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Senin, 03 Desember 2012

2AM’s Jo Kwon takes a funny self portrait with Jung Jin Woon

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently showed off his cute appeal.
On November 29, Jo tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Malaysia.”
In the picture Jo is sporting a surprised look while wearing sunglasses. His mischievous appearance with Jung Jin Woon made people laugh.
People who saw the picture responded: “They are cute.” “They are black and white.” “Good luck on your concert in Malaysia.” “They are handsome.” “Where are the rest of your group members?” “I think you will never be bored with Jo.”
2AM will hold the last concert of their Asian tour in Malaysia on December 1.

PSY Wants Tom Cruise to go ‘Gangnam Style,’ Talks 2013 Album

The South Korean rapper behind YouTube’s most-viewed video ever has set what might be a “Mission: Impossible” for himself.
Asked which celebrity he would like to see go “Gangnam Style,” the singer PSY told The Associated Press: “Tom Cruise!”
Surrounded by screaming fans, he then chuckled at the idea of the American movie star doing his now famous horse-riding dance.
PSY’s comments Wednesday in Bangkok were his first public remarks since his viral smash video – with 842 million views and counting – surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” which until Saturday held the record with 803 million views.
“It’s amazing,” PSY told a news conference, saying he never set out to become an international star. “I made this video just for Korea, actually. And when I released this song – wow.”

The video has spawned hundreds of parodies and tribute videos and earned him a spotlight alongside a variety of superstars.
Earlier this month, Madonna invited PSY onstage and they danced to his song at one of her New York City concerts. MC Hammer introduced the Korean star at the American Music Awards as, “My Homeboy PSY!”
Even President Barack Obama is talking about him. Asked on Election Day if he could do the dance, Obama replied: “I think I can do that move,” but then concluded he might “do it privately for Michelle,” the first lady.

PSY was in Thailand to give a free concert Wednesday night organized as a tribute to the country’s revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who turns 85 next month. He paid respects to the king at a Bangkok shopping mall, signing his name in an autograph book placed beside a giant poster of the king. He then gave an outdoor news conference, as screaming fans performed the “Gangnam Style” dance.
Determined not to be a one-hit wonder, PSY said he plans to release a worldwide album in March with dance moves that he thinks his international fans will like.

“I think I have plenty of dance moves left,” he said, in his trademark sunglasses and dark suit. “But I’m really concerned about the (next) music video.”
“How can I beat ‘Gangnam Style’?” he asked, smiling. “How can I beat 850 million views?”

FT Island donate books to Côte d´Ivoire

FT Island recently delivered hope to Côte d´Ivoire in Africa with their fan club.
On December 3, the Food for the Hungry International reported that FT Island and the group’s fan club Free Madonna donated some books and a computer to Côte d´Ivoire.
Côte d´Ivoire is a country that has gone through a civil war for a year since 2010. A children’s center and a village run and supported by the organization were destroyed by the reason that it’s a naked city, and people in the village had to move to an elementary school building early in 2012.
FT Island and Free Madonna donated about 120 books and a computer to the children in the center. With the books and the computer, a library has been built in the elementary school.
Park Kwang Woo and Go Hye Young, who are running the center, say, “There were many children who were consoled by books during the war. We can now run a nice library with the donation.” Some cards and letters written by the children have been delivered to FT Island.
FT Island say, “We really appreciate for the letters and pictures sent from Africa.”
About 600 children are currently using the library.

Lee Joon Gi says, “Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun make me nervous”

Lee Joon Gi has recently mentioned some leading actors of these days, Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun.
In the episode of MBC’s Section TV Celebrity News that aired on December 2, a special meeting with actor Lee Joon Gi was covered who left for Swiss for professional photo session.
When he got discharged from the Army, the star returned to his career with MBC’s drama series Arang and the Magistrate. He shared some uneasy feelings he had at that moment, as he confessed, “I was so scared at first that I even thought my days in the Army seemed better. But I was very proud of myself when the series came out great and people liked it.”
Currently, he is experiencing a new atmosphere in the world of celebrity which has changed since he left to do his military duty. Because of some popular actors who lead general trend these days, Lee Joon Gi is feeling on edge.
The star confessed, “I’m keeping a close eye on Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, and Yoo Ah In. I’m actually very nervous and anxious at their appearance.
“It also made me think that I wouldn’t survive if I fell short compared to them. But on the other hand, I would love to work with one of them and create a synergy effect someday.”
Moreover, the actor seemed to be proud of his relationship with Kwon Oh Joong whom he worked with in Arang and the Magistrate. He said, “Kwon’s sexual jokes sometimes are pretty good lessons for me. I’m looking forward to your improved, more helpful erotic comments,” and inspired laughter.

