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Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

2NE1 shoots professional pictorials for four different fashion magazines

Recently, each member of the girl group 2NE1 came up with her unique charm in four different fashion magazines. With new magnificent looks, they appear in cover pages of four major fashion magazines.
Sandara Park chose to shoot pictorials for Elle while Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minji each selected Allure, Bazaar, and Marie Claire. It’s very rare for an “idol” group to shoot professional shots separately, but all on the same day. It seems possible only with 2NE1 for the members were dearly loved for each of their unique charm in a group.
Sandara Park appeals a female charm with a pure image. Park Bom shot a beauty pictorial with the theme of spring with her innocent charm. CL attracted eyes with somewhat bold makeup and fancy fashion. Lastly, Gong Minji appeals with a mature charm.
2NE1 plans to return to the music industry with new number in the first half of the year.

Kim Hee Sun is invited to a Burberry fashion show in London

The top star Kim Hee Sun is invited to a fashion show in London on behalf of the whole regions of Asia.
On February 16, the star leaves for London, U.K. in order to appear in a fashion show of the worldwide fashion brand, Burberry. The clothing brand has invited Kim Hee Sun as the representative of Asia.
When she wraps up her schedule in London, she will be back to Korea on February 19. The arrival date is also the day of the first airing of SBS’s Incarnation in which Kim appears as the main host. She will be able to monitor herself in the first episode of her show and will continue with the second shooting two days later. Indeed, she is spending busy days since the beginning of the new year.
Kim returned to drama series with SBS’s Faith and is now continuing with her career in Incarnation.
People are curious whether she will be successful in drawing public attention as a show host and continue with drama series as they build expectations for her, the woman who was born in the Year of the Snake and the year 2013 is also the Year of Snake.

Lee Joon Gi is having a sweet nap with his puppies

Actor Lee Joon Gi posted a photo of himself taking a nap with his pets.
On February 15, Lee posted the photo on Weibo and commented, “Someone took this picture at a perfect timing. We’re all in deep sleep.”
In the picture, Lee appears to be fallen in a deep sleep on a couch, with his eyes firmly closed. His pet puppies that are in his arms attract particular attention. The pets rest their jaws comfortably on his arms and are taking a nap.
Fans who saw them all fallen in sleep reacted: “All three of them look somewhat similar.” “They may appear a bit uncomfortable, but look happy.” “The puppies look obedient and cute.” “All three of them look lovely.”
In the meantime, Lee was discharged from the army last year and returned to his career with MBC’s drama series Arang and the Magistrate. Lately, he released his new album “Case by Case” in Japan in January and received an enthusiastic reaction from his fans.

Jo In Sung impresses viewers even with the acting of his hands

In addition to acting with his eyes, Jo In Sung once again impresses viewers with amazing acting of his hands.
The actor currently appears in SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter, the Wind Blows (written by Noh Hee Kyung, directed by Kim Kyu Tae) and plays the character Oh Soo, a professional poker gambler who offers to become a brother for Oh Young (played by Song Hye Kyo).
In the February 14’s airing of the series, Jo adds more life to his character with meticulous work with his hands. Oh Soo may appear cold outwardly, but it is to defend himself from his hurt inside.
Particularly, Jo successfully delivers the character’s seriousness as he deeply ponders between the path of life and death, eagerness as he struggles to stay alive, and cleverness as he tries hard to become Oh Young’s real brother. He carries out many different colors fluently.
Moreover, the actor also expresses a subtle feeling he has for Oh Young with the acting of his hands and completes a heart-aching scene. It motivates viewers to be more engaged in the series.
That Winter, the Wind Blows is composed of 16 series in total and is about Oh Soo who was abandoned by his parents in his early childhood, failed his first love, and used to live a meaningless life and Oh Young whose parents are divorced, brother is lost, and life has been hard after a sudden loss of her eyesight finding hope and true meaning of love in their cold, lonely lives.

After School’s Nana reveals her flawless figure in a red tube top dress

After School’s Nana revealed her outstanding beauty.
On February 15, the singer posted a photo of herself on Facebook and commented, “Sniff, sniff! Is everyone doing good? Don’t get sick but be safe.”
She appears in a red-tone tube top dress that appeals her beautiful figure. Her slim collarbone and voluptuous breast line are indeed emphasized.
Her beautiful look also attracts attention. The smoky makeup highlights her eyes and makes her well-defined features even clearer. Her sharper jaw lines and whiter skin make viewers jealous.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Nana looks pretty.” “Even her sullen look is lovely.” “She’s got clear skin.” “Beautiful.” “Nana looks prettier these days.” “What a goddess.” “Nana is charming.”
On February 14, the singer appeared in the episode of’s M Count Down with Raina as special emcees of the day and revealed her talented hosting skills.

