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Rabu, 24 April 2013

A Pink will add a new member after Yookyung’s departure

Although it seems unexpected, it has just been announced that A Pink‘s Yookyung will be leaving the group.
Through a press release, A Pink’s agency, A Cube Entertainment announced that Yookyung will be leaving A Pink. “Yookyung has always tries her best to be a hard working member since her debut. After considering between continuing as a celebrity and focusing on her studies, Yookyung and the agency have made this hard decision,” the agency said. “Because Yookyung will be entering university this year, she will be a student like others her age and no longer be A Pink’s Yookyung. Please support her as well as her future.”
After the announcement, a lot of questions came up whether A Pink will continue to promote as a 6-member group or add a new member. As a respond, A Cube Entertainment revealed that they have been considering the latter choice. The agency said that they are looking for someone, but no further decision has been made.
As the agency takes their time to make a decision, the rest of A Pink members are currently planning their comeback. It is said that the new member will probably be introduced when they release a new album.

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