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Selasa, 27 November 2012

CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin shows off a gentle look in suits

A pictorial of CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin in suits was released on November 28.
Having successfully made his acting debut in KBS 2TV’s drama series My Daughter Seo Young, Lee shows off a charismatic look as an actor in this pictorial. With a body figure that is as great as that of a professional model, Lee shows off a gentle look in various types of suits. He also shows off his sharp chin line and attractive features.
The photo shoot was done right after CN Blue finished a tour of Japan, which attracted a total audience of 100,000. Despite his busy schedule for concerts and drama shooting, Lee said, “I think now is the happiest time in my life.”
The pictorial and interview with Lee can be seen in the December issue of the fashion magazine Marie Claire.

Brown Eyed Girls release a teaser video for ‘Tonight 37.2°C’

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls released a teaser video of Miryo on November 27 for their R-rated concert ‘Tonight 37.2°C.’

Like the teaser video of Narsha, which was released last week, the teaser video of Miryo also received considerable attention. The video starts with Miryo playing with a man in a bathtub.
Then she captures male fans’ hearts by intimately posing with the man. The video also made many people eagerly anticipate the next teaser video.
Since the group will hold their first R-rated concert ‘Tonight 37.2°C’ as a girl group, many people are paying attention to them. Their official YouTube channel and blog for the concert are drawing people from all over the world.
The concert will be held on December 24 and 25 at the Central City Millennium Hall. Tickets for the concert can be purchased through Interpark ( and they are all standing room only tickets.

Update: Golden Disk Awards (GDA) 2013 in Malaysia

We earlier reported about the news that GDA 2013 may be held in Malaysia. Just yesterday evening, a local Chinese Malaysian daily (Sin Chew Daily) reported that the GDA 2013 event is expected to be held over 2 days on 15th – 16th January 2013 at the Formula One racing circuit in Sepang. The indicative ticket prices was also mentioned in the article.
It is also reported that this award ceremony will see some 27 groups of singers participating in this coveted event.
Official news and announcement of this event is likely to take place early December.
Stay tune while we find out more about this event!

2AM’s Jo Kwon congratulates Sun Ye on her wedding

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently congratulated his best friend and a member of Wonder Girls Sun Ye on her wedding.
On November 27, Jo tweeted, “My beloved best friend Sun Ye, who I have known for twelve years, is going to get married! I feel really strange. I still find it hard to believe, but I think I will cry a lot on her wedding day. Should I sing “Never Let You Go” for her? Please give her your blessings and support her so that she can be happy.”
Since Jo and Sun Ye have been friends for a long time working for the same agency together, his sincere tweet drew a lot of attention.
Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, singer Yoon Ha, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and more congratulated her on her wedding through their social networks.
Wonder Girls’ agency, JYP Entertainment, made an official announcement and said that Sun Ye will marry a missionary, who she has been dating for the past two years, on January 26 of next year.

Park Si Hoo plays the role of a funny man in Cheongdamdong Alice

Actor Park Si Hoo recently said that he will show off a different look for his new TV series.
On November 27, Park attended a press conference for SBS’s new weekend series Cheongdamdong Alice and said, “I decided to appear on the series because I thought that I will be able to show off a different look in the series.”
“Since the character has various emotions, I think I can give various performances too. My character is great but he has also been hurt in the past. I think the character will be familiar to the audience and that makes me excited,” he added.
“I like my character and I think I can work with Moon Geun Young in great harmony. I’m enjoying the shooting and I feel like the series will be a great hit.”
The series is about an ordinary girl named Han Se Kyung trying to become a rich wife and realizes the true meaning of marriage and wealth.
Moon plays the role of a poor girl named Han Se Kyung and Park plays the role of a young CEO named Cha Seung Jo. So Yi Hyun plays the role of a friend of Han and Kim Ji Seok plays the role of a fashion designer. The first episode of the series will air on December 1.

ZE:A’s Gwang Hee confesses his handwringing shopping experience

ZE:A’s Gwang Hee recently revealed that his life as a celebrity is sometime rocky.
On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heat that aired on November 27, Gwang Hee opened up: “Once I went to a department store to get my mother an eye-cream as a gift. I wore sunglasses to the department store, where there are a number of middle-aged women. I didn’t expect people recognize me, but they did and I could hear them buzz things like, ‘He must be here to a gift for her mom. I wish I had a son like him.’”
The singer added: “I was going to get just an eye-cream, but I ended up buying a full makeup set that cost me six hundred thousand won because I felt all the eyes on me. That was a handwringing experience, which left me broke for a while, but my mom was very happy about the present.” The celebrity’s expensive-gift confession made everyone laugh hard.

