.”
The episode, themed Miracle Voice 2, alos featured Kim Tae Woo, BMK, K-Will, Super Junior’s Ye Sung.

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung reveals her unpainted face, “Don’t be surprised now”

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung showed off her innocent beauty without makeup.
On November 23, Jae Kyung uploaded two pictures on her Me2day with the caption, “The Law of The Jungle W will air tonight at 9:55 p.m. Make sure to watch it! You will regret it if you don’t.”
In the picture, Jae Kyung is smiling brightly at the airport with the members of The Law of The Jungle W. Other members: Park Sang Myun, Cho Hye Ryun, Lee Soo Kyung, Jo Ahn, Jung Joo Ri and even Jae Kyung seems to have not put on any makeup. However their beauty stands out.
Jae Kyung uploaded another picture of her in the jungle and commented, “This is me without any makeup. Don’t be too surprised okay? By the way, the theme song was composed by Rainbow and I wrote the lyrics for the song.”
SBS’s The Law of The Jungle W aired on November 23 at 9:55 p.m.

B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung expresses his feeling with a picture, “Can you guess how I feel?”

B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung revealed how he feels by uploading a picture of himself.
On the afternoon of November 23, Yong uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Expressing today’s condition. I know it’s weird.”
Wearing a light blue T-shirt, Yong evokes laughter with his funny expression.
Netizens commented: “I can’t guess how he feels.” “I think he is trying to imitate Son Dam Bi’s belittling look.” “Somehow addicting.”
B2ST will appear on 2012 Love Share Super Concert that will be held at Busan Bexco on December 15.

BoA reveals a cute picture with dimples

Singer BoA revealed her cute charms with a huge ribbon.
On November 24, BoA uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Singapore! Had a great time with all of you. Thanks a lot!”
The picture was taken to express her gratitude towards her foreign fans who came to SM Town Live World Tour. In the picture, BoA is wearing a huge ribbon that looks like bunny ears. Unlike her charismatic self on stage, she turned into a cute bunny.
Even though the picture was taken right after the concert, she doesn’t look tired at all and showed off her lovely dimples with a smile.
Currently, BoA is a judge on SBS’s K Pop Star Season 2 that aired its first episode on November 18.

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop reveals a comeback teaser of his solo debut

Expectations are on the rise as the teaser video of B2ST Yang Yo Seop’s comeback has been revealed.
On the live episode of KBS2 TV’s Music Bank that aired on November 23, Yang gave a sneak peek of his upcoming solo debut next week with a video. In the video, Yang is wearing a suit and drinking coffee in a romantic atmosphere.
On that morning, Yang uploaded still cuts of his song “Caffeine” on his Twitter and revealed the couple scene with actress Song Ha Yoon. They are looking at each other in a romantic atmosphere.
According to his agency, “Caffeine” was composed, written, and produced by B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung, maximizing Yang Yo Seop’s sorrowful voice and lyrical melodies.

TVXQ is absorbed in playing Anipang, the most popular smartphone game in Korea

TVXQ fell in love with playing one of the most popular smartphone application game, Anipang.
On November 23, the official account of SM Entertainment which manages the group tweeted a photo taken at the greenroom of the singers and commented “2012.11.26 TVXQ! Coming Soon.”
In the picture, TVXQ members appear in fancy, neat costume for performance, but they look completely absorbed in playing Anipang with their phones. As netizens see Changmin and Yunho intensely focused on the game, holding their smartphones tightly in their hands, they reacted: “TVXQ is Anipang holic?” “Anipang is the best time killer.” “TVXQ plays Anipang in the greenroom? They look so cute.”
In the meantime, the group performed at the SM Town Live World Tour III which was held in Singapore.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung wittingly gives a warning, “I’m so sick of it…”

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung wittingly warned those who impersonated her.
On November 23, Kang uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Impersonating Twitter, impersonating Kakao Talk, and impersonating Kakao Story. I’m so sick of them. I can fire flame cannons.”
The uploaded picture is the picture of Kang singing on stage doctored with the flame effect. It looks as if she is shooting flame cannons from her mouth.
Netizens commented: “Those who impersonate her should be punished.” “Kang Min Kyung even warns in a cute way.” “Kang Min Kyung is so witty.”

2NE1’s Gong Min Ji prepares kimchi for the winter

2NE1’s Gong Min Ji prepared kimchi for the winter.
On November 23, Gong uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Day of preparing kimchi for cutie Gong. Done preparing kimchi!”
In the picture, Gong is acting cute in a hoody. Her red nose and her thick outfit show how cold the weather is.
The seasoning of kimchi that is all over her left rubber gloves shows how enthusiastically she had prepared kimchi. The next picture where she is holding up a cabbage with a cute expression attracts attention.

Tang Wei dates director Kim Tae Yong

The fact that actress Tang Wei and director Kim Tae Young are dating has been top secret that only a few people have known.
After the rumor of Tang Wei’s romance with Kim came out, some reporters reported that the rumor is not true, but it has recently been found out that they have actually been dating since 2011.
When Tang Wei and Kim were filming the movie Late Autumn in 2009, people didn’t know about their romance because they were busy shooting the film. They also didn’t know about it because Tang Wei and Kim started dating after they finished shooting the film. Even after the shooting finished, they have kept their friendship as a director and an actress.
A spokesperson for Kim recently said, “As they got closer, they started seeing each other more often.”
Only a few people have known about their romance, and the reason that they have kept it a secret is interesting. Part of the reason is that Tang Wei is a top celebrity, but they wanted to protect Kim’s privacy.
When Tang Wei purchased land near Bundang, they also kept it secret. The land Tang Wei purchased is not very far from the place Kim lives.
On November 23, the magazine Woman reported that Tang Wei and director Kim met each other in 2009 for the film Late Autumn and started dating this year.