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Selasa, 13 November 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk becomes a troop commander

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has become a leader in the army.
Leeteuk has become a troop commander in the 9th Infantry Division. A man of good conduct among recruits usually becomes a troop commander. Leeteuk was appointed to be a troop commander thanks to his diligent personality and leadership.
The 9th Infantry Division released a picture of soldiers on their official website. Leeteuk is posing for the camera with the commander’s armband and helmet. He looks comfortable with the other soldiers while intimately posing with them.
Leeteuk joined the army on October 30. He will train for eight weeks and then serve his military duty for twenty-one months.

Will 4minute’s Hyun Ah be Justin Beiber’s new girlfriend?

Idol couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently broke up and 4minute’s Hyun Ah has been nominated to be his new girlfriend.
On November 12 (local time), the US posted an article with the title, “Justin Bieber: Who Should Be His New Girlfriend?”
Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen, actress Jennifer Lawrence of the movie Hunger Game, Taylor Swift, who won a triple crown at the ’2012 EMA,’ and more were also nominated.
Singer Rihanna, actress and singer Demi Lovato, and model Cara Delevingne were also included in the nominee list. Hyun Ah received the most votes and drew a lot of attention.
The said, “Although they may not speak the same language, both speak the language of love in their effortlessly catch musical stylings. Hyun Ah has collaborated with “Gangnam Style” star Psy, who just happens to have the same manager as Bieber.”
Over 2,000 people cast their votes to the survey and Hyun Ah received 21 percent of the votes so far.
On November 10 (local time), local media outlets reported that Bieber and Gomez ended their two year relationship.

Son Dam Bi ranks at the top with her new song

Singer Son Dam Bi ranks high in music charts with her new number “Dripping Tears.”
On November 12, the singer’s fourth EP, Dripping Tears, was finally released, and immediately many music charts showed it ranking high. Bugs, for example, placed the song at the top of the chart while Melon and Olleh Music ranked it third and second, welcoming Son’s new material.
Son’s agency says, “The music video for ‘Dripping Tears,’ which was released at the same time as the original recording, has been attracting attention with its sensational special effects and the noticeable change in the singer’s image. We’re happy that the EP, into which we have poured much effort for a long time, has started off so well. On stage, it will work with greater synergy between performance and styling.”
Son will perform on’s M Countdown on November 15.

New sexy troika Hyun Ah, Hyo Lyn, and Hara represent a liquor brand

The new sexy troika 4minute’s Hyun Ah, SISTAR’s Hyo Lyn, and KARA’s Goo Hara will represent a soju brand after Lee Hyo Ri.
According to several entertainment officials on November 13, Hyun Ah, Hyo Lyn, and Goo will become representatives for a soju brand, which has been represented by Lee Hyo Ri.
Lee, who has worked for the brand for the past five years, showed that a sexy top star can appear on a commercial for a soju brand. The soju commercial, in which Lee appeared, drew a lot of attention from the public. Since Lee will stop appearing on the commercial, many people were wondering who will be the next representative for the brand.
Hyun Ah, Hyo Lyn, and Goo were cast in the new soju commercial all at once and people are expecting to see them showing off their different appeals through the commercial.
The fact that the members are from different girl groups appearing on a soju commercial is very interesting too.
The new commercial will be released soon.

Park Shin Hye says, “I saw the first snow with people I love”

Actress Park Shin Hye recently showed off a cute look.
On November 14, Park uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “I spent a good time with people from my agency after finishing the shooting of Running Man. Did you see? It snowed last night for the first time this year. It was short, but I saw it with people whom I love. I was so happy.”
In the picture, Park is wearing a thick padded coat because of the cold weather. She’s just exposing her eyes, covering most of her face with a hood.
People responded: “I should watch the episode of Running Man, on which Park Shin Hye appears.” “She seems to be enjoying the moment.” “She’s so cute.” “She’s so pretty even if she’s only showing her eyes.”
Park recently shot an episode of SBS TV’s Running Man as a guest with Lee Seung Gi. The episode will air on November 18.