Secret to release a new song, “Talk That”

Secret will soon release a new song, “Talk That,” and a music video of the song.
Secret’s agency recently released teaser photos and videos of the song, which present the members’ mature look. In the music video, Jeon Hyo Sung shows off a sexy look in a short pants and with a sexy dance, and Song Ji Eun kisses a man.
A spokesperson for Secret says, “Secret are preparing a distinctive performance to attract music fans’ attention.”
“Talk That” is a song composed by Shinsadong Horaengi. It’s a French electronic number that highlights Secret members’ emotive voices.

Jewelry’s Ye Won says, “I swear when I want to look strong”

Does Jewelry’s Ye Won swear?
On the next episode of KBS 2TV’s Hello, Ye Won appears as a guest.
In the shooting of the episode, a viewer talked about her husband who always swears, and hosts asked their guests, “Do you swear?”
At this, Ye Won said, “I do when I want to look strong. When I’m in an elevator with a stranger or when I have to pretend to be strong, I swear.” The female audience agreed with her.
Other idol group members, who appeared on the show as guests, also told their anecdotes about swear. The episode will air on December 3 at 11:15 p.m.

2NE1 Looking Classy in Singapore Press Conference

YG Entertainment’s icon of ‘Girl Power2NE1 were looking chic and classy at the pre-concert Press Conference held at Grand Copthorne Hotel Singapore. Here for the final stop of their New Evolution Global Tour, the girls are no stranger to the sunny island with this being their fourth visit.

Just here last month for a surprise appearance at Singtel’s fanparty, Leader CL expressed the group’s feelings to be back again, “We’re very very happy to come back and we love Singapore.” And so are their Blackjacks (2NE1′s fans), having queued hours before the concert and snapping up the exclusive SoundCheck passes in no time.

내가 제일 잘나가 (I Am The Best), one of their hit songs that also embodies 2NE1 as a top girl group. It is no surprise when CL revealed fluently in English that she is a workaholic. Vocalist Dara is a cat-lover, and loves to spend her leisure time playing with her cat Dadoong( a combination of her name and her brother Cheondoong, who is also an idol singer in boygroup MBLAQ). Lead Vocalist Park Bom simply answered “I eat” causing the media to erupt in laughter. The maknae(youngest) of the group, Minzy was rather quiet unlike her fierce persona on stage as the rapper. With her answers translated into English, she seem to enjoy knitting as a hobby.

What if they weren’t singers? To which CL replied with a loud resounding “Nooooo”. Thereafter shocking everyone by revealing her childhood dream of wanting to be a nun when she was young. Dara would want to pursue acting as she was an actress before, with an itch to do a slapping scene whilst Minzy aspired to be a poet. Lead vocalist Park Bom stayed true to her roots of being a singer no matter what.

With this being their last tour stop, 2NE1 is in preparation mode for their next album. So Blackjacks, you have something to look forward to! The press conference ended with a photo call, in which the girls professionally posed for the flashing cameras. A pity the media weren’t given the opportunity to pose questions, or it’ll have been even more interactive. Stay tuned to for a review of the mind-blowing concert!

Super Star K4 champion Roy Kim touches down at Incheon International Airport

Super Star K4 champion Roy Kim touched down at Incheon International Airport on December 1 after taking part in the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), held in Hong Kong on November 30.
At the airport, hundreds of fans showed up to see the reality show star and give him warm welcome. As soon as Roy Kim appeared, a commotion was caused for a while by the crowd.
The reality show sensation showed off casual airport-look with striped T-shirt. However, his fashion item was something elseit was his hairdo. Roy chose the “apple-up” style, which is popular with girls and he proved he’s a big fan of his neck pillow while carrying it with his cherished guitar.
Roy Kim won the ticket to the MAMA in Hong Kong by being a champion of Super Star K4.  He belted out two songs, one of which he produced himself and was highly praised in Super Star K4.

