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Selasa, 20 November 2012

Park Bo Young reveals, “Song Joong Ki is so kind and considerate; I can’t thank him enough.”

On SBS Power FM 107.7MHz’s Park So Hyun’s Love Game that aired on November 16, actress Park Bo Young started the conversation by saying that the success of the movie, Wolf Boy was thanks to the perfect harmony of co-actor Song Joong Ki’s way of working.
Park So Hyun, the DJ of the radio show asked Park Bo Young, “What scene was the hardest for you to do?” Park Bo Young replied, “The scene where I had to slap Song Joong Ki on the cheek. It was especially hard for me because it was my first time to strike anyone. I even thought that it would have been better if I were the one getting hit.”
She added, “I think I slapped him more than thirty times, but he helped me get absorbed in the part and act emotionally without grimacing. In the scene where he ran with me on his back, he was considerate that he cared about my skirt not flapping. He is so kind and considerate. I can’t thank him enough.”
Currently, Wolf Boy, starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, is the number-one box office hit in Korean, having exceeded five million views over the weekend.

Undoctored picture of Shin Min Ah creates a stir, “The reason she has to be a celebrity.”

A picture of Shin Min Ah has been revealed.
Recently on an online community board, a picture titled, “Shin Min Ah’s undoctored picture at the shooting site of a commercial” has been revealed.
In the picture, Shin is wearing tight clothes and lying on a sofa.
Even before the doctoring of the picture, her shapely legs and thin figure stand out and her small and baby-like face attract attention.
Netizens commented: “Shin Min Ah is gorgeous.” “What do I have to do to have a face and body like hers’? “Such a perfect proportion.” “The reason she has to be a celebrity.”

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee says, “Lee Seung Gi showed interest in me”

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee says he once received a text-message from Lee Seung Gi after he became Kang Ho Dong’s man.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang that will air on November 20, Kwang Hee says, “I received the news that I became a supporting host of The Knee-Drop Guru from a newspaper.”
He said, “After the news was reported, people started treating me differently. I also received a text-message from Lee Seung Gi.”
Kwang Hee’s anecdote about shooting an episode of The Knee-Drop Guru for the first time with Kang will be released on the episode of Kang Shim Jang that will air on November 20 at 11:15 p.m.

Julien Kang presents a love song to Yoon Sae Ah, his pretend TV “wife”

Julien Kang and Yoon Sae Ah are appearing as a married couple on We Got Married, and on the episode of MBC FM4U’s Blue Night, It’s Jung Yeop (91.9MHz) that aired on November 19, Kang dedicated some special songs to Yoon. He showed excitement about appearing on a radio show for the first time and had a candid talk with DJ Jung Yeop.
In the “captivating women’s hearts” segment, Julien Kang chose three songs himself. He showed off his affection by presenting Lee Jae Hoon’s “I Love You,” one of the three songs, for his TV “wife” Yoon Sae Ah. He also left a post on one of his SNS accounts with the song selections.
The Monday segment “project to captivate women’s hearts,”:in which Julien Kang appeared,, is a popular part of the show in which many women fulfill their romantic fantasies.
So far, John Park, Lee Seok Hoon, and K Will have appeared on the radio show. Previous shows can be replayed on the official homepage.

Lee Hi sings a new song written by Park Jin Young

The rookie singer Lee Hi is going to perform a new ballad song written by Park Jin Young.
Before the official release on November 22, Lee Hi’s agency dropped some hint about the new track. It is said that YG Entertainment singer, Lee Hi, is going to perform the song written by the head of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young.
A representative of YG says, “Before Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young come together as rival representatives of their agency, they are close “brothers” in the music industry. Especially, they appear together as judges on K Pop Star.” According to him, it seems Yang and Park have put their effort together to let Lee Hi shine on stage.
The new song to be performed by Lee Hi will be released on November 21, but her agency is not planning on making a music video for it. The first official performance on TV is scheduled to be at the beginning of December, but she is not going to appear in fancy costume or with dancers.
The personnel says, “CEO Yang shows a strong will to compete in the market with her distinctive color of voice and singing skills. He emphasizes on the fact that the true nature of a singer lies on music and singing skills, not on external factors. A drawing by Lee Hi is going to be put as the jacket image for the new track.”
What kind of synergy effect would the 16-year-old “soulful” girl Lee Hi and the hit maker Park Jin Young make? People are becoming more and more curious. The new song will be released at midnight on the 22nd.

[Photo] Lee Min Ho departure to Philippines

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Leeteuk sending 100 texts message

On ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk sent 100 of his celebrity friends a text message that read, “I’m going to miss you” as part of his farewell special.
In addition to the reply fromPsy, more replies were shared on the show bringing laughter to the guests and viewers.
Lee Seung Gi replied, “You haven’t gone yet? kekekeke I’m going to miss you too ㅠㅠ“, while 2PM‘sTaecyeon replied, “Hyung, take care~ But I think this is your first text to me, please contact me more often,” causing laughter to break out.
Jewelry‘s Eunjung texted back, “Did you send this to the wrong person? Oppa, aren’t you going in as public service officer?“. Kim Min Jong answered, “Me too. Fighting… Time will go by fast. Enjoy it.“Yoo Hyun Sang replied, “Teuk, you’ll do fine~ Even Boom went through it~ I’ll miss you. I’ll go visit you, fighting~“. K.Will answered, “Don’t lie keke. The nation wants solider Park Jung Soo. Sexy, free & single, and ready to enlist.

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