T-ara’s Dani appears on a TV series with 5 Dolls’ Hyoyoung

Pictures of T-ara’s Dani and 5 Dolls’ Hyoyoung were recently released and drew a lot of attention.
On November 13, the agency, Core Contents Media, released pictures of Dani and Hyoyoung shooting KBS’s new series School 2013.
Dani and Hyoyoung are eating sugary junk foods in school uniforms. The two girls were cast in the series together and are helping each other like real sisters.
Since Dani has been living abroad for a long time, she has never had sugary Korean junk foods. Dani plays the role of Kim Dani, who is very interested in her looks, and Hyoyoung plays the role of Lee Kang Joo, who is like a tomboy.
The series, starring Jang Na Ra, Choi Daniel, Park Hae Mi, Lee Han Oui, Yoon Joo Sang, and Oh Young Sil as teachers, and Lee Jong Seok, Park Se Young, Kim Woo Bin, Dani, and Hyoyoung as students, will start airing on December 3 after the current airing series Ohlala Couple goes off the air.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu’s mini album has a tracklist

INFINTE’s leader Sunggyu is set to make his solo debut with mini-album Another Me on November 19th. Following the release of the single Shine ahead of the mini-album release, the tracklist for Another Me was released through the group’s official website.
Sunggyu will have a total of six songs for his solo debut and each track promises to showcase a different side to the leader.

Super Junior’s Siwon gets surprised by Jung Ryeo Won’s power on The King of Dramas

Kang Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Siwon) gets surprised by Lee Go Eun (played by Jung Ryeo Won) scolding scary teenage kids.
In the episode of SBS TV’s drama series The King of Dramas that aired on November 13, writer Lee Go Eun shows top celebrity Kang Hyun Min her bad drinking habits.
Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min) fires Lee at the request of the director of the Department of Dramas in a TV station. Feeling sad, Lee drinks a lot and visits Kang, for whom she promised to write a script. She says sorry to him for not being able to keep the promise.
However, Kang says, “Aren’t you here to ask me to tell them not to fire you? Don’t be so sad. This is the way it is in this industry.” At this, Lee gets upset.
After that, Kang and Lee meet again. Lee walks on the street drunk and gets into a scuffle with three naughty teenagers. Lee asks them, “I’m not feeling good tonight, so can’t you just leave me alone?” but one of the teenage kids grabs her by the collar. Kang sees this on his way to somewhere and calls the police.
Kang soon gets surprised by Lee punishing the teenage kids. He also gets frightened when she sees him. Lee eventually gets put in jail for committing violence.

Psy receives an award at American Music Awards

Psy recently received an award at American Music Awards. He also received an award at MTV Europe Music Awards. It seems now possible for him to receive awards at Grammys in February next year and at Billboard Music Awards in May next year.
On November 18 (local time), Psy’s “Gangnam Style” will receive New Media Honoree at the 2012 American Music Awards, which will take place in LA.
Psy will also perform “Gangnam Style” at the pre-show for the awards. The pre-show will air live on YouTube.
Psy also received the Best Video for “Gangnam Style” at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 11. He also performed at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in September.
Psy is likely to receive awards at the 55th Grammys in February next year and at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in May next year. He’s also likely to attend the Brit Awards, one of the most recognized awards in the UK, on February 20 next year.

2NE1′s Gong Min Ji cuts her hair short

2NE1′s Gong Min Ji recently showed off a pretty look.
On November 14, Gong uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “BYE LA.”
In the picture, her unconventional hairstyle attracts a lot of attention. Gong cut her hair short and changed her look. She created a strong image by dyeing her hair purple.
Gong has also become prettier. Showing off a sharp chin, she looks mature.
People responded: “She looks prettier with the short hair.” “Her hair is really short.” “She’s getting prettier.” “She seems to like wearing hats.” “She’s really pretty.”

Juniel comes out with a new material on Nov. 20

Singer-song writer Juniel will come out with a new song, “Bad Person.”
On November 14, FNC Entertainment, Juniel’s agency, reported, “Juniel will release the second EP, 1&1, on November 20.” A photo for Juniel’s album jacket was also released on 14. In the photo, Juniel is brightly smiling, reading music, with her long straight hair hanging down on her shoulder. She looks innocent and fresh.
Attracting a lot of attention with her debut song, “Illa Illa,” Juniel is planning to show off a mature look this time. The lead track of the second EP, “Bad Person,” is characterized by Juniel’s sad voice. The song is about a girl who gets hurt by her boyfriend.
Juniel is currently topping the online vote for the Best New Female Artist Award, conducted on the official website of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, receiving 14,532,832 votes (41 percent). She’s followed by Ailee (28.2 percent). Because she’s currently one of the most popular female solo singers, people are wondering if she can beat IU, who recently got in trouble because of a picture she mistakenly released.
FNC Entertainment says, “1&1 means the month of November Juniel is releasing her album. It also means it’s her second album. We designed the photo for the album jacket to look lovely.”
A teaser video for “Bad Person” will be released on Juniel’s official YouTube channel and official website on November 16 at noon.

