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Jumat, 09 November 2012

Girls’ Generation YoonA, The CF Queen, Returns

Girls’ Generation YoonA, The CF Queen, Returns
Lately, snapshots of Girls’ Generation YoonA that had been taken during the filming of a mattress shopping scene gained hot interest from netizens who were once again taken in with YoonA’s cutesy charm and allure.
It appears from the photos that YoonA had been busy filming for another CF as the CF Queen, capable of making all kinds of faces yet still melt the hearts of fans all over.
Girls’ Generation Soo Young is also featured in the same CF, jumping on the mattress with YoonA as pictured in the snapshots compiled below.
The next couple of shots show off YoonA’s coveted assets: her toned, slender and tall figure that is emphasized by her form-fitting beige dress that adds ruching and volume to her figure. The shade of beige is especially tasteful, as it does not wash out her skin but instead brings out its natural rosy glow.
In other related news, on the 28th Girls’ Generation is set to release their second Japanese album “Girls’ Generation II: Girls & Peace.”

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung and Shin Min Ah Bubbed as Loyal Celebs

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung and Shin Min Ah Bubbed as Loyal Celebs
When Shin Min Ah announced that she will be joining a brand new entertainment agency O& Entertainment, where her old manager and staffs who she’s worked with for 6 years established, other actresses who’s stayed loyal to their agencies and agents started to garner attention once again. In the midst of greedy entertainment business and many celebrities who move from one agency to another, chasing after a bigger paycheck, their loyalty is certainly something to be appreciated.
Son Ye Jin recently renewed her contract with MS Team Entertainment, where she has been working with for the last decade or so. For top-class celebrities like Son Ye Jin, agencies usually pay a type of down payment upon signing a contract, but Son Ye Jin and MS Team Entertainment did not bother with technical details as such. Such decision was made based on Son Ye Jin’s trust of and friendship with the CEO Kim Min Sook. When they renewed the contract, the agency thanked Son Ye Jin, “She’s made a concession for us and we are very thankful to her for that.”
Lee Min Jung, who is also working with MS Team Entertainment, also renewed her contract with the agency after 4 years. Lee Min Jung first joined MS Team Entertainment in 2008 and decide to stay with the agency without making any drastic changes in their contracts. As soon as she signed her initial contract, Lee Min Jung was casted in KBS “Boys Over Flower,” and started to gain popularity. Even though she is now one of the most wanted female actresses, Lee Min Jung stayed loyal to MS Team Entertainment, the agency that found her and established her career.
Other actresses like Jeon Hye Bin and Han Hyo Joo also renewed their contracts with their current agencies, Namoo Actors and BH Entertainment, without making much revisions in their original contracts. While so many celebrities are going from one agency to another for more money and bigger fame, celebrities like Son Ye Jin and their loyalty to their staffs, friends, and colleagues set a good example for others.

PSY Receives Guinness World Records Certificate for “Gangnam Style”

PSY Receives Guinness World Records Certificate for “Gangnam Style”
On November 8, PSY was awarded the Guinness World Records certificate for his global megahit single, “Gangnam Style.”
The Guinness World Records wrote on its official website, “South Korean superstar PSY (real name: Park Jae-Sang) received his Guinness World Records certificate in London today for his hit “Gangnam Style,” which became the most “liked” video in YouTube history last month.” It also released the above photo of PSY holding the certificate with an official from the Guinness World Recrods.
After receiving the award, PSY went on a radio interview with BBC1, where he said, “It’s a true honor. It’s the first certificate I’ve received in my life. I didn’t even get my graduation certificate from school.”
PSY set the new record in September when his “Gangnamm Style” music video received 2.23 million “likes” on YouTube. Currently, it has over 4.91 million “likes.” The previous record was held by LMFAO, whose “Party Rock Anthem” had 1.57 million “likes.”

Official G.O.D.’s Reunion in Eight Years

Official G.O.D.’s Reunion in Eight Years
The most anticipated formal idol group G.O.D.’s reunion is made on Olive TV “Yoon Kye Sang’s One Table” on November 10.
On this cooking show, the formal G.O.D. member invited other four members to serve his personally cooked meal. All G.O.D. members are shown together on TV in eight years that makes it more meaningful.
Currently, Danny Ahn is a radio DJ, Son Ho Young and Kim Tae Woo are actively promoting their solo album and Park Jun Hyung flew to Korea from his hometown U.S. for this official gather up.
The host expressed happiness and relief, “I thought the members would be against my invitation, yet they all happily approved it.” He also talked about the rumors following G.O.D., “There have been misunderstandings that we need to resolve. That was the hardest moment of my life. We will be having a brief discussion over the issue.”

