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Senin, 07 Januari 2013

BoA praises figure skater Kim Yuna

Singer BoA recently praised figure skater Kim Yuna.
On January 6, BoA tweeted, “I saw Kim Yuna at the Figure Skating Championships. Thank you so much for coming back. She was the best. I was very touched by her performance. Thank you so much for the good performance. I’ll always support you.”
On January 6, Kim participated in the Women’s Single Senior at the 67th Korean Figure Skating Championships.
Kim received 70.79 points for TES (Technical Elements Score) and 75.01 points for PCS (Program Components Score). The total points she received was 145.08. As she received 64.97 points for her short program, she received the total score of 210.77 and won the championships.
People responded: “She was so great.” “I was so touched by her free skating performance.” “I was so amazed by her performance.” “I agree with BoA.” “Thank you for coming back.”