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Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

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IU shows off her well-proportioned body

Singer IU’s well-proportioned body was recently spotted.
Some pictures of IU were recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “IU is not a kid anymore. Look at her well-proportioned body.”
The pictures were taken when IU attended the K-pop Festival, which was held in Incheon. In the pictures, IU is showing off her beautiful figure in a black minidress. She’s also showing off her beautiful legs.
People who saw the pictures responded: “IU’s got really pretty legs.” “IU’s becoming a real woman.” “I’m so excited about your new drama series, Lee Soon Sin is the Best.
IU was recently cast as the lead role in KBS 2TV’s new drama series Lee Soon Sin is the Best, which will start airing in March after My Daughter Seo Young goes off the air.

World-renowned star Psy says, “I’m trying not to get stressed out about the new song.”

On the episode of SBS’s One Night TV Entertainment that aired on the afternoon of February 6, Psy talked about his later activities with “Gangnam Style,” which created a stir worldwide in 2012. About upcoming activities, he revealed, “Some new songs are already out. I’ve already revealed the choreography for the song ‘Sports Dance’ on a TV show, but I’ve decided to redo it because it’s not as good as the horse dance.”
About the music video of the new song: “I feel like director Kang Woo Seok, who’s making Two Cops 2. Trying not to get stressed is stress itself, so I’m trying to feel it and enjoy it. I’ll be creating more interesting songs and choreography in the future.”
On the same show, Psy revealed that the house he purchased in LA is one he chose himself for his activities in the U.S.

Oh Ja Ryong’s restaurant appears to be headed for success

On the episode of MBC’s Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming that aired on the afternoon of February 6, a crowd of customers gather at Oh Ja Ryong and Oh Jae Ryong’s tteokbokki restaurant, Spicy Brothers. (Oh Ja Ryong is played by Lee Jang Woo, and Oh Jae Ryong is played by Ryu Dam.) In fact, so many people have gathered that there’s standing room only, and all the ingredients for run out. Ja Ryong tells the customers, “We’re all out of the ingredients for today. I’m sorry for making you all wait in this cold weather. I will come back tomorrow with a lot more of the makings of delicious tteokbokki.” The total sales for the day came to 620,000 won. The two Ohs are excited about how well they’ve done and dream of expanding their restaurant.
In the same episode, the new tteokbokki that Na Gong Joo (played by Oh Yeon Seo) developed does not receive a good review, giving Jin Yong Seok (played by Jin Tae Hyun) a headache.

Lee Jung candidly reveals his feelings, “I want to be involved in a scandal with Park Bo Young.”

In the episode of MBC’s Concert Queen that will air on February 7 at 11:00 p.m., Lee Jung reveals his candid thoughts about his ideal type. Lee says, “My ideal type is a woman who is family-oriented and pretty.” When asked which celebrity is the closest to this, he replied, “Park Bo Young.”
When host Joo Young Hoon asked, “What news do you wish to hear this year?” Lee Jung gave a good laugh by answering, “I want to be involved in a scandal with Park Bo Young. Park denies the rumors, but Lee Jung acknowledges them.” He made funny lyrics like: “He’s nothing more than a close friend to Park Bo Young.” “Lee Jung reveals that they are interested in each other and are getting better acquainted.”

2AM’s Jo Kwon dates with Brownie and gives a kiss

2AM’s Jo Kwon uploaded pictures taken with Brownie.
Previously on February 5, Jo Kwon uploaded picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Hello?”
In the picture, Jo Kwon is hugging or kissing the Brownie doll. Not only that, Jo Kwon is sitting on a table with wine bottles and giving the green bear doll a loving glare.
Netizens commented: “What is Jo Kwon’s concept?” “I’m so jealous of Brownie.” “Is Brownie a girl or a boy?” “What is that bear doll?”

Singer G.Na reveals cute pictures in the recording studio

Singer G.Na attracted attention by uploaded four cute picture of herself.
On the afternoon of February 6, G.Na uploaded four pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “I was recording at the recording studio. Since it’s becoming late, I begun to take pictures.”
With disheveled hair, G.Na revealed her innocent charms in a loose T-shirt. Her cute charms that could not be found on stage attracted attention.
Netizens commented: “You seem to be having a lot of fun.” “Good job G.Na!” “Hurry up and finish recording! I can’t wait to listen to the new album.”
Currently, G.Na is a couple with F.T Island’s Choi Jong Hoon on tvN’s The Romantic & Idol.

Lee Joon Gi returns to the innocence of childhood

On February 6, K-pop star Lee Joon Gi uploaded some pictures on his Weibo page with the caption, “Mr. Lee Joon Gi visited a toy store with the staff and had a lot of fun. I’ve gotten used going out and playing around in masks like this. It’s very important to return to the innocence of childhood.” In the pictures, he’s posing in a playful way wearing a goblin mask and a samgak-gimbab (triangular onigiri) mask. He is also seen wearing a bright smile, sitting on a toy horse. He seems to be having a lot of fun, not being conscious of others.
Fans commented: “Are you really in your 30s? Child Joon Gi.” “Don’t lose your innocence of childhood this year.” “You look very happy.” “I’m so jealous of the staff who accompanied you.”
Previously, on January 30, Lee’s new Japanese single, Case By Case, ranked in the second place on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.

SNSD’s Tiffany has an expensive car?

SNSD’s Tiffany is currently drawing a lot of attention.
Tiffany appeared on the February 5 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart and was asked about her recent car purchase. Tiffany said, “It is not an imported car but it’s special. It’s pink. My car is not expensive. It’s a mini-car. People think that I make a lot of money, but I don’t make that much money.”
However, after the show, incorrect information about Tiffany’s car spread through the Internet. The rumors said that Tiffany’s car was imported especially for her and it costed over 100 million won.
A spokesperson for SNSD’s agency says, “Tiffany’s car was made by a Korean company. It was not imported, nor was it imported just for her. It’s just a familiar mini-car. Her remarks were probably misinterpreted.”
SNSD will go on a Japanese tour starting on February 9 in Kobe and then they will go to Saitama, Nigata, Hiroshima, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Davichi to sing theme song for Iris 2

Davichi will sing the main theme song “Don’t You Know” for KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Iris 2.
On February 6, Davichi’s agency said, “The song includes magnificent orchestration, played by seventy professional musicians. Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung sang the song with great emotion and it complemented the sensitive song.”
Davichi says, “Since Baek Ji Young received a lot of attention with the song “Don’t Forget” for Iris 1, we feel some pressure to do a good job. But we also want to receive more attention and make ours even better.”
Davichi is currently preparing for their second EP, their follow up from their previous release five years ago. Many popular singers will support the EP to help the group.

TVXQ’s Yunho celebrates his birthday today

TVXQ’s Yunho celebrated his birthday today on February 6. He is currently shooting SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Yawang.
Yunho was born on February 6, 1986 and today he celebrated his 27th birthday. TVXQ’s agency, SM Entertainment said that Yunho celebrated his birthday on the set for the series and he will have a small dinner with staff members after the shooting.
Since Yunho shows great passion for the series, celebrating his birthday on the set meant a lot to him. An official for the series said that Yunho is working so hard to give good performances for his character in the series and he works in great harmony with other actors.
Meanwhile, Yunho’s fans did good deeds to celebrate his birthday. Fans from Korea, the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Peru, Spain, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand donated 12.62 tones of rice (worth 31.55 million won) to the Community Chest of Korea in Yunho’s hometown Gwangju.

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