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Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

[Photos] Stunning Jang keun suk

[PHOTO] Lee Min Ho & Yoona for Eider SS 2013

[Preview] Stylish SHINee – Onew, Jonghyun, Minho & Key for Nylon March Issue Magazine

Song Hye Kyo gives away hand-wrapped chocolates to the staff members, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Actress Song Hye Kyo gifted chocolates to all the staff members of That Winter, The Wind Blows.
Previously on February 14, Song is said to have given away chocolates to 80 people: all the staff members and co-actors of SBS’s That Winter, The Wind Blows for Valentine’s Day.
Song created a friendly atmosphere by packaging each chocolate herself and giving them to the staff members to express her gratitude. Previously, she created a stir by giving away running shoes to all the staff members. At that time, she deeply moved the staff members by figuring out all the shoe sizes for each staff members and giving them the shoes according to their sizes.
A publicist of the series says, “All staff members weren’t even aware that it was Valentine’s Day. The shooting site livened up since the leading actress gifted hand-wrapped chocolates. The male staff members were especially delighted.”
Currently, Song Hye Kyo is playing the role of Oh Young who is visually impaired on SBS’s That Winter, The Wind Blows and co-acting with actor Jo in Sung.

Rainbow barely sleeps one hour a day?

The sleeping time of Rainbow has been revealed.
On February 15, Rainbow’s Yoon Hye uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “So exhausted because I only slept for five hours for five days due to the preparations of our comeback. Our leader tries to fall asleep whenever and wherever she leans on. This is the site of our music video shooting.”
In the picture, Rainbow’s Jaekyung is sleeping on a sofa. She seemed extremely tired since she is sleeping in an uncomfortable way with her mouth wide open.
It has been said that Rainbow is putting so much effort into their comeback that they barely sleep an hour a day.
Previously on February 14, Rainbow made a comeback on Mnet’s M Countdown with their new song “Tell Me Tell Me” after a one year and eight month hiatus.

Leessang’s Gil celebrates his birthday with Infinite Challenge members

Gil of the hip hop duo Leessang (composed of Gary and Gil) has posted a proofshot of his birthday party with the members of Infinite Challenge.
On February 15, the singer tweeted some pictures with the comment “Everybody’s so excited. They are having so much fun and making such a mess. Thank you for your birthday wishes. These are some pictures with some stories in them and taken with much effort. At the back of the group picture, Jung Hyung Don is trying to remove some ‘substance’ stuck between his teeth, and Joon Ha hyung is making a funny face.”
The pictures show all members (Yoo Jae Seok, Jung Joon Ha, Jung Hyung Don, Park Myung Soo, Noh Hong Chul, Haha, and Gil) of MBC’s Infinite Challenge in which Gil currently appears gathered together and celebrating a birthday party. Gil’s bright smile and Jung Hyung Don and Jung Joon Ha’s vivid facial expressions attract particular attention.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “I see a strong friendship between Infinite Challenge members.” “It looks somewhat like the gathering of Muhan Company.” “They make such funny faces.” “Happy Birthday.” “Hope all members of Infinite Challenge will be happy.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea now has short hair. What happened?

Jea of the Brown Eyed Girls has cut her hair short.
On February 15, the singer tweeted some photos and commented “Whew, I cut my hair shorter because I was feeling distracted.”
In the picture, you can no longer see her with long hair that she had kept for a long time. She makes a sullen face to the camera but shows off a younger look.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Jea looks good in short hair.” “She looks younger.” “Looks cute.” “She looks much prettier.” “Why were you feeling distracted?” “Why did you cut your hair?” “Your hair looks cute.”

