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Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

2PM opens 2PM Zone at Apgujeong Rodeo Station

On May 2, JYP Entertainment reported that 2PM has opened its 2PM Zone at Apgujeong Rodeo Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The group attended the opening ceremony at 10:00 a.m. on May 2. 
According to the agency, the official full name of the 2PM Zone is the 2PM-G+ Star Zone. This is part of the G+Dream Project, whereby the Gangnam-gu Office is carrying out with Hallyu stars for disadvantaged youth. Korean wave tourists as well as domestic fans can enjoy cultural content and participate in the donations through a variety of events in the zone. 
In the 2PM G+Star Zone, people can enjoy life-size photos of the group’s members and videos about the group. Other diverse parts of the project include a Donation Zone. The 2PM Zone will remain open for three months till July 31. The Gangnam-gu Office says: “2PM was chosen as the first group to be featured in the for G+Dream Project.  It is expected to enjoy a synergy effect with the release of the group’s new album.”
2PM has released a trailer for its new album and an image for the lead track, “Listen to This Song and Come Back."

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