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Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

Son Ho Young’s song for his mother makes the whole audience shed tears

Singer Son Hon Young has turned his audience shed tears with his song that describes how terribly he misses his mother on Immortal Classics.
According to KBS on December 29, the recent shooting for Immortal Classics-Special Feature for Trot Big 4 covered Son’s performance. He combined Tae Jin Ah’s “The Song of Yearning” and GOD’s debut song “Dear Mother” into one rearrangement.
In an interview prior to going on stage, he said, “I’ve been away from my parents for 25 years now, and I don’t know much about mother’s love. But she is definitely a special person to me. Today, I want to sing only thinking about my mother.” His words revealed his love for his mother.
Enjoying Son’s performance, Tae Jin Ah moved to tears and said, “My mother raised seven kids and passed away just a month before turning 60. Because I couldn’t afford a flight ticket at that moment, I couldn’t be with her when she left us.”
Son’s mournful song made the whole audience as well as the other singers in the greenroom drop tears. The show aired at 6:15 p.m. on December 29.

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung surprises her fans with her updated self-portrait

Kang Jiyoung of the girl group Kara drew people’s attention with a self-portrait and boasted her beauty.
She posted the picture on Twitter on December 29 and commented, “Yes. I’ve made a mistake.”
The celebrity put her wavy hair down which is dyed in a brown tone. She also appeals with her well-defined features.
The way she pouts her lips and makes a sullen look generates her particular cute charm and grabs male fans’ hearts at once.
Netizens who saw the picture reacted: “I was astonished at her updated self-portrait. This youngest member has gotten very pretty lately.” “Kang Jiyoung looks very pretty. She’s the goddess of taking self-portraits.” “I like even her mean look. Her beauty gets upgraded and it looks the best.”

SM Entertainment artists form a project group

Some of the representative artists from SM Entertainment recently formed a project group.
They formed SM The Performance and presented themselves for the first time on SBS Music Festival on December 29. They’ll release their first song, “Spectrum,” on December 30.
SM The Performance consists of a total of seven members, TVXQ’s Yunho, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Minho and Taemin, and EXO’s Kai and Ray. They received a lot of attention on SBS Music Festival with their powerful performance.
The choreography for the song is created by Shim Jae Won and Nappy Tabs, a world-famous choreography team who created choreography for BoA’s “Only One,” TVXQ’s “Humanoids,” and songs of Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez.
“Spectrum” is a cover version of the popular German DJ Zedd’s second single.