The US SPIN: “Big Bang heals New Jersey”

US music magazine SPIN, which has global influence, recently praised Big Bang.
On November 12 (local time), SPIN uploaded an article with the title, “K-pop Heals New Jersey.” Big Bang held a concert in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged New Jersey, and the SPIN used the word ‘heal’ to describe the concert.
They said, “Emerging from cryogenic chambers just after eight, the fivesome proceeded to sprint through two hours of hits and costume changes, through a set that included studded, leather-upholstered Segways, artificial snow, and ample attention to each member’s solo work.”
They also praised G-Dragon, “G-Dragon — the group’s creative core and a guy whom bandmate Seungri deemed “a genius” and personal hero twice between songs — was particularly impressive when on his own, further embracing his semi-adopted stance as Korea’s Kanye West by taking on a bit of West’s vocal grain when performing (that and a pair of his Air Yeezy 2 sneakers) cuts from his recently released One of a Kind EP.”
Big Bang held the ‘Alive Galaxy Tour 2012′ on November 2 and 3 in LA and other concerts on November 8 and 9 in New Jersey. Over 48,000 people attended the concert, which received considerable attention from local media outlets, including CNN, New York Times, New Yorker, and Billboard.
Big Bang will complete their tour on November 14 in Peru. Then they will hold concerts in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

SNSD hold a concert in Tokyo, Japan

SNSD fascinated nearly 10,000 fans at a concert held in Japan for the first time in three years.
On November 13, SNSD held an event at the First Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium under the title of “Playing with Girls’ Generation.” It was the first time for SNSD to hold an event for their fans in Japan since they debuted in Summer in 2010. It was held in celebration of the release of their second album.
On November 14, some of Japanese media sources, including Sankei Sports, reported that SNSD performed three songs, including “Flower Power.” “Flower Power” is a track from their second album, Girls’ Generation 2, which will be released on November 28, and also a track from their new single, which will be released on November 21.
At the event, various people, regardless of gender and age, danced to SNSD’s hit songs. SNSD had a great time with their fans.
After seeing some children’s dance, Seohyun said, “I want to have kids like them.”
SNSD will focus on promoting their new album and single in Japan.

Roy Kim shows off his cute charms during his makeover

Super Star K4’s Roy Kim has been captured during his makeover.
On November 13, a post titled “Roy Kim getting prettier” has been uploaded on the official Me2day of Super Star K4.
In the picture, Roy Kim is getting his hair styled. With a flower hair slide, he is looking at someone. He looks cute, rolling his eyes and not being able to move his head.
Netizens commented: “So cute.” “You’re awesome Roy.” “You’re the cutie since there is no more Seung Woo.” “He is so handsome.” “You look like a baby.”
Previously on the fifth round of the live performance of Super Star K 4, Hong Dae Gwang has been eliminated. So the remaining Top 3 are: Dick Punks, Roy Kim, and Jung Joon Young. The semi-final match to pick out TOP 2 will be held at Peac Hall of Kyunghee University on November 16.

So Hee of the Wonder Girls smiles brightly

A bright smile of So Hee of the Wonder Girls was recently spotted.
On November 9, So Hee held an autograph session at a department store and met her fans.
Dressed in a red padded jacket and black leather pants and showing off her pretty legs, So Hee gave her fans her autographs and shook hands with them.
Because So Hee’s chic look was often spotted, people were surprised by her bright smile. The search phrase “So Hee’s smile” became one of the most searched phrase on portal sites.
People responded: “She looks so pretty when she smiles.” “I hope she smiles often from now on.” “It’s surprising that ‘So Hee’s smile’ becomes one of the most searched phrase.” “Where is chic So Hee?”

