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Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

2AM’s Jo Kwon goes grocery shopping

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently went to grocery shopping.
On January 13, Jo tweeted pictures with the comment, “Lulu lala. I’m doing some grocery shopping.”
In the pictures, Jo is wearing a black padded jacket and a hat while pushing a big cart. He is smiling like a child as if he is enjoying the shopping.
Many people were surprised to see lots of stuff packed in his cart.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Jo has a really small face.” “He can eat that much without gaining weight?” “I can’t wait to listen to his songs.”

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye share a kiss on a music video

KM Music Triangle will release the set where actor So Ji Sub shoot a music video with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye.
The January 16 episode of the show will air the actors and actress shooting a music video for So’s new EP Six o’clock… Playground.
On the music video, which will be released at the end of January, So plays a man in his thirties and Yoo plays the same man in his twenties. Park plays the role of a top star loved by So and Yoo. She will make many female fans feel jealous.
A kissing scene, in which Yoo and Park performed together, will also air on the show. So suggested shooting a kissing scene for Yoo and Park.
According to the production crew, it was originally a hugging scene but So suggested changing it into a kissing scene to maximize their emotions and make the video more sensitive.
The romantic kissing scene between Yoo and Park will air on the show, which will air on January 16 at 6:00 p.m.

Psy nearing 1.2 billion hits on YouTube

World star Psy is about to set another big record. His music video for “Gangnam Style” released on July 15 last year, will soon have received over 1.2 billion hits on YouTube. Psy started the new year with over 1.1 billion hits and is ready to set another new record.
The music video has had an explosive response since last summer. Psy appeared on several special year-end programs, generating yet more attention for the song and music video. If he receives over 1.2 billion hits by January 16, more than a hundred million people will have watched the music video in only fifteen days.
The video beat out Justin Beiber’s “Baby” and became the most-viewed video on YouTube as of November 24, 2012.
Psy, who is currently promoting the song in the United States, will release a new EP sometime in February or March.

Seo Woo can cover her whole face with one hand!

On January 14, tvN posted some still pictures of Seo Woo taken on the set of the series Glass Mask, in which she is currently gaining popularity with the role she plays. The photos show Seo Woo being playful, like a little child, which contrasts with her villainous role in the series. She is seen playing around with child actress Park Ji So, who plays the character Jini in the same series. Also, the actress is spotted pouting and peeking from behind a wall, revealing her charming way of faking cuteness.
Seo Woo is well-known for laughing a lot, and in the pictures, she is laughing hard, covering her mouth with one gloved hand. The hand seems to cover her whole face, which proves what a small face she has.

4Minute’s Ji Hyun releases her passport photo

A passport photo of 4Minute’s Ji Hyun was recently released.
On January 14, Ji Hyun uploaded her passport photo on her Twitter account with the comment, “My new passport photo. Someone told me that it looks like I did a man’s hair up in a topknot.”
In the photo, Ji Hyun is staring at the camera with her hair neatly tied up.
4Minute will attend the 2013 United Cube, which will be held at the Jamsil Stadium on February 2.

f(x) enjoys their time at a sledge park

Recently, the girl group f(x) was spotted having fun at a sledge park.
On January 13, the girls posted some photos taken as they play on sleds on Weibo (a Chinese version of SNS).
f(x)’s Victoria, Amber, and Kystal appear in the photos making cute poses. They look as cozy as they could be on the white field of snow, appealing different images from the stage. They may not be dressed up but look beautiful; Krystal makes a flower cup with her hands under the chin and Amber is “heavily-equipped” for the cold weather with a woolen hat that covers her forehead and ears.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “f(x) seems to have fun at the park.” “It’s been a while, girls.” “f(x) visiting a sledge park.” “Which ski resort are they?” “When is their album coming out?” “Who are those two men?”

