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Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin reveal their ideal types!!

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On February 26th, Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin guest starred on SBS Power FM “Choi Hwajung’s Power Time”. While on the show, DJ Choi Hwajung asked the three members about their ideal types, to which Jonghyun revealed, “I like women who can do aegyo and are like foxes. I also want her to listen to me and smile often.”
Minho then confessed, “I feel that when a girl is really focused on what she is doing, that moment when she flips her hair out of habit, is when she is most beautiful. I hope that my other half will like the same sports as I do, and I also hope that I will like what she likes, so that we’ll have more things in common.”
Lastly, maknae Taemin shared, “I hope that she’s an honest person, I don’t wish to find out in the end that she’s the opposite.”

Couple ♥Kim Soo Hyun♥ & Suzy for BeanPole CF 2013


Secret’s Jing Geo goes to the beach with her family

We were all worried about the members of Secret who were in a car accident late last year. To our relief, Jing Geo of Secret seems to have recovered fully from her injury. On February 28, the singer posted a photo of herself on the beach on her Twitter page. She commented, “I went to the beach with my family, and the ocean was beautiful. I think you can see too much of my nostrils in this photo though.” 
In the photo, Jing Geo looks as if she has been running on the sand. Her tiny face looks even smaller because her hat covers part of it. She looks very stylish even in her casual outfit.
Fans commented on the post: “Jing Geo must be fully recovered. I’m relieved.” “She’s prettier now.” “Jing Geo looks better without make-up.” “I love Secret.”

Soo turns down the offer to take the money and leave Young

In the episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter, The Wind Blows that aired on February 28, Oh Soo is given an offer that he would have taken at a heartbeat if he hadn’t gotten to know Young. If you have not yet been watching the series, Soo has been pretending to be Young’s long-lost brother, so that he can inherit some of Young’s parents’ money to pay off his debt of about 72 million US dollars. Based on this, the offer from Secretary Wang, who is like a mother figure to Young, should sound irresistible  She offers, “I will give you the money you need. Just leave Young now.” To her surprise, Soo replies, “If I wanted money more than Young, I could have gotten it already in many different ways. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear this from you.” He also warns her, “You’ve just made a mistake. Before I leave, I’m going to look into your history,” implying that he knows she’s done some things she doesn’t want to see surface.

Woo Kyung realizes her feelings for Mr. Kim


In the episode of KBS 1TV’s Cheer Up, Mr. Kim that aired on February 28, Woo Kyung (played by Wang Ji Hye) realizes that Mr. Kim (played by Kim Dong Wan) may mean more than just a friend to her. Since their short trip together in the last episode, Woo Kyung can’t help but thinking about Mr. Kim a lot. She even asks her brother for some insight. She asks, “What does it mean when you can confide in somebody about things that you could never tell anyone else?” The answer she gets is, “I think that means that somebody is a very special person to you.” So, she starts thinking about her feelings for him even more. 
Mr. Kim doesn’t feel much different from Woo Kyung. He thinks about her a lot, and her calls make him nervous and excited. However, he knows there are many obstacles between them. To name a couple that we know: One, he works as a housekeeper at Woo kyung’s family’s house. Thus, the difference in their social and financial status. Two, he lives with and takes care of four children, two of who were in Woo Kyung’s class last year. Even though he is not their father, this complicates things as he has lots of responsibilities, and the children and Woo Kyung know each other.
Mr. Kim therefore decides to avoid seeing Woo Kyung or talking to her on the phone. Woo Kyung feels the discomfort that he feels and asks him about it, but Mr. Kim would not tell her. Come on, viewers. Let’s cross our fingers that the romance between these two selfless, nice people does not fade before it even starts.