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Senin, 01 April 2013

Is T.O.P. Joining the Military June 15th?

Fans everwhere started panicking today when the “news” broke that T.O.P. of BIGBANG was confirmed to join the military on June 15th.

The report was quickly picked up by k-pop websites and fan clubs all over the world. Some fans were quick to get angry, questioning the fairness of why he had to join. Others were simply shocked or sad, wondering what would happen to the popular band BIGBANG.

One thing they didn’t stop to think about though… April Fool’s Day! That’s right, people. You can breathe a sigh of relief. The rumor of T.O.P. joining the military appears to be a practical joke in honor of April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day (or All Fool’s Day as it is sometimes called) is celebrated in many countries throughout the world by playing tricks or practical jokes on family and friends. Though no one is sure where the T.O.P. rumor started, it spread like wildfire before it could be confirmed or denied.

Thankfully, as of yet, there is no official news of T.O.P. joining the military. So, relax! Because, we still have BIGBANG together for a while longer yet. And that news is truly fantastic, baby.

Boyfriend’s Japanese single “Melody of the Eyes” has reached 3rd on the Oricon Chart

The Korean Idol group Boyfriend’s Japanese single “Melody of the Eyes” has reached third on the Oricon daily chart. On March 29, the group’s agency reported: “’Melody of the Eyes’ is the Boyfriend’s third Japanese single and was released on the 27th of March. The song expresses pure love for someone precious, and a more mature expression of emotion by the members of the group is the distinguishing feature of the song. ”
This song was used as a theme on the original sound track of the Japanese animation Detective Conan (名探偵コナン). Boyfriend were the first foreign artists to sing for the sound track of Detective Conan.
The group released its first single, “Be My Shine” in August 2012, and the song ranked at number one on the Oricon Singles Chart. Their second single, “Dance Dance Dance / My Lady,” released in November 2012, reached  third on the chart.
The group won an award as one of the Best Three New Artists (Asia) at the 27th Japan Gold Disc Awards. Also, Boyfriend made their first appearance in a movie in GoGo Ikemen5.”

Shinee’s Jong Hyun has a traffic accident at dawn and wounds his nose

According to a report from SM Entertainment on April 1, Jong Hyun, of the Korean idol group Shinee (Key, Min Ho, Tae Min, Jong Hyun, and Onew) had a traffic accident while he was going from the Dongho Bridge to Gangnam in his car. The car crashed into a guardrail.
Jong Hyun is currently being treated at a general hospital in Gangnam. SM Entertainment will adjust his schedule in accordance with the results of his complete medical examination. Recently Shinee, including Jong Hyun, began activities in Korea in connection with the release of “Dream Girl.”
A spokesperson for the group says: “Jong Hyun had an accident on his way to his lodging early this morning. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have suffered serious injury, but he suffered a wound on his nose, for which he has been receiving treatment at the hospital.”

10,000 Chinese fans are fascinated by TVXQ performance

 According to an announcement made by their agency, SM Entertainment, on April 1, TVXQ, now on their first world tour, performed at Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing to an audience of about 10,000 Chinese fans. Their solo concert is titled TVXQ! Live World Tour—Catch Me. Starting with “Rising Sun,” they performed 26 songs, including “Catch Me,” “Humanoids,” “Why,” and “Mirotic.”
An agency official said Chinese fans heated up the concert passionately, shaking pearl-red light sticks, which symbolize the group, singing along, and cheering in Korean.
When the group landed at the airport in Beijing on March 29, a lot of fans gathered, showing their high level of interest in the group.
They will perform at five major arenas in Japan from April as a part of their world tour.

[Exclusive article] Chan Sung gets 10,000 fans all heated up by tearing off his clothes at the 2PM Concert in China

Chan Sung, a member of 2PM (Jun. K, Nickhun, Taec Yeon, Woo Young, Jun Ho, and Chan Sung), tore his clothes off at during the group’s concert at Guangti Gymnasium in Guangzhou on the evening of March 30. The concert was part of the 2PM’s Asia tour, What Time Is It. This was the group’s first concert in Guangzhou, and they electrified an audience of 10,000 Chinese fans with their hit songs, sung as a group, and a variety of performance by the individual members.

The songs they performed included “I’ll Be Back,” “Give It To Me,” “Again & Again,” and “Hands Up.” The Chinese fans gave 2PM an enthusiastic welcome, singing along with the group and cheering them on.

2PM will be back in Korea in May, having finished their concerts in the Philippines on March 2, the Guangzhou concert on March 30, and their upcoming concert in Bangkok on April 8.