Big Bang’s Taeyang dances The Dougie

Big Bang’s Taeyang recently learned how to dance The Dougie.
A video of Taeyang dancing The Dougie with his African American fan on a street was uploaded on YouTube. The Dougie is currently popular at clubs, and such celebrities as Justine Bieber enjoys dancing it.
In this 48-second video, an African American man comes to Taeyang and says, “I want to dance The Dougie with you.” Taeyang gladly accepts the request and dances with him.
Taeyang and the man dances The Dougie for a while and slap high-fives.
Big Bang held a concert, part of their world tour titled Alive Galaxy Tour 2012, in New Jersey, the U.S., on November 9 (local time).

Rainbow’s Go Woori thanks her fans with tears

Rainbow’s Go Woori expressed her appreciation to her fans with tears.
On the afternoon of November 13, Go Woori uploaded a picture on her Twitter, “It’s already been three years since the debut of Rainbow. We will try our hardest to be a better girl group.”
In the picture, Go Woori is shedding tears as if she is deeply moved. She showed off her wit by making the tears out of toilet paper.
Netizens commented: “It’s been three years since Rainbow’s debut?” “Happy third anniversary!” “I’ll look forward to your improved performances.” “Go Woori is so cute.”

Jung Ryeo Won suppresses disorderly students and smiles towards the camera

Recently, Jung Ryeo Won from the SBS’s drama series The King of Dramas was spotted with disorderly students, wearing a commanding smile.
The character she plays in the series is Lee Go Eun, a rookie writer who not only has childlike innocence but also has a determined, persistent personality. She also projects confidence and never considers herself small before Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min).
In the third episode of The King of Dramas, which aired on November 12, Lee Go Eun goes after Kang Hyun Min (played by Choi Siwon) to his villa to change his mind. Using an umbrella as a fake gun, she successfully leads him outside as if proving she has guts. In a recent photo, only the star looks pleased among students who appear somewhat discouraged.
Moreover, the students look overly courteous and some are even bleeding at the corner of the mouth, generating more curiosity about the scene.
The actress has attracted an increasing number of viewers with her candid, charming character and her beautiful smile. Now people have begun to wonder how she will surprise them next.
In the meantime, Kang Hyun Min struggles between Anthony and Oh Jin Wan and makes his final decision to appear in Morning of Gyeonsung, directed by Anthony. The series gathers more attention as the story develops. The fourth episode will be broadcast on November 13 at 9:55 p.m.

Child actress Lee So Hyun shows off her innocent beauty, “Was she really born in 1999?”

Child actress Kim So Hyun revealed a picture of her in a car.
On the afternoon of November 13, Kim uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “I am on my way to Jeonju to shoot for ‘I Miss You.’ It’s a bit dark because I’m in a car right now. Before you watch the third episode tomorrow, make sure to prepare a big towel instead of a handkerchief.”
Wearing a red top, Kim attracts attention with her innocent beauty.
Netizens commented: “She’s a doppelganger of Park Ha Sun.” “I can’t believe that she was born in 1999.” “I can’t wait to see how she would look in ten years!”
Currently, Kim is playing the role of Lee Soo Yeon(played by Yoon Eun Hye)’s childhood on MBC’s I Miss You.

Miss A’s Min poses smugly with Little Psy

Min of the girlgroup Miss A (composed of Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy) has recently posted a picture taken with Hwang Min Woo, also known as “Little Psy.”
On November 13, the singer tweeted the photo with the comment “Gangnam Style.”
Making the V sign, Min poses with Hwang Min Woo, the little boy who became popular for his appearance as “Little Psy” on Psy’s music video for “Gangnam Style.” Particularly, they are both wearing similar looks full of charisma, attracting even more eyes.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “They both look adorable.” “No wonder everyone’s going , ’Gangnam Style’ these days.” “What a crazy personal connections of Little Psy, Hwang Min Woo!”

“Only One” singer BoA has quite a few dance partners rather than the only one

SHINee’s Taemin recently talked about behind stories that happened while he was active with BoA’s “Only One.” Both are represented by SM Town while BoA is far senior to Taemin in the showbiz.
On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on November 13, the SHINee cutie flashed back to when he was active with BoA, featuring “Only One,” confessing “I was seriously trembling when I first got to perform with BoA.”
He added, “At first, I felt really small and overshadowed, but I realized that that was not what I was supposed to be. Then I extended myself to lead her in rehearsals and in live gigs.”
U-Know Yunho and Eunhyuk quipped: “BoA enjoyed it when Taemin led her.”
Another dance partner of the “Only One” singer, Eunhyuk, revealed: “Taemin is youthful but powerful and manly, and you know, Yunho is just hot. I once planned a kiss performance with BoA not to be overshadowed by the two, but all failed because of a microphone.”

