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Sabtu, 17 November 2012

An original Sungha Jung and BIGBANG Collaboration Soon?

Guitar musician Sungha Jung confessed he would like to collaborate with the entire BIGBANGmembers at his Bandung Press Conference (17/11).
He has shared previously that he is a personal fan of the band – to have met and actually work together with the boygroup’s leader, G-Dragon. When asked if the young prodigy has any other musicians to work with in the future, he confessed: “I currently don’t have anyone in mind to work with… but I hope that I can with BIGBANG as a band.”
That shows his true loyalty being a fan of the band himself.
However, will he want to join the YG Family in the near time? “I’m not too sure about it… If I am given the opportunity, I will like to consider,” he frankly said.
He is present in the city of Bandung, about 200km away from Jakarta for his first solo concert to be held on 18th November 2012.

A Werewolf Boy star Park Bo Young attributes success of her movies to co-actors

A Werewolf Boy star Park Bo Young recently made a humble remark.
On the episode of KBS2’s Entertainment News that aired on November 17, actress Park Bo Young had an interview with “Guerilla Date.”
When asked about how it feels that her latest movie co-starring with Song Joong Ki is storming down the cinema, Park replied: “I didn’t expect this much. I’m on cloud nine with its success.”
Reporter Kim Tae Jin also asked her the secret of the success of her movie, as all the flicks she worked on hit it big.
“I worked with so great actors like Cha Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki, and others. I think they are the main reason for the great hit. I reckon I’ve been really lucky” the humble beauty replied, attributing all the good result of her work to co-actors.

Kara’s Kang Ji Young talks about her traumatic first love

Kara’s Kang Ji Young recently talked about her first love, which she said was traumatic.
On the episode of KBS2’s Invincible Youth 2 that aired on November 17, Kang opened up about her first love: “I fell in love when I was in second year at middle school. We started seeing each other, and I was so in love with the oppa [the guy], but we ended up breaking up when I found out the guy cheated on me.”
The Kara cutie added: “I learned that his two-timing when people around me informed me. Soon after that, I came to run into the guy hanging out with his new girlfriend.”
Comedian Lee Young Ja quipped: “That sounds horrible, but sounds helpful if you want to be a good actress. I guess that painful breakup might have left you heartbroken but helped you mature.” Kang, however, yelled: “I didn’t want to be mature, I wanted to be in love. I just wanted to kill the guy.”

My Daughter Seo Yeong: Sung Jae challenges himself to give out tampons and pads in the street

Sung Jae (played by CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin) is given a challenge to give out people tampons and pads in the street.
In the episode of KBS2’s Saturday-Sunday series My Daughter Seo Yeong that aired on November 17, Sung Jae gives out passers-by tampons and pas in order to overcome his shyness character for his acting career.
Singing up a contract with an agency, Sung Jae gets an acting lesson. While reading a script, he feels shy and mutters, and his tutor gets mad.
Sung Jae explains: “You keep staring at me, and that makes me feel stiff.” His tutor, Eun Soi roars: “If you want to be an actor, you should overcome this. Otherwise, you’ll never an actor.”
Handing him a bunch of tampons and pads, Eun Soo tells Sung Jae, “Give these out to passers-by, and that’ll help you stop feeling stiff in front of people.”
Flustered by the tricky mission, Sung Jae says, “Yes, I’m a trainee, but I can’t do this. I can’s imagine giving out strangers tampons and pads.” Eun Soo shoots back, “These days, guys endorse women’s items.”
When Sung Hae won’t accept the mission, Eun Soo says, “Then, forget about being an actor. Don’t even dream.”
Evoked by her harsh comment, Sung Jae finally heads out with a basket of tampons and pads. Hesitating for a long while, he carries out the mission, finding himself less nervous about the situation and strangers.