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun shows off his friendship with designer Jimmy Choo

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun recently showed off his friendship with Jimmy Choo.
On January 14, Kim uploaded a picture of himself with the world-famous designer Jimmy Choo on his Twitter account.
Jimmy Choo came to Korea to attend the 2013 Asian Model Awards, which was held on January 14. A day before it was held, Kim invited Jimmy Choo to dinner, and Choo came to dinner with his family.
Kim got to know Choo when he was invited to the 2012 Malaysia Model Festival Awards, which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in December last year, as one of the main VIPs.
Jimmy Choo is a world-famous designer, born in Malaysia, who has designed shoes and made his own perfume brand.

TVXQ’s Yunho portrays an ice hockey player in a new SBS series

In the second episode of SBS TV’s new drama series Yawang, TVXQ’s Yunho appears for the first time, playing the role of Baek Do Hoon, a son of a wealthy family who is secretly in love with Da Hae (played by Soo Ae).
Baek Do Hoon is an ice hockey player, who graduated from Dong Hwa University. In some still photos from the series, Yunho is showing off a cute yet healthy look in an ice hockey uniform. According to reports, Yunho showed off his talent in skating during the shooting of his scene.
Yunho says, “I’m very nervous because I haven’t appeared in drama series for a while. I’ll try my best though. I’m very happy to be working with such good actors.”
The first episode of the series recorded an audience rating of 8.0 percent.

TVXQ’s Yunho portrays an ice hockey player in a new SBS series

In the second episode of SBS TV’s new drama series Yawang, TVXQ’s Yunho appears for the first time, playing the role of Baek Do Hoon, a son of a wealthy family who is secretly in love with Da Hae (played by Soo Ae).
Baek Do Hoon is an ice hockey player, who graduated from Dong Hwa University. In some still photos from the series, Yunho is showing off a cute yet healthy look in an ice hockey uniform. According to reports, Yunho showed off his talent in skating during the shooting of his scene.
Yunho says, “I’m very nervous because I haven’t appeared in drama series for a while. I’ll try my best though. I’m very happy to be working with such good actors.”
The first episode of the series recorded an audience rating of 8.0 percent.

Rain wins a suit against an Australian production agency

Singer Rain recently won a suit against an Australian production agency.
On January 15, The Seoul Central District Court said, “The evidence is not enough to say Rain paid no attention to the preparation for his concert in Australia, part of his world tour. The company M, which was in charge of Rain’s concert in Australia, shall pay 280 million won to Wellmade Star M, an agency that now has rights for Rain’s world tour.”
In 2007, M put in a claim for monetary damages of 2.6 billion won for the reason that Rain paid no attention to the preparation for his concert in Australia. At this, Wellmade Star M filed a suit against the agency, insisting that M didn’t pay 280 million won in fee to them.
Wellmade Star M recently reported, “There’s a legal team for this suit, so we don’t know the details about the suit. We’re just happy to hear that Rain won the suit.”
Rain recently revealed that he’s currently dating actress Kim Tae Hee and was also found to violate the rules assigned to soldiers. Because of this, Rain was confined to his camp for seven days and wrote a letter of apology.

2PM’s Chansung and Choi Kang Hee show off a cute look together

2PM’s Chansung and actress Choi Kang Hee recently showed off a cute look together.
On the set of MBC TV’s new drama series My Girlfriend is an Agent, which stars such charming actors as Joo Won and Son Jin Young, Chansung appeared and appealed to many women.
In some pictures of the cast taken on the set, Chansung stares at Choi with a gentle look in his eyes.
Playing the role of Gong Do Ha, a brilliant, rational, and decisive agent, Chansung shot a scene of him making a deal with Kim Seo Won (played by Choi Kang Hee) in a casino on the day.
Holding a chip, Chansung smiles and looks at Choi tenderly. Biting a chip, Choi reminds people of a national player who has won a gold medal.
People who saw the pictures responded: “Chansung’s smile is so nice.” “I wish I were the chip.” “Did Choi Kang Hee save her country in her previous life?”
My Girlfriend is an Agent is a romantic action drama series about a secret agent who lies about everything except for love. It will start airing on January 23 at 9:55 p.m. after Missing You goes off the air.

