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Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Gag Concert: Lee Seung Gi is accused of discriminating fans according to their appearance

Gag Concert‘s Shin Bo Ra has jokingly accused Lee Seung Gi of treating fans differently according to their appearance.
On “Brave Guys,” a popular segment on Gag Concert that aired on December 2, Shin Bo Ra brought up singer and actor Lee Seung Gi, who appeared on last week’s episode as her “new boyfriend.”
She talked about last week’s behind-the-stage anecdote with Lee Seung Gi. Before she spoke, she seemed to reminisce about sweet memories she had with the A-lister just a week ago.
The comedian opened up: “I must admit I really loved him. You know, he is handsome, smart yet modest and has good character.” She said Lee took part in photo shoots for the cast and crew members of Gag Concert behind the stage after the filming last week. Showing some of photos taken with Lee one by one, she said all the cast and crew were all on cloud nine because the heartthrob was willing to pose with each of them.
In all the photos, Lee does strike a pose earnestly, except one with comedian Oh Na Mi.
Lee’s awkward pose with Oh Na Mi showed a stark contrast to the one with Kim Ji Min, one of the pretties cast in the show.
Shin Bo Ra claimed: “Lee Seung Gi discriminates his fans according to their appearance.”
Park Sung Gwang grumbled: “With a man, he didn’t even give a chance to do that.”

K-Pop Star: Yang Hyun Seok wowed by a contestant from Michigan, the U.S.

Catch up with SBS’s K-Pop Star: Season 2. Nicole Curry from Michigan, the U.S. has wowed judge Yang Hyun Seok.
Nicole belted out Jessie J’s “Price Tag” and then danced off G-Dragon’s “The Leaders.”
“I like you. I’m serious,” praised the YG Entertainment boss. “I want you to practice hard behind the stage, but on the stage, I want you to enjoy yourself. You did what I want you to do. That’s worked for me and I’m pretty positive about your dance as well. You make me look forward to your next gig in collaboration with Korean contestants.”
SM Town’s BoA said she was not as impressed as Yang about the song but Nicole surely seemed to know how to express herself through music.
The episode aired on SBS on December 2.

Infinite’s Sunk Kyu shows professional coping skills with his mistake on live performance

Infinite’s Sung Kyu has recently made a mistake on his lyrics.
In the episode of SBS’s Inkigayo that aired on December 2, Sung Kyu gave a performance of his soloist track, “60 Seconds.”
He was giving an enthusiastic live performance of the song when the camera captured him making a mistake on his lyrics. However, the singer continued singing spontaneously and attracted many eyes.
Some people blame it on the staff because they cut some part at the beginning of the song’s second verse and Sung Kyu did not seem to be fully aware of it.
Netizens who watched the episode reacted: “That’s because the staff of Inkigayo cut the beginning part of the second verse.” “I didn’t even know he made a mistake.” “I saw him making the mistake… It made me so nervous.” “He looked very professional when he coped with it well.” “He might’ve been very nervous.” “Yet it was a great performance.”
“60 Seconds” basically describes the process of falling in love and breaking up in just 60 seconds. The singer expressed a man’s fluttering heart for a woman and the painful echo he experiences with his peculiar mournful tone.
The episode also featured performances by Kim Jong Kook, B1A4, Lee Hi, Son Dam Bi, Yang Yo Seob, Epik High, TVXQ, Boyfriend, Kim Sung Kyu, E2RE, Spica, NS Yoon.G, A-Jax, Dalshabet, Big Star, Juniel, and Fiestar.

Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong would kiss Jung Joon Ha?

A remark made by the girl group Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong has surprised the audience.
For the episode of MBC’s Magic Concert that aired on December 2, the production crew has promised to provide a high quality magic show equivalent to the one you can see in Las Vegas.
Jeon Hyo Seong went up the stage as the magician Choi Hyun Woo selected her to demonstrate his magic trick. Not letting anyone know about the card she chose, she selected the one with the phrase “Having a meal.” She sat on it and started answering questions given by Choi.
Holding a card that read “Kiss” in front of the audience, Choi asked her, “How many times do you do it in a day?” The singer replied, “About five times a day.” When asked who she does it with, she inspired laughter as she said, “With my group members, but at times I do it by myself. I often do it at home.”
The magician also asked, “Who would you like to do it with in the future?” She replied, “With Jung Joon Ha.” Surprised, Jung turned towards the camera and explained to his wife, “It’s not true, Nemo (nickname for his wife). Don’t get me wrong.”
It turned out that the whole thing was a magic trick from the beginning, set up by the magician. He knew that Jeon’s card was “Having a meal,” not “Kiss” in the first place.
The episode also covered competitive magic battle between Choi Hyun Woo, the representative magician of Korea, and Luis De Matos, the master in the world of magic from Portugal.