Jewelry’s Yewon scribbles on her self-taken picture, “She is so cute.”

Girl group Jewelry’s Yewon revealed a cute picture of herself.
On the afternoon of November 27, Yewon uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “It’s so much fun to doodle. There are so many features nowadays. Hello, everyone.”
In the picture, Yewon is wearing a paisley T-shirt and acting cute by holding up her right hand. The scribbles around her face and on her hand attract attention.
Netizens commented: “You should’ve drawn on your face.” “Let me see how good you are at scribbling.”
Yewon created a stir by narrating for singer Boom’s new song, “Beautiful” that was released on November 27.

Chae Rim is cast in a new Chinese TV series

Actress Chae Rim was recently cast in a new Chinese TV series and proved her high popularity in China.
The new series The Lee Family will air on Chinese CCTV in 2013. It is about the Lee family, who thinks the good is the best in life. Chae Rim plays the role of Mrs. Lee, who has lost her husband but leads the family as a talented young business woman.
Even though the Mi family tries to get the Lee family in trouble, Mrs. Lee always find the way to keep her family at peace. Chae Rim is expected to play an important role in the series.
She says, “I’m so happy to meet the audience through this great TV series. I haven’t been on a TV series for a long time and it makes me a little nervous. But I will try hard to do my best and I will also try to bring good news for Korean fans too. Please keep supporting me.”
Chae Rim recently signed a new contract with her agency Sidus HQ.

Juniel is proficient in reading old Chinese characters

Singer Juniel has shown off her fluent skills in reading Chinese characters.
In the broadcast of MBC FM’s Shindong’s Shimshimtapa on November 26, Juniel appeared as a guest. When given the mission to “complete the sentences in Chinese character,” the star read the given script without a hitch, showing off her fluency.
She surprised the production crew and others as she chose the sentence with highest level of difficulty and read if off very quickly. Juniel explained, “The reason why I became fluent in Chinese characters is because I’ve studied it during my stay in Japan.”
DJ Shingdong highly complimented Juniel on her skills saying, “If there is any contest for ‘idols’ to compete each other with their ability in Chinese characters, Juniel will definitely win.
In the meantime, the singer released her second EP Bad Man on November 20 and made a public promise that she will reveal her dancing skills if she ranks at the top of a music show.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha causes curiosity about the ending of Ohlala Couple

Singer Narsha of the girlgroup Brown Eyed Girls recently shared her feelings about closing KBS 2’s Monday and Tuesday drama series Ohlala Couple (written by Choi Soon Shik and directed by Lee Jung Seub and Jun Woo Sung).
On November 27, the star tweeted “We’re shooting the ending of the last episode of Ohlala Couple. What is the ending going to be like? Well, I know,” and attached a photo.
In the picture, Narsha makes a cute face making a heart shape with her fingers. In another picture she later added, the star poses with Byun Hee Bong, folding her arms with his. She played the character Moosanshinnyeo and showed off her perfect teamwork with Byun.
It is the last day of Ohlala Couple on TV. The follow-up series will be School 2013 (written by Lee Hyun Joo and Ko Jung Won; directed by Lee Min Hong and Lee Eung Bok) starring Jang Nara and Choi Daniel.

Yoon Eun Hye of Missing You looks refined in a pink sweater

MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You is drawing a lot of attention with its interesting plot and characters’ fashion sense. The best among the cast is actress Yoon Eun Hye.
Yoon is well known as a fashion icon in the entertainment world. She shows off her fashion sense and hairstyles through the series. Her long brown curly hair is receiving considerable attention.
Her clothes are also drawing a lot of attention. On the sixth episode of the series, she showed off her refined appeal by wearing a pink sweater from Kenzo (Graphic Ang Ora Knit Sweater, 750 thousand won) and shorts with black stockings.
The series (includes twenty episodes in total) will capture the public’s attention with its plot development and characters’ fashion and makeup sense.

miss A’s Suzy: “You should watch the movie 26 Years”

miss A’s Suzy is drawing a lot of attention by recommending the movie 26 Years.

