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Senin, 19 November 2012

Miss A’s Suzy says, “One plus one equals cute Suzy!”

Miss A’s Suzy recently performed “One Plus One Equals Cute Suzy.”
The performance was introduced by BTOB’s Jung Il Hoon for the first time on Weekly Idol.
To help Miss A perform their versions, Jung appeared on the special episode for Miss A of the show and demonstrated the performance.
Miss A’s Suzy showed interest in the performance and performed her version with a cute look on her face and a cute gesture.
The performance of Suzy can be seen on the episode of Weekly Idol that will air on November 21 at 6:00 p.m.

Joo Won says, “I still get pocket money from my parents”

Actor Joo Won recently said he still gets pocket money from his parents.
On the episode of tvN’s eNEWS that will air on November 20, Joo Won gives an interview.
Having become popular through the drama series The King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo and Bride Mask, Joo Won is asked about his income. Regarding the question, he says, “My parents manage my income. I get about 700,000 won from my parents every month.”
The interviewer gets surprised by the answer because Joo Won makes a lot of money as an advertising model for several brands and from his appearances on many TV variety shows. Joo Won says, “I need money when I get together with the cast members of Two Days and One Night. When my turn to treat them comes, other cast members ask me to order inexpensive cold noodles. They’re very considerate of me.”
He also says, “When I was doing musicals, I only made two million won in eight months. I didn’t have enough money except for transportation fee and food expenses at the time. Whenever I had to have a drink with other cast members, I couldn’t go home because there were no more buses when the get-together ended. I even got some money from my fans for taxi and food.”

[Photo] – Yoon Eun Hye

Infinite’s Kim Sungkyu releases “60 Seconds” MV!

After revealing news of his solo debut, releasing the full audio for “SHINE”, teaser images, the track list for the album and the teaser for the main track, the full music video has finally been revealed. The song “60 Seconds” is the promotional track and talks about how fast it is to fall in love and fall out of love. Both only takes 60 seconds. This solo album has been created for Infinite’s leader Sungkyu‘s mature and older side, and thus the album is titled, “Another Me”. The music video features fellow member L as the lead character and also features Sungkyu himself.
 You can also listen to the songs in his mini album below!
Album : [Mini Album] Another Me
Song Artist : Kim Sung Gyu (김성규) [INFINITE]
Release Date : 2012.11.19
Genre: Rock, Pop, Dance

Track List:
01. Another Me
02. 60초
03. I Need You
04. 눈물만 (Acoustic Ver.)
05. Shine
06. 41일

★ Album Review

Farewell to the time it took the time it took to love '60 seconds ', '60 seconds' Grassland and new stories.Grassland and 'tightly to the other' made the album [Another me]
Grassland and the first mini-album, Another me 19 noon, was unveiled. Defined as [Another me (another) debut solo album that had been hidden in the Infinite leader seonggyu named another of Optics and pulls out to find a new voice.
Of Grassland of finding new voices on top of each other in the tight schedule between Japan and South Korea focused mini album [Another me working on the secrecy unknown even to fans of Infinite. Spacious source of Optics and music that can be of Ner, Jong Wan Kim and leader of the first task. Experiments and a new K-POP Best Melody Maker, sweet tunes and modern rock. Of Grassland of 'Because' composer and bassist Jung - Hoon Lee Nell and another collaboration, Infinite's leader seonggyu extension rather than the possibility of a new Grassland and experiment, as the album solidly created.
As a result, the finished title song '60 seconds' Infinite 'Chaser', 'mine' Let's, 'Paradise' created the hit dance numbers like the sweet tune of work to be difficult enough to complete the Modern Rock Tracks was completed. The birth of a fit to the body in order to create a suite of Grassland's voice fits the exact dimensions of jaedeut music. Time of 60 seconds it takes to fall in love, and a time of 60 seconds it takes to say goodbye. With a woman in his long short time seolrego heartbreaking represented by the sorrowful voice of Optics and distinctive ringing. Contrary to the one you need to express your feelings difficult to express the essence of the song that his vocal control, such as a knife, but Grassland and feelingly found.
Nell Jong Wan Kim who won various music charts, topping the 'Shine' mini album will be released before seongonggae first gift one for Grassland and had many topics. Dreamy synth pop Synth pop, reminiscent of the intro to 'Shine' synthesizer. There are other electronic bits and rock drive. Songs made popular musical charm and pleasure with sexy and delicate vocals of Optics and once music is a hybrid.
And Nell bassist Jung - Hoon Lee created 'I need you' '41 'if the stories and songs of love to heal the wounds of a man expresses complex feelings about love. Output of expression of Optics and sorrowful voice of a subtle expression of emotion Sweet Sour '41 Days' adds to the meaning of Optics and lyricist who participated in the first song.
Seems to be an acoustic solo version here in the meantime had fans inundated with requests for a solo version of Optics and 'tears' finally receive the love of the fans is more Into tears' Infinite concert scene for the first time in public Grassland and the piano solo version of the most memorable for the fans group songs contained on the album Infinite, but also a small gift is.


PSY made the crowd wild at AMA with “Gangnam Style”!

It was reported recently that PSY won another prestigious award at the 40th American Music Awards (AMA). He received the “New Media Honoree” award. At the event, the crowd went wild during the finale performance which of course features PSY performing his worldwide hit song, “Gangnam Style”. As soon as he appeared on stage, the crowd were already cheering. When the performance started, the excitement increases and it was only the beginning because MC Hammer made a special appearance and the two created one awesome performance! The crowd certainly enjoyed it and were even dancing and singing along. Watch the awesome performance below!

