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Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Choo Sung Hoon wins the hustle with Kim Jong Kook


Mixed martial artist Choo Sung Hoon defeated Kim Jong Kook twice in one episode.
The episode of SBS’s Running Man that aired on February 3 began with the “bounty hunter race” in which they had to catch others to collect the bounty on each member. Today’s special guests were Choo Sung Hoon and actress Lee Si Young.
The most anticipated match between Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Jong Kook began as they started hustling, both saying to the other, “You must work out a lot.” 
Choo Sung Hoon went for his opponent’s sleeve and won by removing Kim’s name tag. In the following mud wrestle, the two once again fought each other.
Kim Jong Kook was unable to overpower Choo Sung Hoon, resulting in his second defeat.
The final game of ddakji-chigi (traditional game of slap-match) had the two face each other one last time. Kim Jong Kook’s skills in the game finally led him to his first victory.
In the meantime, Lee Si Young had Yoo Jae Suk and Haha as her opponents in the mud wrestle and defeated both of them.

Park Shin Hye shows off her elegant look

Park Shin Hye recently showed off her elegant look through a pictorial.
On February 3, Park’s agency, Salt Entertainment, released two pictures that Park took for the fashion magazine Marie Claire.
In the pictures, Park looks elegant in a warm sweater and over coat. Her deep eyes and feminine appearance drew a lot of attention from the public.
Park also talked about her current TV series tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door. She said, “I wanted to appear on a TV series which I can relate to at my age. I can relate to the character in the series because she has the same worries I have. I think the series will heal people who are afraid of relationships with other people.”
Park’s agency said, “We are happy that we can show her various appeals to the audience through the TV series, movies, and music videos. We hope that the audience will enjoy her performance in each work.”
Park is keeping busy appearing on the series, the movie Gift in Room 7, and a music video for So Ji Sub’s new song.

2PM’s Nichkhun wears a purple wig

2PM’s Nichkhun is drawing a lot of attention.
An online community posted a picture with the caption, “Nichkhun wearing a wig.” The picture was taken when the group held the ‘Legend of 2PM’ concert.
In the picture, Nichkhun is wearing a purple bobbed hair wig and a cute look on his face. Even though he has a pretty face, his broad shoulders and muscular figure made people laugh.
People who saw the picture responded: “Nichkhun is so pretty.” “I didn’t know he would look good in a purple wig.” “Nichkhun is lovely.”

Psy arrives in Korea: “New song will be released in April”

Singer Psy, who arrived in Korea on February 4, said that he will release new songs in April.
Psy, who drew a lot of attention from all over the world with his song “Gangnam Style,” said, “I think my new songs will be released in April. I already have new songs but making new the music videos is killing me. I’m still preparing for it.
Psy looked little bit tired but he kept smiling for the reporters and fans who gathered at Incheon International Airport to see him.
When Psy was asked how he feels about his first US commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl, he said, “Was it today? I’m proud.” Psy also talked about his appearance on inauguration day for President Park Geun Hye, “I’m honored to be there for the happiest day of the country.”
Psy has been keeping busy in China appearing on several TV programs.
According to an official, Psy was planning to go to LA but his flight was delayed due to snow and he decided to take some time off to rest in Korea.
Psy will spend time with his family and fly to the United States on February 5. The official said, “We don’t know when Psy will leave but he will resume his overseas schedules soon.”
Psy is also planning to attend the Brazil Carnival Festival on February 8 and 9. Then he will come back to Korea on February 25, inauguration day for President Park Geun Hye. In March, he will go to Malaysia to attend the Future Music Festival Asia 2013.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off his chic charisma

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off his chic appeal.
On February 4, G-Dragon posted a picture with the short comment, “White.”
His glamorous fashion drew a lot of attention. The picture portrays G-Dragon as a fashionista in a white T-shirt and jacket with bold bracelets and rings.
His pose also impressed the people. He looking down while pulling his jacket down. His eyes showed a chic black charisma and they received considerable attention.
People responded: “Cool.” “The picture is white because it’s snowing?” “That reminded me of “Fantastic Baby.”" “He is definitely G-Dragon.” “He looks cool.” “He is the best.”
G-Dragon will hold the ’2013 G-Dragon World Tour in Japan Dome Special’ (working title) in Saitama, Osaka, and Fukuoka, Japan in April.