On November 27, Suzy tweeted, “You should watch the movie 26 Years! People in Gwangju are still proud of  Democracy upheaval and I want to thank the people who sacrificed themselves. We should  pay more attention to them through the movie.”
On November 26, Suzy attended a VIP preview for the movie. Then she left a note on her Twitter account about the movie and received considerable attention.
The movie, which will be released on November 29, is based on a web cartoon with the same title. It is about the 1980 pro-democratic movement in Gwangju. Han Hye Jin played the role of a shooter named Shim Mi Jin and 2AM’s Im Seul Ong played the role of a police officer named Kwon Jung Hyuk.
People responded: “Suzy knows what she’s doing.” “I will watch the movie too.” “Suzy has become a smart entertainer.” “I think Suzy felt something after watching the movie.”

Joo Won starts shooting a new TV series

Joo Won recently started shooting a new TV series and made people eagerly anticipate his new character.
He started shooting MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series 7th Grade Civil Servant, which will start airing in January of 2013, on November 23.
Joo Won and Ha Si Eun arrived on the set early in the morning to shoot the series. Joo Won plays the role of a mean and irritable man named Han Gil Ro. He received favorable reviews from the production crew by showing off his talented performing skill.
Producer Kim Sang Hyeop advised actors about their facial expressions and poses. He even arranged the  properties on the set and said, “I will show my passion and ambition as a young producer.”
After shooting the first scene of the series, Joo Won said, “Shooting the first scene is always exciting. I enjoyed the shooting and I think it will be a fun job to do.”
The series is about NIS rookie agents and their romance and conflicts. Besides Joo Won, Choi Kang Hee, Hwang Chan Sung, and Kim Min Seo will appear on the series.
The series will air after the current airing series Missing You goes off air next year.

Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls says, “I’m not leaving the Wonder Girls”

Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls recently announced that she will marry early next year and will continue to work as a member of the Wonder Girls.
On November 27, JYP Entertainment, Sun Ye’s agency, reported that Sun Ye, who has led the Wonder Girls for six years since 2007, will marry on January 26 next year.
The agency said, “Sun Ye told the members of the Wonder Girls and us that she would like to get married. We all understand that her decision has been made after careful consideration, and we respect that.”
Regarding the rumor that Sun Ye is pregnant, JYP said, “The rumor is not true. Sun Ye will prepare for her wedding one by one.”
Sun Ye will focus on her wedding and family for a while. A spokesperson for Sun Ye says, “Sun Ye will continue to work as a member of the Wonder Girls. The members of the Wonder Girls will work individually and together.”
Sun Ye’s groom-to-be is a Korean missionary living in Canada. They met in Haiti for the first time during their volunteer work.

Ailee’s first kiss confession―”I was in 3rd grade in the middle school”

Ailee recently confessed her first kiss.
On the episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 that aired on November 26, singer Shin Hyo Beom, Kim Jong Guk, K-Will, and Ailee appeared and provide viewers with some lively entertainment.
When asked when her first kiss was, the pretty 23-year-old fessed up that she had her first kiss at a children’s playground near her house when she was in 3rd grade in middle school.
The singer added: “The boyfriend asked me if I ever kissed someone, and I said no. Then he just planted a kiss on me all of a sudden.”
On hearing Ailee’s first kiss story, Running Man star Kim Jong Guk, 36, showed a smile, saying “Very cute.”

KARA will release Solo Collection on November 28 and 30

Girl group KARA will release their solo that they wrote the lyrics by themselves in Korea for the first time.
On November 27, KARA’s agency, DSP Media, said that the group will release Solo Collection, which includes each member’s solo, and music videos on November 28 and 30.
Nicole and Goo Hara will release their solos on November 28 and Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, and Kang Jiyoung will release their solos on November 30. The ordinary version and limited version of EP will be released on December 4.
Composers Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, who have been working with the group, and Lee Joo Hyung and G-High, who composed several hit songs, produced the EP.
The solos were pre-released at the group’s first exclusive concert KARASIA, which was held in February in Korea. The EP was also pre-released in Japan and ranked fourth on the Oricon chart.
A spokesperson for the group says, “All group members wrote the lyrics for the songs for the first time and tried to put their own feelings into their solo music. They also actively participated in making their music videos and made the ‘self made’ EP.”