Nickhun Pink Ribbon campain with Mom



2AM’s Im Seul Ong reveals his sexy, muscular body

2AM’s Im Seul Ong revealed his sturdy body.
On the afternoon of December 2, Im Seul Ong uploaded pictures on his Twitter with the caption, “The swimming pool of a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Since I can’t go into the water… I am tanning like this. This is the heat that cannot be felt in Korea.”
In the picture, Im is tanning, lying down by the swimming pool. He showed off his manly charms with his tall 186cm figure. His dark skin and muscular body attract attention.
Netizens commented: “He is handsome.” “What an amazing body.” “Woo, you are so muscular.” “You must have worked out very hard.” “You are a beastly idol.”
Im Seul Ong played the role of Kwon Jung Hyuk, who became a policeman due to the promise he made with his sister who died at 5.18 Gwangju Democratization Movement in the movie, 26 Years. He feels a lot of shame and later joins the strategic team to punish ‘the person.’ The movie premiered on November 29 and is gaining popularity.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon with Angelababy at MAMA

A picture of Big Bang’s G-Dragon at a party after MAMA was recently released.
A picture of G-Dragon was recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “G-Dragon with Angelababy.” G-Dragon attended a party after the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards was finished on November 30.
In the picture, G-Dragon is staring at the camera with Angelababy and Peng Yu Yan. They’re having bright smiles on their faces, and G-Dragon is making V-signs with his fingers.
Angelababy already said she is a big fan of G-Dragon by uploading a music video of “That XX” and a cover photo for the album, One Of A Kind, on her Twitter account.
People responded: “It could be great if she presented an award like Han Ga In did.” “There’s another successful fan of G-Dragon.” “How many G-Dragon’s fans were at the awards?” “That’s awesome.” “A pretty girl met a handsome boy.” “G-Dragon is so popular.”
Big Bang received the Artist of This year, the Male Group of This year, the Guardian Angel Worldwide Performance, and the Best Male Solo Artist at the awards.

The sister of SNSD’s Sooyoung says, “SNSD members eat a lot”

Musical actress Choi Soo Jin, the sister of SNSD’s Sooyoung, recently talked about SNSD members.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Challenge! 1000 Songs that aired on December 2, Choi said, “SNSD members eat a lot.”
At this, host Jang Yoon Jung asked, “Are you saying that they’re skinny even if they eat a lot?”
Choi said, “They eat a lot, but they also work a lot. The diet menu of SNSD that people know of is not the actual menu of the members.”
People responded: “They need to eat a lot because they work a lot.” “They eat a lot, but they’re still lovely.” “It’s better that they eat a lot.” “How much do they eat?” “SNSD members already said they actually eat a lot.”
On the episode, Lee Sang Byuk, Dal Shabet’s Subin and Woohee, So Chan Hwi, Choi Soo Jin, Moon Mason, Moon Mavin, Moon Maden, 100 Percent, Lee Sang Ho, Lee Sang Min, Lee Eui Jung, Cheon Myung Hoon, Min Ji Young, and Choi Young Wan appeared as guests.

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon says, “I’ve gone through many hard times”

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon recently talked about herself as a member of KARA.
On December 2, DSP Media reported that Han said, “I’ve been really happy for the last six years as a member of KARA, but I’ve also gone through many hard times,” right after she released her first solo song, “Guilty.”
Han went on saying, “Even if I had many hard times, I didn’t want to give up but wanted to become a person who has a very clear view on things. Such hope is expressed in my solo song, ‘Guilty.’”
“Guilty” is a hard rock number, characterized by a strong guitar sound and a shouting voice. Han is attracting a lot of attention as a rocker in this song, getting away from a lovely image.
In the music video of the song, Han is showing off both a charismatic look with red hair and heavy smoky makeup and an innocent look in a floaty dress.
KARA Solo Collection, which contains KARA members’ solo songs, will be released on December 4 as a regular version and a limited version on brick-and-mortar stores.

