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Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Moon Geun Young releases her childhood pictures

Actress Moon Geun Young recently released her childhood pictures.
The pictures were released through the eleventh episode of the series Cheongdamdong Alice, which aired on January 12.
On the episode, Han Se Kyung (played by Moon) tries to help Cha Il Nam (played by Han Jin Hee) make up with Cha Seung Jo (played by Park Si Hoo). Han gave her childhood pictures to Cha Il Nam and he looked at the pictures carefully.
After looking at those pictures, Cha Il Nam recollected the past when he used to spend time with Cha Seung Jo.
In the scene, old pictures of Moon were released. The little Moon showed off her clear cut features and her cute appearance impressed the audience.
The eleventh episode received 14.4 percent of the audience rating.

IU thanks Lee Hyun Woo’s mother for citron tea

Singer IU recently thanked actor Lee Hyun Woo’s mother.
On the January 13 episode of SBS music program Inkigayo, IU asked ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee how he stays healthy during the winter and he recommended a mister.
She also asked Lee the same question. Lee showed off his thermos and replied, “My mother always gives me hot citron tea to bring with me.”
IU bowed and said, “Actually Lee’s mother makes us hot citron tea every time we record the show. Thanks to her, Hwang and I enjoy the tea too. Thank you very much.”

SNSD looks gorgeous in bandanas

Girl group SNSD recently showed off their bandana styles.
SNSD appeared on several TV programs to perform their new song “I Got A Boy” and showed off their gorgeous looks in bandanas.
The girls impressed the audience with their cute appeals. They wore powerful printed scarfs on their heads with hats or made them look like headbands.
People responded: “SNSD looks so good in bandanas.” “They have turned into hip hop girls.” “SNSD always looks good in any styles.” “They look good with two toned hair and in bandanas too.” “I think bandana style is popular these days.”
SNSD is currently keeping busy with the song “I Got A Boy.”

SHINee’s Key takes a self portrait: “Please look at me”

SHINee’s Key recently took a self portrait.
On January 13, Key posted a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “We’re leaving for Malaysia! Give me a look when I take a picture. Kid and adult are all playing with their cell phones.”
In the picture, Key is sitting with Onew and Tae Min, who are right next to each other. Key tried to take a self portrait stretching his arm out but other members look indifferent to him.
People who saw the picture responded: “Tae Min is a kid and Onew is an adult?” “Key is so cute.” “He took the self portrait by himself.” “Onew, pay attention to Key.” “Key is such a cutie.”
SHINee will attend ‘The 27th Golden Disc Awards,’ which will be held on January 15 in Malaysia.

Jung In Jae(Jang Na Ra) hands in her resignation on School 2013

Eventually, Jang Na Ra handed in her resignation.
On the twelfth episode of KBS 2TV’s School 2013 that aired on January 14, Oh Jung Ho(played by Gwak Jung Wook) asked Jung In Jae(played by Jang Na Ra), who came to school after a long time to hand in her resignation, to come back to school.
Previously principal Lim Jung Soo(played by Park Hye Mi) advised Jung to resign. So Jung visited the school for the last time and advised Oh Jung Ho(played by Gwak Jung Wook) to study for various licenses when the voluntary work is done.
Oh revealed how much he wants her back by saying, “Well if you are worried about me, why quit? Come back… even I’m still here.”

Minho Choi posts on Meet2day

Today, Minho Choi from Shinee posts a new info about himself.The “flaming charisma” was at theatre for watching a movie.

Check out what he’s written!!!
[민호] 오랫만에 극장에서 영화~ 마이리틀히어로때문에 마음까지 따뜻하네요~ 감기조심!하세요~
“ Watching a movie at the theater for the first time in a while~ My heart is warm because of My Little Hero~ Be careful! Of the cold~”
Ndr: “My little Hero” is a movie released on 2013.