The Running Man members appear in Macao

Kim Jong Guk of Running Man seems like he has injured legs.
On February 4, pictures of the show members were posted on Weibo. A fan who posted the pictures visited the set during shooting and left notes about the members.
The fan said, “Kim came to Macao even though he has injured legs. While they were on a break Song Ji Hyo asked Kim how his legs were, and he said they feel fine. Song seemed to be worried about his legs.”
“When Lee Kwang Soo helped Kim to walk, Song looked like she was really worried about him. They are really a great family.”
In the pictures, Lee, Ji Seok Jin, Kim, Song, Garry, Yoo Jae Seok, and Haha were shooting the show with the guest member Lee Dong Wook. Kim is wearing a medical support bandage on his left foot and Song is looking at him as if she is worried about his legs.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Kim is working so hard.” “Cheer up, Kim!” “It is good to see them worrying about each other like a real family.”
Lee Dong Wook and Han Hye Jin appeared on SBS’s Running Man, shot in Macao.

miss A’s Suzy thanks her fans with a big present

miss A’s Suzy recently thanked her fans.
On February 3, Suzy tweeted a picture with the comment, “Thank you for coming.”
Suzy promoted her TV series Big in Tokyo, Japan on February 3. In the picture, Suzy is posing behind a big flower basket decorated with pink balloons.
People who saw the picture responded: “She’s lovely.” “She has a really small face.” “The flower basket is so beautiful.” “Suzy must have felt happy.” “Her pose is cute.” “She is so popular in Japan.”
Suzy will also promote the series in Kobe on February 16.

SE7EN releases his final Japanese EP before entering the military

Singer SE7EN will release his last Japanese EP before heading off to the army.
A jacket photo for his new single, which will be released on March 20, was posted on his official Japanese website. SE7EN wrote the lyrics by himself in Japanese to thank his Japanese fans.
He will also hold a concert to express his gratitude towards his fans. The ‘SE7EN 2013 Concert in Japan-Thank You’ will be held on February 7 and 8 in Tokyo, and 16 and 17 in Kobe.
SE7EN will also hold a fan meeting in Korea to say goodbye to his fans.

Lee Jong Seok denies Jung So Min dating rumors

Actor Lee Jong Seok recently denied all rumors that he is dating actress Jung So Min.
On February 4, an online media outlet reported that there were rumors about Lee and Jung having a romantic relationship and some people said that they even went on a trip to Tokyo together.
On the same day, a spokesperson for Lee said, “The rumors about a relationship between Lee and Jung are groundless.”
“Lee did fly to Japan today and we heard the rumors through the Internet so we even checked with the manager that went to Japan with Lee.”
“Lee and Jung met each other when they shot a commercial in 2011. But they haven’t met again since then, even in an informal setting.”
“I heard that Lee encountered Jung at the airport by accident. But they didn’t go to Japan together,” the spokesperson added.
“Lee went to Japan to take some time off and to rest. He has friends there so he goes to Japan often. He will be back on February 6.”
Lee previously appeared on KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series School 2013, which went off air on January 28.

Psy makes his first appearance in a US commercial

Singer Psy recently made his first appearance on a commercial in the United States. The commercial aired during the first match of The 47th annual Super Bowl.
Psy shot a commercial titled Get Crackin. In the commercial, Psy explains how to eat pistachios and performs the world famous horse dance.
Psy dances in a green jacket with people wearing pistachio costumes.
The commercial aired during the first match of the Super Bowl, which is the annual championship game watched by over 100 million people all over the world. It costs 4 million dollars per thirty seconds to air commercials during the Super Bowl.
The commercial is also uploaded on its official website and YouTube channel.