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Looks Picture Perfect In Graduation Photos

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Looks Picture Perfect In Graduation Photos

On a recent online community page, a picture titled “YoonA’s shocking graduation photos” was uploaded.
In the picture, YoonA loosened her long hair and is looking like a real student dressed in a neat school uniform. She looked absolutely flawless even before being photoshopped.
Netizens who took a look at the pictures commented, “I now know why she is being called a bambi,” “She looks good even without the photoshop. She is a born goddess”
After making her acting debut in the 2007 MBC drama “9 Ends, 2 Outs,” this year, YoonA was nominated as the “20s Female Drama Star” for her appearance in the KBS2 drama “Love Rain” at the Mnet 20s Choice Awards. The drama starred YoonA and Jang Geun Suk, and the story is based on the comparable depiction of pure love of the 1970s and love from the present day.

Response For Boyfriend’s Comeback Is More Than Just “Great”

Response For Boyfriend’s Comeback Is More Than Just “Great”

After performing their latest single “Janus” KBS2’s “Music Bank,” idol group Boyfriend received an unanimous praise for their spectacular comeback.
By wearing brightly-colored outfits of red and gold along with eccentric accessories, the members chose to show off a mannish look as opposed to the cutesy image they used to opt for in previous performances since their debut.
The group also performed a “mirror group dance” with 6 other back dancers. This dance routine was most favored by their fans and became one of the trending news of the internet immediately after their show.
Their agency Starship Entertainment announced, “Boyfriend will reveal another aspect of themselves through this new album. Especially the ‘mirror group dance’ is absolutely fantastic and charismatic so count on them to bring you the best performances.”

Block B Says Female Idols Look Ugly Without Make-up

Block B Says Female Idols Look Ugly Without Make-up
Idol group Block B has done it again.
The problem occurred on November 8, on Cable TV, MTV “Match-up: Block B Returns.”The team was asked whether they have ever seen idol groups without make-ups. Block B answered that they have and the staff asked, “Do they look different?”
Block B’s Jaehyo looked at Taeil, “The girl you always pointed out when we talk about girls with no make-up.” Apparently, Taeil mentioned the female idol name out loud but it has been replaced with a beep sound. Taeil continued directly looking at the camera, “She is really ugly without a make-up, You are a cheater!” Other Block B members started to laugh mockingly. Then Tail said, “What I just said should not be on air.”
Block B has been criticized by netizens for making a thoughtless remark towards Thailand victims of natural disaster.

The Grand KPOP Halloween Ball

Are you still having a Halloween hangover? Want to dress up as a scary monster, an anime character, cartoon character or your favorite KPOP artist? Do you feel like dancing the night away with groovy and fun KPOP music? If you answer, ‘yes’ to all then this is for you!
The Philippine KPOP Committee, Inc (PKCI) with Red Light Productions presents “KPOP NIGHT 5: THE GRAND KPOP HALLOWEEN BALL”. This is one awesome party you don’t want to miss! You can party with your fellow KPOP enthusiasts and come in your best costume. You party all night on the dance floor, dancing to your favorite KPOP music! The best part? You can win tickets for the Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert (DKFC)!
This event will be held on November 9, 2012 (Friday) at Candyshop Superclub in Quezon City, Philippines. The party starts at 10 in the evening. Want to go?

A spokesperson for IU says, “Please believe us”

A spokesperson for IU repeated that IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk are just close friends.
On November 10, the spokesperson said, “An official announcement already said that the picture was taken when when IU was very sick last summer. Eunhyuk visited her and they took the picture in question on a couch. Some people are still blowing it out of proportion but we would appreciate it if you listen to the official announcement.
“Why do you think we said that the picture was not retouched nor hacked and IU posted it by herself? The announcement is true so please stop over interpreting IU and Eunhyuk. They are just close friends.”
IU recently made rumors fly by releasing a self portrait that she took with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk in pajamas.
IU’s agency, Loen Entertainment, made an official announcement and explained what happened, “IU was tweeting early this morning and released the picture by mistake. IU feels very sorry about the confusion and apologizes to Eunhyuk for any trouble caused regarding the picture.”
The agency added, “IU and Eunhyuk have been close friends since her debut. Eunhyuk is so close to IU that he even spends time together with IU and her mother for the occasional meal.”