Jewelry’s Yewon and BTOB’s Minhyuk share a hug

Jewelry’s Yewon and BTOB’s Minhyuk drew a lot of attention by releasing pictures of themselves sharing a hug.
Yewon and Minhyuk appeared on tvN The Romantic & Idol and tried to parody a scene from the TV series I’m Sorry I Love You, in which So Ji Seob gives Lim Soo Jung a hug from behind.
Even though it was their first date, Yewon and Minhyuk showed off their closeness and received considerable attention.
In the pictures, Yewon and Minhyuk look like a real couole while sharing a hug and smiling for the camera.
Minhyuk said, “I think people will think we are a beautiful couple.” Yewon said, “On our way back, Minhyuk kept looking at the video of us. I could tell that he enjoyed our date.”
The show will air on January 13 and 7:40 p.m.

miss A’s Suzy and Min take a self portrait in a mirror

miss A’s Suzy and Min recently showed off their cute appeals.
On January 13, Min tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Poohead sisters.”
In the picture, Suzy is wearing a bun, which is often called poohead. Min is also showing off her cute appearance through the mirror picture.
People who saw the picture responded: “She looks good with a bun.” “She tied her hair up so high.” “Suzy looks pretty with her hair tied up.” “Min looks like a rabbit.” “She is so cute.” “They are lovely.”
Suzy is cast in a new MBC series as a heroine.

CNBLUE receives over 100,000 pre-orders

Band CNBLUE received over 100,000 pre-orders for their new EP Re:BLUE prior to their return.
On January 13, CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Entertainment said that the new EP has received over 100,000 pre-orders so far.
The title song “I’m Sorry,” which has powerful rock sounds, is written by leader Jung Yong Hwa. The group has selected the title song with Jung’s self-written song for the first time.
The new EP will be released on January 14 through several online music sites. CNLBUE will appear on music programs to announce their return.

Kim Soo Hyun turns into a neighborhood fool

Kim Soo Hyun recently turned into a neighborhood fool.
An online community posted several pictures of Kim shooting a movie with the caption, “Covertness Kim Soo Hyun.”
In the pictures, Kim is talking with staff members while shooting the movie Covertness, which is based on a popular web cartoon.
He looks like a fool who lives in every neighborhood, wearing in a green training suit with disheveled hair.
Since Kim plays the role of a fool on the movie, he made people laugh by performing like a real fool. His half closed eyes, hairstyle, and fashion drew a lot of attention.

2AM’s Lim Seul Ong is a dog person

2AM’s Lim Seul Ong is a big dog lover.
On January 12, Lim tweeted pictures with the comment, “I have a new family member. His name is Tank. Dawn, Doong Yi, and Tank. I have three dogs now. His ugly face is so cute.”
In the pictures, Lim is holding his pet dog in his arms. He is smiling at the puppy and expressing his love towards him.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Lim has three dogs. He is such a dog lover.” “The puppy is so cute.” “I think he is a warm hearted person.” “Release pictures of all three of your dogs.”

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is a Hero to his fans

There are a lot of fans who still remember JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong as Hero Jae Joong.
On January 12, Kim held an event on Facebook where he received song requests from his fans prior to his solo concert ‘Your, My, and Mind,’ which will be held on February 26 and 27.
The event was held for about two hours and received over 8,800 comments with 7,500 likes. Fans from Korea, Japan, China, English-speaking countries, and Spanish-speaking countries also commented and proved Kim’s high popularity.
Lots of fans requested songs, including, “Hug” and “Honey Funny Bunny,” which he previously performed when he was a member of TVXQ. During the event, Kim’s previous stage name Hero Jae Joong was listed in a real time search words list.
In 2009, JYJ filed an injunction against SM Entertainment regarding the invalidity of their exclusive contract and SM Entertainment asked the court to affirm validity of the exclusive contract and sued JYJ for damages in April, 2010. However, the both sides decided to end the lawsuit on November 28 of last year through voluntary arbitration.

Lee Jong Seok admits he has become a popular star

Actor Lee Jong Seok recently admitted that he has become a popular star.
On January 12, Lee posted a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “Lee Kyu Hwan who always sits behind me like a father asked me to post this picture. Don’t bother me! I have changed since School 2013 has become popular.”
In the picture, Lee is intimately posing with Lee who he appears with on KBS series School 2013. Their handsome appearances are drawing a lot of attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “Lee is a popular star these days.” “Go Nam Soon is cute.” “I feel sorry for him wearing a scar.” “I like him so much.” “He looks more handsome than ever.” “His remarks are lovely.”
Lee plays the role of Go Nam Soon on the series.

