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Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Han Se Kyung is shocked to learn that Mr. Kim is the president of Artemis

On the episode of SBS’s Cheongdamdong Alice that aired on December 23, Han Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young) finds out Chae Seung Jo (played by Park Shi Hoo) is the president of Artemis.
Se Kyung is shocked to receive a text message from her friend, Choi Ah Jung: “Kim is the president of the company.”
Coming across with Cha Seung Jo, on the opposite elevator, Se Kyung can’t move although she has to get off.
Finding it hard to believe, Se Kyung confirms the truth by noticing other employees call him “president” and Cha wears the bracelet she gave the president.
Se Kyung is puzzled while her head is filled with all the happening with Cha that happened to her, and she sighs, feeling complex.

Yoon Si Yoon shows off a cute look in a pictorial

Actor Yoon Si Yoon recently showed off a cute look in a pictorial as an ice cream boy.
Yoon recently did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Ceci.
As a cute boy, he lures the readers with ice cream and stares at the camera with an innocent look on his face. He seems like Junhyuk, the role he played in MBC TV’s sitcom series High Kick Through The Roof in 2009.
In an interview with the magazine, Yoon told his thoughts on doing his first project for 2013, tvN’s The Pretty Boy Next Door, and on appearing in the Chinese drama series Happy Noodle.
Especially regarding the reason he stopped tweeting, Yoon said, “I wanted to communicate with people, but I didn’t want to rely on it or make a mistake. I’m cautious about being a subject of people’s conversation. I want to meet my fans more often in other places, though.”
Yoon recently attracted a lot of attention with a funny look on SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang. Many people are wondering if he can be a Hallyu star through The Pretty Boy Next Door.
The Pretty Boy Next Door is a romantic comedy based on the popular cartoon series I Peek At Him Everyday. It’s about Go Dok Mi (played by Park Shin Hye), who isolates herself from the world, getting caught by Enrique Keum, a pretty boy who falls in love with her, while she peeks at a man next door. It’ll start airing at 11:00 p.m. on January 7 next year.

2PM’s Jun.K and AOA’s Hyejung have a romantic date

2PM’s Jun.K and AOA’s Hyejung recently attracted a lot of attention by having a romantic date.
On the episode of tvN’s The Romantic & Idol, which aired on December 23, Jun.K and Hyejung had a romantic date.
The Romantic & Idol is an idol version of The Romantic, which shows eight idol group members having romantic dates. 2PM’s Jun.K, MBLAQ’s Mir, JJ Project’s JB, ZE:A’s Hyung Sik, 4Minute’s Ji Hyun, Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah, AOA’s Hyejung, and Fiesta’s Jae Yi appear on the show.
On the episode, Jun.K and Hyejung had a date before making a final decision. They whispered to each other, walked arm-in-arm with each other, and lied next to each other on the beach.
Jun.K and Hyejung got quickly close after finding out that they both are interested in each other.
When the crew said they had to get back to the set by 3:00 p.m. Jun.K said, “Let’s run away,” and went to the beach with Hyejung. Jun.K showed his gentle side by helping her wear a jacket.
They also took a picture together. Lying on the sandy ground, they put arms around each other’s shoulders and held each other’s hands. Jun.K said, “Is this the real The Romantic?” satisfied with the date with Hyejung.
Viewers responded on social networking sites and online community boards: “Jun.K and Hyejung look like real lovers.” “Jun.K and Hyejung look really nice together.”
The Romantic & Idol airs on every Sunday at 8:45 p.m.

KARA’s Park Gyuri gives her fans some gifts

KARA’s Park Gyuri recently gave her fans some gifts.
On December 24, KARA’s agency reported, “Park Gyuri performed her solo song, ‘Daydream’ on December 23 on SBS TV’s Inkigayo. It was filmed early in the morning, but many fans of Park Gyuri came to the set to encourage her.”
Park was touched by her fans’ visit and gave them some warm drinks.
Before the performance, Park tweeted, “It’s so cold today. I’m sure it’ll be really cold for people who come to see my performance.”
After the performance, Park tweeted, “Thanks to you, I was really touched. I was so happy.”
On the show, Park received a lot of attention by alluringly dancing the tango to the song, “Daydream.”

Big Bang’s Seungri says Merry Christmas in a Santa costume

Big Bang’s Seungri recently said Merry Christmas to his fans in a Santa costume.
On December 24, Seungri uploaded a video on his me2day account with the comment, “Santa Seungri is sending a message for you to laugh. Merry Christmas! I’m the only one, right? Tell me I’m the only one who cares about you!”
In the video, Seungri appears in a Santa costume, singing a Christmas carol. He says, “My fans in Korea! How are you spending your Christmas? You’ve worked so hard this year. I’m sure you’re tired and exhausted. Please forget about all the tiring things and spend your Christmas with people you love and your family. Make nice memories with them. Please support us next year again!”
People who watched the video responded: “Seungri is the best!” “You’re the only one who cares about us. I’m so touched.” “Are you coming to us to give Christmas gifts?”

SNSD’s Seohyun has a tattoo on her thigh in a new teaser

The youngest member Seohyun of the girl group SNSD (composed of Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun) came up with refreshing charm in the group’s new teaser images, giving a foresight to their return on TV.
Following the teasers of Hyoyeon, SM Entertainment that manages the group posted Seohyun’s photos online through the group’s official website, Naver, and many other portal sites of NHN.
The singer appeals with a vintage, punk look which is designed for the new album concept. There appears a cute tattoo on her left thigh and it seems to attract people’s attention at once since she did not show such a side before.
On December 21 at 10:00 a.m., SNSD made an announcement of their comeback in the domestic market and pre-released the song “Dancing Queen” on various music websites. The number confirmed the group’s popularity in the music industry as it stands firm at the top in just two days since the release.
SNSD’s fourth full album I Got a Boy will be released on January 1, 2013