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Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Infinite Challenge: Gil is subbed at a door—What happens to him?

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the new year!
The episode of MBC’s Infinite Challenge that aired on December 22 was themed “Nes Year’s Calendar By Infinite Courier” in celebration of 2013. Each cast member was given a mission to deliver 2013 calendar to fans of the show. Feeling nervous at pushing the bell of a receiver, Gil said “A calendar has been delivered to you.” The resident, however,  wouldn’t open the door for the “stranger” and repeated inside, “What” A calendar?” Made up his mind not to open the door for the unsolicited courier package, the resident added: “I have enough calendar. Go away.”
Embarrassed at being snubbed at the door, Gil wound up asking, “It’s for someone named Heo Da Nyeong.” Finally the door was opened slightly only to an extent they could hardly see each other. The person behind the door replied “There’s no one by that name” and she slammed the door in Gil’s face.
Then it has come to light that Gil pushed the bell of the house 301, while he was supposed to visit the house 302.
Being snubbed at a door, Gil said, “Did you see? She said she had enough calendars.” The poor singer even drooled out of frustration.

KBS Entertainment Awards: B2ST’s Lee Gi Gwang can’t take off his eyes from Lee Young Ja

B2ST’s Lee Gi Gwang recently poked fun at comedian Lee Young Ja with her outfit.
Lee Gi Gwang along with Lee Young Ja appeared on the 2012 KBS Entertainment Awards as announcers of the Best Idea awards.
Before announcing, the B2ST heartthrob quipped: “You look like a character from an old Chinese martial art movie.”
In response, the comedian quipped, “You mean I look like Margaret Cheung? I’m flattered. Thank you. Well, do I look very different?”
Finding it hard to take off his eyes from her burning red getups, Lee was set to poke fun at her, saying “No, that’s not what I meant. I mean your outfits look moderately uncool.”

Cultural Developments through Hallyu and Indonesia’s Future

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Indonesia held “The Cultural Cooperation and Korean Wave (Hallyu)” Seminar in addressing the current status of Hallyu and the impact in the country it is hosted in, Indonesia. Participated by officials from the Indonesian government, scholars, media and leaders of entertainment companies that are a part of supporting the popular culture to rise in a foreign country, and notably attended by Dr. Marie Elka Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy from Indonesia with Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia Kim Young-sun.
Various presentations were brought in to highlight the issues of what made Hallyu popular and how to sustain Hallyu, in focus to sustain it in Indonesia.
It questions how to spread the culture positively and by agreement, to benefit mutually.  As seen by many K-pop concerts held by various organizers in the country and has been strongly successful due to the large fan bases present for each artistes, and the growth of Korean-centric themed shows, events, and festivals are now held.
This is seen by the change of popularity; the gradual growth from old Chinese entertainment, to Japan’s golden years, and now through Hallyu, South Korea’s culture is introduced to the citizens of Indonesia. Through the power of internet, fans have been actively sharing and promoting Hallyu without the help of any Korean centres. This fact is also shared as the Hallyu’s way to success in the past few years.
A speaker, Ibnu Wahyudi of University of Indonesia shared how he had lived in South Korea over a decade, and was a part of the first K-pop wave within the domestic market: “Sechkies, H.O.T., Fin.K.L., I know them, but in the end, I only know Lee Hyori out of all the members.” Hallyu has a phenomenal impact but may be short-lived.
To this, he suggested made to strengthen ties and to make one’s cultural penetration deeper is by education. “Introducing the language can be the first step, and later develop into pure interest into the rest of the culture.”
Veeramella Anjaiah of The Jakarta Post second the suggestion by sharing his experience when visiting Korea: “there was a lot of interest among Koreans… to know more about pluralistic Indonesia and its divergent culture.”
With the rise of Korean-Indonesian companies, new festivals, and the 40th year of Korea – Indonesia diplomatic relations, I was told that cultural exchange from March to December in 2013 of this both countries will be celebrated through popular and traditional culture, food, industrial and technology, and other things under development.
In this space, what is your suggestions in a mutual relationship for both countries?
Stay tuned on for the exciting future this both country holds.
  • Photo Courtesy  Korean Cultural Center Indonesia

