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Rabu, 03 April 2013

15& reveal lyrics teaser for their comeback song, “Somebody”!

The duo 15&, comprised of Baek Yerin and Park Jimin, will be making a comeback this 7th of April 2013. JYP Entertainment already revealed two teaser images for their comeback. Their title track is “Somebody” which was said to be connected to Wonder Girls‘ song, “Nobody”. A lyric teaser of the song has been uploaded in the company’s official Youtube account and fans are looking forward to the release of the full song.

Jun Hyunmoo cheers Shawols up after SHINee’s Jonghyun car accident: “He says he’s fine”

It has been all over forums and social networks yesterday, and at a first glance it probably looked like a very bad April Fools’ joke, but then official declarations were released and the hopes of a “just kidding, I’m fine!” were sadly put to a stop.
Luckily, the lead vocalist in SHINee doesn’t seem to have been hurt too badly: he is still hospitalized and resting, as many news outlets have already made known, but there isn’t excessive worry about the nature of his nasal injury and despite giving priority to his recovery to full health, there aren’t any significant changes to his schedule yet –excluding, of course, the immediate present and next few days, which he’ll obviously need to stay put and recover.
Amidst all the worry that spread across the SHINee world, Jun Hyunmoo, well-known among SHINee fans for his parody covers of the band, updated his Twitter account with encouraging words:
“Received Text from Jonghyun ^^ (He said) He is fine, but need lots of rest. He will recover soon~ SHINee World and Myself, let’s pray for Jonghyun’s fast recovery^^”
screenshot of the tweet

While it is still very unfortunate that Jonghyun had to suffer a car accident –which was reported to have been only due to distraction, as Jonghyun did not drink and drive, so let’s seriously talk about bad luck– it was very sweet and caring of Hyunmoo to let the fans know that their idol was well enough to send a text and say that he was recovering well.
I, for one, I’m very thankful to mr. Hyunmoo for sharing the little info.
And, when all is said and done, it’s lucky that no one got seriously hurt in the accident and, while hoping that he’ll be more careful in the future, let’s all join Hyunmoo and wish Jonghyun a total and speedy recovery.

Secret has revealed some footage taken during their time off in Singapore

Secret’s agency has revealed four minutes of video footage titled “Secret Time in Singapore” on its official fan site and its official YouTube account. The video shows the members of the group looking as charming as ever.

Secret finished their Singapore concert on the 29th of March, and in the video we see them just being themselves at Sentosa Beach, on a yacht, and in the downtown area. They are dressed lightly and show off their healthy beauty without the stage makeup we’re so used to seeing them in.

A spokesperson for the agency says: “In the video, you can see the cordiality between the members of the group and a charming new side of Secret that comes to light in the wondrous natural landscape of Singapore.”

Secret is planning to begin work on its next album right away.

MyName’s Japanese album has reached third on the Oricon Chart

On April 3, the group MyName’s agency reported: “We Are MyName was released on the 27th of March. The album sales have reached 20,787 units, and the group has taken third place on the Oricon Daily Chart. The album took the top spot on the Tower Record Daily Chart. It proves that MyName is a rising star in Japan.”

The album has also reached third on the Oricon Weekly Chart. MyName is the only Korean group to rank on the album chart this week.

MyName sent out this message through its agency: “We have reached third place on the Oricon Daily Chart and went all the way to the top on the Tower Record Daily Chart. We will follow in the footsteps of the groups that have gone before us and work harder to become a worthy representative of K-Pop.”

MyName will soon start filming a Japanese movie in which the group plays the leading role, and concurrently the group is going to hold a concert tour titled Departure in Japan.

Two top stars come together! GD will be a special guest at Psy’s concert on April 13

Soon we are going to get to see a world star and one of our best “idol” musicians together at one concert. We’re talking about Psy and G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang.

