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Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

The second teaser of the new drama series Shark is revealed

 On May 14, the second teaser of Shark was released. In the video, Son Ye Jin is walking along the seashore, wearing a wedding dress. A scene of spending a happy time with Kim Nam Gil in the past suddenly changes to the scene of an accident, creating the opposite mood. Son faces great sorrow instead of the happy emotions of a bride before her wedding.
Viewers’ curiosity was especially aroused when she wept on finding a shark pendant in the water. The second teaser contains some dialogue between Kim and Son, suggesting that this will be a sad love story. Kim asks, “What would you do if I disappeared?Son answers, “I’d search for you.” Kim asks, “How?” Son responds, ”I’d look for you until I died.”
Shark is scheduled to start airing on May 27, in the time slot of The Queen of the Office when it ends.

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