Rolling Stones US praises SNSD

Girl group SNSD received attention from Rolling Stones.
The popular US pop magazine Rolling Stones reported on SNSD and their new song “I Got A Boy” on January 11. They reviewed the song and gave it three and half stars out of five. The song received five stars out of five from community.
The Rolling Stones rarely reviews K-pop but they payed attention to Korea’s representative girl group SNSD.
It says, “It took the most beloved of all Korean girl groups (and a handful of Euro writers) to finally deliver a song as sharply plotted and blindingly razzle-dazzle as the K-pop machine itself.”
“Harmonizing, speed rapping, and belting like divas, mostly in Korean, these nine young idols romp through a candy land of pop sounds, from minimal R&B to high-BPM dance. It’s a musical gymnastics routine.”
The Rolling Stones previously praised G-Dragon’s “Crayon.”
SNSD also received considerable attention from the Times.
The Times said that SNSD can compete against Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and the US market wants SNSD, who proved K-pop can become popular in the world.
SNSD is also keeping busy in Korea.
Their fourth EP I Got A Boy, which was released on January 1, ranked first on the K-pop Hot 100. They also ranked first on Mnet M Countdown and KBS Music Bank.

2PM starts the new year touring Japan

Group 2PM started the new year by holding concerts in Japan.
2PM began their ‘Legend of 2PM’ on January 11 and 12 in Fukuoka. The group will hold thirteen concerts in total at six arena venues with over 150,000 fans.
The group will show off their various appeals performing their hit songs including the singles “Beautiful” and “Masquerade,” which ranked first on the Tower Record. Nichkhun, Taec Yeon, Jun Ho, and Jun.K will also give individual performances.
The group will also perform their second Japanese EP, which will be released on February 13.
On January 13, 2PM’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said, “2PM made the audience go wild with excitement by giving powerful performances. Their fluent Japanese skills and live performances made the concert more enjoyable.”
2PM said, “We were so excited to hold the second arena tour that we couldn’t even sleep. We were so happy to meet our fans again and we will do our best to hold the rest of the concerts. Thank you for your love.”
2PM will hold the Tokyo Dome concert on April 20 and 21 with over 110,000 fans.

Yoon Si Yoon puts his hand on Park Shin Hye’s chest

tvN Monday-Tuesday series Flower Boy Next Door released a picture of Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye driving in a car together.
On January 13, a spokesperson for the series released a picture of Yoon putting his hand on Park’s chest to protect her.
But his hand is receiving a lot of attention because of its placement on her chest. Park’s surprised face also received considerable attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “Yoon still looks cute.” “Park’s face tells everything.” “They are such a good looking couple.”
The series is a romantic comedy based on a popular web cartoon. The series airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 p.m.

SNSD’s Yuri has the best abs among girl group members

SNSD’s Yuri recently showed off her abs.
An online community posted several picture with the caption, “Yuri’s abs.”
In the pictures, Yuri is showing off her abs while performing the title song “I Got A Boy” from their fourth EP. A white cropped top and blue pants complemented her fabulous abs and drew a lot of attention.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Yuri has the perfect abs.” “She’s so cool.” “I really envy her abs.” “I think she works out so hard.” “She has the best abs.” “Her abs are even pretty.”

Lee Joon Gi looks handsome with his pet dog

Actor Lee Joon Gi recently released a self portrait.
On January 13, Lee posted a picture that he took with his pet dog on his Weibo account (Chinese Twitter).
In the picture, Lee is holding his pet dog and staring at the camera. His sharp chin and clear skin drew a lot of attention from the public.
People who saw the picture responded: “Lee is so handsome.” “The puppy is so cute.” “He is so attractive.” “He’s sexy.” “I like him so much.” “He’s cuter than the puppy.”
Lee is currently considering his next job after completing MBC series Arang and the Magistrate.