BIGBANG TOP playing at the press conference

Infinite’s Sunggyu says, “I sometimes wear other members’ underwear”

Infinite’s Sunggyu recently attracted a lot of attention by saying he sometimes wears other members’ underwear.
In the recent shooting of KBS 2TV’s Hello, a viewer talked about his worry that his friend uses his things without even asking his permission.
At this, hosts asked their guests, “Have you ever used someone else’s belongings without permission?” and Sunggyu surprised everyone by saying, “I sometimes wear other members’ underwear secretly.”
Sunggyu was asked, “Whose underwear do you wear the most?” and he got laughs by saying, “I often wear Sungjong’s underwear. His underwear is very fancy, and I like it.”
Besides Sunggyu, L, who appeared in the music video of Sunggyu’s solo song “Sixty Seconds,” also appeared on the show as a guest. NS Yoon Ji, who recently attracted a lot of attention with her sexy dance, performed a sexy dance in the studio, and Jewelry’s Yewon also attracted a lot of attention with her lively charms. The episode will air on December 3 at 11:00 p.m.

Super Junior’s Siwon says, “Kim Myung Min is actually very kind”

A picture of Super Junior’s Siwon and Kim Myung Min, the lead actors of SBS TV’s drama series The King of Dramas, in a friendly pose was recently released.
Kim plays the role of a CEO of a production company named Anthony Kim, and Siwon plays the role of a top celebrity named Kang Hyun Min.
Anthony Kim and Kang Hyun Min work together for a drama series, The Morning in Kyungsung, written by Lee Go Eun (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and invested by a Japanese businessman named Watanabe (played by Jeon Moo Song). They sometimes fight for the story of the series and casting.
At this, many people have asked, “Do you actually hate each other like your characters do in the series?” However, a picture of Kim and Siwon in a friendly pose was recently uploaded on the official website of the series and attracted a lot of attention.
In the picture, uploaded under the title of “Learning how to act from Anthony,” Siwon is rehearsing the scene of Kang Hyun Min, who caused a problem by driving under the influence, reading a letter of apology, written by Lee Go Eun. Kim is giving Siwon a lot of advice during the rehearsal, and Siwon is smiling at the camera, showing off his friendly relationship with Kim.
One of the crew of the series says, “Kim Myung Min and Siwon sometimes strike sparks off each other as a producer and a top celebrity in the series, but they’re actually very close.”
The ninth episode of the series will air on December 3 at 9:55 p.m.

What if Kim Tae Hee was your private tutor?

Recently, an image of actress Kim Tae Hee from the time when she used to give private lessons to students before her debut was revealed.
In the episode of JTBC’s Exclusive Entertainment News that aired on November 30, a student who once received private lessons from Kim Tae Hee made and appearance and shared some stories.
The man claimed himself to be taught by Kim during his high school days and said, “Teacher Kim Tae Hee graduated my middle school, and she was also one of the noonas that I went to church with. We knew each other just like that until she became my private tutor.” He also revealed a photo sticker taken at that time.
In the picture, the actress is posing with some male students who look very shy. Although she does not show the slightest hint of makeup, her outstanding beauty is apparent.
Kim’s tutee added, “Before teacher Kim arrived, I used to wash my hair and put on some perfume. However, the teacher didn’t seem to live up to our expectation; I had to take another year off studying for college and finally got into a university in a rural area,” inspiring a big laughter from the audience.

Male group Bohemian’s leader dresses up as a woman, “Here comes the master of disguise!”

Group Bohemian’s leader Park Sang Woo arose as the ‘master of disguise.’
On the episode of tvN’s SNL Korea Season 3 that aired on December 1, Park Sang Woo gave a good laugh with his comical act and perfect disguise as a woman.
So far, Park showed up his charms by dressing up as actor Yoo Ji Tae from the movie, One Fine Spring Day, Lee Jae Won from H.O.T, and Song Joong Ki from Wolf Boy. This time, he attracted attention by doing a perfect disguise as a woman.
On the thirteenth episode of SNL Korea that singer Won Mi Yeon and Jay Park appear in, Park Sang Woo gave a good laugh by appearing as a dancer on Shin Dong Yeop’s Scratchbook corner and do the bounce dance and somersaults.
Jay Park also performed “Because I Am A Man” that talks about his dual life and he also danced comically, dressed up as a woman.
The viewers cheered for Park Sang Woo, “Park Sang Woo is trying so hard to try something new in every episode.” “I can’t imagine SNL Korea without him.”
Park Sang Woo will appear on SNL Korea that airs every Saturday on 11:00p.m.

Actress Go Ah Ra says, “Don’t catch a cold!”

