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Kamis, 29 November 2012

Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls says, “Let’s respect Sun Ye’s personal life”

Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls recently commented on fans’ misunderstandings about Sun Ye’s recent announcement that she’s getting married. On November 29, Ye Eun wrote a letter to the group’s fans which she posted in the Wonder Girls’ Gallery on the online community site DC Inside. She wrote, “Just as work, study, and the Wonder Girls are all important to you, the Wonder Girls, you, and the members’ personal lives are also all important to us. I don’t think you really mean what you’re saying now. I know that you are all confused, upset, and hurt, so we’re really sorry. We’ve known each other for six years. I appreciate everyone for voting for us and coming to see us. We’ve never thought of you insincerely. Even if there are some fans who cannot come to see us or vote for us because they’re busy with their studies, tests, or military service, we still believe they’re our fans as long as they love our music. Just because Sun Ye is getting married, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about you and the Wonder Girls. It’s been a while since I’ve written to you all like this, and I feel sad that it has to be a letter about a matter such as this. In any cose, I hope you all stay healthy and happy.”
Ye Eun’s letter was written in response to fans’ worries about the Wonder Girls and the group’s future in the light of Sun Ye’s recent announcement about her wedding. In January 26 next year, Sun Ye will marry her Canadian boyfriend, whom she met while doing volunteer work in the U.S.

miss A’s Suzy has a voluptuous figure

miss A’s Suzy recently showed off her sexy appeal.
Pictures of Suzy performing and promoting her group in Taipei, Taiwan were released on a blog named ‘Curry_All For Love,’ run by a Taiwanese fan.
On November 23, the group held a showcase and they appeared on stage in splendid costumes. Suzy showed off her voluptuous figure in an unconventional style.
People who saw the picture responded: “Suzy surprises me.” “She even has a great figure.” “Suzy is perfect.” “That is a unique costume in Korea.” “Great.” “She is even sexy.” “She looks good in sexy clothes.”
On November 28, miss A flew to Vietnam to attend MBC Show Music Core concert, which is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of official ties between Korea and Vietnam.

This time, Teen Top’s L.Joe donates some toilets for people in Cambodia

The heartwarming good deed by Teen Top’s L.Joe is becoming a hot issue.
Recently, a posting titled “Teen Top’s L.Joe. Toilets in Cambodia” was uploaded on an online community board.
In the picture, the toilets have the sign reading, “Donation by Teen Top L. Joe.” The residents of the village also appear with a bright smile saying, “Thank you.”
To celebrate his birthday on November 23, the star presented some special gifts for people in Cambodia who suffer from infection, skin disease, and high fever because of the unsanitary environment and lack of toilets.
Prior to this, some fans of L.Joe donated for the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation last year.
On November 28, Teen Top visited Vietnam to shoot MBC’s Show! Music Core. It was done to celebrate the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between Korea and Vietnam. The group was enthusiastically responded by local fans. The episode will broadcast on December 8 at 4:00 p.m.

Big Bang, Psy, and Busker Busker are in the top ten of 2012 MMA

The top ten singers and singing groups of the 2012 Melon Music Awards have recently been unveiled.
Loen Entertainment and MBC Plus Media, which sponsor the 2012 MMA, recently reported that 2NE1, Busker Busker, B2ST, Big Bang, Psy, Sistar, IU, Infinite, T-ara, and Heo Gak are in the top ten of the 2012 MMA.
Six idol singers and singing groups, including B2ST, Big Bang, and T-ara, are in the top ten, which proves that idol singers have again been very popular this year. Including global star Psy, the TV audition winners Busker Busker and Heo Gak, and female solo singer IU are also in the top ten.
The first online vote attracted over 700,000 voters, and the top ten have been selected from the result of the online vote (20 percent) and album sales (80 percent).
Until December 13, the second online vote will be carried out to select the winner of the Global Artist Award from among the top ten singers and singing groups.
The numbers of hits for their music videos on YouTube (40 percent) and the result of the vote (60 percent) will be considered in the selection of the winner of the Global Artist Award. The winner of the Popularity Award will also be selected based on the result of the vote (60 percent).
The 2012 Melon Music Awards will be held on December 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park.