G-Dragon says, “Do I look like a squirrel?”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon very much resembles the appearance of a hamster.
On various online community boards, pictures titled “G-Dragon is a hamster?” have been revealed on February 4. After seeing these pictures, G-Dragon linked the pictures to his Twitter.
Sandara Park left a comment, “Such a cute rat Yong. We have a hamster in our house too! Her name’s Bomtori… why are there so many hamsters…”
Netizens commented: “G-Dragon is so cute.” “Lovely.” “It’s a squirrel not a hamster.” “Come here cutie.” He’s cuter than the squirrel.”
G-Dragon plans to hold 2013 G-Dragon World Tour in Japan Dome Special in major cities in Japan in April.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon snaps a picture with a snowman, “Am I cute?”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon revealed his cute charms.
On the afternoon of February 4, G-dragon uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Snowman X snow baby.”
His cute expression stands out. His playful look and bright smile gave the viewers a heartwarming smile.
His hair and fashion was just perfect. He had the black & white two-tone hair that is creating a stir. He also revealed his fashion sense by wearing a red shirt.
Netizens commented: “So cute.” “Such a handsome visual.” “Did you take the picture during a shoot?” “You remind me of a hamster.” “Did you make the snowman yourself?” “Lovely.”
G-Dragon plans to hold 2013 G-Dragon World Tour in Japan Dome Special in major cities in Japan in April.

SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” ranks first both in Korea and Taiwan

Group SNSD ranked first on several Korean and Taiwanese monthly charts with their song “I Got A Boy.”
On February 4, SNSD’s agency said, “The fourth EP I Got A Boy ranked first on the January Chart from Hanteo. The title song “I Got A Boy” also ranked first on several music charts, including, Melon, Naver Music, and Olleh Music.”
The song also ranked first on the K-pop Top 100 from the KKBOX, one of the biggest music charts in Taiwan.
According to a spokesperson for the agency, “The EP also ranked first on the US Billboard World Album Chart and received a lot of attention from major media outlets, including, MTV, Rolling Stone, The Times, and FUSE TV. And the music video for the song received over 30 million hits in the shortest time.”
SNSD will go on a Japanese Arena Tour on February 9. They will tour Kobe, Saitama, Nigata, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Oh Ja Ryong (Lee Jang Woo) and Na Gong Joo (Oh Yeon Seo) fight on their first date?

Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo fought over differences in opinion.
On MBC’s Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming which aired on the afternoon of February 4, Oh Ja Ryong (played by Lee Jang Woo) and Na Gong Joo (played by Oh Yeon Seo) went on a date to a sledge park.
This day, Oh Ja Ryong took Na Gong Joo to the sledge park by changing buses three times and planned to eat the lunch that he made himself. However, it was the opposite of what Gong Joo dreamt of: renting a car and enjoy a drive to the park and eating at an expensive restaurant.
She bursted out, “Do you feel like you’re wasting money if you use it for me? I know that you live and try very hard to succeed. But do you really have to go through all this even when we came to play?”
She added, “Can we really play conveniently and spend a good time? I am suspicious whether you really love me.”
Oh replied, “Why do you think you have to use a lot of money for a date to be a good date? I am happy whatever I do or wherever I am if I am with you.”
Na left him behind saying, “Hardship cannot be a good memory. I am beginning to doubt your heart.”
In the same episode, Na Jin Joon (played by Seo Hyun Jin) visited the hospital and figured out that she has trouble getting pregnant.

NU’EST show off a lonely look in the cover for their new EP

Urban electro band NU’EST recently released the cover for their new EP, Hello.
Having received an enthusiastic response from their fans by showing off a stylish, emotive look in their individual teaser photos, NU’EST show off a lonely, boyish look in the cover for the EP, which reminds people of a scene from a film.
With a city at night in cold winter as a setting, the cover features five boys who are about to become men. They look strong yet lonely.
Pledis, NU’EST’s agency, says, “NU’EST have reinterpreted many social issues from teenagers’ perspectives in order to represent teenagers. In this EP, NU’EST represent teenagers’ love with mature, emotive songs and dramatic performances.”
NU’EST’s second EP, Hello, which contains ballad and hip-hop numbers, will be released on February 13.

