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Rabu, 24 April 2013

In her teaser, Jun Hyo Seong of Secret looks like Marilyn Monroe

 Jun Hyo Seong, a member of the girl group Secret (Han Sun Hwa, Song Ji Eun, Zinger, and Jun Hyo Seong), released a teaser image which is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.
According to her agency TS entertainment, on April 22, Secret is going to release a new EP titledLetter From Secret on April 30. They have already disclosed the teaser images of Jun Hyo Seong, the leader of Secret.
In the teaser, Jun Hyo Seong is wearing a white dress and a hairband with her hair in two braids, which makes her look much cuter. Especially Jun Hyo Seong’s halter-neck dress reminds one of Marilyn Monroe, and it suits her white complexion.
This is the group’s fourth EP and comes five months after the release of their single “Talk That,” which came out in December 2012. The new EP contains four songs, including the title song,“Letter From Secret.”
The song “Yoohoo” is the work of the duo Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Beom, who have made a lot of hit songs together, including “Magic,” “Madonna,” “Shy Boy,” “Starlight Moonlight,” and “Poison.”
Secret is going to release teasers of the other group members one by one.

“Bad girl!” Lee Hyo Ri drops a hint about her new album

Singer Lee Hyo Ri revealed a teaser image for her fifth album on her Twitter account on 22th of April. In the picture, Lee Hyo Ri appears an a pink background with the words, “I used to be the sweetest girl ever . . . til [sic] I found out being the baddest girl was better.”
Lee Hyo Ri has been making a music video since April 16 in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, and she is currently making final preparations with producer Kim Ji Woong, who worked on Busker Busker’s first album.
This is Lee Hyo Ri’s first new material in about three years. The new album will contain music of a variety of different genres. The entire album and the music video are scheduled for release mid-May.

SISTAR19 hits the beach for ‘CeCi’

It may not be summer yet, but SISTAR19‘s pictorial for ‘CeCi‘ magazine will make you want to go to the beach already.
Known for their glamorous figures and beautiful faces, Hyorin and Bora of SISTAR19 have been chosen as the new muses of ‘Calvin Klein Jeans‘. The duo flaunt what they’ve got, wearing simple shirts and jeans, as they pose for the camera with the beach as the background. A representative said, “Hyorin and Bora caught everyone’s eyes with their figures at the beach in Jejudo.”
You can see the full pictorial in the May issue.

A Pink will add a new member after Yookyung’s departure

Although it seems unexpected, it has just been announced that A Pink‘s Yookyung will be leaving the group.
Through a press release, A Pink’s agency, A Cube Entertainment announced that Yookyung will be leaving A Pink. “Yookyung has always tries her best to be a hard working member since her debut. After considering between continuing as a celebrity and focusing on her studies, Yookyung and the agency have made this hard decision,” the agency said. “Because Yookyung will be entering university this year, she will be a student like others her age and no longer be A Pink’s Yookyung. Please support her as well as her future.”
After the announcement, a lot of questions came up whether A Pink will continue to promote as a 6-member group or add a new member. As a respond, A Cube Entertainment revealed that they have been considering the latter choice. The agency said that they are looking for someone, but no further decision has been made.
As the agency takes their time to make a decision, the rest of A Pink members are currently planning their comeback. It is said that the new member will probably be introduced when they release a new album.

Bigbang’s Tae Yang visits Cho Yong Pil’s showcase

On April 23, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, reported that Big Bang member Tae Yang visited Cho Yong Pil’s showcase, not as a special guest at the event but merely as a big fan.
Cho Yong Pil released his 19th album, Hello, which contains 10 songs, at noon on the 23th. Cho held a contcert titled Premier Showcase—Hello and performed songs from the new album publicly for the first time. Kim Je Dong hosted the event and junior musicians, including Park Jung Hyun, Guckkasten, Jaurim, Idiotape, and Phantom, participated in the event.
Cho is going to hold a concert tour from May 31 to June 2 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park.

A world-class choreographer for Usher and Michael Jackson will work on SHINee’s new album

World-famous choreographer Devin Jamieson will work on Korean group SHINee’s third album. On April 24, the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, announced that the unique choreography will appear in the lead track of chapter two of the group’s third album, “Why So Serious?”
Jamieson has participated in the production of many albums for such global pop stars as Michael Jackson, Usher, Britney Spears, and Hilary Duff and now takes charge of the choreography for SHINee’s album.
SHINee has given special performances with each album since its debut, so people are paying attention to what kind of performance the group will do with this new album.
SHINee will release a medley of nine highlight songs, including the lead track, at noon via YouTube, SM Town, Kakao Talk, and SM Plus Friends.

Yoon Si Yoon, the baker king, changes into the noodle king in China

Yoon Si Yoon, who is famous in China for the drama series Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, visited Beijing to promote a Chinese drama, Happy Noodle. Yoon appeared at a press conference forHappy Noodle, which is to be aired on ZJSTV, with actresses Li Fei Er and Chang Chun Ning in the lead, starting on April 20.
Yoon Si Yoon played the role of a baker in the Baker King, Kim Tak Goo. In this Chinese series he plays Kang Soo Chan, a Korean noodle cook who has come to China in search of his father.
To play this role, he studied how to make noodles and the history and characteristics of Chinese food in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Looking back on the shooting of the series, Yoon says, “I often enjoyed eating street foods. I had a Lanzhou ramen, which was delicious and had a unique taste. I would go alone, walking with a backpack or taking a cab. I’d like to take my manager there sometime and show him around.”
The production company presented a donation of about 100,000 yuan to the victims of the earthquake that occurred in Ya’an, Sichuan, on the morning of the day of the press conference. Yoon expressed his condolences, saying, “I’m sorry to hear of today’s disaster. I believe the people of China will be able to overcome their sorrow and rebuild.”
Having finished shooting in November 2012, Happy Noodle is to start airing on ZJSTV on April 28.

Zinger of Secret decides to use her real name, Jung Hana

Ahead of the release of Secret’s new album, Zinger has said that she is going to perform using her real name, Jung Hana. On April 24, Secret’s agency reported, “In advance of the release of the group’s fourth EP, Letter From Secret on April 30, we released a teaser image of Zinger following Jun Hyo Sung’s and Song Ji Eun’s. From now on, Zinger, who has a strong appeal as Secret’s rapper, will use her real name, Jung Hana, and will show a new kind of appeal. After going through a lot last year, Jung Hana has been absorbed in working on her music while taking a rest from performing. She wrote the lyrics of three of the four songs on the EP. She has decided to use her real name for a new start with mature mental attitude.”
In the teaser image, Jung Hana looks bright and cheerful in a striped sleeveless shirt and white short pants and with her hair in two braids against a background of palm trees.
A teaser image of the Han Sun Hwa and a teaser video of the song “Yoohoo” are to be released on April 25.