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Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

Hyun Bin proves his charm in Singapore press conference

Fresh out of army, South Korea’s A-list actor, Hyun Bin, is back in the game. The K-drama heartthrob was in Singapore last weekend as part of his Asia Fanmeeting Tour. With back-to-back schedules in other countries, Hyun Bin flew in past midnight and attended an open Press Conference the very next day, April 26 at Bugis+ Mall. Decked in a pin-striped blazer and slick back-combed hairstyle, Hyun Bin was a masterpiece.
Charming fans of all ages, Hyun Bin definitely has the X-Factor. But, the humble man rates himself a mere 30 out of 100 in the ‘charming appeal scale’ and threw back the question to fans. Of course, fans could name a long list of possible charms the man can have; from his smile(not forgetting the dimple!) to his intense stare and gentlemanly aura.
“I’m not as insensitive or selfish as my character in Secret Garden,” explained Hyun Bin. He may not be a romantic, planning special events but he does take extra special care of people he love.
When asked to show some ‘aegyo’ (cuteness), Hyun Bin was hesitant and finally posed with a peace sign for a split second before bursting in embarrassment. The man is definitely not cut-out to be cute, we’ll let him stick to being the charming suave gentleman!
It was surprising to hear his original ambition, before dreaming of becoming an actor. He once considered joining the police force! His alternative career choice if not an actor, would be a policeman then!
During the press conference, Hyun Bin hinted of an upcoming project. It has since been revealed that Hyun Bin will be acting in his first ‘sagaeuk’ (historical) drama as King Jungjo in the ‘King’s Wrath’! would like to thank organizer Faith&D for extending the invitation to cover the press conference. Stay tuned for future events coverage by!

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