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Senin, 25 Februari 2013

After School successfully hold a fan meeting in Thailand

After School recently held a fan meeting in Thailand and met about 3,000 fans.
On February 25, After School’s agency reported, “After School’s first fan meeting in Thailand was held at the Central World Live in Bangkok. Attracting about 3,000 fans, the fan meeting was successfully held. Nearly 50 media sources also paid attention to the fan meeting. Unlike other girl groups’ fan meetings, tickets for this fan meeting were sold out.”
At the fan meeting, After School performed such hit songs as “Flashback,” “Because Of You,” and “Bang!”
After School will release a new album this year.

BoA shows off her unusual earrings

BoA recently attracted a lot of attention with her unusual earrings.
On the episode of SBS TV’s K-pop Star Season 2 that aired on February 24, the last ten contestants competed against each other.
What attracted viewers’ attention along with the contestants’ performances was BoA’s unusual earrings. She looked stylish with the purple earrings with an unusual design.
After the episode aired, BoA’s earrings became one of the most searched words on portal sites, and people responded: “I’ve never seen such a design of earrings.” “I think they looked prettier because BoA wore them.” “BoA is so fashionable.”
Lee Jin Woo and Sung Soo Jin failed to go to the next round on the episode.

4Minute’s Hyun Ah is featured on the cover of the British magazine POP

4Minute’s Hyun Ah was recently featured on the cover of a British magazine.
Hyun Ah was featured on the cover of the 28th issue of the British magazine POP, showing off a variety of charms as the icon of K-pop.
Such world-famous fashion, pop culture icons as Madonna, Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez have been featured on the cover of the magazine.
In the 28th issue of the magazine, Hyun Ah shows off a sexy, cute look. She also reinterpreted POP’s artistic, distinctive image in her own style.
Ashley Heath, the chief editor of POP, says, “Hyun Ah has become the K-pop icon to British people through the music video of ‘Gangnam Style.’ She is a good example of the stylish, lively girl of today.”
POP is a trendy fashion, art magazine popular all over the world for its creative, dynamic image.

Super Junior M successfully hold a fan meeting in China

Super Junior M recently held fan meetings in Taiwan and Chengtu, China.
On February 25, Super Junior M’s agency reported, “Super Junior M held fan meetings in Taiwan from February 21 to 23 and in China on February 24 under the title of 2013 Super Junior M Fan Party: Break Down. For four days, they attracted about 20,000 fans to the fan meetings. Such Taiwanese media sources as TVBS, CTS, and Daily Newspaper covered Super Junior’s entry into Taiwan, their press interview, and the fan meeting. Everything about the group was reported in detail, proving the high popularity of the group in the country.”
Super Junior M performed the lead track “Break Down,” “GO,” and “Good Bye My Love,” from their second album, and such hit songs as “Destiny,” “Me,” and “Blue Tomorrow.” They also talked about their life and took some pictures with the fans.
Super Junior M will promote their new album in and out of Korea.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off a sexy look in a pictorial

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off a sexy, charismatic look in a pictorial.
On February 22, the cosmetics brand The Saem released a behind-the-scene video of G-Dragon’s photo shoot for the brand. In the video, G-Dragon is writing “Global Eco” on a mirror with a lipstick.
Dressed in a white shirt and with a charismatic look in his eyes, he shows off a sexy look in the video. He’s portraying nature in a distinctive way with his outfits, accessories, and props.
A spokesperson for the Saem says, “Ever since we selected G-Dragon as the new advertising model of Global Eco the Saem early in February, the number of customers visiting our shops and inquiring about our brand has increased. We’re expecting to improve brand awareness by effectively delivering the image of our brand to customers through G-Dragon.”
The video can be seen on the Saem’s official Facebook page (, YouTube channel, and other online sites.

JYJ’s Yoo Chun says, “I want to work with Tang Wei”

JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently visited China in celebration of Daeboreum.
On February 24, Yoo Chun attended a special festival for Daeboreum in China. He performed the main theme song of MBC TV’s drama series Missing You, which is currently popular in China, and said hello to the audience in Chinese.
Yoo Chun also said he would like to appear in a Chinese film. He said, “I want to work with actress Tang Wei and director Chen Kaige.”
Yoo Chun came to China on February 23 at 10:00 p.m. to attend the festival. As he’s very popular in China along with his drama series, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Rooftop Prince, and Missing You, nearly 1,000 fans swarmed over to the airport to see him.

B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk shows off his muscular body at his concert

B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk recently took off his shirt. At B.A.P’s first concert, he showed off his muscular upper body and got about 8,000 fans excited.
On February 23 and 24, B.A.P held the first concert at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park under the title of B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul. Lots of people from countries in Asia, America, and Europe came to the concert.
Bang promised his fans earlier that he would show off his abs when B.A.P receive the New Artist Award, and the group has received thirteen New Artist Awards since their debut.
During his solo performance, Bang tore his shirt with the help of the backup dancers as part of the performance. Exposing his muscular upper body, he got the fans excited.
B.A.P will promote the second EP, One Shot, for a while.