2NE1′s CL visits Holt Children’s Services to share love

2NE1′s CL recently did some volunteer work.
On December 21, singer Sean tweeted pictures with the comment, “CL met Do Jun for the second time She was happy to see him but also felt sorry because he hasn’t found new parents yet. She kissed him right away. Remember Do Jun. You are the boy who received two kisses from CL.”
Sean added another picture with the comment, “Today’s couple of Holt Children’s Services. Do Jun and CL wore the same clothes. Do Jun, do you want to give your pants to CL later?”
In the pictures, CL is having fun with the little boy. They are holding their hands and playing with a doll. CL showed her affection towards the boy, who she visited again four months later.
People responded: “She is an angel.” “I think CL likes the boy.” “Don’t forget CL when you grow up.” “CL looks different.” “He will know later.” “She looks pretty.”

f(x)’s Victoria and Krystal have flawless shiny skin

f(x)’s Victoria and Krystal recently took pictures together.
On December 21, Victoria posted pictures on her me2day account with the short comment, “We enjoyed the food. Thank you.”
In the pictures, Victoria and Krystal are showing off their beautiful appearances. Even though they are not wearing makeup, their flawless skin made many people envy them.
People who saw the pictures responded: “They are good at taking pictures of food.” “They look really pretty without any makeup.” “When will f(x) return?” “They look more beautiful than ever.” “They are such cuties.”
Victoria recently received the Rookie of the Year at a Chinese drama awards.

Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye shows off her beauty prior to her wedding

Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye and Hye Lim recently took self portraits together.
On December 21, Hye Lim tweeted pictures with the comment, “With my sister, who I love so much.”
In the pictures, Sun Ye and Hye Lim are posing for the camera with mischievous looks on their faces. Their enchanting appearance drew a lot of attention among the public.
On November 27, Sun Ye announced that she would get married to her Korean-Canadian missionary boyfriend, who is five years older than her.

Cloud Atlas starring Bae Doo Na is to premiere on January 9

Bae Doo Na’s first debut work in Hollywood titled Cloud Atlas has confirmed of its releasing date in Korea.
As known to be the greatest revolution since Avatar, the film has been at the center of attention of press media and spectators around the world. The production crew decided to move up the release date a month early, and the moviegoers are expected to see it on January 9.
Six different stories are told in six different genres during five centuries from the late 19th century to the near future in this master narrative. Andy and Lana Wachowski from Matrix and Tom Tykwer from Perfume: The Story of a Murderer came together to direct the movie and their joint performance is expected to give a better quality to the storyline and video graphic effects.
Famous Hollywood actors such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Jim Sturgess, Ben Whishaw, Hugo Weaving, and Susan Sarandon of Hollywood gathered together for the shooting, and Bae Doo Na, one of the most skilled actresses of Korea, joined the cast and is expected to surprise viewers with her shocking change in character that transcends time, race, and sex.
As a master narrative composed of six different stories in six different genres, Cloud Atlas will entertain moviegoers with interesting viewpoints. The original work is based on the eponymous novel by David Mitchell which won various awards in the field of literature as soon as it was released in 2004. It will premier in January 8, 2013.

We Got Married’s three misuses show off their body in beach wears

We Got Married‘s three misuses—Yoon Se Ah, Oh Yeon Seo, Secret’s Seon Hwa recently showed off their body in beach wears.
On the episode of the MBC show that aired on December, three couples went on a group honeymoon to Hawaii.
The undercurrent of competition, starting from the airport with couple look, continued in the beautiful Pacific Island.
Arriving at the Waikiki beach, the three pretty wives showed off their marvelous bodies. The eldest, Yoon Se Ah, chose a bikini and covered it with a white net jacket, which reveals her petite-size body.
The “obsessive” couple still sticked to the couple look, wearing tops with lettering that says “Wife” and “Husband.” Lee Jun’s hunky arms and Oh Yeon Seo’s slim waist line catches the eye.
The youngest, Seon Haw wore a black top revealing her shoulders and matching hot-pants, which were perfect to show off her beautiful legs.

Hwang Kwang Hee finally gets to kiss Han Seon Hwa

The virtually married couple Hwang Kwang Hee and Han Seon Hwa of We Got Married finally had their first kiss. It happened when the wife pretended to be friendly to another man, got her husband jealous, and had him kiss her on the back of her hand.
In the episode of MBC’s variety show We Got Married Season 4 that aired on December 22, ZE:A’s Siwan visited the place of Hwang and Han.
Members of Secret also visited the place and had a fun time, but it was Siwan who initiated the struggle between the couple.
As Han appeared to be all over Siwan Hwang gradually became furious. She even said that Siwan looked a lot like the ideal type of man she used to dream. She blushed when she had an eye contact with him and acted shy around him. Enthusiastically she approached to Siwan and said, “I want my husband to be changed to Siwan.”
Furthermore, Siwan and Han even acted as if they were married in front of Hwang, and he eventually became furious of jealousy. At an interview, the husband complained, “I truly believe Seon Hwa has lost it. How can she fall in love with her brother-in-law? It should be reported to Love and War.” But the way he expressed his emotions appeared cute and inspired a good laughter from the audience.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung features on “Sad Promise” by Speed