2Yoon’s Ga Yoon opens a hair salon?

2Yoon’s Jeon Ji Yoon revealed a picture in Ga Yoon’s salon.
Previously on February 3, Jeon Ji Yoon uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Ga Yoon’s Salon.”
In the picture, Heo Ga Yoon is combing Jeon Ji Yoon’s pink and white two-toned hair.
Netizens commented: “Heo Ga Yoon looks serious.” “Ga Yoon’s salon seems to have good service.”

Lee Da Hae and B2ST’s Du Jun have a judo match on Iris 2

Soo Yeon (played by Lee Da Hae) and Hyun Woo (played by B2ST’s Du Jun) have a judo match in KBS 2TV’s new drama series Iris 2. It’s part of their martial arts training as they need to fight against Iris, which has become stronger.
In some still photos released on February 4, Soo Yeon and Hyun Woo have a judo match under the direction of Yoo Kun (played by Jang Hyuk). Although they’re sweaty, they’re still good-looking.
According to reports, Du Jun lifted Lee as if he lifted a feather and carefully fell to the ground with her when they shot the scene.
One of the crew of the series says, “NSS tries to make all agents not to fear death through harsh training. Under Yoo Kun’s direction, Soo Yeon and Hyun Woo try to become the best agents.”
Iris 2 is an action melodrama series that tells a story about a battle between NSS and Iris. It will start airing on February 13 at 10:00 p.m.

C.N Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa reveals his cute charms by doing the ‘Cutie Player’

C.N Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa created a stir by doing the Cutie Player.
On the episode of SBS’s Radio Power FM’s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School, which aired on February 4, C.N Blue’s Jung Yon Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, and Kang Min Hyuk appeared on the show.
This day, Yong Hwa was requested to do the Cutie Player but he hesitated because he was shy. Kim Chang Ryul encouraged him, “Come on, here we go.”
Jung did the ‘one plus one is a cutie’ and revealed his cute charms.
Currently, C.N Blue is actively performing the title song, “I’m Sorry” of their fourth E.P.

U Kiss visits Indonesia and donates for the flood victims

U Kiss visited Jakarta, Indonesia to help the flood victims.
According to the publicist of U Kiss on February 4, U Kiss visited Jakarta, Indonesia on February 1. Currently Indonesia is on national emergency because of the flood that caused 200,000 victims.
U Kiss’ visit to Indonesia was supported by World Vision, Indonesian Institutions and 1,000 fans who originally was supposed to attend the showcase to help those in need.
U Kiss also appear on special Indonesian broadcasts O Channel and Indonesia SC, encouraging the victims and gathering attention to the restoration from this disaster. They also held charity auctions with the stage outfits and autographed CDs and donated all the profits to the flood stricken area.
The showcase of U Kiss has been postponed to April under the agreement of Indonesia and the agency of U Kiss. After visiting Indonesia, U Kiss went to Japan, will hold a Valentine’s Day fan meeting with 5,000 fans and return to Korea on February 21. After that, they will be putting all their efforts into the new album that will be released in March.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae at a cafe

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae had a date at night.
On February 4, Eunhyuk uploaded a picture of himself with Donghae on his Twitter account with the comment, “It snows a lot. Please be careful on the snowy roads. Donghae forced me to go out with him.”
In the picture, Eunhyuk is having a cup of coffee with Donghae at a cafe. Because of the cold weather, they’re wearing beanies and glasses, but they’re still good-looking.
People who saw the picture responded: “They look good together.” “It’s nice.” “Did you guys go to the cafe at 2 O’clock in the morning?” “Donghae couldn’t sleep maybe.” “Be happy.” “They’re so cute.” “Who took the picture?” “Look at Eunhyuk’s blonde hair.”
Super Junior M are currently promoting their new song, “Breakdown.”

