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Selasa, 02 April 2013

Girl group Secret turns the heat up in Singapore showcase

T.S. Entertainment’s hottest girl group SECRET successfully held their first solo concert in Singapore on 29 March. Organized by Fast Track Events, the concert may have started slightly late but SECRET definitely made up for the delay. With show-stopping performances, ultimate amounts of fanservice and flashing gummy smiles the whole night long, ‘Secrettime’ (fans) were more than delighted.
The four ladies; Hyosung(leader), Zinger, Sunhwa and Jieun kick-started the show on a high note with hit song ‘Poison’ followed by another fast dance track ‘Madonna’. The atmosphere escalates with every song, up to the point where some avid fans burst to tears upon seeing their idols in person. Noticing the tear-stained faces of some fans, Secret were seen signalling for fans to wipe their tears.

SECRET are versatile performers
From a sexy image, the four ladies are able to nicely transit to a girl-next-door concept and perform songs like ‘Shy Boy’ and ‘Starlight Moonlight’ with its cute choreography. They also showed their soft side and vocal talents singing to slow ballads like ‘My Boy’.

SECRET shines during solo
A sure highlight of every idol group concert is the specially prepared solo performances, this time is no different. Zinger transformed into a rockin’ rapper decked in a studded cap and hoodie. She performed her solo track ‘Amazinger’ and did a sexy routine along to ‘Ride It’ by Ciara. A complete 360-degree change, Sunhwa appeared on stage with a bridal veil. As though she stepped out the set of ‘We Got Married’, Sunhwa performed a cute version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby Baby’. Proving that SECRET is not just a pretty-face group, Jieun impressed with an english song – Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’. Leader Hyosung showed why she is the best and a popular choice as an ideal type with a powerful performance of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’.
SECRET is recovering well
With the recent unfortunate accident, fans and media alike have been posing questions regarding Secret’s health. Worry no more! “I’m ok,” assured Zinger during the concert, quoting her well-being as at 98%.

Fanservice at its maximum
It was applaudable that throughout the whole concert, the four ladies tried their best to interact and converse with fans in English. Noticeably was Zinger, who took on the role as spokesperson and conversed the most in her accented English. During the interaction time, two lucky fans(one being the youngest girl and the oldest female) were picked to receive a group hug on stage and gifted with a signed album . It was amazing to see a very wide range of fans enjoying the concert.

G-Dragon has released his new song “Michi Go” in 230 countries

On April 1, G-Dragon’s agency released “Michi Go” through the global mobile messenger Line, which has about 130 million subscribers. G-Dragon’s new song will will be available in Korea, Japan, and Thailand first.
Getting the song is simple. If you access Line, buy G-Dragon’s sticker (G-Dragon Special Edition), and then put the sticker in G-Dragon’s official account, you can enjoy the music.
A spokesperson for the agency says: “Lately there has been a rapid increase in smartphone users, and this has formed a new market in the mobile community, so this release through Line is a new distribution channel that responds to these changes in the market.
G-Dragon released “Michi Go” first during the Seoul concert of his solo world tour, One of a Kind, held in Seoul Olympic Park on the 30th and 31st of March. He is planning to hold 26 concerts in 13 cities of 8 countries, including Korea and Japan, and a total of 550,000 fans are expected to attend.

K.Will is soon coming out with a new song “Love Blossom”

K.Will’s agency, Starship Entertainment, released a teaser of the new song “Love Blossom” on its official YouTube channel on April 2. In the teaser, L of Infinite and Dasom of Sistar go on a date in an amusement park. They play the roles of a couple falling in love at first sight.
The agency reported, “Song Won Young, recognized for Naul’s ‘Memory of the Wind’ and Ivy’s ‘Bad Woman,’ took part in making the music video. The music video features picturesque images resembling a watercolor painting, and the story has an unexpected twist.”
Producers Kim Dohoon, Double Kick, Primary The Name, and others took part in producing K.Will’s new album.
K.Will will release a regular album, Part 2: Love Blossom, on April 4.

SHINee’s agency says, “It’s not a copy. The melody is different”

The boy group SHINee’s song “Dream Girl” has become embroiled in a controversy over claims that it plagiarizes a Spanish song. The group’s agency announced on April 1: “It is totally not true. If you listen to the Spanish song, you will realize the chords and melody of the song are different.”
 There was a report that SHINee’s “Dream Girl” is very similar to the song “Vuelve,” sung by the Spanish singer Luís Miguel and released in 2003. The suspicion of plagiarism was brought up first on YouTube because of a video clip comparing the two songs, which received lots of hits.
An agency official said that people who cast doubts about plagiarism really don’t know what plagiarism is, insisting that SHINee’s song is not a copy of some other song.

Ga-In is coming out with an album of duets, titled Romantic Spring

On April 2, Ga-In’s agency, Loen Entertainment, reported: “A new album of duets by Ga-In will be released through major Korean online music websites on the 8th of April.” A picture taken on location in New York during the filming of the music video has also been revealed.
Loen Entertainment says: “The album is full of sweet, emotional songs for spring. We hope you’ll watch for performances by Ga-In with the material from her new album.” In the album, Ga-In shows new side of herself with expressions of a girl who is falling in love.
The partner who participates in the duets will be revealed on the 4th of April along with her teaser of the lead track.

Kim Hyun Joong Wins Best Actor Award at Film Festival

On March 28, 2013, Kim Hyun Joong was in Okinawa for the 5th International Film Festival. His performance in the music video “Lucky Guy” earned him the Best Actor Award.

The singer looked amazing in a traditional black tuxedo as he accepted his award onstage amid the screams and cheers of his fans. He went on the express his thanks and his hopes to one day film a movie in Japan.

One of the judges praised his looks and charisma, saying he had an aura of James Bond. The multi-talented artist certainly did have a more sophisticated look than we are accustomed to seeing in his music videos and onstage performances. The tuxedo only served to accentuate his classic good looks and charming smile.

Kim Hyun Joong also participated in the event by performing on the festival’s music stage. His audience was made up of around 2,000 people. The lucky crowd was treated to a song list which included hits like “I’m Yours” and “Heat”.

The singer and actor has enjoyed great success in Japan over the years in both music sales and concerts. He recently closed out his final concert in Japan with tears, thanking the Japanese fans for their support.

Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong for his Best Actor award. We wish you many more years of continued success.