Oh Ja Ryong (Lee Jang Woo) finally learns who Na Gongju (Oh Yeon Seo) really is

Oh Ja Ryong (played by Lee Jang Woo) is shocked after discovering the true identity of Na Gongju (played by Oh Yeon Seo).
In February 15’s airing of MBC’s daily sitcom Oh Ja Ryong is Coming (written by Kim Sa Kyung, directed by Choi Won Seok and Lee Jae Jin), Oh accepts a proposal by Jin Tae Hyun (played by Jin Yong Seok) and agrees to remain silent about the chicken tteokbokki issue.
When Na learns about this, she goes to Oh who appears very depressed and says, “I’m very sorry, Mr. Ja Ryong.”
Oh asks back, “Why are you sorry about this? I’m just thankful that you’re here to comfort me about this issue.” His words convince Na to think that she cannot hide her identity anymore, as the second daughter of the AT conglomerate.
However, Oh continues, “I will never be able to forget this AT group which left a big wound in my heart” and it keeps Na from revealing who she really is.
But at that night, Jin comes to Oh’s place and warns, “Why do I find you around my sister-in-law?” Instantly, Oh learns the true identity of Na and is left in a great shock.
The episode also covers Na Jin Joo (played by Seo Hyun Jin) suggesting Kim Mary (played by Yoo Ho Rin) a place of secretary of AT conglomerate.

Kim Jung Hoon releases Japanese jacket photo

Actor and singer Kim Jung Hoon recently showed off his beautiful appearance.
On February 15, a jacket photo for Kim’s single Love of Spring, which will be released on April 3, was released on his Japanese fansite. The single is from his Japanese EP.
In the photo, Kim is looking at someone with his emotional eyes while wearing a white cardigan. Cherry blossoms make him look like a handsome cartoon character.
Kim started performing as a Hallyu star by going on an Asian tour.
He held the ‘Mobius Strip’ in two Korean cities, six Japanese cities, three cities in Chinese-speaking countries, and two cities in East Asia.
Kim will start shooting the movie Wild Dogs on February 20.

IU appointed as honorary police officer

Singer IU, who was appointed as an honorary police officer, showed off a new look in a police uniform.
On February 15, IU attended the event held at the NPA headquarters in Seoul to encourage honorary police officers to root out school violence.
NPA Commissioner General Kim Ki Yong gave IU a plaque of appreciation in recognition of her distinguished services.
IU said, “Thank you so much for appointing me as an honorary police officer. I will try hard to prevent school violence.”
IU appeared at the event in a police uniform and received considerable attention from the reporters. Her cute face and clean uniform made her look like a fresh police officer.

Kim says, “IU formed a wide popular consensus to root out school violence and created a social atmosphere while reporting school violence with her friendly and bubbly image.”
Brave Guys of KBS’s Gag Concert, who became the fifth honorary ambassador for correcting violence, also attended the event and received the plaque of appreciation.

2AM’s Jo Kwon is a flower boy

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently took several self portraits.
On February 15, Jo tweeted four pictures with the short comment, “Nice weather.”
In the pictures, Jo is making various facial expressions for the camera. He drew a lot of attention with his pink lips and by sticking his tongue out in a cute way.
People who saw the pictures responded: “You look even more handsome.” “He’s cute.” “You need to take a break while working.”
2AM will return in March with their new EP.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee: “I thought I would look like Lim Si Wan”

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee recently took pictures with his hair in a knot.
On February 15, Hwang tweeted pictures with the comment, “I thought I would look like Lim Si Wan dressed like this. I don’t know.”
Hwang posted several pictures of Lim from MBC’s series The Moon Embracing The Sun and compared the pictures to pictures of himself in a similar outfit. Even though Hwang thought that he might look like Lim, their different appearances made many people laugh.
People who saw the pictures responded: “You’re cute.” “I think you will look fine without a mustache.” “Both are attractive.”
Hwang is currently appearing on MBC’s We Got Married as an imaginary married couple with Secret’s Han Seon Hwa.

Park Min Young graduates from university

Actress Park Min Young took a cute picture while wearing a graduation cap.
On February 15, Park tweeted a picture with the comment, “You wanted me to take this kind of picture, right? Thank you for celebrating.”
In the picture, Park is smiling and posing like a flower for the camera. She is also showing off her shining beauty in a graduation gown and graduation cap.
On the same day, Park attended the graduation ceremony at Dongguk University in Seoul. She attended the theater department and received the Merit Award for promoting the school and helping improve their image.
People who saw the picture responded: “Congratulations!” “You look good in a cap and gown.” “You look so pretty.” “She’s great to receive the Merit Award.”