Baek Ji Young will perform “My Ear’s Candy” with Lee Seung Gi

Baek Ji Young will perform “My Ear’s Candy” with Lee Seung Gi instead of 2PM’s Taecyeon.
On February 16, Baek will hold a concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium under the title of Seven Year Itch. Planning to perform “My Ear’s Candy” at the concert, she asked Lee to perform the song with her.
The song received a lot of attention when it was released in 2009 as Baek performed it with Taecyeon. Baek has performed the song with such celebrities as Kang Ho Dong, K.Will, and Jung Il Woo.
On February 4, Baek’s agency reported, “Baek Ji Young will perform the sexy song with Lee Seung Gi at the concert. She once performed the song with him at a music award ceremony. Getting away from a hardworking, boyish image, Lee Seung Gi will show off a charismatic look in the performance.”
Baek’s concert will be held on February 16 at 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. From March, she will go on a national tour, making stops at such cities as Busan, Daegu, and Daejun.

After School’s UEE shows off her pretty face on her way to work

Some pictures of After School’s UEE going to work were recently released.
The pictures were uploaded on an online community board under the title of “UEE on her way to work.”
The pictures were taken when UEE was going to the set of KBS 2TV’s Music Bank on February 1. In the pictures, UEE is saying hello to her fans. She looks chic with long wavy hair and smoky eye makeup.
People who saw the pictures responded: “UEE is so pretty.” “The smoky eye makeup looks good on her.” “UEE is beautiful.”
UEE is currently hosting Music Bank and playing the role of Hong Moo Yeon on KBS 2TV’s drama series Jeon Woo Chi.

B.A.P rank in the top ten of the Asian Music Chart in Germany for twelve months

B.A.P ranked in the top ten of the Asian Music Chart in Germany for a year.
According to the Asian Music Chart issued on February 2, B.A.P ranked sixth on the Monthly Chart with “No Mercy.”
Since they debuted with “Worrior” in January last year, they have ranked in the top ten of the chart. The ranking is determined by German people’s vote.
B.A.P received the Artist of the Year at the 2012 Remarkable Awards, which was held in December last year, beating Psy and Big Bang.
Secret topped the chart with “Talk That.”
B.A.P will hold the first concert at the Olympic Hall on February 23 and 24 under the title of B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul.

Infinite H’s Hoya says in tears, “I feel sorry to my father”

Infinite H’s Hoya recently cried on a show.
On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Immortal Song 2 – Singing the Legend that aired on February 2, In Soon Yi appeared as a legendary singer, and other singers sang In’s songs. Hoya especially attracted a lot of attention as he cried when Ali sang “Father.”
At this, host Moon Hee Jun asked Hoya, “You cried a lot. Did you think about your father?” and Hoya said, “I quit school to become a singer. My father scolded me a lot at the time. Since then, I haven’t really spoke to him. My father and I both don’t know how to express our feelings well. After I debuted, my father once sent me a text message with a heart emoticon, but I just gave him a simple reply.”
People who saw Hoya crying on the show responded: “I was sad when Hoya cried.” “I was touched by Hoya’s tears and Ali’s ‘Father.’” “I also cried thinking about my father when Hoya cried.”
Including Infinite H, Ali, Ivy, Resurrection’s Jung Dong Ha, Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls, and Daybreak appeared on the show as guests.

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon says, “I don’t share my pay with other members”

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon recently talked about her pay.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Challenge! 1000 Songs that aired on February 3, Han showed off her talent in singing, teaming up with anchor Lee Yoona and dog trainer Lee Woong Jong.
Han said, “I’m here as a host of TV Animal Farm. I didn’t expect that I would appear on this show like this. KARA recently held a concert in Japan, and all members are working individually now.”
Host Lee Hwi Jae asked her, “Do you share your pay from the show with other members?” and Han got laughs by saying, “No, I share it with my agency.”
Dog trainer Lee talked about how Sang Geun, the dog that became popular after appearing on KBS 2TV’s Two Days and One Night, is doing now.