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon at the read-through for The Flower Boy Next Door

Some snapshots of members of the cast for tvN’s new drama series The Flower Boy Next Door at the read-through were recently released.
On November 21, the cast members played their roles at the first read-through as if they were really shooting the series. Yoon Si Yoon, who appears in a drama series for the first time after he finished the series Me Too, Flower, and Kim Ji Hoon, who was recently discharged from the army, also attended the read-through.
Park Shin Hye also showed off a goddess look without wearing makeup. As such handsome actors and pretty actresses as Yoon, Kim, Go Kyung Pyo, Park, and Kim Yoon Hye attended the read-through, the meeting room almost seemed like a studio for a photo shoot for a fashion magazine.
The Flower Boy Next Door is a romantic comedy drama series, based on the popular Internet cartoon series I Peek at Him Everyday. An isolated girl named Go Dok Mi (played by Park Shin Hye) falls in love with Enrique Keum (played by Yoon Si Yoon) after she gets caught by him peeking at a man next door.
The Flower Boy Next Door is a series that succeeds such drama series as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, which aired last year. Yoon, Park, and Kim will play the roles of men and a woman in a love triangle.
Producer Jo Moon Joo of CJ E&M says, “Because the director, writer, and members of the cast have studied the characters in the series for a long time, they showed off great teamwork at the first read-through. I believe this series can succeed because the cast members are showing great affection for their characters and also showing off good teamwork.”
The series will start airing on January 7 next year and air every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 p.m.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is consoled by Shin Dong Yeob

Host Shin Dong Yeob of KBS 2TV’s Hello recently consoled Super Junior’s Eunhyuk for having a hard time after a picture of himself and IU was released by mistake.
On the 100th episode of the show, which aired on November 26, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Sungmin appeared as guests and listened to people’s worries.
Before listening to people’s worries, Shin asked the guests about their worries. Sungmin said, “I don’t know what to do when I appear on variety shows,” and Shindong said, “I’m worried that I quickly gain weight after I finish being on a diet.”
Eunhyuk’s turn came, but Shin didn’t ask him to talk about his worries.
Other hosts asked Shin, “Why aren’t you asking Eunhyuk?” but Shin just patted Eunhyuk on the shoulder with a meaningful look on his face. He seems to have been considerate of Eunhyuk, who recently had a hard time after a picture of himself with IU was mistakenly released, but Shin’s action got laughs as it attracted even more attention to Eunhyuk.

Yoo Seung Ho starts to take revenge on people on Missing You

Hyung Jun (played by Yoo Seung Ho) starts to take his revenge on people with a poker face on MBC TV’s drama series Missing You.
Hyung Jun is a man who never expresses his feelings to other people although he is kind to Joy (played by Yoon Eun Hye).
He decides to take revenge on people who hurt him and his mother in the past as he lost his mother Hyun Joo (played by Cha Hwa Yeon) by Tae Jun (played by Han Jin Hee).
In the seventh episode of the series, which will air on November 28, Hyung Jun meets Tae Jun as Harry and starts taking revenge on him, which has been planned for over 14 years.
Because Hyung Jun always looks innocent and relaxed, viewers are wondering how he would look when he starts taking revenge.
Hyung Jun has been very wary of Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) ever since he met him for the first time and expressed his loneliness with a nervous look in his eyes when he saw Soo Yeon encountering Jung Woo.
Hyung Jun’s mixed feelings of anger, sadness, and loneliness will now be an important part to watch in the series.
The seventh episode of Missing You will air on November 28 at 9:55 p.m.

Fans of B2ST’s Yang Yo Seob sends their star 100kgs of rice in celebration of the release of his solo debut album

Stacks of rice were recently delivered to Yang Yo Seob by his fans to celebrate his solo album Caffeine.
On November 26, 100kgs of rice arrived at Yang’s agency, Cube Entertainment with a message celebrating the release of Yang’s solo album. The rice was sent by one of his fan clubs, YangPoZ (Yang Yo Seob’s supporters).
K-pop fans used to send their supporting stars standing flowers in celebration of something, but recently flowers have been replaced to rice because it can be donated under the name of stars and their sensible fans. The rice sent by Yang’s generous, sensible fans will also be donated to the needy.
In fact, B2ST fans have been practicing this good deed since the band’s first concert in December 2010.
Having just released the audio his first single “Caffeine,” the B2ST member is to make his solo debut performance on a music program on TV this week.