LOEN Entertainment Gives Official Statement on IU and Eunhyuk’s Relationship

LOEN Entertainment Gives Official Statement on IU and Eunhyuk’s Relationship

In response to the mysterious picture of group “Super Junior’s” Eunhyuk and IU, IU’s agency, LOEN Entertainment, released its official statement on November 10.
“Hello. This is LOEN Entertainment.
Today, we would like to release our official statement concerning the picture of our singer IU that was uploaded through her Twitter account.
First of all, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences or worries we may have caused to the fans of IU and “Super Junior.”
The picture in question was taken when Eunhyuk visited IU who was very ill at the time. Early this morning, IU accidently released this personal picture when she was updating her Twitter account.
IU sincerely apologizes for her mistake and causing any inconveniences to Eunhyuk.
And lastly, IU and Eunhyuk have been close friends and colleagues since IU’s debut. Eunhyuk is also a family friend; he even has had lunch date with IU’s mother.
We humbly ask you not to make assumptions or spread false rumours based on this mistake.
We have learned our lessons from this mistake, and we apologize again.
LOEN Entertainment”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies

It cannot be easy to be in an idol group, but to be in a successful idol group and stand out is not something just anyone can do. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has learned the tricks of the trade and made his way to the top of the idol industry as one of the most recognizable members of one of KPOP’s most popular groups.
“A few years ago I mentioned on the radio that I would go to Paris for vacation. At the airport in France there were fans waiting for me. I was very surprised since I wasn’t in Europe for any official activities,” Eunhyuk said in an exclusive interview with 10Asia.
Eunhyuk is the main dancer for Super Junior and one half of the duet unit “Oppa Oppa” with fellow member Donghae. As a performer he is known for his flexible and energetic moves; as an entertainer he is known for his witty and mischievous personality.
“Dance is the one thing I cannot give up. Since the beginning Super Junior has not just been about performing, but being active in all fields of entertainment, so my dreams as an entertainer or MC are becoming bigger.”
No doubt we can expect more from him than what we’ve already seen so far.
Eunhyuk introduced his top five most memorable movies with not just the plot summary, but also shared the memories that he associates with them. Through these recommendations Eunhyuk reveals more than what kind of movies he enjoys, but what sort of memories are important to him.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies
1. Titanic (1997 – James Cameron)
“If you tell me to pick the best movie, it has to be ‘Titanic’. Even though at that time I wasn’t old enough to watch the movie, my parents took me to watch it at the theater. I cried a lot as I watched it and even bought the DVD later. When it came out as 3D not too long ago, I put aside time to watch it again even though my schedule was busy. I must have watched it over fifty times, and I love it enough to memorize the lines. Ever since I was young I loved scenes of space or the sea, so I love the scenes with the sea or the ship. I normally look up pictures of marine life online. I am the sea type.”
Titantic was one of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood and widely considered a cinematic classic. It is directed by James Cameron and stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies
 2. Closer (2005 – Mike Nichols)
“There are many times when I watch a movie on DVD by myself. It’s difficult to match times with other people. I end up watching emotional or romantic movies like “P.S. I Love You” or “Closer.” Although they are fun to watch, those indirect experiences can really help in writing song lyrics. “Closer” is one of those movies you can’t just experience it indirectly. I really got into it watching it at night one time, and I thought the characters and the premise was really interesting.”
“Closer” was based on a screenplay of the same title and had such stars as Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Jude Law, and Clive Owen. The story is about four Londoners and their interchangeable complex relationships.
 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies
3. Untouchable (2011 – Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache)
“I don’t get many chances to go to theaters and it is an especially difficult task to go watch with the other members. So when a movie premier is part of our schedule, I am secretly thrilled. We were invited to the premier of this movie, and we watched it without knowing anything about it. It was funnier and more touching than we expected it to be. I watched it with Leeteuk and we both agreed that we should watch it again with all the other members because it was a movie about a special friendship.
“Untouchable” is a recent French movie that was a hit not only in France but internationally. It ran for several weeks in Korea. The movie is about a quadriplegic aristocrat who hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker.
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies
   4. The Avengers (2012 – Joss Whedon)
“Sometimes I go on dates with Sungmin. We’ve known each other since before we debuted so I enjoy going out to eat or watching movies with him. Sungmin suggested we watch the movie together and it was really great. Actually, I hadn’t watched ‘Thor’ or ‘Iron Man’ before, but after watching this movie I became very interested in these heroes. I thought about cosplaying as the Avengers with the members for our next Super Show.”“The Avengers” was a huge blockbuster action movie based on the popular Marvel Comics super heroes. 
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies

5. Hello Ghost (2010 – Kim Young Tak)
“The movie that I watched with the most members is probably ‘Hello Ghost’. We watched it on the airport because someone recommended it to us before. At first we thought it was a comedy so we were wondering why everyone was crying, but then when I came back from the bathroom I saw that all the members were crying. They all clutched their blankets to their mouths and their eyes were swollen, and although I cried too I couldn’t help but laugh at how we all looked. I didn’t expect to be moved so I was even more touched I think.”
“Hello Ghost” is a Korean movie staring Cha Tae Hyun. He plays a man who, after having several failed suicide attempts, discovers that he can see and communicate with ghosts.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picks His 5 Favorite Movies
 From these movie recommendations we can see that Eunhyuk not only believes in his own dreams, but the dreams of Super Junior as a group.
My goal is to be more active in broadcasts. However, everything that I do is for Super Junior. Isn’t it an amazing thing when people who only shine a little bit get together to become a group that shines brightly?”
As a firm believer in individual and group synchronization, he is a strong pillar in the group.
I think that when Leeteuk leaves for the army I should be able to stand alone. That’s why I’m trying to learn how to do well on entertainment shows even without the other members. Actually, as a team all the members have the responsibility of leading the group. No matter who takes a break, the group has to stay alive. That’s what I think Super Junior really is about.”

Park Shi Hoo Says He Used to Be Jealous of Fellow Actors

Park Shi Hoo Says He Used to Be Jealous of Fellow Actors
Park Shi Hoo recently had a brief interview with 10 Asiae online magazine.
In his upcoming movie, “I Am the Murderer,” Park Shi Woo told 10 Asiae that he tried out acting for a new character. Come to think of it, Park Shi Hoo always has played different characters in his dramas. In one drama, he acts as an immature grown-up male and in another drama, he is most manly and handsome!
When asked how it felt to see himself on screen, he said, “Satisfied (Laugh). It could probably be because of the lights, I looked sharp and handsome. I was worried because I never had the chance to see myself on a big screen. I liked how all the light effects helped to emphasize my character.”
He added, “I wanted to try out something that would give a great impact to the audiences. That is why I chose murderer character. I wanted the audiences to see me as an actor Park Shi Hoo not by a drama character. Also, the movie has a twisting ending. I liked that very much.”
He also talked about where he’d like this movie to take him in his career. “I don’t think that this movie will make me world famous, yet through the movie, I hope more acting opportunities to open up. I believe ‘I Am the Murderer’ was a great choice as my first appearance in a film. I hope the audiences would say, ‘The movie to feature Park Shi Hoo was a great choice!’”
He also shared his feelings about being recognized on the street, as he said, “It was great! I used to get jealous of other actors when their fans came all the way to the studio and cheer for them. It has been 10 years since my debut, and my fans come to cheer for me now. I am very pleased.”

Song Joong Ki’s A Werewolf Boy draws 2.5 million viewers

The movie A Werewolf Boy has drawn over 2.5 million viewers after only ten days of its release.
According to the data from the Korean Film Council on November 10, the film has recorded 259,529 viewers in one day on November 9. The total viewers for the movie have reached 2,529,703.
The movie was released on October 31 and has recorded over 2 million viewers in only nine days. It has stayed in first place at the box office.
The film I’m The Murderer ranked second. It recorded 124,760 viewers on November 9. The total viewers for the movie have reached 283,006 viewers. Third place has been taken by the movie Skyfall, which has drawn 1,943,202 viewers.
The movie  A Werewolf Boy is a beautiful love story about a werewolf boy and a girl, who shuts her mind from the world.