4Minute’s So Hyun shows off a cute look

4Minute’s So Hyun recently showed off a cute look.
On December 2, So Hyun uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “If you want a picture of me, here it is. Everybody, good night.”
In the picture, So Hyun is showing off a cute look, staring at the camera. She’s not wearing heavy makeup, but her skin looks so clean. She’s also wearing a seat belt in a car.
People responded: “She’s so cute.” “She’s so attractive.” “She has become prettier.” “Her skin is so clean.” “She looks so feminine.” “Please upload your pictures more often.”

SNSD’s Yoona shows off a graceful look at a wedding

SNSD’s Yoona recently showed off a graceful look at a wedding.
On November 30, Yoona attended Haha and Byul’s wedding, which was held at the Grand Ballroom Hall in the 63 Building.
Yoona attended the wedding with Taeyeon and received a lot of attention.
Yoona was dressed in a brown coat with unusual material and design. She gave an accent to her look with a leopard-printed bag.
Showing off a graceful look at the wedding, Yoona received more attention than the bride did. People commented that she was prettier than the bride.
People responded: “Yoona is prettier than any brides.” “It’s not a sin to be pretty.” “Taeyeon looks prettier to me.” “The design of her coat is very unusual.” “I want Yoona to attend my wedding.” “She looks really elegant.”

WGM: Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo―Are they a real-life or onscreen couple?

It’s been getting harder and harder to tell if Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo are a couple in real-life or on screen.
Joining the reality show this September, Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Se, dubbed “obsession couple,” have been taking big part of the show.
On the episode that aired on December 1, Lee’s mother visited the newly-weds’ home and the “love bird” showed how much they were in love as usual.

Lying on Oh’s lap, Lee Joon made an unexpected comment on Lee’s body. “I didn’t know that you have a fabulous body.” The actress, usually bold and active, looked shy at her Lee’s compliment.
While cleaning the house ahead of Lee’s mom’s visit, Lee and Oh surprised everyone with some off-screen topics.
Oh started: “Can’t you meet me regardless of this show? Why do you avoid me even when I send you text messages?” Flustered by the unexpected questions, the MBLAQ member had to stop for a moment and replied: “How come you’re confessing all of a sudden? I’m really at a loss and don’t know what to say. Why did you do that?”
After a commotion caused by Oh’s storm confession finished, there was a canoodling session. While Oh cooking for Lee’s mom, the singer kept giving her a hug from the back at every chance.
They even discussed being a real couple and have been getting huge responses.
Netizens responded: “They might be the first real couple out of this reality show as Oh said.” “I think they would be a perfect couple in reality as well.”

Miss A’s Suzy sings “Violent Scent” with Kang Suzy

Miss A’s Suzy recently attracted a lot of attention by singing a song with Kang Suzy.
On the episode of MBC TV’s Sebakwi that aired on December 1, Jeon Yong Rok, Kim Wan Seon, So Bang Cha, and Kang Suzy, the singers who were popular in the 80s and the 90s, appeared as guests. Miss A’s Suzy appeared on the show as a special host.
Suzy and Kang Suzy, the icon of innocence in the 90s, performed “Violet Scent” together. Their beautiful voices impressed viewers.
People responded: “Kang Suzy was pretty, and Suzy was pretty, too. I think girls named Suzy are all pretty.” “I still love the song, ‘Violet Scent.’” “It’s great that Kang Suzy and Suzy performed together.” “The two innocent beauties met together.”

Lee Seung Gi performs “Noona Style,” a parody of “Gangnam Style” and does the horse dance

Lee Seung Gi received fervent response by parodying Psy’s “Gangnam Style” into “Noona Style.”
On 2012 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert that was held at Olympic Gymnasium in Songpa on December 1, Lee Seung Gi sang “Noona Style,” a parody version of Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”
Lee did the horse dance with other female dancers and all the audience joined the dance.
Lee changed the lyrics of Gangnam Style and heated up the concert, “Noona who considered me cute, lovely, tells me that I am manly when I appear on TV series. You have such contradicting charms. Noona is my style.”
After the performance Lee said, “I changed the lyrics myself. I thought to myself that I will not be able to perform this on TV. The lyric is so embarrassing. Since I have been with you for around eight years, a history seems to have formed between the fans and me. I don’t think I will be able to sing ‘Because You Are My Girl’ anymore.”
Previously on November 22, Lee Seung Gi released his 5.5 album, Forest. The title song, “Return” is sweeping across the music charts and gaining popularity.