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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

2NE1 fires up the stage at Twin Towers @live 2013

YG Entertainment’s hottest girl group, 2NE1 stopped by Malaysia for the 2nd day of  Twin Towers Alive 2013 concert! Held on the 23rd of March at Plaza KLCC, the girls of 2NE1 rocked the stage with hit songs such as ‘Fire’, ‘Lonely’, and ‘Ugly’ .

The ladies of 2ne1; CL, Park Bom, Dara and Minzy greeted Malaysian Blackjacks, who had waited hours to see the girls! The atmosphere was hyped up with Blackjacks fan-chanting to every song and fanboards proudly held up high.
In celebration, a cake and birthday song was prepared for Park Bom, whose birthday falls on the 24th of March.The MCs of the night taught 2NE1 how to say ‘Saya cinta padamu’ (I love you in Malay) and also recommended some local food for them to try. Leader CL revealed that their new album will definitely be released this year and hopes that everyone will support their future comeback.
 All good things must come to an end, 2NE1 ended the night with an amazing performance of ‘I am the Best’ and ‘I love you’. 2NE1 mentioned that they hope to come back to Malaysia and meet the fans again.

The event , which was free to the public, also featured American pop veterans Backstreet Boys and local singer-songwriter Mizz Nina. would like to thank JoJo Events, for the invitation to cover this awesome event! Head over to our coverage of U-KISS from Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 1 if you haven’t done so already.

Super Junior aims to give 100 performances of Super Show 5 to a total audience of a million

The boy group Super Junior revealed strong ambitions for their world tour Super Show 5 at a press conference held in the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park at 3:00 p.m. on March 24. Shindong said the group has set a goal of of doing 100 performances during the tour to a total audience of a million. Eunhyuk added, “We will start the tour with a fresh mind. The performances will be done under a concept similar to that of Super Show 1, and we will all do our best to use all the skills that we have accumulated over the years, in order to make the performances the best that they can be.”

The group has been doing the Super Show since 2008, and this year’s tour will be the biggest so far. New members, Zhoumi and Henry from Super Junior M, have joined recently. The group finished their Seoul performances on March 23, 24 and now will go on to China, Japan, and South America.

The date when Yesung will enter the Army is not known yet

According to an announcement made by his agency, SM Entertainment, on March 25, Yesung, of Super Junior, who just finished their concert tour performance in Seoul, will enter the Army this year. He says, “I have spent five years as a trainee and eight years as a member of the group, and I deeply thank all the fans for their love.” The agency says he will join the Army as soon as he receives his draft notice. He will serve as a public-service worker. Because he is not sure when he will be drafted, the Seoul performance may be the last one he can do for the time being, so he issued a special greeting to his domestic fans.

There are three members in the group who have completed their military service or are doing it now. LeeTeuk enrolled in October 2012, serving in the Public Relations Department, and Heechul is serving as a public-service worker in the Seongdong-gu Office. Kangin, who enrolled in 2010, finished his service and came back to the group last year.

Afterschool becomes a clothing-brand model for Asia

 On 25th March, Afterchool’s agency reported, “Afterschool will become an advertising campaign model for the SPA brand MIXXO. On the 22th of March, the group attended MIXXO’s first store opening, in the Yokohama Sogo Department Store in Japan. The major media rushed to cover the event. Afterschool acted as shopkeepers for the day, welcoming customers and generating lots of sales. It’s estimated that about 3,000 people visited the shop that day, and total sales exceeded the goal.”
Aftershool is well-liked as an advertising model in China, so the group is planning to participate in a large-scale launching event there as well. Even though Afterschool has yet to officially debut in China, people there are already paying attention to the the group’s local activities.

MIXXO says, “Afterschool has a refined, sexy and chic charm, so we think the group is most appropriate to represent us even in markets beyond Asia.”