BoA: “I want to learn how to dance from a K-pop Star 2 participant”

Singer BoA recently talked about a K-pop Star 2 participant.
On November 9, BoA attended a press conference for SBS’s survival audition program K-pop Star 2. She is a jury member representing SM Entertainment.
BoA said, “There is a talented girl who impressed me. Participants who play keyboard and who sing like Michael Jackson were very impressive too but the girl impressed me a lot.”
She added, “She is very young but I thought that I would want to learn how to dance from her.”
Then Yang Hyun Seok said, “When she finished performing, Park Jin Young stood up and gave her a full bow.”
The show held the first audition with around 400 participants last month. They also held global auditions in New York, LA, London, Australia, and Vancouver. The first episode of the series will air on November 18.

Miss A’s Suzy receives shows off her wits at MBC’s University Song Festival

Miss A’s Suzy received a passing mark as the emcee of MBC’s University Song Festival.
On November 8 at 8:00 p.m, Suzy went up the stage of MBC’s 36th University Song Festival that was held at Ilsan MBC Dream Center with Lee Jeok as emcees. This festival will be broadcast with a short delay: the recording will be held at 8:00 p.m, and will be broadcast on 11:00 p.m.
Wearing a hot pink dress, Suzy was greeted with acclamations as she came up the stage with “Etude of Memory” as the background music. She started the festival by dancing cutely with the song “Running In The Sky” as Lee Jeok came up the stage.
Suzy attracted a lot of attention because she is the first to be on the stage of University Song Festival as an emcee after Lee Hyo Ri, who has been keeping that place for the last nine years.
When Lee Jeok greeted Suzy, “I see that you wore high heels.” Suzy wittingly replied, “The heels aren’t that high.” and smoothly emceed throughout the show.
Later on, Suzy greeted the foreign contestants, “Welcome to Korea.” and even held an interview in English, showing off her English skills. The audience seemed surprised at Suzy’s English speaking skills but Lee Jeok gave a good laugh by saying, “She practiced a lot during the rehearsal.”
In the second part of the concert, Suzy showed off her wits by asking Lee Jeok, “Answer me. Do you like me or IU more?” after the performance of IU and Sweet Sorrow.
In this broadcast, IU, Sweet Sorrow, Leessang, Nell, Sistar, and Verbal Jint performed on stage.
11 teams from various universities and three foreign teams that were selected via Youtube showed off their own written songs and received applause from the audience.

2012 Asia Super Showcase in MALAYSIA

Super Junior-M will be holding their first Asia showcase in Malaysia, ‘2012 Asia Super Showcase’ ; on the 11th of December 2012 , 8pm at  Level 15 Kenanga Wholesale City, Kuala Lumpur.
Members of Super Junior M namely, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Zhou Mi and Henry, have been performing for 4 years, since their debut in 2008. Affectionately known as Suju-M, they have previously performed their first live appearance at the Malaysian National Youth Day 2011. Malaysia ELF a.k.a EverLasting Friends (Super Junior Official Fanclub) have long been awaiting the return of Super Junior-M to Malaysia.
The second performing artist will be EXO-M,  a subgroup of SM Entertainment’s latest Chinese-South Korean boy band, EXO. EXO-M consists of six members, Kris, Xiumin, Lu Han, Lay, Chen and Tao. The group’s debut single ‘Mama’ was a success in the charts, winning them many awards around the region, notably the ‘Best Group of the Year’ award at the 5th Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival in China.
The third to perform is seven-member boy band BtoB (Born to Beat), which consists of Eun Kwang, Min Hyuk, Chang Sub, Hyun Sik, Peniel, Il Hoon and Sung Jae. Produced by Cube Entertainment’s associate label Cube DC, BtoB is currently making waves in the Korean music scene with their catchy dance numbers, such as ‘Insane ‘ and their latest single ‘Wow’.
2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia is jointly organized by Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia. Other partners include Artist Produced by S.M. Entertainment and Cube Entertainment, Official Radio Stations MY FM and Era FM, Official Venue Kenanga Wholesale City, Official Ticketing Agent TicketCharge and Technical Support, Singesen.
 For more information, head over to Marctensia’s Facebook and their twitter page . Stay tuned to for  full coverage of the concert!
Don’t forget to check out the greeting videos by your favorite idols below!

