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Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Farewell! Super Junior’s Yesung Enlists

A few short hours ago, the above picture was posted on Yesung’s official twitter with the message, “I will miss it all. Stages, songs… I look forward to the day we meet again, ELF. No worries, love you all!”
May 6th is the day Yesung (real name Kim Jong-woon) reports for his enlistment to the Jeonbook Jeonju 35th Reserves. He will receive 4 weeks of basic military training and will then serve as a public worker for 22 months. 
Anyone who follows Super Junior will have witnessed many changes in Yesung over the years. Always blessed with an amazing voice, he was never the strongest dancer of the group and was generally placed towards the back of the routines. Because of that, most fans will remember the charming story of how his mother cried when Yesung was featured on camera for 3 whole seconds during an onstage performance at the beginning of his career. The emotional moment is still a precious memory for Yesung to this day.
We have seen Yesung grow from a slightly awkward trainee to a confident, gorgeous and talented artist whose unique voice wows people around the globe. Without a doubt, he will be greatly missed from the entertainment scene over the next 2 years.
Always open and friendly with fans, Yesung is one of the most active idols on social networks. Always posting current updates and pictures of him, his family and friends, he even recently answered a fan letter on twitter. Because of his engaging personality, most fans truly feel that they know the “real” Yesung and not just the distant image of a Kpop idol. With the news of his enlistment, his dedicated fans have been posting messages telling the star they will faithfully wait for him and encouraging him as he faces these new changes in life. Many fans have shared how he has changed their lives through his music and how they will always love and support him.
The 28 year old is not the first member of Super Junior to enlist. Kangin completed his service in 2012 and both Heechul and Leeteuk are currently in the service. Since most of the other Super Junior members still have to complete their service, fans wonder who will be next to enlist and what changes are in store for the future of the band.
Yesung expressed a desire to spend his last few days before enlistment with his family and then to enlist quietly and without fanfare. This is a change from some of the very public enlistments of Kpop idols in the past. 
We wish Yesung the very best of luck and assure him that fans will wait faithfully for his return. 
Until then, I leave you with this gorgeous video featuring some words of praise for Yesung from fellow band member Eunhyuk.
 Please join us in wishing Yesung a fond farewell. Fighting!

YG asks “WHO’S NEXT?”

YG Family’s official twitter account has revealed a mysterious teaser image with the caption [WHO'S NEXT?]. The picture lists the names of famous YG singers and groups, including Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and Epik High, among others. At the bottom of the teaser picture it also says “YG New Artist”, maybe indicating the debut of a new group or solo artist. 
Fans have already started speculating what the meaning of this could be. Who will be next? Will it be someone’s comeback, or a hot new debut? The date on the image is 2013.05.28, so hopefully more information and teasers will be revealed before then.
For now, all we can do is wait patiently to see what YG has in store for us. 

2PM has revealed the trailer of “Listen to This Song and Come Back”

In the trailer of one of the lead tracks of 2PM’s latest studio album, Grown, the members of the group are seen standing on a skyscraper looking down on a cityscape. The song is “Listen to This Song and Come Back,” which resonates with a mournful mood. The song expresses a man’s yearnings and regret over a lover. In the video, the group members are dressed in style and show a warmhearted charm.
An agency spokesperson says: “2PM’s ‘Listen to This Song and Come Back” is the first song on the second half of 2PM’s latest studio album, which comes two years after their last one. The group is back with a more mature image.” 
2PM  plan to perform their new material on TV for the fir9st time on a show titled “2PM Returns,” to air on MBC. The teaser makes use of the theme song from Superman and displays the title “2PM Returns.” 
The group has completed the recording of “2PM Returns,” and the program will air at 12:30 a.m. on May 11. The new album comes out on May 6.

Suzy sings “Don’t Forget Me” for the drama series The Gu Family Book

Suzy, who plays the heroine on the MBC series The Gu Family Book, has recorded a song for the sound track In spite of the great pressure of acting in a historical drama for the first time. Suzy is enjoying acting with Lee Seung Gi in the role of Dam Yeo Wool,bit she also shows off her singing talent with the song “Don’t Forget Me” for the series. The song describes the predestined love between Dam Yeo Wool and Choi Kang Chi.
“Don’t Forget Me” is a ballad by Kim Sun Min, who also wrote “Cocktail Love,” which is reminiscent of a springlike first love and speaks of the desire never to be forgotten by one’s love. Suzy’s sweet voice goes well with the lyrical melody and the full orchestra sound.
Fans expect Suzy to make a double hit with her acting and the song. “Don’t Forget Me” will be released through online music sites at noon on May 6.

Hyun Bin holds a successful fan meeting in China

Hyun Bin held the last fan meeting of his Asian tour at the International Performance Center in Guangzhou, China, on May 4. The arena was filled with fans, and he performed for two hours, receiving explosive responses from the audience.
During the event, he changed suit several times, appealing to the women’s hearts with his gentlemanly image.
The actor sang three songs, including “That Guy,” from the sound track of the drama series Secret Garden and showed charm in a three-dimentional laser show for which he wore a specially manufactured costume. Four fans specially chosen for the event joined him on stage for part of the show.
Hyun Bin returned to Korea on May 5 after finishing his round of Asia fan meetings in six cities

Kim Bum is cast in a new MBC drama series

An official from Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, says that Kim has confirmed his acceptance of a role in the new MBC drama series Goddess of Fire Jung E. This is the first time for him to act in a historical drama. Kim will play Kim Tae Do, a fine-looking young man who is adept at martial arts and is willing to lay down his life for the love of one woman. The character also has a strong sense of justice, always acting appropriately for the strong and the weak. He has fallen in love with Jung E (played by Moon Geun Young).
Kim says, “I’m going out of my mind because of my first attempt at a historical drama, but I’ll do my best to work well with the entire crew.”
The drama is based on the life of Beak Pa Sun, the first female potter of the Joseon Dynasty. The series is produced by Park Sung Soo and written by Kwon Soon Gyu. It will begin airing in July 2013.