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Senin, 10 Desember 2012

SNSD Jessica’s Cosmetics Winter Pictorial

Jessica as a model of Banila Co.
revealed new photos of Winter Collection special
Hot and gorgeous gur

2PM “What Time Is It? Tour” Press Conference in Jakarta

“Sampai jumpa, sampai jumpa, terima kasih!” (See you, see you, thank you!) Roared the members of 2PM, or rather not live, but through a repetitive video played while the room of medias waited for the six tall, chiseled members of the energetic boyband: Junsu, Taecyon, Nichkhun, Junho, Wooyoung and Chansung. Arrived the night before their activites today in Jakarta, Indonesia (7/12) for the second time, they ran late from a national TV program for shooting before properly greeting the media at Menara Bank Mega’s Auditorium an hour later. Clad in white, the group that has been dubbed as the only beast idols for their greek god features that is not seen on many other teenager idols.
“Hello Indonesia, we are back again, thank you for everyone who is here today with us! We are 2PM!”
The six members who first debuted with “10 Out Of 10″ single in 2008 under JYP Entertainment label were indeed back, as they have promised during their debut performance in the country for “Hands Up Tour” last year. This time, “Indomaret Presents WHAT TIME IS IT 2PM LIVE TOUR in Jakarta” concert tour slated for the next day (8/12) at MEIS Ancol.
Different to their last year’s concert tour in promotion of their latest album release with the same title, “Hands Up”, this year’s “What Time Is It” Tour has additional counterparts not seen before, such as “a performing live band that accompanies and new remixed and edited songs.

The band who has made over 7000 Hottests crazy during their first Indonesian performance indeed is shooting popularity through their Japanese release “Republic of 2PM” and their ongoing tour which started in Shanghai, China and thus, sparked the question whether they have their own ‘Me-time’ and how do they spend it.
Since we’re 2PM, and all of us members like to go out and do sports or go hit the fitness center, that itself is our way of relaxing. And so today in Jakarta, I would do some swimming,” shared Junho.
It was reported how the members who had arrived late midnight on the same day had gone out to rest but one member who shone in striking red training suit, Taecyon, was seen to hit the gym the moment they arrived in the hotel. What a way to unwind!
Since they have ultimately achieved the hottest fans on Earth and continuous rise in the music charts domestically and their international venture, 2PM wishes to later finish this Asia concert and by next year, a new album. We can only expect more original penned lyrics from the members, which we know how Junsu and Junho had contributed a song each in “Hands Up” album.
And so, with 2PM to have achieved their dreams, what else are they aiming for?
“My own mission was to be a member of 2PM. Now, my next mission is to give power through our voices; I would like to help the poor,” shared maknae Chansung, where Taecyon wants to continue the “beast idol – as everyone labeled us, because we’re the first and the only one, to continue to introduce new exciting concepts while retaining our original manly concept. I can only wish that we can all succeed together!”
We can only express our excitement to wait until the next day for their full-fledged standalone concert as they properly greeted and exited the conference. Who made a special appearance for the show? What were their solo performances like and who made Hottest Indonesia be the most satisfied fans of the night?

Kim Soo Hyun receives an explosive response in Japan

Actor Kim Soo Hyun went to Japan and met with fans on December 8 and 9 to promote his TV series The Moon Embracing The Sun, which will air in Japan in January on NHK. Thanks to the series, which aired on KNTV in August, Kim drew a lot of attention from the Japanese public. Kim, Han Ga In, and Kim Yoo Jung attended a press conference to promote the series.
Kim and other actors had a great time with their fans, and Kim even gave a dance performance for which he received an explosive response.
Many media outlets attended the press conference to report on the series and actors, and it proved that Kim has become very popular in Japan.

One media representative says, “I was impressed by the way Kim smiled all the time and how forthcoming he was in his interview. Since he has become popular through the TV series Giant and Dream High, he is sure to be the next big Hallyu star through The Moon Embracing The Sun.”
The series, which was also very popular in Korea, grabbing 42.2 percent of the viewing audience, will air on NHK Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. starting on January 20. A special episode of the series will air on January 13.
Kim is currently shooting the movie Covertness, which will be released in 2013.

Donghae & co wish Minho “Happy Birthday!!”

On Minho’s birthday, Shinee’s members have prepared him a special surprise with a unwaited ending. The band was in Singapore for a concert and after the performance they have prepared him three amazing and funny birthday cakes. He was quite spechless. Eventually when they were all in pose for taking a photo alltogether Jonghyun throwed Minho one of the cakes. This event allowed the beginning of the cake-fight that involved almost all Shinee’s members and part of the staff, too.
Here is a video of that funny moment:
YouTube Preview Image
The concert was amazing as every Shinee’s concerts!
Few minutes ago, Donghae from Super Junior and Minho’s best friend, before going to sleep has wished him happy birthday with a photo of Minho, Donghae, Max Changmin…to show how they’ve celebrated this wonderful day.
And last but not least, Minho has used the Twitter account of Kyuhyun and posted another photo, and wrote: “I’m Minho eheh this is the cake of our Kyuhyun, I’m so touched. Heechul hyung, Kangin hyung, Donghae hyung, Kyuhyunnie hyung, Changmin hyung, and Jonghyun hyung I love you”

  • Sources: Donghae’s Official Twitter Account; Kyuhyun’s Official Twitt

SS501′s Park Jung Min holds autograph sessions in Korea

On November 27 and 29 and December 9, singer Park Jung Min held autograph sessions in Seoul and Busan for his second single Beautiful. Park met 150 people who were randomly chosen to attend the event. Fans from Japan, China, and even from as far away as Hawaii came to Korea to see him, proving Park’s great popularity.
Along with his autograph, Park wrote comments in English, Japanese, and Chinese for his fans from overseas. He likes communicating directly with his fans and is known for his kindness when dealing with them.
Park is currently promoting his Korean single Beautiful and his first Japanese EP, which was released under his project name Romeo.

Super Junior’s Siwon and Jung Ryeo Won say “Please watch The King Of Dramas tonight”

Super Junior’s Siwon and Jung Ryeo Won, the lead actor and actress of the drama series The King Of Dramas, recently released a picture of themselves asking viewers to watch the premiere of the next episode of the series.
Playing the roles of top celebrity Hyun Min and writer Go Eun, Siwon and Jung released a picture of themselves in a friendly pose.
In the picture, Siwon and Jung are holding a sketchbook they autographed with the message, “Please watch the next episode of The King Of Dramas.
Jung once showed off her close relationship with Siwon by uploading a picture of herself with him on her Twitter account with the comment, “Hyun Min who values volunteer work more than money and Go Eun who becomes kind when she’s drunk.”
Siwon also uploaded a picture of himself with Jung with a hilarious look on her face on his Twitter account with the comment, “Go Eun who stays quiet when she sees anything unjust and Hyun Min who doesn’t even know how to get angry”
Siwon and Jung’s characters are currently very popular among viewers. As Hyun Min shows affection for Go Eun little by little, viewers are wondering if they’ll fall in love.
The next episode of The King Of Dramas will air on December 10 at 9:55 p.m.