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Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

VIXX Releases Concept Photos For New Album “HYDE”

VIXX has released the first teaser pictures for thier upcoming album “HYDE”.

On the 9th of May, VIXX’s leader N had posted the mysterious message “D-3.삼삼삼삼!!!@.@!!!!!” on his twitter. Since then fans have been speculating whether the first teaser for VIXX’s upcoming album would be released on the 13th. It appears as though thier intuition was right. Today the group has revealed one group photo and six individual member photos, as well as the tracklist for their new album.

The album is entitled “HYDE” and will be the group’s first mini album, including 5 new tracks (as well as an instrumental version of the title track “hyde”). The album will also feature a collaboration with Minah from Girl’s Day. Songs from the new album will be performed for the first time during VIXX’s One Year Anniversary party on the 20th.

VIXX had impressed audiences with their unique concept during their last comeback with thier title track “On & On”, which saw the members wearing coloured contact lenses and powerful make-up. Today’s teaser photos reveal a completely new concept yet again. It is set in a dark forest, and there is an emphasis placed on thier toned torsos and new hairstyles. The most mysterious feature, however, seems to be their black feathered wings. Have VIXX transformed into beautiful dark angels for thier new comeback?

VIXX promised to come back with a new and refreshing concept. These pictures have certainly captured our attention and increased our anticipation for thier comeback. Let’s wait and see what VIXX has in store for us.

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