Song Joong Ki records a soundtrack of Nice Guy

Some pictures of Song Joong Ki recording a soundtrack of Nice Guy were recently released.
Song recently attracted a lot of attention by singing “Really,” a soundtrack of KBS 2TV’s drama series Nice Guy. On November 9, Song’s agency released some pictures of Song recording the soundtrack.
In the pictures, Song is dressed in comfortable casual clothes. In one of the pictures, he’s recording the song with his eyes closed, and in another picture, he’s shyly smiling as if he’s embarrassed.
During the recording, Song focused on the emotions of his character, Maru, and recorded the song in a sad voice.
People responded: “I can see Maru, not Song Joong Ki.” “He’s a super handsome guy.” “Song Joong Ki looks so nice even if he’s dressed in a simple hooded shirt and jeans.”
Song is currently popular for not only his drama series Nice Guy but also his film A Werewolf Boy, which has attracted nearly two million people so far.

JYJ’s Yoo Chun says “I’m going crazy” after Missing You’s first airing

JYJ’s Park Yoo Cun recently expressed how he feels about MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You.
On November 8, Park posted a picture on his official Facebook account with the comment, “Did you see the first episode yesterday? I miss you like crazy and feel sorry. I often say that I’m going crazy when I read my script. Please stay tuned to the series.”
In the picture, Park is wearing a hat and holding a script with a serious look on his face.
People responded: “You appeared on the series yesterday! It was short, but great.” “I think you are totally immersed in the character.” “I’m enjoying the series.”
The series is a classical melodrama about a man and woman who have wounded hearts from their first love. Child actor and actress Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun are receiving many favorable reviews.

Song Joong Ki to attend MAMA with many top celebrities

Actor Song Joong Ki will attend the largest music festival in Asia ’2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).’
The awards ceremony will be held on November 30 in Hong Kong. Song will attend the ‘Red Carpet’ party with many top stars, including, Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung Hun, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Chae Young, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Il Woo, Kim Kang Woo, Oh Ji Ho, Jung Kyeo Woon, Go Jun Hee, Yoon Si Yoon, and Park Shin Hye. He will also appear on stage to help distribute awards.
Through the awards ceremony, the top stars will show off K-pop, Korean movies and TV series to the world. They will also help MAMA rise up on the world stage.
Director Han Dong Chul for the ’2012 MAMA’ says, “We hope that MAMA can make Asia and the world become one with the worldwide official language music. Korean singers and actors, who lead K-pop culture, will share the K-culture with Asian fans through the ceremony. Not only the stars but also Asian fans can enjoy the ceremony together.”
Psy, Super Junior, Big Bang, SISTAR, Wang Leehom, and Jackie Chan will also attend the MAMA and draw a lot of attention from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Thailand. Many local medial outlets are reporting on the event in real time.

What did innocent idols IU and miss A’s Suzy wear for the CMF festival?

miss A’s Suzy and IU are drawing a lot of attention with their styles at a festival.
On November 8, ‘The 36th MBC College Musicians Festival’ was held at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan. IU and Suzy received considerable attention from the audience.

Suzy appeared on stage as an MC alongside singer Lee Jeok. She wore a pink dress and looked elegant and refined wearing a bold necklace.

IU appeared on the stage as a guest. She wore a cute green sweater and woolen pants with suspenders. She looked like a cute fresh student with black socks and shoes.
At the festival, Shin Moon Soo from Kwangwoon University won the grand prize for his song “Necktie.”

IU was a man in her previous life?

Let us learn about what IU was in her previous life.
In a recent shooting for MBC’s God of Victory, professor Seol Ki Moon who is an expert hypnotist was spotted hypnotizing IU.
Before getting into the actual session, IU took a deep breath to express anxiety about her first attempt of hypnosis. As soon as she was hypnotized, Seol asked her, “What kind of image do you see?” and she replied, “I see a man early in his twenties wearing hanbok. He is sweeping the yard. His name is Dolsoi (refers to a typical name of a male servant in early days of Korea).” Her reply inspired a good laughter from the audience.
Also, Tak Jae Hoon, who did not seem to give in easily to the hypnosis, actually turned out vulnerable to hypnosis, not being able to hold himself well. He even ate sour lemon deliciously, surprising the audience.
You can check out IU traveling back to her previous life on God of Victory on November 11.

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung vs. Ji Sook: Who is sexier?

Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung recently competed against Kim Ji Sook.
On November 9, Kim posted pictures on her me2day account with the comment, “I’m here to catch Kim Ji Sook, who has a baby face and voluptuous figure.”
On November 7, Kim Ji Sook tweeted a picture with the comment, “Ji Sook in jeans.”
In the pictures, the two girls are showing off their voluptuous figures by posing for the camera. Their tight white T-shirts complemented their slim waists.
Kim Jae Kyung also drew a lot of attention with her red polka-dot hairband. Thick wavy hair complemented her feminine appeal.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Wow, I didn’t know that her figure is this nice.” “She has a great figure.” “She looks good in red.” “Kim Ji Sook looks cute and Kim Jae Kyung is sexy.”

What is TVXQ’s Changmin worrying about?

TVXQ’s Changmin is drawing a lot of attention from a hand written note.
An online community posted a picture with the caption, “A popular idol worries about…”
The picture features a note that someone wrote. It says, “Seriously, seriously, seriously wondering. Hamburger, pizza, tteokbokki, ramen, pork roll, boiled fish paste, kimbab…”
Then continues, “These are not enough. There are too many delicious things in the world and it makes me worry.”
The person who wrote the note was Changmin. He previously appeared on a TV show and said that he can eat two large pizzas by himself.
People who saw the picture responded: “He has a good appetite.” “I want to eat all of those.” “I think he made his figure firm by eating less.” “If he eats whatever he wants to eat, he may die.”

Who is Joo Won’s ideal woman: “Han Chae Ah vs. Jin Se Yeon”

Actor Joo Won selected Jin Se Yeon as his ideal woman.
Joo Won will appear on Story On’s Lee Seung Yeon and 100 Women and will talk honestly about his life and will give a great performance as a musical actor.
He also talked about his first TV series King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo. He said, “I learned many things from the series. After the series, nine out of ten people recognized me. But exactly one month later, I became an ordinary person and I thought that I should not worry about popularity.”
He surprised the audience by saying that he will go out with Jin Se Yeon rather than Han Chae Ah. The three stars previously appeared together on the series Gaksital.
Joo Won made people laugh by saying, “I saw that actor Shin Hyun Joon held a surprise event for Han when they attended a press conference for their series Ohlala Couple. That’s why I chose Jin.”
He will also talk about his first kiss and perform a scene from the musical Jekyll and Hyde. The show will air on November 10 at 11:00 p.m.

Little Psy teach Filipinos how to dance “Gangnam Style”!

Do you remember the cute and talented younger version of Psy in his music video for “Gangnam Style”? His name is Hwang Min Woo a.k.a Little Psy. He surprised his fans in the Philippines today when he appeared in the popular noontime show, “It’s Showtime”. Together with the show’s three (3) hosts, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario and Ryan Bang, he showed everyone how to dance to the popular song, “Gangnam Style” the right way! He impressed everyone with a powerful and fun performance that the audience couldn’t help but dance with him. He even introduced himself in Filipino, further delighting the crowd. He was so awesome that the hosts asked for a showdown! Watch his awesome performance below!

TVXQ make a profit of 13.7 billion won out of DVD sales

It’s been recently reported that TVXQ has made a profit of a billion yen (about 13.7 billion won) out of DVD sales in Japan in 2012.
On November 3, the Oricon Biz Online reported the news, announcing the album sales in the third quarter of 2012.
According to the Oricon Biz Online, the DVDs of TVXQ and AKB48′s concerts are the only ones that made a profit of over a billion yen in Japan in 2012. In 2011, there was no albums or DVDs that made a profit of over a billion yen.
The DVD of TVXQ, which made a profit of over a billion yen, is the one that filmed TVXQ Live Tour 2012-Tone, a concert of TVXQ that had attracted a total audience of 550,000 in eleven cities in Japan from January through April. It once topped the Daily Chart and the Weekly DVD Chart on the Oricon Chart.
The total sales in the Japanese music industry in the third quarter of 2012 has increased by eleven percent compared to that in the same period last year. The sales of singles decreased by one percent, and that of albums increased by 7.7 percent. The sales of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs increased by 36.2 percent.

Group Boyfriend successfully changes their image with their powerful performance

Group Boyfriend made a comeback.
On the episode of Music Bank that aired on the afternoon of November 9, Boyfriend appeared on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank with the title song “Janus” of their first official album.
In this broadcast, Boyfriend performed strict, powerful group dance in black and red uniform. They revealed their manly charms unlike their usual boyish and pretty boy charms.
Other artists including Ailee, Miss A, K Will, Hyun Ah, Kim Jong Gook, Boyfriend, B.A.P, Noel, NS Yoon Ji, Star, Kim Jang Hoon, B2B, D-Unit, Big Star, Exid, AOA, Fiestar, ChAOS, E2RE, and A-ble performed on the show.

