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Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

Hyun Bin proves his charm in Singapore press conference

Fresh out of army, South Korea’s A-list actor, Hyun Bin, is back in the game. The K-drama heartthrob was in Singapore last weekend as part of his Asia Fanmeeting Tour. With back-to-back schedules in other countries, Hyun Bin flew in past midnight and attended an open Press Conference the very next day, April 26 at Bugis+ Mall. Decked in a pin-striped blazer and slick back-combed hairstyle, Hyun Bin was a masterpiece.
Charming fans of all ages, Hyun Bin definitely has the X-Factor. But, the humble man rates himself a mere 30 out of 100 in the ‘charming appeal scale’ and threw back the question to fans. Of course, fans could name a long list of possible charms the man can have; from his smile(not forgetting the dimple!) to his intense stare and gentlemanly aura.
“I’m not as insensitive or selfish as my character in Secret Garden,” explained Hyun Bin. He may not be a romantic, planning special events but he does take extra special care of people he love.
When asked to show some ‘aegyo’ (cuteness), Hyun Bin was hesitant and finally posed with a peace sign for a split second before bursting in embarrassment. The man is definitely not cut-out to be cute, we’ll let him stick to being the charming suave gentleman!
It was surprising to hear his original ambition, before dreaming of becoming an actor. He once considered joining the police force! His alternative career choice if not an actor, would be a policeman then!
During the press conference, Hyun Bin hinted of an upcoming project. It has since been revealed that Hyun Bin will be acting in his first ‘sagaeuk’ (historical) drama as King Jungjo in the ‘King’s Wrath’! would like to thank organizer Faith&D for extending the invitation to cover the press conference. Stay tuned for future events coverage by!

Kim Hyung Jun plans to enter army service next year

Hallyu star Kim Hyung Jun is planning to enlist in army next year, hence this year is a very important year for him. Debuted as a member of SS501, Kim Hyung Jun is now carrying on activities as a solo artiste. Currently he is also acting in a drama, it was said that this is a very busy year. He is now having activities as both a singer and an actor.
Kim Hyung Jun is currently acting in ‘Gold appear quickly, in the previous year, he has acted in dramas ‘I love you’ and ‘Sunshine Girl’. Kim Hyung Jun will also be casting in an upcoming movie ‘Actor is actor’.
On 29th, 31st of May and 1st of June, he will be holding ‘Who Am I’ concert tour in Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan.
Kim’s agency stated that “As there are plans to enlist in army next year, so right now, he is working hard to achieve good results in both singing and acting”.

To the Beat of Indonesian Kiss Me’s, U-KISS Finally Visits Indonesia!

With all the obstacles that delayed, made changes, and to almost cancel the show, it is by the voice of Indonesian Kiss Me’s that the long-running international K-pop boy group U-KISS gets to finally arrive for their Collage fan party and showcase for the entire day on 27 April, 2012!
“We are so finally glad to arrive in Indonesia as a group!” U-KISS said during their press conference held earlier in that day. With their charity visit a month before and stating how they promise to come with all the members, the fun-filled day with the six members who were present:Soohyun, Kiseop, Dongho, Kevin, Eli and AJ made loss time made up through the two hour showcase, the one hour dinner and fansign. Sadly, the planned Hug and Hi-5 session had been cancelled by the promoter without a concrete statement.
“Kamu unyu unyu banget,” (You are all so very cute) the shy Kiseop said and made Indonesian girls blush into crazy cheers. “We just want to have fun tonight!” continued member Eli in English.
The highly anticipated new project uBEAT performed that fateful night at Britama Arena Sportsmall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Should Have Treated You Better” as the title track was performed, along with chart-topper hits “Man man hani”, “Without You” and “Someday”.
The members has described the Indonesian fans as “warm, passionate and beautiful”. But who is the real catch for them, should they be casted for the reality show ‘We Got Married’? Eli answered, “I want to be paired up with Suzy becacuse she’s cute and sexy.” Looks like we have to move away from this English-speaking member, girls, but fret not for the other five expressed their love to the audience instead.
Games and surprise presents decorated the stage with screaming fans that kept their positive energy the entire day; there were lucky fans that was given a piggyback by AJ and be hugged tightly by Soohyun and Kiseop – how’s that for a change?
The real fanparty begins when everyone joins in to put the pieces at Oppa Oppa Live‘s U-KISS COLLAGE full fan party and showcase, that was brought to an end about 2 hours later!
Special thanks to Oppa Oppa Live for the invitation.