My Name show off their singing abilities

A video of My Name practicing singing recently attracted a lot of attention.
On February 22, a video of My Name members practicing singing at a recording studio was uploaded of the official YouTube channel of the group’s agency. It’s currently being spread through social networking sites and other online sites.
My Name members, singing Fly to the Sky’s “Missing You,” are surprising people with their great singing abilities. They’re as good as Fly to the Sky’s Hwan Hee, their teacher.
People who watched the video responded: “Isn’t it Hwan Hee’s voice at the end?” “I want to listen to it close,” “I can see that they’re students of Hwan Hee.” “The song is really good.” “My Name members are really good at singing.”
My Name are currently promoting the new song, “Just That Little Thing,” and will hold the first concert on March 3 at the Interpark Art Center under the title of The Beginning.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee says, “SHINee’s Minho is better looking than I am”

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee recently released a picture of himself with SHINee’s Minho in a friendly pose.
On February 24, Kwang Hee uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Yes. I know Minho is better looking than I am. I was confident about my look, though. Anyway, I support Dream Girl!”
In the picture, Kwang Hee is in a friendly pose with Minho. He’s making a funny face, tightly holding Minho’s waist.
People who saw the picture responded: “Minho is really good-looking.” “Kwang Hee is handsome, too.” “They both are so handsome.”
Kwang Hee is currently hosting SBS TV’s Inkigayo.

Singer G.Na can’t wait for spring to come

Singer G.Na recently took to Twitter to share a photo of herself welcoming spring. On February 23, she posted a snap of her radiant self with the caption “Glammed up for spring. Only now can I sense that spring is coming. Can’t wait for it anymore.”
In the photo, the hottie is all smiles in a orange-white striped shirt while showing off her glamorous body as usual. Her pretty face with sharp chin line also catches the eye.
Netizens responded: “G.Na looks radiant in these close-ups.” “She seems to be getting younger and younger.” “I was surprised to see her look so much like a doll.” “The photos prove that she has a tiny face.”

Hyunaticz admire Soo Hyun oppa on the way he dresses himself up!

Soo Hyun oppa’s fans admire him on the way he dresses. . . Fans says that he dresses well depending on what event he would be attending. . . Soo Hyun oppa!! Why you so perfect!

2PM’s Jun. K snaps a picture with his mother, “Happy birthday, I love you…”

2PM’s Jun. K revealed a picture taken with her mother.
On February 25, Jun K. uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Tomorrow is my beloved mother’s birthday whom I respect the most in the world! Since I have my first debut stage with The Three Musketeers tomorrow, I am spending time with her. I love you mother. Always be healthy! Happy birthday!”
In the picture, he is posing in a friendly manner with her mother. Their friendly look made the fans wear bright smiles.
Netizens commented: “Jun K. is such a good son.” “Happy birthday dear his mother.” “I want to have a son like him.”

Teen Top snaps a picture with the lead actress of their music video, Shin Bo Ra

Teen Top’s “Miss Right” is creating a stir.
While Teen Top’s title song of their first EP “Miss Right” is creating a stir, they revealed a picture with the lead actor of their music video, Shin Bo Ra.
On February 25 at 5:00 p.m, Teen Top revealed their music video. Therefore, the main actress turned out to be Shin Bo Ra.
Previously L. Joe revealed a spoiler picture with the main actress. Netizens responded, “Miss Right, who is she? I’m so jealous.” “She looks like Shin Bo Ra.” “I don’t think it’s Shin Bo Ra.”
After the release of the music video, Chang Jo uploaded a picture on their official Twitter, “Wow Bo Ra, Bora, taken with Shin Bo Ra.”
The picture was taken at the shooting site of “Miss Right” and they have are posing with Shin Bo Ra.
Teen Top will hold Teen Top First Album Showcase on February 26 at Mapo Interpark Art Center.

SM Entertainment explains the rumor of romance between f(x)’s Victoria and TVXQ’s Changmin

While there is a rumor of romance between f(x)’s Victoria and TVXQ’s Changmin, her agency SM Entertainment gave an explanation.
The rumor spread as Victoria uploaded a picture on her Weibo on February 24. She uploaded a picture that had a reflection of a man on a spoon with the comment, “Happy Lantern Festival! Even though this is not the food we eat during this day, I made some meat soup and fried radish.”
The picture of the man aroused curiosity and some assumed that it was Changmin. When the rumor created a stir, Victoria doctored the image, arousing more curiosity.
SM Entertainment revealed, “It is Changmin but other staff were there as well.”

Actor Kim Soo Hyun for Spris 2011 CF, Red looks so manly with Him!

2AM is to return in March with their unique color

Group 2AM, who will return in March, recently talked about their music.
2AM took a pictorial for the fashion magazine Bazaar and also gave an interview. They look vivacious in colorful clothes.
During the interview, 2AM said, “We wanted to become the best before but now we want to be recognized with our unique color and music.”
The group added, “Music that we can perform as 2AM is our true nature. We create huge synergy effect when we all gather together.”
2AM will release their second regular EP One Spring Day on March 5.

