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Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Jessica shows off her glamorous figure in Hong Kong

On May 13, Jessica, a member of Girls’ Generation, attended a store opening of a fashion brand in Hong Kong with designer Jang Min Young and stylist Jung Yoon Gi. Around 300 fans gathered at the party to see her. When she showed up, fans, mostly men, shouted out and the female star smiled and waved at them.
She was wearing a bright-yellow sleeveless dress, creating a vivid mood. The cut of her dress slightly exposed the upper part of her breasts, catching the eye. Jessica blew kisses to the fans while leaving the stage after greeting the crowd.

The second teaser of the new drama series Shark is revealed

 On May 14, the second teaser of Shark was released. In the video, Son Ye Jin is walking along the seashore, wearing a wedding dress. A scene of spending a happy time with Kim Nam Gil in the past suddenly changes to the scene of an accident, creating the opposite mood. Son faces great sorrow instead of the happy emotions of a bride before her wedding.
Viewers’ curiosity was especially aroused when she wept on finding a shark pendant in the water. The second teaser contains some dialogue between Kim and Son, suggesting that this will be a sad love story. Kim asks, “What would you do if I disappeared?Son answers, “I’d search for you.” Kim asks, “How?” Son responds, ”I’d look for you until I died.”
Shark is scheduled to start airing on May 27, in the time slot of The Queen of the Office when it ends.

VIXX Releases Concept Photos For New Album “HYDE”

VIXX has released the first teaser pictures for thier upcoming album “HYDE”.

On the 9th of May, VIXX’s leader N had posted the mysterious message “D-3.삼삼삼삼!!!@.@!!!!!” on his twitter. Since then fans have been speculating whether the first teaser for VIXX’s upcoming album would be released on the 13th. It appears as though thier intuition was right. Today the group has revealed one group photo and six individual member photos, as well as the tracklist for their new album.

The album is entitled “HYDE” and will be the group’s first mini album, including 5 new tracks (as well as an instrumental version of the title track “hyde”). The album will also feature a collaboration with Minah from Girl’s Day. Songs from the new album will be performed for the first time during VIXX’s One Year Anniversary party on the 20th.

VIXX had impressed audiences with their unique concept during their last comeback with thier title track “On & On”, which saw the members wearing coloured contact lenses and powerful make-up. Today’s teaser photos reveal a completely new concept yet again. It is set in a dark forest, and there is an emphasis placed on thier toned torsos and new hairstyles. The most mysterious feature, however, seems to be their black feathered wings. Have VIXX transformed into beautiful dark angels for thier new comeback?

VIXX promised to come back with a new and refreshing concept. These pictures have certainly captured our attention and increased our anticipation for thier comeback. Let’s wait and see what VIXX has in store for us.

Ye Sung with short hair at boot camp

 On May 8, a photo of Super Junior member Ye Sung taken at boot camp was uploaded on the Internet community site of his recruit training center. The photo was taken on May 7, the day after Ye Sung was inducted into the military. In the picture, Ye Sung is smiling, surrounded his companies. His short hair draws attention. People showed a variety of reactions to the photo: “I’m glad to see a photo of him.” “Outdoor clothing looks good on him.” “I have been waiting for a photo of him.” “It’s a good thing that he is smiling.” “Short hair looks awkward on him.” “I’m relieved to see a photo of him.”

Ye Sung entered the recruit training center of the 35th Division on May 6. After finishing a four-week basic training, he will serve as a public service worker for 23 months.

PSY To Headline in Social Star Awards 2013

Is this anything new? The YG Entertainment solo singer, PSY, is nominated as the most popular music solo artist award by Star Count, the app that counts people’s most favorite stars globally. With his latest breaking record on Youtube reported by starcount, it looks like Park Jae-sang is here to nab the continuous awards of popularity as a musician and an aspiring role model in the entertainment world.
Starcount is the definitive global popularity leaderboard, ranking the world’s top celebrities and stars based on their popularity and fan engagement, to produce the ultimate social media chart. It shows the social media ranking of starsacross thousands of countries and categories, and they’ve arrived in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, to kickstart off the world of global popularity of your favorite authors, artists, musicians, actors, football clubs, anything, everything!
What’s more, he’s coming back to Singapore to now bring our “Mother, Father, Gentleman” with CeeLo Green, Carly Rae Jepsen, Asian girl-group BLUSH and Sky Blu and Aerosmith as part of the Social Star Awards 2013 event at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore! Will he receive the award, withstanding with Justin Bieber, Katy Pery and Rihanna?
Make way to get your tickets today and see who wins on 23 May 2013 – with Hollywood A-list actress Jessica Alba hosting the show, now we are seeing history made in what Singapore can hold. And immerse yourself in a nonstop concert party with the stars for an unforgettable bundle concert!
For more information, visit here to get your tickets today.

Fans queued overnight to get tickets for G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind concert in Malaysia

Last Saturday, tickets for G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind concert in Malaysia officially went on sale at Fahrenheit88. Over hundreds of fans queued overnight to be the first few in line to get their tickets, in a fear that all tickets would be sold out within a blink of an eye!