Super Junior’s Siwon takes a picture with Iron Man

Super Junior’s Siwon recently took a picture with Iron Man.
On November 13, Siwon uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the comment, “Iron Man! Please punish those people who don’t watch The King of Dramas! Please watch the series!”
In the picture, Siwon is standing next to an Iron Man figure, which is bigger than him. As he tweeted, he seems to be asking Iron Man to punish the people who don’t watch the drama series The King of Dramas.
People responded: “The picture is so funny.” “Siwon looks nice with Iron Man.” “Siwon and Iron Man are both so cute.”
Siwon plays the role of top celebrity Kang Hyun Min in SBS TV’s new drama series The King of Dramas.

Strong Heart: SUJU’s Yesung feels sad about his ex-pet turtle

Super Junior’s Yesung recently fessed up that he was in hot water because of a turtle he used to keep.
On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on November 13, Yesung opens up about his woe with his ex-pet.
“I got to get a pet turtle as I used to feel lonely a lot. But my loneliness got deeper and deeper as he grew up.” His sentimental confession made everyone in the studio laugh hard.
The singer added, “I felt great attachment, but one day I realized he grew up a lot, in an enormous size. In the end, he became too big to be raised at home, so I had to send him to an aquarium.”
Yesung’s sad story did not end. “After that, I got to see him on TV in a show titled Stars’ Pets, but he was not using his name anymore. This animal trainer called my ex-pet Yesung and he even said ‘Yesung, you look really ugly. I couldn’t believe what I saw.”
The SUJU member added: “Seeing him on TV, I was worried about him as his chin looked different from other turtles’, but his being called Yesung really disturbed me and I wish he were called his proper name ‘Super Dwarf.’”

TV teaser for Moon Geun Young and Park Si Hoo released

A teaser for SBS’s new series Cheongdam-dong Alice was released.
The series is about an ordinary girl named Han Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young), who tries to marry a rich man and realizes the true meaning of a happy marriage.
In the teaser video, Se Kyung and a rich man named Seung Jo (played by Park Si Hoo) appear together. Seung Jo reaches his hands over to Se Kyung and Se Kyung holds his hand with a bright smile.
The teaser video, in which the cast members were featured with dreamlike effect, made many people eagerly anticipate the series.
The production crew for the series said, “We tried to portray the cast members like fantasy cartoon characters. We will release another version of the teaser video soon to draw the public’s attention.”
On the series, which will start airing in December after Five Fingers, the currently airing series, goes off air, Moon Geun Young, Park Si Hoo, So Yi Hyun, Kim Ji Seok, and more will appear.

Hyun Bin to have a week’s furlough

Actor Hyun Bin will leave his military camp on November 15 temporarily to have his last furlough.
On November 14, a spokesperson for Hyun Bin reported, “Hyun Bin will have his last furlough soon and take care of his work for eight days. He will focus on things that he needs to do after leaving his military duty. He also has to take care of his agency issue and go through scripts to choose his first work in two years. He’ll take a break for a while and plan for the future.”
Hyun Bin’s contract with AM Entertainment has recently been terminated. The agency merged with SM C&C. Jang Dong Gun recently made a contract with SM C&C.
However, Hyun Bin won’t move to SM C&C. Instead, he is thinking of making a contract with ON Entertainment, which his former boss newly founded. During his break, he will make a decision on the matter.
Starting his military service in April last year, Hyun Bin will leave his military duty on December 6.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk says, “My friend kissed me”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk said his female friend recently gave him a surprise kiss.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang that aired on November 13 at 11:15 p.m., Leeteuk appeared as a guest and said one of his close female friends recently gave him a surprise kiss.
Leeteuk said, “It’s the first time for me to say this. I have a female friend, and she looked at me sadly when I said I would soon start my military service. She suddenly put her hands on my cheeks and kissed me. I was so embarrassed. I was so surprised that I was opening my eyes when she kissed me. I asked her why, and she said she just did it impulsively.”
At this, Boom got laughs by saying, “If she’s older than you, she’s in her thirties now.”
On the episode, TVXQ, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Gi Chan, SHINee, Mighty Mouth, Park Min Ji, and Kim Se Ah also appeared as guests.