Following Park Bo Young, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung is also expected to feature on “Sad Promise,” the title track of Speed’s first EP.
On December 22, the agency of Speed said, “As the rap of Speed rings your hearts, Kang Min Kyung’s mournful voice will appeal with an opposing charm, maximizing the sadness of the song. Besides featuring on ‘Sad Promise,’ Kang will also appear in the dance version of the music video.”
Speed’s new number “Sad Promise” is composed by Double Side Kick which has built its reputation for writing many hit songs. The song is already building expectations even before the release, and another song, “It’s Over” in which Park Bo Young featured on will be released in teaser on December 24 at 12:00 p.m.
In the meantime, the drama version of Speed’s music video was invested over 750 million won and was directed by Cha Eun Taek. The cast of the clip includes Park Bo Young, Ji Chang Wook, Ha Seok Jin, and A Pink’s Son Naeun. With old school uniforms, cars and other props, the music video reenacted a scene from the 1980s. It is also said that 700 extra actors and a battle tank were involved.

Exclusive—B1A4 taking self-portraits and secrets images

“We take pictures without letting the other members know about it. We take self-portraits without letting each other know. Yes, we’re B1A4”
Every week, TV Report procures some exclusive photos of “idol” singers and reveal to you of their candid, interesting looks. Even their deepest, darkest secrets cannot be hidden from us and you can look forward to it. Here it comes. Tada~
Our fourth target group is B1A4. Yes, they are the B1A4 who shed hot tears after wrapping up their first exclusive concert on August 9. The group is composed of Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan, and they get along with each other as brothers of one family.
I’ve met them in a green-room of a broadcasting station, and they began to crack up whenever they saw each other’s faces and did not seem to stand still for just a bit. Nevertheless, I found a member who sat quietly, and he was taking pictures of the other members secretly. I don’t think there are any other “idol” groups that love to take self-portraits and run candid camera as much as B1A4.
Switching from cell phones to cameras, the boys constantly saved each other’s images on the device. I’ve managed to obtain some pictures that will reveal their everyday life which were saved only on their phones. Are you curious of what they would look like in them? Then let’s take a look at each one of them~    
Sandeul, “Who took this when I was eating pizza? Whoever you are, are you ready to take my revenge? Lol”

Jinyoung and Sandeul, “Only the two of us went out to have some meat and we’re not… not… sorry.. Lol Are you jealous?”

Jinyoung and Baro, “From one way or the other, they’re such good-looking guys. Hahahaha. You all agree with me, right? Hoohooohoo.”
Baro and CNU, “I thought you wanted to take picture with our mouths open! Why did you betray us? The leader wanted to look good and broke our agreement and it shall be paid Lol”

CNU and Baro, “Two self-portraits in one shot. Gongchan is taking a secret self-portrait in the back. We’re so like B1A4. Hahaha.”


Baro, “Me~~~eh~~~rong. Have you seen such an adorable tongue? You haven’t, right? Woo~~he~~he~~eh”
Sandeul, “Should you or shouldn’t you take a picture of me when I’m sleeping? Who took this? Put your hand up!”
Jinyoung, “Hey guys, I took a picture with the world star. Lol”
“B1A4 has met with the little Psy, Hwang Min Woo. Lol It was amazing and we all took a picture with his charismatic pose.”

Sandeul, “It’s important to have a good light when taking a picture. I couldn’t just pass by, so I took one!”

Big Bang G-Dragon’s hair looks like the one of Naruto characters

How did Big Bang’s G-Dragon hair change so far?
Recently, a collage of photos titled “G-Dragon Naruto jpg.” was posted on an online community gallery. The singer has earned the nicknames such as “Seaweed hair” or “Bowl-shaped hair” for his particular hairstyle. The posting shows how much G-Dragon’s hair look similar to the one of the characters in Japanese manga Naruto.
Since his debut, G-Dragon has tried many different hairstyles with a variety of colors and lengths. You can spot in the posting that not only his hair, but also his accessories match with the characters of the Japanese animation.
Some of his fans already claimed that G-Dragon’s style looks just like the one of Naruto.
In the meantime, the group is to hold a Japanese Dome tour concert starting on December 22 in Fukuoka and continuing in Kyocera Dome Osaka on the 12th and the 13 of January next year. From January 25 to 27, the boys are going to have the grand finale under the title Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour the Final of their first world tour that lasted for a year. It will be held at the gymnastics gymnasium in Seoul.