Kang Dong Won is cast in the lead role in Kim Ji Woon’s short film Hide and Seek

Actor Kang Dong Won and director Kim Ji Woon will work together on a short film.
On January 15, it was reported that Kang was recently cast in the lead role in Kim’s new short film Hide & Seek. The short film is about ten minutes long.
Kim will shoot the film early in February before Kang starts working on director Yoon Jong Bin’s new film Band of Thieves. Besides Kang, Lee Som, a former fashion model, was also cast in the lead role in the film.
Since he was discharged from military service last year, he has quickly decided his next projects. Because he appeared in such box-office hits as Secret Reunion and Haunters, he’s currently one of the most popular actors Korean film directors want to work with.
Kang appeared in Kim’s film Last Stand, which will soon be released in the U.S.
Kim is currently focusing on promoting the film Last Stand, which will be released in the U.S. on January 18. After finishing the promotion, Kim will come back to Korea as the film will be released in Korea in February and to shoot the short film.

SNSD puts their clothes, bags, and more up for auction

SNSD recently put their favorite stuff up for auction.
On January 15, the Beautiful Store announced, “We held the first online charity auction of the new year with SNSD.”
The store held the event as part of a campaign called ‘Hope to bring light to the dark world with Sooyoung’ with Daum and QTV starting on December 16 through January 5.
Sooyoung suggested the event and other members all agreed to join with her. Sooyoung has been interested in those who suffer from blindness.
For the event, SNSD members donated their cherished belongings. There are seventeen items in total, including, a bag and clothes from Seohyun, a frame from Sooyoung, a bag from Sunny, sunglasses from Yoona, a watch from Tiffany, shoes from Hyoyeon, and an autographed CD from the group.
The group showed off their high popularity by making 5,841,000 won.
A pair of sneakers from Jessica sold for 650,000 won as the most expensive price among all items. Yoona’s sunglasses made 609,000 won, Tiffany’s watch made 600,000 won, Yoona’s hat made 540,000 won, and Sooyoung’s watch made 412,000 won.
All proceeds from the charity auction will be used for patients who are suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Meanwhile, the ‘Hope to bring light to the dark world with Sooyoung’ campaign will be held until January 19.

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su is the most popular foreign star in China

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently received a 63.7 percent approval rating, giving him a ranking as the most popular foreign artist in China in a survey conducted by the BTV variety show Music Billboard. Justin Beiber ranked second and Madonna ranked eighth. It was on the January 8 episode of the show that Kim ranked first, thanks to his single “Thank U For,” which was released during the Christmas season.
Kim gained ever greater popularity in China during 2012. Music videos for his first solo EP title “Tarantallegra” and his single “Uncommitted” both ranked first on Yin Yue Tai, the biggest Chinese music video chart. And when Kim arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in July 2012 to hold a concert there, over 1,000 fans and 20 media outlets gathered to see him. Kim successfully completed the 2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert With Orchestra at the end of the last year.

Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun has a glutinous rice cake in his mouth

Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun recently took a self portrait with a glutinous rice cake in his mouth.
On January 15, Nam tweeted a picture with the comment, “This is thicker than my lips. Grumble.”
In the picture, Nam is holding a glutinous rice cake in his mouth and staring at the camera, His handsome and silly appearance made people smile.
People who saw the picture responded: “I thought your tongue was coated.” “Surprised, I thought you had a swollen tongue.” “Cutie pie, are you grumbling?”
Infinite is currently taking some time off to rest after releasing Infinitize in May, 2012.

Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye jump high on their new tvN series

The leading actors of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama series Pretty Boy Next Door (written by Ki Eun Jung, directed by Jung Jung Hwa) were recently spotted jumping high in the air at a beautiful beach. In the third episode of the series, which aired on January 14, as Seo Young (played by Kim Yoon Hye) and Tae Joon (played by Kim Jung San) learn their true feelings for each other, Kkae Geum (played by Yoon Si Yoon) and Dok Mi (played by Park Shin Hye), who had secret crushes on each of them, have to withdraw from pursuing their love. Because they both experience their loved one falling in love with someone else, Kkae Geum and Dok Mi sympathize with each other. Dok Mi has always considered Kkae Geum a troublesome friend, but she now feels pity on him and gradually opens up.
In the fourth episode, airing on January 15, they are on a trip to a winter sea to say goodbye to objects of their affection. It is expected to open up a new plot in the series as some changes seem to be made in their cat-and-dog friendship.
In a previously released picture, they make cute poses as they jump high in the air on a sandy beach. It is one of the behind-the-scenes pictures of the shooting in which Park Shin Hye reveals a different look from her character, who is very quiet and shy.
Pretty Boy Next Door is a romantic-comedy on the popular webtoon titled I Always Peek At Him. It’s an interesting love story of Ko Dok Mi, who locks herself in a “castle” after getting hurt, as if she were an urban version of Rapunzel, and a pretty boy whose name is Enrique Geum, who is younger than she is. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 p.m.