The King of Dramas: Kang Hyun Min is accused of drink-driving

Kang Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Choi Siwon) is set to form generous public opinion fabricating a story of his mom having had an acute stomachache.
In the episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series The King of Dramas that aired on November 26, Kang Hyun Min gets to drink and drive and has a car accident by the plot Oh Jin Wan has hatched, and the star’s civil offence quickly spreads to public. In the car accident, Lee Go Eun (played by Jung Ryu Won) gets seriously hurt, but she fortunately recovers her consciousness. Kang, however, faces harsh criticism from public, so the chief executive of S broadcast company forces Anthony Kim to replace the writer and the actor within three days.
Anthony Kim desperately seeks how to deal with the troubled situations. Being in hot water, the drama producer unexpectedly gets to find out that Kang Hyun Min’s mother was taken to an emergency room on the same day that Kang had a drinking and driving accident. In fact, Kang’s mother always thinks she’s unwell and visits an emergency room regularly. Embattled, Anthony Kim comes up with an excuse using Kang’s mom having been taken to an emergency. He invents a story in which Kang was drunk but he had to drive at the news of his mom being taken to an emergency.

Super Junior’s Siwon attends a press interview for his new drama series on The King of Dramas

A press interview for the new drama series The Morning in Kyungsung is held in SBS TV’s drama series The King of Dramas.
In the eighth episode of the series, which will air on November 27, a press interview for a new drama series, written by Go Eun (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and starring Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Siwon) and Min Ah (played by Oh Ji Eun), is held.
Including Hyun Min, Min Ah, Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min), and Go Eun, a CEO of Je Gook Productions (played by Park Geun Hyung), Jin Wan (played by Jung Man Sik), and Woon Hyung (played by Kwon Hae Hyo) attend the interview.
The scene was shot at the SBS Hall, where press interviews for such drama series as The King of Dramas, The Great Seer, and Cheongdamdong Alice were actually held. All members of the cast, who play the roles of members of the cast of The Morning in Kyungsung, and extras, who play the roles of reporters, gathered on the set.
In the shooting of the scene, Siwon and Oh posed for the camera as if they were actually attending a press interview.
Siwon waved his hands at reporters, putting his arm around Oh’s shoulders. He also did ad-libbing, saying to the reporters and Oh: “Please see the center.” “Please give us your interest.” “You’re so beautiful.”
The production team of The King of Dramas says, “The scene of the press interview for The Morning in Kyungsung was shot very realistically, so it will be very fun to watch the scene. Please also look forward to what will happen after this interview.”
The King of Dramas is about the making of a drama series by Anthony Kim, a notorious producer who only pursues money, fame, and success in his life; Go Eun, a warm-hearted writer who can’t stay quiet when she sees anything unjust; and Hyun Min, a top celebrity who lives in his own world. The series airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says, “I’m afraid of people’s attention”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who recently had a hard time because of the picture of himself with IU, said he’s afraid of people’s attention.
On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Hello that aired on November 26 at 11:20 p.m., Super Junior’s Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk appeared as guests and listened to viewers’ worries.
A girl named Seok Ji Hoon appeared and talked about her worry. She said she often gets criticized by people because they think she did plastic surgery even though she has never done it. She said in tears that people don’t believe that she didn’t do plastic surgery.
At this, Eunhyuk said, “I think it’s a very serious worry because the most scary thing is people’s attention.”
As the audience laughed at Eunhyuk’s comment, Eunhyuk said, “Don’t laugh, please. It’s really hard when people misunderstand you.”

More details announced for Park Shin Hye’s Fanmeeting!

More details have been revealed following the announcement of Park Shin Hye‘s fanmeeting in the Philippines for the year 2013. Recently, the organizers have released the official poster (above) for the event. The date and venue has been announced as well. The event will be on March 16, 2013 at Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza. The organizers also announced that only a few fans will be able to attend this fanmeeting making it more intimate. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this event!