Psy will do a solo concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium (Seongsan) on the afternoon of April 13. Since last summer, Psy has played a leading role in the global K-pop syndrome as he took the whole world by storm with his viral music video of “Gangnam Style,” so not only Koreans but also people abroad are taking an interest in this concert.

Psy has put over 30 billion won into producing this blockbuster concert, livening up his fans’ expectations. He will perform his new song “Gentleman” for the first time at this concert. That’s one of the reasons so many fans around the world are interested in this concert, which is to be broadcast live on YouTube.

In addition, there’s more good news: G-Dragon is going to appear as a special guest at the concert. According to the several music industry sources, GD will sing his new song “MichiGo.”

This is a result of the two stars’ friendship. To encourage GD, Psy attended the first day of GD’s solo world tour, One of a Kind, which was held in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on March 30. Impressed by GD’s performance, Psy suggested he perform as a guest at his concert. GD accepted the suggestion gladly because he likes Psy personally and respects him as his senior in the music industry. Fortunately, GD has no tour performances scheduled for the week when Psy’s concert will be held, so he’s free to perform there.

GD’s solo world tour has been in progress since late last month and is predicted to attract a total audience of 550,000 in 13 cities in 8 countries, including Korea and Japan.

Jay Park boosts expectations for his EP JOAH with the release of the jacket design

We’ve just been given a peek at singer Jay Park’s new digital EP, JOAH. On the morning of April 3, a week before the release of the new EP, he revealed the jacket design and the list of songs. JOAH will be released at noon on April 10. It contains three songs: the title song, “JOAH,” plus “It’s True” and “Welcome,” showing Park’s command of various musical styles, including R&B, ballads, and hip-hop.
The public got its first glimpse of “Joah” through the teaser video. It’s a sweet love song suitable for spring, so it’s expected to be popular with people who liked Park’s previous love longs, “Count on Me” and “Girlfriend.”
“It’s True” is a charismatic hip-hop song, thanks to Dok2, who is featured in it as he has been in every album by Jay Park, which shows his solid friendship with Park. “Welcome” is an R&B song with sexy lyrics.
The band Common Ground, on SNL Korea, in which Jay Park has participated, and CHACHA of AOM, who worked together on the song “Abandoned,” contributed to raising the quality of the EP and increasing people’s interest in it.

B.A.P to perform at Yin Yue Tai’s first V-Chart Award Ceremony in Beijing

On 13th April, Popular South Korean rookie group B.A.P will participating in 音悦Tai (Yin Yue Tai)’s first Yin Yue music video chart (V-Chart) annual award ceremony held at MasterCard Centre in Beijing, this is their first time heading to mainland China and meeting their fans there.

The group B.A.P debuted in January 2012 and in just slightly more than a year’s time they’ve released 3 singles, 2 digital singles, 2 mini albums, 1 repackaged album, 2 photobooks, held showcases in various countries, received 13 Newcomer Award along with other Dance and Music Awards, and in this year’s February they held the first stop of their “B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour” solo concert in Seoul. B.A.P seems to have become a big trend among rookie groups in South Korea.
Even though B.A.P has not been to mainland China for any promotional activities, but their influence and popularity that they’ve received is big. In China’s Yin Yue V-Charts where interactivity is highest and where fans have a big say, B.A.P’s debut song “Warrior” received good results and their latest song “One Shot” landed in 3rd place for the website’s Korean Charts.
All the members of B.A.P will be participating in Yin Yue V-Chart first annual award ceremony, where they will be showing their fans their first performance in mainland China. Group member, Him Chan who was unable to take part in performances due to a hand injury before promotional activities of “One Shot”, the award ceremony performance that features all members will definitely become one of the highlight.
Also, known dates and countries where “B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour” will be held includes
- June 7 – 17th U.S.
- June 24th Tokyo
- July 9th Taipei
- July 12th Singapore
- July 22nd Hong Kong.
**The final winners of each region will be announced on April 13th at the Annual Award Ceremony.
Fans can either watch the award show online at
- Award Ceremony’s official website
- Yin Yue Tai’s website