Infinite’s Sung Kyu talks about his first love

Infinite’s Sung Kyu recently talked about his first love.
Sung Kyu appeared on the January 14 episode of Mnet Beatles Code 2 and said, “I sang the song “A Dream of a Doll” for my girlfriend. She and I were in the same school band. She played the piano and I was the vocalist. I wasn’t in love with her at first sight but later I realized that I was watching her.”
He also talked about why he broke up with his first girlfriend.
In the preview for the show, Sung Kyu was asked if he has someone who he loves right now. He drew a lot of attention by answering “I do.”
Infinite’s Hoya also appeared on the show and surprised the MCs by saying that he shot his first bed scene with actor Seo In Guk. Hoya previously appeared on tvN Reply 1997 with Seo.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon adores Ha Eum

A picture of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Sean’s daughter Ha Eum was recently released.
On January 15, Sean tweeted a picture with the comment, “Ha Eum and G-Dragon at the Big Show few years ago.”
In the picture, G-Dragon has his hair tied up while looking at Ha Eum. He received considerable attention by bending down to be at her eye level.
People who saw the picture responded: “G-Dragon is so nice.” “They both are so cute.” “Even though it was taken just few years ago, he looks really young.”
G-Dragon will tour three domes in Japan in April for the first time as a Korean solo artist.

The most beautiful SNSD member without makeup

SNSD, who has released their new song “I Got A Boy,” appeared on the January 14 episode of KBS talk show Hello and talked about their faces without makeup.
When they were asked who looks different before and after wearing makeup among group members, they hesitated to answer and said all members are pretty. Hyoyeon, however, honestly said, “I like my face when I’m wearing makeup.”
Then Lee Young Ja, MC for the show, said that she heard Sunny looks different with and without makeup. Sunny said, “I have two concepts: SNSD and Soon Kyu. When I’m Soon Kyu, I brush my hair back and members say that I look like a boy. Even though we live together, they are surprised by me.” Tiffany said, “Since Sunny cut her hair short, she looks more like a boy.”
Six members of SNSD appeared and made the show more enjoyable. Interesting stories from the audience and SNSD will air through the show on January 14 at 11:15 p.m.

Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards Day 1

It was a star-studded night at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang, Malaysia. On the 15th of January, many of Korea’s top musicians gathered for Samsung Galaxy the 27th Golden Disk Awards.
The show was divided into two days; Day 1 honors the winners of the physical album categories and Day 2 honors the winners for digital sales.

The first day of the awards show was hosted by CNblue’s Yonghwa and Kara’s Nicole. Amongst the artists who attended and performed on the 15th were; Super Junior, Beast, 4minute, EXO, Juniel, CNblue, FTisland, B1A4, SHINee, INFINITE, KARA and BtoB.

Many of the artists prepared special performances exclusively for this prestigious event; such as a collaboration performance by CNblue’s Jonghyun and new rising-star Juniel. Awell as special performances of k-pop classics by boy groups B1A4, BtoB and EXO.

Dubbed as ‘The Korean Grammy Awards’, the first Golden Disk Awards began in 1986 and has since become Korea’s most prestigious music awards ceremony. The candidates are chosen from artists, who released their albums after December 2011, as well as albums and songs that are released or sold between January 2012 and December 2012. The awards are given based on the total combined sales volume of the albums, songs and judge’s votes.

Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur will be pre-recorded and aired on January 19th through jTBC.
 Here are the winners from Day 1!
Album of the Year Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single)

Golden Disk Award Album Division
Infinite (Infinitize)
B1A4 (The B1A4)
FT Island (Grown-up)
CNBlue (3rd Mini Album Ear Fun)
4minute(Volume Up)
Beast (Midnight Sun)
Kara (Pandora)

New Rising K-pop Star

MSN south east Asia Award
Super Junior

JTBC Best Artiste

Malaysia’s Most Favourite

Next Generation Star

Most Popular Star

Producer of the Year
Han Seong Ho of FNC

Best Dance Performance
Hyuna & Hyunseung (Trouble Maker)

Best Group Performance

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CNBLUE beats Jung Hyung Don to rank first on music charts

CNBLUE recently ranked first on several music charts, including the Melon real-time chart, with the title song, “I’m Sorry,” from the band’s new EP Re: BLUE, which was released on January 14. Jung Hyung Don, of MBC’s Infinite Challenge, dropped one place to second with “Gangbuk Fancy Pants.” CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” also ranked first on Mnet and Daum Music.
CNBLUE’s new EP is full of songs written by members of the group. The title song was written by Jung Yong Hwa. “Coffee Shop,” also written by Jung, and “You More Than Me,” written by Lee Jong Hyun, are also receiving favorable reviews.
CNBLUE will appear on the January 18 episode of the KBS show Music Bank to perform their new song for the first time on TV.

Kwon So Hyun, the youngest beauty of 4Minute looks like she is about to cry

The youngest member of the girl group 4Minute posted a self-portrait.
On January 15, Kwon So Hyun tweeted briefly, “The Golden Disk!” and attached a photo.
In the picture, the singer looks into the camera in a stage makeup and costume for a performance. She attracts eyes with her sullen, yet serious look.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “She’s got clear skin.” “What are you thinking?” “She looks cute though she looks like she’s about to cry.”

Secret’s Han Seon Hwa shows off her slim legs

Secret’s Han Seon Hwa recently showed off her fashion
On January 15, Secret appeared at Incheon International Airport to attend the 27th Golden Disk Awards, which will be held in Malaysia. All the group members wore coats and boots due to the cold weather but Han drew a lot of attention with her bare legs.
She wore a grey T-shirt with a checkered shirt and a dark navy trench coat complemented her chic appeal. Even though the weather was cold, she showed off her slim legs in short pants.
A light colored bag and pink sneakers proved her extraordinary fashion sense.
People who saw the picture responded: “She wore short pants in cold weather? She is a real fashionista.” “She has long legs.” “She has the most beautiful legs.”

SNSD’s Seohyun says to Lee Hwan Hee, “You’re the best”

Singer Lee Hwan Hee, a former trainee at SM Entertainment, recently said that SNSD’s Seohyun encouraged her.
On January 15, Lee held a showcase for her second single “Monroes Heel.” She performed the song and her first single “Secret” and other popular pop songs with fabulous dance skills.
Lee entered SM Entertainment in 2002 and was trained for seven years. But she was not selected as a member of SNSD and she decided to debut as a solo artist. Lee, however, is still one of Seohyun’s best friends.
Lee said, “I told Seohyun that I will hold a showcase today and she said she is sorry that she can’t come. She also encouraged me and told me to think I’m the best .”
Lee’s new song “Monroes Heel” is about Marilyn Monroe cutting her heel off to make it 0.6 centimeter shorter to look sexier. The lyrics for the song describe a confident and elegant woman.

Five Dolls’ Hyo Young reveals her beauty in a white wedding dress

Hyo Young, of the girl group Five Dolls, recently showed off her innocent beauty in a wedding dress. On January 14, she uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “21 years old. Am I really an adult now?”
In the picture, Hyo Young is at a pictorial shoot in a pure-white dress. She has been attracting a lot of attention lately playing the role of the innocent, easy-going character Lee Kang Joo in KBS 2TV’s School 2013.
Netizens commented: “Is that really Hyo Young?” “She looks so different in a dress! I’ve only seen her in a school uniform.”

Lee Seung Gi’s B-day Party with fans