Interestingly, the first fan who started queuing since Wednesday evening, was also the first fan in the queue for last year’s BIGBANG concert ticket launch! Many who queued overnight actually came with friends whom they got to know from last year’s Bigbang ticket launch. There were even sights of parents who accompanied their children for the tickets.

Given the high popularity of G-Dragon, it was not a surprise that more than 1000 fans were in the queue before the doors opened. VIP tickets were sold out within an hour of the start of sales and tickets from other categories are running out fast as well.
Concert organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS) will also be bringing in G-Dragon concert merchandise, details on method of purchase can be found now on RITS website.

Donghae and Eunhyuk to Hold Launch Event for New Single Album

 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae are releasing a new single album on June 19th. To celebrate the release of their new album, the duo will be holding a launch event in Japan on July 4th.

The adorable pair from Super Junior are known to be great friends and have a huge fan following known as “Eunhae” shippers. So when the duo’s first album “Oppa, Oppa” was released in 2011, it came as no surprise that it was a big hit with fans. The day it was released in Japan, it quickly reached #2 on the Oricon charts and went on to place #1 on the Tower Records’ daily charts.

Perhaps it is due to the success of the first album in Japan that the duo is now releasing their second album for Japanese fans and holding the launch party in Tokyo. The album is entitled “I Wanna Dance” and includes the title song, plus an additional song called “Love That I Need.” The 2nd song was composed by Henry from Super Junior-M and features him on the album.

To see Eunhae talking about their new album,The English translation is written below.

EH:Hello, everyone. We’re “Super Junior”Hi, Im EunHyuk.
DH:Im DongHae.
EH:DongHae & EunHyuk’s Japanese activity was confirmed again!!
DH:You shouldn’t say “Again”
EH:Oh I shouldn’t have said“Again”?
DH:Yea, it’s a little bit late.
EH:That’s right.
DH:Yea, it’s what everyone had been anticipated for long!!
EH:DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single was finally confirmed!!
DH:The date is.. as far as I know,, it’s June 19th!!
EH:That’s right!! On June 19th, Super Junior – DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single album 『I WANNA DANCE』will be released!! We prepared a really great song, great single for you, so please look forward to it! This single has got many wonderful songs.
DH:There are only 2 songs..
EH:I mean those 2 are wonderful.^^; First of all, the title song 『I WANNA DANCE』is the song, which has enjoyable beat, can make you happy.. and who composed the 2nd song??
DH:Our member!! This time, I coded the role to him. He’s Henry.
EH:『Love That I need』which Henry-ssi composed and featured..
DH:Oh,, ur English pronunciation might be hard (for everyone) to get..
EH:『LOVE THAT I NEED』Anyway, two songs are in the single album. Everyone, please love both of those songs much. I’d like you to anticipate SJ DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single much. Arigato gojaima~~su

  • Source: avexnetwork

Jong Hyun, of CNBlue, celebrates his birthday in Hong Kong

 Lee Jong Hyun, of the group CNBlue, recently celebrated his 22nd birthday in Hong Kong. A party was held at the Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena during CNBlue’s solo concert, 2013 World Tour Blue Moon, on the afternoon of May 11. Lee’s actual birthdate is May 15. The birthday celebration took place during an encore performance of the song “Hey You.” Jung Yong Hwa, the group leader, started to sing “Happy Birthday To You” and about 7,000 Hong Kong fans sang along. Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk, other members of the group, brought out a party cake and gave Lee Jong Hyun a bouquet of flowers.

After the party, Lee Jong Hyun expressed thanks to the other members of CNBlue and his fans. Kang Min Hyuk took credit for the party, saying, “This is my idea.” Jung Yong Hwa showed expectations for his birthday, saying, “My birthday is . . .”

After the concert, Lee Jong Hyun tweeted a photo with the caption “Thank you all who celebrated my birthday. Other group members, I love you guys. You really made my day. Thanks.”

CNBlue is to continue the world tour in Korea on May 25 and 26, and in Melbourne, Australia, on May 31.

Baek Ji Young is pregnant!

One of Korea’s top singer, Baek Ji Young is now pregnant and is expecting her first child with fiancee, actor Jung Suk Won!
According to insiders, Ji Young is now entering her fourth month of pregnancy and is expected to give birth this fall.
Baek Ji Young, who is currently featured in Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea 2 ‘ as a coach and Jung Suk Won, who is busy filming his latest movie ‘N.L.L.-Battle of Yeonpyeong‘ had announced their upcoming wedding in June last month and had denied the rumours of pregnancy. However, they are now said to be expecting their first child. Baek Ji Young is in her early pregnancy stage and unable to make long-distance trips while Jung Suk Won is busy with his filming. Both reasons contributed to them not being able to have their honeymoon right after the wedding. However, both of them accepted that fact with an open heart.
The couple and their families are thrilled and elated with the news and are eager to receive a recent addition into their family. A very big congratulation to the happy couple from fans from all over the world!
  • Source: TV Daily, Starnews, TVReport