Will Yeo Jin Goo work with Kim Yoon Suk in a new film?

Child actor Yeo Jin Goo is thinking of appearing in the new film Hwai as a lead actor.
On November 9, a spokesperson for Yeo said, “It hasn’t been decided yet. He’s just considering it. He will make a decision probably by the end of this month.”
If Yeo appears in the film as a lead actor, he will play the role of Hwai and work with Kim Yoon Suk and Jo Jin Woong. Hwai is a story about a boy who conspires against and take revenge on his fathers who raised him in the underworld of gangs.
Yeo is currently portraying the childhood of the character JYJ’s Yoo Chun will play in MBC TV’s new drama series Missing You, which started airing on November 6.

Miss A’s Suzy chooses Kim Soo Hyun as her ideal type

Miss A’s Suzy has selected Kim Soo Hyun as her ideal type.
On the episode of MBC Music’s All the K-pop that will air on November 9, Miss A’s Suzy selects her ideal type from among Lee Je Hoon, Jo Jung Suk, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Soo Hyun, Heo Kyung Hwan, Haha, Shinhwa’s Andy, and Heo Gak.
Host Boom asks Suzy, “Who would you want to see the most when you wake up in the morning?” and Suzy says, “Kim Soo Hyun.”
Suzy is also asked to choose her ideal type between Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Je Hoon, who have shot kissing scenes with her.
Host Boom asks, “You’re taking a break for three days, and he sends you a text-message that writes, ‘Aren’t you taking a break today?” He’s right in front of your house, waiting for you next to a nice car with a bouquet of flowers. Do you wish he is Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Je Hoon?”
Suzy thinks about it for a while and chooses Kim Soo Hyun.
The episode will air on MBC Music on November 9 at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Boyfriend discard all 30,000 copies of their first album, Janus

Boyfriend recently discarded all 30,000 copies of their first album, Janus, and have postponed the offline release of the album.
According to Boyfriend’s agency, Boyfriend’s first album, Janus, was supposed to be released at brick-and-mortar stores on the same day the songs from the album were released online, but all 30,000 copies of the album had to be discarded because there was a problem on the package. They have postponed the release date to November 13.
The agency says, “We’ve decided to discard the copies of the album to ensure its good quality. We’re sorry to the fans who have waited for it.”
“Janus,” released on November 8, is currently in the upper ranks on the major charts. It’s in fifth place on Bugs Music as of November 9. The song is about a man who tries to smile although he’s sad about letting his girlfriend go. It’s characterized by an emotive piano sound, a groovy bass sound, and Boyfriend members’ mature voices.
The music video of “Janus” is created on a large-scale, showing off Boyfriend members’ manly look.
Youngmin and Kwangmin’s charismatic acting and the members’ energetic group dance are especially eye-catching.
Boyfriend will perform the song on M Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo.

Superstar K4’s Roy Kim looks like A-lister So Ji Seob?

Superstar K4’s Roy Kim was recently really flattered by being praised about his So Ji Seob look-alike appearance.
On the episode of Mnet’s Super Star K4 that aired on November 4, top 4 contestants of the show got together at a coffee house in order to discuss the theme of the upcoming week―”Move People Around The Country.”
Sitting around a table in a café, the foursome were awed by the looks of actor So Ji Seob from the poster of the A-lister on the wall.
Sitting just before the poster, Roy Kim quipped, “It’s so uncomfortable sitting here,” turning aside from the actor’s photo.
All the other contestants, however, gushed: “Your style is so similar to that of So Ji Seob. It seems that you intended to sit here,” which extremely flattered Roy.

Happy Birthday, SE7EN!

It is a very special day for SE7EN and his fans as the artist turns 29 today! SE7EN recently tweeted photos from when he celebrated his 19th birthday and when he celebrated his birthday today. The fans are delighted to see both and couldn’t help but say that he doesn’t age and keeps on looking younger. You can greet SE7EN by tweeting him here. Check out his photos below!

His fans also linked him to a video showing how they made a 7 metre birthday card just for him! Indeed, SE7EN was touched and thanked his fans through a tweet:

You can watch it below!
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image