Actress Go Ah Ra uploaded a self-taken picture.
On the afternoon of December 3, Go Ah Ra uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Tidy up your scarf. Protect yourself and don’t catch a cold.”
In the picture, Go has a scarf around her neck, showing off her long hair. Her innocent beauty that stands out even in her casual life attracts attention.
Netizens commented: “Such a goddess.” “You are gorgeous even if when you cover up your face.” “You seem to get prettier day by day.” “You warm my heart.”

Check out some behind-the-scenes pictures of School 2013

Some behind-the-scenes pictures of KBS’s new Monday and Tuesday drama series School 2013 (written by Lee Hyun Joo and Ko Jung Won; directed by Lee Min Hong and Lee Eung Bok) were revealed.
In the pictures, each student actor looks towards the camera with a bright smile and makes the V sign, turning on fresh, charming “youth” energy.
Particularly, Lee Jong Seok (plays Ko Nam Soon) and Kwak Jung Wook (plays Oh Jung Ho) put arms around each other’s shoulders as opposed to their rival relationship within the series. Ryu Hyo Young (plays Lee Kang Joo) appears in a cute tracksuit while Park Se Young (plays Song Ha Kyung) shows off her beauty outside the camera range. All members perfectly feature a look of a student and attract attention.
As the main set of the series is a school, the student actors spend most of the time together within the classroom and get along with each other. With a strong friendship they formed as they shoot the series together, they appeal a great teamwork.
A representative of School 2013 says, “As many young actors are packed at the set, the atmosphere is always cheerful, and I believe there will be great synergy effect. We’ll be able to deliver the ‘noisiness’ and reality of a school vividly into your living rooms,” showing expectations for the series.
“The real school report hidden by student and unknown to adults,” School 2013 broadcasts its first episode on December 3 at 10:00 p.m.

Kara’s Park Gyuri exposes her bare skin in the cold weather, “The first snow of the season is here!”

Kara’s Park Gyuri revealed a picture taken during the first snow of the season.
On the afternoon of December 3, Park uploaded pictures on her Twitter with the comment: “I saw the first snow of the season with Jiyoung~ My bottom is so short because I came out in a hurry wearing an upper garment. I am not a pervert. Anyways, this is so much fun.”
In the picture, Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung are standing on the snowy street. They are both wearing big hoody zip-ups and looking at the camera. They attracted attention by exposing bare skin in the cold weather.
In the previous photos, they attracted attention with their beautiful appearance.
Netizens commented: “It’s pouring snow.” “What are you shooting for?” “It must be cold… go inside.”

Yoo Seung Ho had a successful fan meeting in Japan

Yoo Seung Ho plays the piano and recites a poem at his fan meeting in Japan.
Recently, Yoo has appealed his aspect of a rising Hallyu star at his first fan meeting in Japan.
Latest news of the star’s fan meeting was reported on December 3 by Yonhapnews. For the first time, he met his Japanese fans at the Japanese Youth Center located in Tokyo on December 2.
There, the star appeared receiving a big round of applause and cheers. He greeted, “I recently had my first fan meeting in Korea, and it’s my first fan meeting in Japan. I’m so nervous now. I didn’t know I had fans in Japan.”
During a talk time, he revealed what brought him to his current status. He explained, “It all started when my mom entered my name to model for a fashion catalogue. I decided myself to become an actor when I became 11th grader.”
He performed various events for his fans at the meeting. He reenacted a famous scene from TV Chosun’s drama series Operation Proposal with a fan. He also recited the poem “I Love You So” by the poet Han Yong Woon and played the piano singing Yoo Jae Ha’s “Because I’m in Love.”
In the meantime, the star plays the character Harry in the current MBC series I Miss You who shows noble and pure love for Yoon Eun Hye’s counterpart.

Is Psy sick and tired of performing “Gangnam Style”?

Singer Psy recently drew a lot of attention by saying that he is sick and tired of “Gangnam Style.”
On December 1, Psy attended a press conference in Singapore and said, “Many people ask me to teach them how to dance “Gangnam Style” and I’m sick and tired of it.”
He said even though he has been teaching many people how to dance “Gangnam Style,” there are still more people that want to learn. “Sometimes I’m sick and tired of it but I will keep working on it for my fans,” he added.
People who heard his interview responded: “He actually performs the song more than a number of times and I understand his feelings.” “I still support you!” “I think Psy is really a great person.” “He always gives the hottest performance. He is so cool.”

