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Jumat, 12 April 2013

Before debuted, they’ve already been friends with each other!

Super Junior’s Yesung to enlist in the army on May 6th

The enlistment date of Super Junior’s Yesung has been set.
During Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5′ concert in Seoul on March 24th, Yesung hinted that he will be enlisting in the army this year. As he shed tears on stage along with the fans, Yesung expressed his gratitude towards his fans. He also asked them to take care of Super Junior members when he’s not there and to never forget him.
Now the date has been confirmed by SM Entertainment through an official press release. Yesung will enlist on May 6th. He will have his basic military training for 4 weeks before continuing as a public service worker for 23 months.
There will be no big event to send Yesung off as he wishes to enlist quietly. Hopefully, his fans will be patient and wait for him to come back.

Source: TV Report

Choi Si Won is surrounded by beauties in Hong Kong

On April 11, Korean star Choi Si Won attended a promotional  event in Hong Kong for the mobile messenger Line.

He looked like a stylish, dignified gentleman in neat, formal suit with a white bow tie on a white shirt. He smiled and waved in response to fans and reporters.  During the event, a brief commercial in which Choi appears was shown, followed by an interview with local media.
When he was asked unexpectedly about the current military escalation on the Korean Peninsula, which had nothing to do with the event itself, Choi kept his response quite brief, adding, “I’m a Korean citizen and all my people think the same.” He also said he would be attending an awards ceremony while in Hong Kong.

Super Junior started its latest concert tour, Super Show 5, on March 23 in Seoul and will go on to China, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

L, of Infinite, appears solo in a teaser and photo essay

On April 12, Infinite’s agency revealed a teaser in which L appears solo. It is entitled “L’s Bravo Viewtiful” and is posted on the group’s official website. In the teaser, L is pressing the shutter of a camera in a snowy landscape of this past winter.
L has previously revealed that his hobby is photography, so his image in the teaser looks familiar to fans. Moreover, in the latter half, there is a hint related to the upcoming release in May in Korea and Japan of “L’s Bravo Viewtiful” photo essay. The essay is a gift to fans, containing photos that he has taken. A limited edition of 30,000 copies is expected to be published.

Since Infinite revealed its new song “Man in Love,” the group has been sweeping a variety of music charts and music programs.

There are differing views on Psy’s new song “Gentleman”

 With the release of Psy’s new song “Gentleman”, there are diverse opinions about it. Here were some of the positive reactions expressed on April 12: “It’s a cleverly done piece.” “It’s certainly more targeted at the global market than ‘Gangnam Style.’” “It’s addictive, like ‘Gangnam Style,’ yet classy as well.” “I became addicted to it after listening to it only twice. I’ve just kept listening to it.” Negative reactions included: “It won’t have a big impact.” “This song contains too many different things, which makes it chaotic.” “It doesn’t live up to the standard of ‘Gangnam Style.’” “Some of the lyrics sound like cursing.”
“Gentleman” was released in 119 countries of the world at midnight local time. The song starts with Psy’s low murmuring voice with an electronic sound and a somewhat slow beat. Overall, the song is slower than “Gangnam Style,” and it has witty lyrics mixed with dialect and slang.
Yoo Gun Hyung, who composed “Gangnam Style,” played a role as a composer again, and Jo Su Hyun directed a music video, just as he did for “Gangnam Style.” Lee Ju Sun, the head of the choreography team, took a dance part in this performance.
Psy is going to hold a solo concert titled Happening, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium starting at 6:30 p.m. on April 13.