JYJ will perform Seotaiji and Boys’ “I Know” at the presidential inauguration ceremony

The “idol” group JYJ (composed of Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su, and Kim Jae Joong) will give a special performance of Seotaiji and Boys’ “I Know” at the 18th presidential inauguration ceremony.
On February 15, the presidential transition team submitted a report titled, “A written briefing for to the presidential inauguration ceremony” and revealed specific schedules for the performances that are to be held in prior to the actual inauguration ceremony for the President Park Keun Hye.
According to the document, the performances will begin on February 25 at 9:20 a.m. Some K-pop singers are invited to this special event: JYJ, Jang Yoon Jung, Nam Kyung Joo, Sonya, and Psy. Also, the Brave Guys of KBS 2’s Gag Concert, Kim Deok Soo’s samulnori (Korean traditional percussion quartet) party, and a female master singer Kim Young Im
JYJ will perform “I Know,” the hit song of Seotaiji and Boys, mixed into a remix of the dance songs from the 90s and “Oh! Pilseung Korea.” Nam Kyung Joo and Sonya will sing Song Chang Shik’s “Whale Hunting,” a representative pop song of the 70s and 80s. In addition, Jang Yoon Jung will stand on behalf of the 50s and 60s and give a passionate performance of “The Man of Yellow Shirt” and “With You.”
Along with it, there will be a short skit prepared by the Brave Guys and a joint performance of Kim Deok Soo’s samulnori party and Kim Young Im on the street.
The last two performances will be covered by the “world star” Psy, with his songs “Gangnam Style” and “Champion.”
The presidential transition team said, “The upcoming performances are intended to encompass all generations from the foundation of this country up to this day. Videos that reflect each generation will be played along with the performances of the singers that stand on behalf of each period of time.

Brian and Hwangbo in bed together?

On February 15, singer Brian tweeted a photo of himself lying in bed with singer Hwangbo with the comment, “Hwangbo and Brian in one bed?” No, no, no. They are not romantically involved, at least not that we know of, and it shows in the photo. In the photo, the two are wearing chef’s uniforms and are lying quite far from each other. In contrast to Brian who’s grinning, Hwangbo is busy playing on her phone and is not even looking at the camera. 
Curious fans responded: “What’s going on between you two?” “Are they shooting a show together?” “I’m curious why they are in bed together.” “Hwangbo doesn’t seem interested.”

How does miss A’s Suzy feel to be everyone’s first crush?


How would you like to be treated like everyone’s first love? In Korea, when a celebrity is loved by very many people and is thought of as a certain figure, people give an affectionate nickname of “national so-and-so.” Miss A’s Suzy is one of those celebrities with such special nicknames, and hers is “national first love,” partially because of her role as the main character’s first love in the movie Architecture 101, and also because she reminds many guys of their first love.
On February 15, a reporter from MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News interviewed the beloved singer and actress and asked just how she felt to be given such a nickname. She answered frankly, “I like the nickname, but I also feel like I’m expected to act certain ways because of it. For instance, I feel as if I’m not allowed to wear a lot of makeup or color my hair.” (probably because we have our first love when we are young and innocent, with no cakey makeup or crazy hair color.) When she was next asked whether she had an alternative nickname for herself, she creatively said, “Kook-hae-bah (a national happy virus) sounds good to me.” So we now know that Suzy prefers being a star who makes us virally happy to being our first crush in memories.

Megan Lee sings a duet with Kim Tae Woo


MBC’s Star Audition – The Great Birth has indeed given birth to several singers we know now. Among them is Megan Lee, a 16 year-old Korean American who appeared in both Season 1 and 2 of the show and made it to Top 13. The talented young singer has recently joined Soul Shop Entertainment and has already worked with singer Kim Tae Woo on his next album, titled T-LOVE
Soul Shop Entertainment has made the following comments about Megan Lee and her duet with Kim Tae Woo: “We admired Megan’s talent and passion for music, which was why we decided to recruit her. Kim Tae Woo, who also works for us, had seen Megan’s YouTube videos and recommended us to contact her in the first place. Their duet song will only be a start of their collaboration.”
The album T-LOVE will be released on February 20, and it is the song Oppa (meaning older brother in Korean) from the album that Megan Lee and Kim Tae Woo sing together.