WGM’s Gwang Hee and Seon Hwa are terrified at visiting a haunted house

ZE:A’s Gwang Hee and Secret’s Seon Hwa recently got devastated by challenging themselves with a haunted house
The episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on November 18 was theme “Making Kimchi and Halloween Party.”
In celebration of Halloween, Gwang Hee and Seon Hwa challenge themselves to visit a “haunted house,” but the idol couple looked stiff out of terror even before the entrance gate.
As imagined, the two stars looked terrified as if they had taken a shower inside, escaping out of the creepy house.
The pretty Secret member looked devastated, having lost one of her fake eyelashes and having her eye-makeup all over her face, and even shedding black teardrops.
The ZE:A member also looked out of himself, with sweat and tear all over himself as well as his cute face, which made his fans laugh and then worried about him.

Actor Cho In Sung shows off his perfect body shape in wine-colored suit

A picture of actor Cho In Sung has been revealed.
Recently on an online community board, a post titled, ‘Cho In Sung captured at the shooting site.’ has been revealed.
In the picture, Cho is shooting for SBS’s That Winter, Wind Is Blowing. He is standing on the road and hanging his head down.
His body shape stood out. Wearing a wine colored suit, Cho is showing off his good looking body and showed off his manly charms.
Netizens commented: “He looks so cool even when I can’t see his face.” “I am so looking forward to this series.” “He stands out even from afar.”
The comeback piece of Cho In Sung, That Winter, Wind Is Blowing will air its first episode in February of next year.

Kara’s Nicole shows off her innocent beauty by dying her hair black

Kara’s Nicole dyed her hair black.
On the morning of November 17, Nicole uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “After ‘Go Go Ssing’ and ‘Lupin,’ I changed my hair to somewhat black color, maybe dark chocolate?”
Her new hairstyle attracted the most attention. She dyed her blonde hair that she had during the activities of “Pandora,” and showed off her feminine charms with her new black hair.
Her beautiful appearance also stood out. Nicole showed off her distinct features with thick smoky makeup. She captivated men’s hearts with her warm smile.
Netizens commented: “You look prettier with black hair.” “You look so feminine.” “Good job on dyeing your hair.” “Your look great.”
Kara sold 3 million copies of their album, Girls Forever that they released on October 15. Currently, Kara is actively appearing on many TV shows in Japan.

SS501’s Park Jung Min ranks first place on Korean and Japanese music charts with his single, “Beautiful”

SS501’s Park Jung Min is creating a stir in Korea and Japan with his comeback.
On November 17, Park Jung Min’s second single, “Beautiful“ that was released on November 14 ranked first place on the daily ranking of Hanteo Charts that sums up the amount of albums sold.
Even in the real-time chart, his single is ranked on the second place after B1A4’s “In The Wind.”
Park showed off his popularity in japan by ranking first place on the daily music video chart, Kstyle.
His other songs, “Not Alone” “Like Tears Are Falling” and “Give Me Your Heart” are all ranked in the second place to fourth place, taking the top of the music chart.
His agency, Yamaha A&R says, “It’s all thanks to all the support of the fans who have been waiting for his comeback after a 22 month-hiatus. Thank you all for waiting.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha falls in love with Park Sang Bo?

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha fell in love with Park Sang Bo.
On November 17, Narsha uploaded a picture of Park Sang Bo on her Twitter with the caption, “Cracy voice award: president stomachache! Wow.”
She added, “Sang Bo came back to liven up the live performance. I don’t like rotten sandwiches. I never heard a shouting, ‘Flip your body backwards’ anywhere, in any concert. I am so going to use that.”
On the live episode of Mnet’s Super Star K4 that aired on November 16, Park Sang Bo and Ok Goo Sil performed Clon’s “Come Back” by changing the lyrics of the song. Park gave a good laugh with his squeeze-singing style and flipping his body backwards when singing.
Netizens commented: “Park Sang Bo is hilarious.” “A star discovered by Shouske.” “I cracked up so hard last night.” “The squeeze-singing is awesome.” “He seems to have sung well without a stomachache.”

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