Sistar’s Hyo Lyn says, “My ideal type is a muscular man”

Sistar 19′s Hyo Lyn recently talked about her ideal type.
On the episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 that will air on February 25, Clazziquai and Sistar 19 will appear as guests, and Hyo Lyn will talk about her ideal type.
At the shooting of the episode, Bora said, “Hyo Lyn likes a muscular, manly man.” At this, host Jang Dong Min got laughs by saying, “My cheekbones are quite muscular.”
As Jang continuously showed affection to Hyo Lyn, Hyo Lyn decided to become a one-day girlfriend of Jang during the shooting.
On the episode, Hyo Lyn will also talk about the reason why she cried during the music video shooting, and Bora will show a big mole on her left ear.

Song Ji Hyo fascinates Gary with her cute action on Running Man

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently fascinated Gary with her cute action.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Running Man that aired on February 24, actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Han Hye Jin appeared as guests.
Gary, Song, and Lee Kwang Soo played hide-and-seek at a restaurant as a mission, and Gary determined the order to play the game.
Realizing that becoming the first player is not good, Song acted cute in front of Gary, pushing out her lips. Gary got embarrassed, but Song kept acting cute, making him feel good.
Gary eventually designated Song as the last player, and Lee became the first player. Lee got laughs by saying, “You two can’t be together even if you do this.”
At the end, Gary, Haha, and Han Hye Jin won the race.

Orange Caramel will release “Orange Caramel” in Japan

Girl group Orange Caramel, composed of three girls, will go abroad.
The group will release their first Japanese regular EP Orange Caramel on March 13 in Japan. The title song is called “Cookie Cream & Mint.”
Orange Caramel, who captured many Korean fans with their unique lyrics, will start performing in Asia.
The group is ready to show off their unique color through the new EP, which includes the remake of Candies’ “My Sweet Devil” and “Lipstick,” “A-ing,” and “Bangkok City.”
Orange Caramel released “Magic Girl” in June, 2010, and showed a different look from group After School. They will perform abroad after only two years of their debut.
Since the group specializes in global projects, they will give fresh and bubbly performances rather than sexy performances like other K-pop girl groups.

Yoon Si Yoon looks cute with ‘Apple Hair’

Yoon Si Yoon will show off his cute appeal with ‘Apple Hair.’
On the fifteenth episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series Flower Boy Next Door, which will air on February 25, Yoon will appear with a cute hairstyle called ‘Apple Hair.’
Yoon will turn into a private detective to investigate Go Dok Mi (played by Park Shin Hye). Yoon will act cutesy to make Park change her mind and draw a lot of attention from the public.
In the pictures, Yoon looks curious with a magnifying glass. He is also puffing out his cheeks right next to Park and it impressed many people.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Yoon is the cutest.” “I’m sad because the series is almost done.” “His puffy cheeks are cute.” “Yoon and Park are a lovely couple.” “I should watch the show tonight too.”
The series will air the sixteenth and final episode on February 26.

Park Bo Young explains rumors about her and Song Joong Ki

Actor Park Bo Young recently explained rumors about her and Song Joong Ki having a romantic relationship.
Park appeared on the February 22 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News and showed off her great sense of humor.
On the show, Park talked about Song, who she appeared with on the movie A Werewolf Boy, “Song is very considerate to everyone including me. He tells actresses that he works with that they are the prettiest and cutest.”
She made people laugh by saying, “It’s really not true. He is not like that with only me. We don’t actually keep in touch that often.”
Park also said that she doesn’t like her chin, which is gradually getting bigger.

A pink’s Jung Eun Ji shows off her cute appeal

A pink’s Jung Eun Ji showed off her cute appeal while shooting a TV series.
On February 15, the production company for SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series That Winter The Wind Blows released pictures that were taken on the set.
In the pictures, Jung is smiling for the camera and making the V sign.
She is also making various facial expressions and showing off her cute appeal.
According to the production company, Jung created happy atmosphere on the set as the youngest cast member even though she had to shoot in the cold weather.
In the last episode, which aired last week, Jung tried to reveal who Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) really was and made the audience curious.

CNBLUE goes on a world tour in April

Band CNBLUE will go on a world tour.
On February 25, CNBLUE’s agency said, “The band completed their six weeks of performances in Korea on February 24. They will go on a world tour starting in Taiwan on April 6.”
CNBLUE will go to Singapore on April 13, Thailand on May 4, and Hong Kong on Mary 11. They will set their schedules for Oceania, Europe, and South and North Americas.
The agency said, “CNBLUE is very popular in Taiwan. According to G-Music, one of the biggest album sales chart in Taiwan, the EP Re:Blue released on February 20 ranked first on the Asian Weekly Chart from February 15 to 21.”
The title song “I’m Sorry” ranked first in two categories, the Korean Chart and the Taiwanese online music site Kkbox. All six songs that CNBLUE has released entered the Top 10 list.

One of his habit LEE MIN HO

 Did anybody notice that he does this a lot?  TONGUE OUT