Hyo Lyn of Sistar transforms into Princess Fiona

Sistar’s Hyo Lyn has changed into the Princess Fiona.
On December 22, the star uploaded a photo on the official Twitter account of Sistar and commented “Dressed up for the Christmas feature for Sketchbook!  Princess Fiona! It was a significant performance because I got to sing a song that I really loved and because I sang with the singer I really respect! I felt sorry for myself for catching a cold, but hope you enjoy it.”
In the picture, Hyo Lyn and Kim Jo Han appear in the popular animated characters, Princess Fiona and Shrek. They are posing friendly towards the camera with their arms around each other’s shoulders.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “That’s a hot Princess Fiona.” “Wow, looks fabulous.” “Sketchbook is so fun.” “She sings so well despite her cold.” Hyo Lyn is the best.” “They look exactly like the characters.”
In the episode of KBS 2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook that aired on December 21, Hyo Lyn gave a passionate performance of Eric Benet’s “Spend My Life with You.”

Goo Hye Sun watches a late-night movie alone

Actress and movie director Goo Hye Sun has recently uploaded a proof shot of her watching a late-night movie alone.
Early on December 22, the star tweeted two pictures and commented “I recommend you to watch a late-night movie by yourself.”
The posting includes a photo of the ticket for the movie One Day and a self-portrait. The ticket clearly indicates Goo has come to watch the movie by herself with the line “one adult.”
Though it was late at night, she appealed with her unchanging beauty and attracted eyes.

“Airport looks” by WGM star couples are in the limelight.

Airport looks by WGM couples are in the limelight.
The three couples―Lee Jun & Oh Yeon Seo, Julien Kang & Yoon Se Ah, Han Seon Haw & Gwang Hee―left for Hawaii for group honeymoon.
The “obsessive couple” each chose hoodies with lettering that says “Married Man” and “Married Woman.” They also wore a matching coat. It’s a good that that didn’t wear the “couple bracelet” they had last month.
Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah couple showed trendy winter fashion waring fur and knit jacket.
Last but not least, the idol singer couple showed contrast look. Han went for a warm look a green sweater and a brown muffler while her always hilarious hubby, Gwang Hee wanted to look chic and dandy in all-black.
The fashion competition by among three couples is shown on TV at December 22, at 5:10 p.m.

Shinee’s Minho and miss A’s Suzy makes a lovely collaboration

Shinee’s Minho and miss A’s Suzy recently made a lovely collaboration in Music Bank. What a stunning couple!
The episode of the KBS show that aired on December 21 was themed year-end special. Minho and Suzy parodied a sceme from the move Architecture 101 before a special gig by 2AM, covering the sound track of the movie .
The miss A youngest starred in the movie and the movie hit it big earlier this year.
Suzy took out one of the earphones she was putting on her ears and hands it to him. “Do you want to listen music with me?” she asked. When the Shinee heartthrob put the earphone into his ear, the accompaniment of the performance by 2AM started.

Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung pleads to see the final episode of Law of the Jungle W

Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung recently released a couple of photos her dazzling self, pleading  to see the final episode of Law of the Jungle W.
On December 21, Kim tweeted a series of photo of herself giving a sweet wink with the caption “The finale of Law of the Jungle W is on tonight. Are you gonna watch it, right? Promise me to see the show!”
In the photo, the Rainbow beauty stares at the camera, holding a cookie in her mouth and hugging a cheetah.
The final episode of the trilogy show aired on December 21.

Yoo Seung Woo “betrays” Honey G!

Yoo Seung Woo from Super Star K has “betrayed” Honey G.
On December 20, Bae Jae Hyun of Honey G tweeted a picture with the comment “Seung Woo was supposed to pick his nose with us and he didn’t. Omg.”
With a playful look, the Honey G members (Bae Jae Hyun and Kwon Tae Hyun) are sticking a finger into their nose as if they are picking them.
However, as opposed to their comical poses, Yoo Seung Woo sits plainly and gives a gentle smile towards the camera.
Yoo Seung Woo and Honey G are a part of the crew for “Super Star K Top 12 Concert” which will go around six cities in Korea beginning with Seoul on December 20 then continue in Incheon, Daegu, Gwangu, Suwon, and Busan.