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Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

4minute’s Hyun Ah is a new representative for FIFA Online 3

Park Ji Sung, who plays midfield in the English Premier League, and 4minute’s Hyun Ah were recently selected to help promote the online soccer game EA Sports™ FIFA Online 3. As part of the promotional work, Hyun Ah will appear in advertisements and take part in various other activities.
Lee Jung Hun, of the company that produces the game, says, “Hyun Ah is healthy and bright, so we thought she would be the perfect model for our game.”
The online soccer game is part of the EA Sports FIFA Franchise, which is very popular all over the world. The game has licenses to make use of the images and statistics of around 15,000 of the players from forty-five national teams in thirty-two leagues.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon plays basketball in an unusual outfit

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off his unusual fashion style.
On December 19, G-Dragon uploaded two pictures of himself taken in a foreign country on his Twitter account.
In the pictures, G-Dragon is wearing a large black fur hat and a long red coat and playing basketball.
People who saw the pictures responded: “G-Dragon looks good in all types of clothes.” “It’s surprising that he looks nice in the red coat.” “The hat is twice bigger than G-Dragon’s face.”
Big Bang will hold a concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park in January next year as part of the Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour.

Kim Ah Joong shows off a sexy yet cute look on a bed

Actress Kim Ah Joong recently released some sill photos of herself on a bed.
Kim is currently receiving many favorable reviews for her acting in the new film My PS Partner, which attracted over a million viewers in the shortest time for R-rated films. She plays the role of Yoon Jung, who is about to break up with her boyfriend she has dated for five years, in the film.
In the still photos, Kim is lying on a bed. However, she looks different in all photos.
In the first photo, Kim is lying on a bed, holding a cell phone. She looks sad yet sexy. In another photo, Kim looks cute in a loose hooded shirt with her eyes opened wide.
A spokesperson for the film says, “Because she shot the scenes on a bed, she could just take a rest, but she studied how she could portray the character, Yoon Jung, well on the bed. She always cares about all details.”
Kim will meet some viewers of the film on December 21 in a Santa costume and give them some chocolate as gifts.

Psy’s concert in the Philippines has been postponed

Psy’s concert in the Philippines has recently been postponed.
On December 19, such Filipino media sources as ABS and CBN reported, “Psy’s concert to be held at the outdoor stage of SM Mall of Asia, the large shopping center in Manila, on December 20 has recently been postponed.”
Quoting what Joed Serrano, the producer of the concert, said, the media sources reported, “Because of the bad weather in the Philippines, the concert has been postponed until February next year.”
Psy was going to hold a concert in the Philippines under the title of The Gangnam Show. The concert hall can accommodate up to 20,000 people. Some of Filipino singers were also going to appear at the concert as special guests.
YG Entertainment, Psy’s agency, reported, “We were notified that Psy cannot hold a concert in the Philippines now because of the bad weather. We haven’t heard the details yet.”
Since Psy attended the 85th birthday party of the king of Thailand on November 28, he has been promoting his song, “Gangnam Style,” all over Asia.
On November 29, he performed in front of 3,000 people at the Macao Cubic Club, and on November 30, he attended Mnet’s Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.
On December 18, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was selected as The Viral Video of The Year by MTV in the U.S.

Park Shin Hye says, “I think I look better in real life than on screen”

Park Shin Hye seems to used to getting compliments about her beauty.
On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on December 18, Park Shin Hye was asked, “You seem to be getting more and more beautiful these days. What do you say that?” The actress replied, “These days I’ve been getting those comments a lot.”
She revealed a whiff of her beauty secret. “These days, I work out regularly. I think that makes me healthier and prettier.”
When asked when she thinks she looks better―on screen or in real life, the beauty replied, “I think I look better in real life. That’s what some people said to me when they saw me.”
The actress stood side by side with comedian Park Gyung Lim as she wanted to show how tall she is to dispel rumors that she is short.
Having debuted in Stairways To Heaven as a child actor of Choi Ji Woo’s character, Park said, “Recently, I met Choi Ji Woo in Hong Kong. She was really surprised to see me, saying ‘You have grown up so much! I was really happy to see her after such a long while.”

Anthony Kim asks Lee Go Eun, “Do you fancy me by any chance?”

In the episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series The King Of Dramas that aired on December 18, Sung Min Ah (played by Oh Ji Eun) is concerned about the relationship between Lee Go Eun (played by Jeong Ryeo Won) and Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min). After finishing some scenes on the set, Sung and Lee get on a train to Seoul together. On the way to Seoul, Sung says, “To be honest, I love Anthony Kim. We were a couple before, and now I think we can get back together. You can help me with that, can’t you?”
The writer is at a loss and puzzled. Meanwhile, Anthony Kim relentlessly goes after Lee to renew a contract with her. Lee reflects on some issues related to him when the producer makes a sudden visit to her working studio.
Kim hands her some baked sweet potatoes, saying, “You previously said you wanted to have these. They have nothing to do with renewing the contract. I just bought some as I found them being sold on my way here. Eat them before they get cool.” The eccentric studio even smiles.
Grabbing the bag of baked sweet potatoes, the writer is at a loss for a moment and comes up to him. “Why are you confusing me? You’re in a relationship with Sung Min Ah and giving these to me? Why?” she roars, handing them back to Kim.
Kim explains, “I’m not in a relationship with anyone. Don’t get it wrong, and what are you confused? What are you confusing? The baked sweet potatoes?” Embarrassed, the writer mutter, “I mean, I’m confused with these sweet potatoes.. I wonder if they were produced in domestic or overseas.”
Anthony Kim closely walks up to her and says, “Do you fancy me by any chance? Well, there’s no possibility.” He turns back before she even open her mouth.” When he walks away, Lee Go Eun stops him by hailing, “Sir.”