The King Of Drama: Lee Go Eun and Sung Main Ah go head-to-head

Scriptwriter Lee Go Eun and actress Sung Min Ah go head-to-head about the portion of the actress’ role from their first day of meeting.
On the episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series The King Of Dramas that aired on November 27, Anthony Kim finally casts Sung Min Ah in The Morning of Kyung Sung. The series receives a lot of attention even before the production because The A-lister Sung Min Ah makes a comeback to small screen with the series after three years.
A few days after she decides to do the series, the actress asks writer Lee Go Eun to meet up. Sung roars: “Do you know how much I’m paid for appearing in an installment” That’s ten thousands! Then you should treat me better than this.” The actress forces the writer to modify the script for her by giving her role bigger part.
Puzzled, Lee Go Eun refuses: “I understand what you want, but I’m sorry I can’t do that for you.” Sung Min Ah says: “I don’t think I can’t work with you because you’re a rookie. It’s not you’ve casted me, but I’ve chosen to do this work. The writer, however, won’t give in, and reiterates: “This series is not written for an actress. I’ll never modify the script on behalf of you.

Kim Beom successfully holds a concert in Japan

Actor Kim Beom recently held a concert in Tokyo, Japan.
On November 27, King Kong Entertainment, Kim’s agency, reported that Kim Beom held live concerts for the first time in Japan at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo on November 21 and 22 under the title of Kim Beom Japan Live 2012.
The concerts were held in celebration of the eighth anniversary of his debut. Nearly 2,000 people attended the concerts.
Releasing the first album, Hometown, in Japan and visiting the country in June, Kim promised that he would hold a concert when he visits the country again, and he kept the promise this time.
At the concert, Kim sang a total of eleven songs, including Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Sakura Jaka” and “Honey (L’arc~en~Ciel).” Kim also impressed some of the audience by giving them some roses.
Kim says, “I was really nervous because it was the first time for me to hold concerts, but I believe I made fun, precious memories. I really appreciate the Japanese fans who have supported me. I really wanted to give a band performance for my fans, and I was really happy that I could do so this time.”
Kim came back to Korea on November 23 and started shooting SBS TV’s new drama series That Winter, The Wind Blows, which will start airing in February next year.
He has recently finished shooting Tsui Hark’s new film Detective Dee Prequel, which will be released at the end of next year, and the new film Miracle, which stars Kim and Kim Kang Woo, will also be released early next year.

S4 top the charts in Indonesia with their debut song

S4, a new singing group produced jointly by Korean and Indonesian productions, recently topped the charts in Indonesia with their debut song.
On November 27, S4′s agency reported, “S4, the first singing group jointly produced by Korean and Indonesian productions, topped the daily chart on Melon Indonesia in only 20 days since their debut with their debut song, ‘She Is My Girl.’”
S4 topped the chart with the song on November 25, and the music video of the song received over 300,000 hits on YouTube.
A spokesperson for S4 says, “S4 will be the first group to succeed in both Korea and Indonesia. They’ll make a great contribution to the cultural exchange between the two countries in 2013. We’ll also soon start receiving applications for Galaxy Superstar Season 2 to produce the next group to succeed S4.”

Super Junior’s Shindong says, “I’m on a diet now”

Super Junior’s Shindong recently said he is worried about that he quickly gains weight again when he finishes being on a diet.
On the 100th episode of KBS 2TV’s Hello that aired on November 26, Super Junior’s Shindong appeared as a guest with Sungmin and Eunhyuk and talked about his current worries.
Shindong said, “People often get surprised by me because I quickly gain weight immediately after I finish being on a diet. People ask me if I’m still on a diet or gaining weight again. You might be surprised but I’m now on a diet again because I recently gained some weight.”
At this, host Shin Dong Yeob got laughs by saying, “Just leave it as it is.”

The Wall Street Journal introduces Lee Hi as Korea’s Adele

Media outlets in the United States are paying attention to rookie singer Lee Hi.
On November 26, The Wall Street Journal introduced Lee as Korea’s Adele and reported on her debut. It says, “A 16-year-old female singer, Lee Hi, is being tipped to break the mold after sweeping to top spot in the music charts in South Korea for the past 23 days with her debut single “1,2,3,4.”"
Adele is an English singer, who released the international hit song “Rolling In The Deep” in February of 2011.
On the same day, the also introduced Lee as a ‘monster rookie’ and said, “Lee Hi is spending a third straight week atop the chart with her debut single “1,2,3,4.” The young singer is aiming for another hit her newest single, “Scarecrow,” released Nov. 22.”
Lee will attend the ’2012 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards,’ which will be held in Hong Kong on November 30, and perform “Cold” with Epik High.