Source: SaveHipHop100|Youtube

Kim Hyun Joong receives a lot of attention from Chinese viewers

Kim Hyun Joong recently appeared on a Chinese variety show and received a favorable review.
Kim attracted a lot of attention when he went to China to appear on the show. The special episode for Kim that aired on November 17 recorded an audience rating of 2.84 percent with a share of 7.14 percent of the total market.
The variety show is one of the most popular TV shows in China, which has aired for 15 years. Nearly seven hundred million people have watched the show.
An official concerned says, “The audience rating of 2.84 percent is very high. The episode for Jang Keun Suk recorded an audience rating of 2.54 percent, and that of Lee Min Ho recorded 2.65 percent. It’s one of the best audience ratings for this show.”
Kim performed “Breakdown” at the beginning of the show and showed a great sense of humor for about 80 minutes. He enthusiastically participated in games and gave witty answers to the hosts’ questions.
Kim is currently receiving many offers to hold concerts, shoot films and drama series, and become an advertising model from all over Asia.

CN Blue show off their everyday life

CN Blue’s everyday life was recently shown in a pictorial.
CN Blue recently did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine In Style and showed off their everyday life.
The concept of the pictorial was CN Blue’s Dignity. The pictorial shows CN Blue members practicing for their concert and reading letters from their fans. The photo shoot was done in a hotel in Seoul, and the members tried to portray their everyday life as naturally as possible.
CN Blue’s latest concern is their concert that will be held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in the Olympic Park on December 15 and 16.
To reflect the concern in the pictorial, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun are playing the piano together, and Lee Jung Shin is playing the bass. Drummer Kang Min Hyuk is posing for the camera with drum sticks. CN Blue are also reading letters from their fans.
The pictorial of CN Blue can be seen in the December issue of In Style.

2PM are spotted in China: Protect 2PM!

Protect 2PM from people who are obsessed with them!
2PM were recently spotted at a hotel in Shanghai, China, by China Photo Press. Dressed in black suits, 2PM members seemed very nervous.
According to reports, lots of fans of 2PM were waiting for the group to come out in the hotel at the moment. Because of the fans, the event organizer had to hire lots of bodyguards to protect 2PM members.
2PM held a concert in Shanghai on November 17 as part of their second tour, What Time Is It? 2PM will continue to hold concerts in Indonesia on December 8, in Taiwan on December 15, and in Macao on December 22.

Juniel releases a new song, “Bad Person”

Juniel’s new song, “Bad Person,” was released on November 20 at noon.
Having been recognized as a talented singer-song writer, Juniel released a new song, “Bad Person,” the lead track of her second EP.
She is still nineteen years old but a recognized singer-song writer. She wrote three songs for her debut EP, My First June, released in June last year, and four songs for her new EP, 1&1.
The songs she wrote for the new EP are “Oh! Happy Day,” “Boy,” “One Day of Cat,” and “Happy Ending.” “Boy” was written when she was in ninth grade.
Regarding “Boy,” the first song she wrote, Juniel said, “‘Boy’ is a song that I wrote when I fell in love with someone for the first time in my life. Because I still feel nervous when I think of the time, I feel very strange when I sing this song. This is written based on my real experience and feelings.”
The music video of “Bad Person,” in which Juniel appears, is also attracting a lot of attention. To shoot a crying scene in the music video, Juniel kept listening to Kim Dong Ryul’s “Old Song” and “Replay” before she started shooting the scene.
“Bad Person” and the music video of the song were released on November 20 at noon.



Psy takes a picture with Justin Bieber

Psy recently took a picture with the popular American idol singer Justin Bieber.
On November 19, Psy uploaded a picture of himself with Bieber on his Twitter account with the comment, “I met Justin Bieber. I saw that he could perfectly dance to my song.”
In the picture, Psy is brightly smiling at the camera with Bieber. Bieber is especially attracting a lot of attention with a witty gesture.
Psy received a lot of attention at the 40th American Music Awards, which was held in LA on november 19 at 10:00 a.m. (Korean time), by performing “Gangnam Style” with MC Hammer.
Psy received the New Media Honoree at the awards, and Bieber received the Artist of the Year.

Miss A’s Suzy shows off a goddess look with red lipstick

Miss A’s Suzy recently showed off a goddess look in a pictorial for a fashion magazine.
Suzy recently did a photo shoot with Miss A’s Jia for the December issue of the fashion magazine Allure Korea.
Getting away from an innocent look, Suzy shows off a feminine look with red lipstick in this pictorial.
Regarding the secret of keeping a smiling face all the time, Suzy said, “I used to have a hard time to keep a smiling face when I was tired, but I now tell myself that I’m professional. If I’m not really enjoying the moment, it shows on my face, but I don’t want that to happen. At least when I’m working, I try to enjoy the moment as much as I can.”
Regarding her latest concerns, she said, “I don’t want to stay cute or young and fresh all the time. I want to grow up and become more mature, but I don’t have enough time for myself because of my hectic schedule. I want to be perfect on stage, but I don’t have enough time to practice, so that makes me sad.”

[Photos] Shining SHINee @ Incheon Airport on the way to Shanghai 121117 (Mass-update)

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