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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

K-Pop Star2: Park So Hyun wows judges

In K-Pop Star 2, we were recently introduced to Park So Yeon, a new dance genius.
On the episode of SBS’s audition show that aired on December 16, Park So Yeon showed off her professional dancing ability while covering songs by BoA, Se7en, and miss A.
BoA also praised her dance: “She’s talented. I believe she can rock the world.” Park Jin Young said: “She has a perfect body for dancing. I can say she’s much better than professionally active singer.”
The JYP director added: “I was amazed twice. I was first wowed by her singing because it was much better than expected. Then I was impressed again when you changed the singing tone, covering “Touch” and showed slow-tempo dance moves.”

Shinee & SM artists join the wedding of HongRok Gi

Today, on December 16th, the gagman Hong Rok has married! At the ceremony and on the red carpet, of his wedding was full of celebrities and idols from different fields of entertainment industry. Most of the important guests were the one belonging to the SMTOWN, such as:
Kang Hodong,
Kangta, BoA,
TVXQ‘s Yunho,
Super Junior‘s Shindong,
SNSD‘s Tiffany & Sooyoung,
and of course Shinee’s members: Minho, Taemin and Onew.

Nu’est Press Conference in Malaysia

The boys of Pledis Entertainment, NU’EST are back for their first showcase in Malaysia called ‘ NU’EST The Face to Face in Malaysia’ organized by Rhythm Land. A short press conference was held at JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 14th December 2012 at 8pm. Despite touching down in Malaysia 2 hours before the press conference, members Minhyun, Ren, JR, Baekho and Aron, looked fresh and displayed their professionalism for the media.

This is NU’EST’s second time in Malaysia and when asked about what new places they would like to explore this time around, the members said they would like to visit KLCC. The translator of the press conference also thought them a few local greetings, such as ‘ apa khabar’ (how do you do?).

When asked to describe Malaysia with one word, member Minhyun chose ‘passion’ as the fans in Malaysia never fails to support them with it, while leader JR chose ‘chance’ as Malaysia has given them this chance to be here and perform for their fans. Member Baekho also did not fail to mention about how unique and multicultural Malaysia is.

The MC asked NU’EST to recommend some places to visit in Korea during winter season, and member Aron suggested Kangwon-Do as it was famous for skiing.

The members revealed that they are all interested in acting and even showed the media some poses of characters they prefer to be casted as. Pretty-boy Ren expressed that he would love to play a character in Boys over Flowers, while leader JR felt he would be more comfortable in an action drama. As member Baekho has been practising Kendo for 8 years, he said would like to be casted in something that is related to the martial art. Member Aron even got up and did a ‘love comedy’ scene with Baekho, causing much laughter from the media.

On their upcoming comeback, the members revealed that they are working hard right now on their next album will making a comeback early next year. However, leader JR said could not reveal as to whether it was a full length album or not and expressed hope that fans will look forward to it.

The press conference ended with a message from NU’EST to their fans.
‘It is our 2nd time in Malaysia and we finally get to have our own solo showcase. It is an honor to perform for the fans here and  would definitely love to come back again.’

Stay tuned for our concert coverage!  Organized by Rhythm Land, NU’EST the Face to Face in Malaysia will be held at Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, 6pm.

A Message From YG: “You Great”

For the past days, YG Entertainment arose the curiosity of their fans as they revealed a photo with the word, “You.Great.”

Fans have been speculating that it might be a teaser photo for the comeback of one of their artists as the company is known for giving only little or short details when it comes to their artists’ comebacks. Guess what… It is a teaser photo but not for any of their artists comeback or debut. It is a teaser photo for their new products titled, “You Great”. They have also made an official Facebook page for “You Great” goods. They also posted the links of their e-shop on their FB page. Photos of some of their merchandises are as follows:

Accompanying these photos were the following messages:

For more information regarding this, check out their FB page.

4minutes’ Kwon So Hyun cuts her bangs, “Do I look as young as a high school student?”

4minute’s Kwon So Hyun changed her hairstyle.
On the afternoon of December 16, Kwon uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Cut my front bangs lol.”
In the picture, Kwon changed her hair to see-through front bang style that is a trend these days. Her face looked smaller due to the new hairstyle.
Netizens commented: “You look way younger with your bangs short.” “So cute.” “You are gorgeous even without makeup.” “You have such a small face.” “People would recognize you as a high school student.” “You are prettier with shorter bangs.”

How is Crown J doing lately?

Singer Crown J recently said hello to his fans
On December 16, the singer posted some of his recent photos on Twitter.
It looks like he is still maintaining his fabulous sense of fashion. He appears in a black beanie with sunglasses. The casual and semi-formal suit looks perfect on him.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “I hope Crown J will soon be back in the music industry.” “He still looks gorgeous.” “He looks dull.” “He looks he’s gotten a bit fatter.” “He looks cute.” “I really liked him on We Got Married and I’m really happy to see him again through the picture.”
In the meantime, the singer has been talked about for his illegal substance abuse and physical assault on his former manager. He was sentenced to six months in prison with a year of probation for forcing repayment on his loan, but found innocent about charges of physical assault.