Running Man brings Macao to a halt

SBS’s Running Man recently arrived in Macao and received considerable attention.
The February 17 episode of the show will air the Asia Race 1, which was shot in Macao and Hanoi, Vietnam. The show has held four races abroad including in Thailand, China, and Hong Kong.
As soon as the cast members arrived at the Airport, they started trying to accomplish their missions. Many fans gathered at the airport to see the cast members and brought the Airport to a halt.
An official for the show previously said in January, “Our show is very popular in Asia. Many tourism centers in Asian countries call us a lot to offer places for shooting the show. I think the tour in Asia will receive favorable reviews.”
On the show, Song Ji Hyo will go bungee jumping and draw a lot of attention from the public. Actress Han Hye Jin and actor Lee Dong Wook appear on the episode shot in Macao.

Super Junior’s Kangin loses fifteen kilograms in two months

Super Junior’s Kangin has lost a lot of weight and got his sharp chic back.
On February 15, a spokesperson for Kangin said that he has lost fifteen kilograms in only two months.
Kangin, who attended the Gaon Chart K-pop Awards held at the Olympic Hall on February 13, looked much slimmer than when he was discharged from the military.
Kangin smiled and said, “I started losing weight at the end of November. I weigh seventy-three kilograms now which is fifteen less than the past.”
Kangin added, “I ate much less to lose weight.”
Super Junior attended the Gaon Chart K-pop Awards and received the Singer of the Year prize with the highest record in album sales.
The group will hold the ‘Super Show 5′ on March 23 in Seoul as the start of their world tour. They have been holding their own brand concert since 2008 with over 900,000 people in all over the world.

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun: “I want to get married soon”

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun recently said that she wants to get married soon after seeing Sun Ye got married
Ye Eun appeared on the February 17 episode of SBS’s Challenge 1000 Songs and talk about Sun Ye as a married woman.
Lee Hui Jae, MC for the show, asked Sun Ye, “Sun Ye has become the first married woman among idols, how do you feel since you are in the same group?” Ye Eun answered, “Since my best friend got married, I want to get married soon too.”
Sun Ye got married to a missionary named James Park, who lives in Canada, on January 26 at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. She dated him for three years and became the first married woman among current idols.
Besides Ye Eun, Lee Gun Myeong and Sobangcha, a popular group from the 90s, will appear on the show.

B.A.P returns today (Feb. 15) and gives powerful performance

Group B.A.P returned on February 15 with their second EP One Shot.
The group’s agency says, “They will appear on KBS’s Music Bank and will perform their title song “One Shot” for the first time. They will give powerful performance including manly push-ups with wild eyes and remind people of untrained werewolf boys.”
Leader Bang Yong Gook recently tweeted a picture with the comment, “You only have one chance,” which are the lyrics for the song “One Shot.”
The EP ranked first on the iTunes Store Top 10 Hip-hop Albums in the United States and it also entered the charts in eleven countries.
B.A.P will hold their first exclusive concert ‘B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul’ at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on February 23 and 24.

Yoon Eun Hye shows off her fashionable flair in her car

Actress Yoon Eun Hye recently took a picture in her car.
On February 15, Yoon posted a picture on her Facebook account with the comment, “My manager took a picture of me. There was a sudden flash in the dark car and the picture came out very nicely.”
In the picture, Yoon is playing on her tablet PC. She is showing off her beautiful appearance with glamorous eyes. She is also showing off her flair for fashion in a fur jacket.
People who saw the picture responded: “You created a Facebook account.” “The picture looks good.” “She looks even more beautiful.” “I like your clothes.” “Upload more pictures please.” “Your manager knows how to take a picture.”
Yoon previously played the role of Lee Soo Yeon on MBC’s series Missing You.