2PM opens 2PM Zone at Apgujeong Rodeo Station

On May 2, JYP Entertainment reported that 2PM has opened its 2PM Zone at Apgujeong Rodeo Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The group attended the opening ceremony at 10:00 a.m. on May 2. 
According to the agency, the official full name of the 2PM Zone is the 2PM-G+ Star Zone. This is part of the G+Dream Project, whereby the Gangnam-gu Office is carrying out with Hallyu stars for disadvantaged youth. Korean wave tourists as well as domestic fans can enjoy cultural content and participate in the donations through a variety of events in the zone. 
In the 2PM G+Star Zone, people can enjoy life-size photos of the group’s members and videos about the group. Other diverse parts of the project include a Donation Zone. The 2PM Zone will remain open for three months till July 31. The Gangnam-gu Office says: “2PM was chosen as the first group to be featured in the for G+Dream Project.  It is expected to enjoy a synergy effect with the release of the group’s new album.”
2PM has released a trailer for its new album and an image for the lead track, “Listen to This Song and Come Back."

Shinhwa release their 11th studio album on May 16

According to an announcement on May 2 by the group’s agency, the Shinhwa Company, Shinhwa (Eric, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin, and Andy), who are so far the longest-lived idol group in Korea, are to release their 11th studio album, titled “The Classic,” on May 16. It has been a year since the group’s 10th studio album, and that was after a four-year hiatus.
A staffer of the Shinhwa Company says: “This album was the result of working hard to add newness to Shinhwa’s original style. It includes not only dance songs such as only Shinhwa can do and which are representative of the group, but also other songs with popular appeal that are easy for anybody to enjoy. We did our best to make this their best album ever. Shinhwa will shoot a music video of the title song on May 1 and 2.”
In March, Shinhwa completed a series of concerts at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, marking the 15th anniversary of their debut. With the release of this album, Shinhwa will go on an Asian concert tour to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore and cities in Taiwan and Japan. An encore concert is also planned for Seoul.
The group recorded an episode of MBC’s Golden FisheryRadio Star on April 24 and is scheduled to appear live on SNL Korea on tvN on May 4.
Shinhwa debuted in March 1998 and have continued to perform together without changing members for over 15 years, which makes them the longest-lived idol group in Korea. The six members have not only reached the top in the music industry but have also performed as actors and solo artists, have showing off their multiple talents.

A cartoon biography of Psy is released by a U.S. publisher

A cartoon biography of Psy, released on May 1 by the well-known U.S. cartoon publisher Blue Water Comics, is attracting considerable attention. This cartoon biography is part of the publisher’s “Fame” series, which is based on the stories of world-class celebrities, including soccer player David Beckham, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber.
The comic about Psy begins with this sentence: “Has he fallen from the sky? Has he risen from the earth?” It includes vivid stories of incidents in the star’s life, including the marijuana incident that he was once involved in, the event when he taught the horse dance to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and the performance he did for U.S. President Barack Obama.

Him Chan of B.A.P has recovered from an injury

According to an announcement made by his agency, TS Entertainment, on May 2, Him Chan will continue as a member of B.A.P (Bang Yong Gook, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jong Up, and Jello) after recovering from a finger injury that happened last February. He will rejoin the group for the B.A.P Live On Earth, Pacific concert to be held in Los Angeles.
The agency added, “Him Chan has rested thoroughly since surgery on his finger and has completely recovered recently. He will be back to performing in healthy condition soon. While convalescing, he felt sorry for not being with the group for their activities for their second EP, One Shot. All the other members are happy to have him back.”
The group will start the B.A.P Live On Earth, Pacific tour in four cities in the U.S., starting from LA, and will continue in four Asian countries.

K-pop diva Lee Hyori to return with “Miss Korea”

Everyone, please make way for Lee Hyori!
Throughout 2012, there have been a few times when Lee Hyori was supposed to make a comeback. However, it never happened, leaving fans in false hope. But worry no more, because this year, the K-pop diva is truly coming back with her new song “Miss Korea“.
To tease everyone and hype up her comeback, Lee Hyori has been releasing teasers with the preview of “Show Show Show“, which was featured in her ‘Vogue‘ pictorial video, and five other video teasers. This time, a preview of the song “Miss Korea” off her upcoming album has also been revealed, along with two images showing her dark makeup and silhouette.
Aren’t you excited? Watch the teaser below!

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Becomes The New Face For “Japan Street Dance Association”

BIGBANG’s Taeyang, known as SOL to Japanese fans, will appear in his first solo CF in Japan for JSDA (Japan Street Dance Association).

JSDA was founded in 2001, to help fulfill the dream of many people who wished to make their passion for dancing a reality. Since then they have sponsored various dance events in order to establish street dance as an aspiring profession. Their official website has recently revealed a video teaser with BIGBANG’s Taeyang, showing off his smooth dance moves. This was followed up with the release of the official photo, announcing that the CF will be published exclusively on their website on 10th May, prior to its public release.
Taeyang, who has established a name for himself as an exquisite dancer, has been chosen as the main character for the CF, which will be his first solo CF deal in Japan. He will be the visual artist for the CF, which JSDA has stated was filmed with a high-speed motion control shooting technique, to fully showcase the singer’s impressive dancing skills. The teaser looks very promising indeed. 
The new CF for JSDA will be airing on Japanese TV stations from 13th May onwards.