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Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

Teen Top’s Niel says, “Please stop the crank calls”

 Niel, a member of the boy group Teen Top, spoke candidly of his difficulties caused by crank calls. On May 8, he tweeted, “Hello, everyone. I’ve experienced something embarrassing recently. I understand how much you love me and I really appreciate that, but I want you to stop calling me directly, especially late at night.”
He continued his plea for fans to refrain from calling, saying, “To those who make such crank calls, please stop doing that. I’ve been so embarrassed that I don’t know how to say. I know you’re my fans who love me, so I’m asking you not to do that again, please!
He also added, “I didn’t know how to express myself yesterday. I’m sorry to most of my fans, who haven’t made crank calls. I tweeted because I was so upset. Please stop calling! I deeply appreciate your affection toward me, but I ask you once again.”
Netizens who heard the news showed their support, saying: “Change your phone number.” “You don’t need to be polite to those people. Just do not answer calls from numbers you do not know.”
Recently, Niel has drawn public attention when it was revealed that he got a proposal from a girl from JYP Entertainment.

The production company of the drama series Heirs considers casting F(x)’s Krystal

The producers of the new drama series Those Who Wish to Wear the Crown, Be Sure You Can Bear Its Weight – Heirs have checked Krystal’s work schedule for the last half of the year. An official of the production company, Hwa and Dam Pictures, reported to Starnews on May 9 that she is on the list of those being considered for the cast. He added that no choices had been confirmed yet, except Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.
If Krystal is chosen to appear in the series, it will be her first such role in two years after her last sitcom High Kick – Counterattack of a Short Leg, which oired on MBC in 2011. Her return on TV drama is highly anticipated because she did a good job in the sitcom as a cheerful, vivacious high school girl.
Heirs is a trendy drama series aimed at a young audience. It deals with love and friendship among wealthy high schoolers. The script will be written by the well-known writer Kim Eun Sook, who has written a number of popular series, including Lovers in Paris, Secret Garden, and Gentleman’s Dignity. Kang Shin Hyo, who produced The High Rollers and Midas, will be producing this new series. The highly anticipated series is scheduled to begin broadcasting this October.