[Photo]KyuHyun Musical Catch Me If You Can interview pictures

★ SUPER JUNIOR Disappointed All the Members Weren’t Able to Be Together at the 2012 MAMA

★ SUPER JUNIOR Disappointed All the Members Weren’t Able to Be Together at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards
Super Junior has expressed its disappointment that not all its members could be together for the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).
Super Junior won big at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on November 30, as it took home the Best Line Award, Best Global Group Award and Album of the Year Award.
Following their big win, Super Junior shared, “We’re sad Leeteuk and Choi Siwon couldn’t be here with us.”
On winning the Album of the Year Award, Eunhyuk shared, “We’ve been very active with our sixth album in 2012, and we’re so happy to see such a return and thankful. As this is an award that was possible because so many purchased this album we poured our sweat and everything into, we are quite happy. I also want to say I think K-Pop singers were particularly active this year and I am so proud of them.”
Kangin added, “I believe Leeteuk watched from the army too. If he was watching he will have been extremely happy and probably disappointed he couldn’t stand on stage too. We were supposed to fill the stage with Super Junior, but we’re also sad Siwon couldn’t be here either. Based on my own experiences, I believe Leeteuk will return from his service as a better person and is working hard in there. I really feel Leeteuk’s empty spot today and miss him.”
When asked about Super Junior K.R.Y’s future activities, Yesung said, “Super Junior-M is preparing for activities in China, while Super Junior K.R.Y finished its Budokan performance.”
The Super Junior members added on a final note, “We’re happy we can close 2012 on such a high note. We will work hard to be an even more humble group in 2013.”
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Han Hyo Joo talks about a kissing scene on the movie Love 911

Actress Han Hyo Joo recently talked about a kissing scene that she recorded for the movie Love 911.
On December 3, Han attended a press conference, which was held at the CGV in Seoul, for the movie and said that she took an active kissing scene.
Han played the role of a girl named Mi Soo, who expresses her affection towards Kang Il (played by Ko Soo) actively. She kisses Kang Il first and Han said it was a new experience for her.
Han said, “I think it is unusual for a woman kissing a man first especially in a melodrama. I kissed the male character first and it was very new to me. I realized that kind of woman really exist.”
Ko Soo, who was led by Han, said, “She gives me a kiss and since she is more active, I was worried how to react while shooting the kissing scene.”
The movie is about a firefighter named Kang Il, who has lost his wife and a doctor named Mi Soo, who faces crisis in her life because of malpractice. The movie will be released on December 19.

Back in Singapore after 2 years, G.NA held ‘Meet and Greet’ at Courts megastore

It was a star studded opening of Courts Megastore, who stole the limelight of the night? She is non other than the kpop princess G.NA! On 1st December, after 2 years, is back in Singapore for a meet and greet session at Courts Megastore. Thanks to Courts and Kpopgaga for giving an opportunity to cover the event!
‘She’s too hot’

It was a small scale meet and greet session, with only 150 vip passes available. Fans started to gather since early morning just to catch a glimpse of The weather was warm and humid, but in the eyes of the fans, is way hotter! During the autograph session, when said “it’s so hot” (the weather), fans replied her with “You are hotter”.
Being back in Singapore after so long, could not help but to express her feelings “I miss Singapore, and actually Singapore is the first foreign country I have ever been to since my debut” and “I was so touched that when I was here for the first time, people were singing Happy Birthday song to me”.
She’s friendly

During the autograph session, did her best to fulfill requests from her fans and even hugged her fans although there’s a table in between. Even when signing on multipul items and photography were prohibited, still managed to sign as much items as possible and took selca with fans until the securities stepped in. When fans off the stage asked her to do cute expressions, she responded to fans even though she was busy giving autographs. The autograph session lasted for about an hour, it must have been tiring for her, but did not show any signs of it. Instead, she remained cheerful and smiled throughout, giving her best to fans. She also personally greeted and thanked each and every of them for coming.
She’s more than just a pretty face

Debuted as a solo singer, is known for her strong vocals. During the performance, the crowd simply went wild as she hits a string of high notes. What is there more amazing to do on a Saturday night than to enjoy a good performance? also expressed that she will release a new album and be back more often in Singapore next year, making fans go excited about her next visit. When event MC asked her if she will have a full-fledged concert here in Singapore, used her humour and replied “To be honest, I don’t think I can have a concert singing 5 songs”. However, what she said next made the crowd go wild, yet again! “I think we can have a Cube family concert here”.
Fans of, are you ready for next year? Who knows, but you may get to see more of and maybe the whole Cube family here! Do tune in to if you want to hear more kpop updates.

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